The Third Eye And 5 Lesser-Known Truths About It

by Conscious Reminder

The concept of a ‘third eye’ is quite popular in areas of spiritual health. They say that divine Enlightenment opens up the ‘eye’ of knowledge and intuition.

As per mythology, and the scriptures, it is located in the central point of our forehead, helping us harness the energies of nature and human life.

While we have heard ample statements regarding its mystic existence, here are five authentic facts you should be aware of:

1. You Aren’t Specially Blessed With it.

Homo sapiens have a tendency of considering themselves to be much superior to any race or kind, but the one they belong to. Most of us have never considered that the fields of spirituality and Enlightenment might not be strictly restricted to the human world.

According to research, most mammals are gifted with this mystic power. In Pixar’s Coco, they depicted animals as spirit guides. Disney can never be wrong, can they?

2. The Eye Is Physically Present.

It isn’t a wild concept that the world has been feeding us for generations. While it is obviously not as prominent or well-formed as the other two eyes, the tissues associated with it exist in our bodies.

The blueprint of our eyeballs is quite similar to the third one we cannot see. Anatomy is testament to the fact that this is not a myth.

3. The Eye Is Ticking.

Have you ever heard of the body clock? It is the regular pattern of waking and sleeping that your body follows. This is why you feel groggy is you go to bed way past your usual bed-time, or wake up too early.

The third eye is responsible for the chemical reactions and signals that keep this clock in order. Before we became slaves to our corporate and academic commitments, the third eye would align our body-cycle with that of the sun.

It was a healthy approach. By gradually losing ourselves to erratic sleep cycles, insomnia, and unhealthy habits, we are becoming the breeding ground for deadly illnesses.

4. It Can Give You A Good Trip.

A laboratory literally used rats to find this fact for you. If you have ever been acquainted with Depression, you know the value of serotonin- the happiness hormone. Your brain secretes it, absorbs it, and then secretes it again.

For clinically depressed patients, the brain releases less serotonin the second time, causing the literal lack of happiness. It has been discovered that the pineal gland (third eye) has Dimethyltryptamine, which works like the happiness hormone.

It can also induce hallucinations if triggered by substance abuse.

5. Films Are Obsessed With It.

As soon as humanity is introduced to a concept they don’t quite understand, they make supernatural movies out of it. So, a lot of screen-goddesses and supervillains have a literal third eye painted on them. The CGI is hyper-dramatic, and hilariously inappropriate.

The truth is that nobody knows the extent of its powers, yet. Is it destructive? Is it going to bring us world peace, someday? Do we have to do something to activate it?

None of us really know or have the time to find out. Until NASA broadcasts the answer to us, let’s revel in some quality but inaccurate television.

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