Methods to Awaken Kundalini Shakti

Awakening of the Kundalini is a major event in the evolution of the soul. There are various methods to awaken kundalini. In fact, most spiritual practices, eventually culminate in the awakening of the kundalini Shakti. Most of these methods have to be learned from a qualified master. Not all methods suite everyone. Practitioners can be classified based on percentage of Tamas (inertness or dullness), Rajas (active and restless) or Sattva (purity and clarity) inherent in them. Everyone is a combination of these qualities. Based on one’s nature and practices done in the past, one will be attracted towards a certain type of spiritual practice. Kundalini practice should be done strictly under the guidance of a master.


The numerous methods to awaken kundalini are listed briefly below.



Kundalini awakening through Mantra Yoga

Mantra practice is the first method to awaken kundalini. Mantra is a sacred syllable, word or words that can unleash the spiritual potential in man. These mantras were discovered by ancient seers or Rishis and has been passed on for generations through the master disciple tradition. Kundalini Shakti can be awakened by the practice of Mantra Japa, which is daily repetition of a mantra certain number of times. To awaken the kundalini, the master has to initiate the disciple with the intention or Sankalpa of awakening the inner dormant power. It also depends on the quality or state of evolution of the master. If the Guru has an awakened kundalini, then it is easy for the disciple to get awakening through initiation. Else, it can take a long time and many repetitions of the mantra. Awakening by mantra is an easy and relatively safe method.

Kundalini Awakening through Music

Music, consisting of the seven notes or Sapta Svaras, can alter the state of consciousness. The seven notes or frequencies have effect on the brain and the energy channels in the body. Awakening through music may happen spontaneously without the knowledge of the person. But, after awakening, if the kundalini is not taken up towards the crown chakra, it can create side effects. The person may not know, that it is caused by the awakening process. Such persons should approach a kundalini master to balance his energies and safely guide the kundalini upwards.

Kundalini Awakening through Pranayama

Awakening through pranayama is a quick and direct method to awaken kundalini, but requires ample preparations. Practitioner has to prepare the body through proper diet and cleaning techniques called Shatkarma. Pranayama purifies the energy channels or Nadis, particularly the three main channels Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. The central channel Sushumna has to be clear for the energy to go up. Pranayama creates heat in the body, which when directed properly, will awaken the kundalini Shakti. For this practice of the three Bandhas Mula Bandha (Root lock), Uddhiyana Bandha (Abdominal lock) and Jalandhara Bandha (Chin lock) has to be practiced to direct the energy upwards. Once awakened, the Kundalini tries to enter the Sushumna at the base of the spine and goes up.

Awakening through pranayama can be very quick and can bring many experiences. The practitioner should be well prepared to handle the experiences. It is always advisable to do this under the guidance of a master.

Kundalini Awakening through Herbs

Another method to awaken Kundalini is by consumption of certain chemicals. Herbs or medicines (Aushadhi) can be used to activate the Nadis or energy channels and for awakening the kundalini. Such knowledge is not readily available and is shrouded in secrecy. Awakening through herbs is also dangerous as it can lead to wild awakening with many side effects including madness, hallucinations and physical ailments, unless it is done under proper guidance. This method is shrouded in mystery and not available to everyone.

Kundalini Awakening through Tapas or austerity

The word Tapas in Sanskrit comes from the root word Tapah, meaning heat. Tapas or austerity is undertaken to purify the body, mind and emotions. During Tapas, our latent impressions in the mind will come to the surface and cause many emotional and mental imbalances. One has to go through these with a witness attitude and understand it as a cleansing process. Tapas helps to weaken our Vasanas or inherent tendencies and increases our will power. Awakening of Kundalini can happen during the process due to the churning of the subconscious and unconscious mind. The awakening by Tapas can be violent and may be difficult to handle. You may get many visions and experiences, thrown up from your latent unconscious mind. One may even develop some siddhis or supernatural powers. Presence of a teacher is essential during such times so that the practitioner can handle these side effects.

Kundalini Awakening through Raja Yoga

Raja yoga comes from Ashtanga yoga and primarily deals with Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi(Superconscious awareness). Raja yoga is not for everyone. It requires a very Sattvic or pure mind. Prolonged practice of Hatha yoga is recommended to make a practitioner fit for Raja Yoga. Raja yoga can be taken up only after purifying the mind through Karma Yoga (Yoga of action or work), Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of devotion) along with Hatha Yoga practices.

In Raja Yoga, the method of awakening kundalini is slow and steady.

Kundalini Awakening through Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is another slow, safe and steady method to awaken Kundalini. Most people today do not have the pure Sattvic mind to take up meditational practices of Raja Yoga. Most practitioners today are Rajasic in nature, nor do they have the patience to take up rigorous practices. Kriya yoga is a good method for them as the awakening happens slowly and safely over a period of time. The experiences during Kriya yoga is usually mild and can be handled by most practitioners. There are many systems of Kriya yoga being practiced today. Most systems use the process of rotation of breath along the different chakras leading to activation of Chakras, Nadis and finally the Kundalini Shakti itself. One has to find a master with an authentic lineage to get initiated into this practice.

Kundalini Awakening through Shaktipat

Shaktipat is transferring of energy or power from Guru to disciple either by touch, sight or by mere thought. It can be done in the physical presence of the master or over a distance. It can be transmitted even by an object given by the Guru to the disciple. The awakening happens instantly, but may not be permanent. For this student has to be sufficiently ready for the master to transfer his energy to awaken the disciple. The disciple may have many experiences during the awakening which will subside slowly. The guru chooses the disciple for Shaktipat. The disciple cannot prepare for this process. It just happens at the right moment.

Kundalini Awakening through Tantric Initiation

Kundalini awakening through Tantric initiation is an esoteric subject shrouded in secrecy. The practitioner has to understand the principle of Shiva and Shakti. Males predominantly manifest the Shiva principle and females predominantly manifest the Shakti principle. When there is a coming together of these two forces, there can be an explosion and awakening can happen. This path is for people who have transcended the passions and desires to a good extend. Purity of mind is required. It is not a path for pleasure lovers. Guidance from a guru is essential.

Kundalini Awakening through Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti or devotion is pure love for God. This love is not born of passion or attachment as in worldly love. Here the main feature is Saranagathi or Self-Surrender. The devotee surrenders his life to his Ishta Devata or the form of God that he likes and worships. This path is based on total faith and surrender. Kundalini awakening can happen without any particular practice via surrender.

Kundalini awakening from Birth

Some rare persons can have kundalini awakened from birth. This can happen because of the spiritual practices done in previous births. Such children may grow up as geniuses, prodigies, people influential in worldly affairs of politics, military, finance, arts and sciences, etc.  or may even become spiritual leaders.

Such individuals too, may need the help of a kundalini master to guide their energy upwards to prevent any side effects and utilise the energy for the good of the world.

Thus, the methods of awakening the kundalini Shakti are many. But one has to choose their spiritual practices according to one’s own inclination. You have to find a master who will initiate you into that particular method of your choice