Meditation to Awaken Third Eye Wisdom – Touched By Guru’s Grace

The Third Eye point between the brows is a place where we focus the two physical eyes. For those who have been practicing yoga for a while, you have learned to activate this place in the body by focusing on it. We are often taught that when we close our eyes, we should focus the eyeballs between the brows. Some practices even have us visualize the breath coming and going through the Third Eye point. This is a good practice for those who are new to yoga or who have been practicing for a short time.

But when the seeker is ready to journey deeper, it is important to remember that the Third Eye is not a physical point in the body. The Third Eye, once opened, gives capacity to perceive with clarity beyond the physical existence. There is no physical Third Eye. There is energy and perception. There is a spiritual Third Eye. Agia – Third Eye wisdom — dwells in a subtle dimension beyond the physical dimensions. When the three forms of Shiva energy — the Dance of life, absolute Stillness, and Balance of polarities — move into this point and fuse into one dot, (this dot is known as the Primal Bindhu), your experience of life will change forever.

One way to move beyond the preliminary stages with determination is to train yourself to sit with your eyes closed for hours at a time and contemplate moving energy into your Third Eye point. Observe what happens.

However, most of us cannot afford to sit with our eyes closed for hours on end, so fortunately there are meditations we can practice each day that can derive similar results in a few minutes as if we have sat for hours:

This powerful meditation with the mantra Wah Hey Gu Ru will awaken the expanded dimensions of the Third Eye, initiate Third Eye sensitivity and its capacity to reach ever further beyond the physical, mental, and energetic realm.

Floating Lotus Meditation

First, tune in with the mantra Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. Chant this tune in mantra three times. Be aware of the mantra vibrating the forehead, the skull, and the whole brain.

This is a meditation that you can practice every day. This meditation will bring your heart and Third Eye into balance. The mantra will vibrate into your being and give you an experience of the wisdom of ecstasy in the here and now. Practice this meditation with determination and devotion, and life will not take a toll on you.


The hands are an extension of the heart. You will create a hand position in which the hands look like they form a lotus flower. Bring the base of the right and left palm to touch. The two thumbs line up and touch. The two pinkies line up and touch. The other fingers remain open and pointing toward the sky. The palms together form the center of the flower and the fingers extended form flower petals. Raise this lotus mudra up to hold it in front of the Third Eye Point. This means that you have the extension of the heart floating steadily in front of the Third Eye Point.

Another name for the Third Eye Point is the Cave of Shiva. This mudra is a beautiful expression, an offering of your heart – as a fragrant flower – floating at the doorway of the Cave of Shiva. Offer your full, fragrant, and open heart to the seat of your intuition.

Chant the Mantra

Inhale deeply.
Chant and prolong this sacred sound  for the duration of the exhaled breath:


Inhale deeply.
Chant and prolong this sacred sound for the duration of the exhaled breath:


Inhale deeply.
Chant and prolong this sacred sound for the duration of the exhaled breath:


Inhale deeply.
Chant and prolong this sacred sound for the duration of the exhaled breath:


Continue chanting this way over and over until you sense any kind of shift within your inner being. The whole body must vibrate the mantra.

This mantra will balance the elements in the body: earth, air, fire, water, ether. These elements will come into balance. Meanwhile, the mudra ushers the energy of the heart up to the energy of the Third Eye point. Now, devotion and wisdom can come into perfect balance.

Practice this meditation at least three minutes every day, or practice for as long as is comfortable.

Close the meditation with a deep inhale, stretch the arms way up over the head, stretch the hands and stretch the spine. Exhale. Again, inhale, hold and stretch. Exhale. One last time, inhale hold and stretch. Then shake the body and tap the body with hands or fists all the way up and down.

To close the practice, bring the hands in prayer mudra at the heart center. Chant the mantra Saaaaaaaaaat Nam three times. Dedicate the benefits of this practice to all beings everywhere. Bow your head and be in reverence.

© Yogi Amandeep Singh