Kundalini Yogini Reflections: Halfway Through Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

I’m about halfway through the KYTT. I wanted to offer some reflections on the training, myself, and just in general on yoga life. After all, this is a blog about one young woman’s journey through Kundalini Yoga Teach Training as Taught by Yogi Bhajan. ?

My training is at Yoga West in Vancouver BC. I remember the first weekend there my classmates and I were so full of questions. Do we have to wear white? Do we have to wear a turban? Is this a cult? Why do we do this? What’s this for?

We are still full of questions. We have so many because as is the nature of the mind and questions when one question is asked it generally unlocks ten more to be answered. Our main teacher asks us “Why do you want to know that? Why must you figure it out?”. She talks to us about having the experience and inner knowing, which is what Kundalini Yoga provides: An experience of the wisdom inherent in all of us and the Universe that surrounds us.

I’ve come to a deep understanding that Kundalini Yoga by itself is a technology for Ascension. Everything that is done by a Kundalini Yogi has a reason for it. Each action and choice made by most Kundalini Yogi has an energetic component to it. From Turbans, to wearing white, to each mudra, hand motion and breath.

Through the expansion of the muscles the mind expands as well creating space for the soul to come forward. The outer self, the human self filled with contradictions and desires, fall away gradually and over time of a dedicated and conscious practice leaving only the Divine Self that we truly are.

This yoga is a practice with a depth that I’ve not encountered elsewhere before. I’m grateful everyday for the teachings that are coming through this course because it aligns with my mystical nature and gives me the complimentary western view as well. I’m grateful to be learning how to release the Samskaras, or Karmas, and how to align more to my destiny and what the difference is between fate and destiny.

I realized, too, that this is a practice of embodying yourself and your wisdom as much as you can when you step into the role of a teacher. That creates a deep authenticity that others cannot deny nor lack respect for. Because you simply are.

When you simply are it doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong. It doesn’t matter if others are right or wrong. Everything simply IS. And when everything IS there’s nothing beyond that. All thing are unfolding in perfection.

I have more patience with myself, life, and the people around me as I settle into the process of this life and the world around me. Everything is in process and everyone is in a process of their own. Sometimes we are part of each others processes and other times we are not. Sometimes we accidently bump into each other’s processes in the best possible timing to be a catalyst for all that needs to unfold.

It doesn’t matter because all is unfolding in perfection, yet it does matter because it must unfold in perfection. Living life within a series of paradoxes that must be in this world of duality at times.

The yoga is offering me a chance to go even deeper into myself, my heart, my soul, and become more aligned and capable of giving my gifts to the world in ways that make sense.

I’ve completed my first 90 day challenge this year, and am working my way to completing my first 1000 day challenge with Kirtan Kriya. I’m swamped with all the meditations that I’m doing and feeling inspired by. I now meditate an hour and a half a day, with about a half hour of prayer on top of that.

My life is shifting and transforming as much as I am to better and better spaces as I become better at holding my own authenticity of the Divine Being that I am. This is a practice that works for me, in combination with other tools that I’ve collected, to pave a pathway to my personal ultimate goal in this lifetime: Ascension.

This training has not been easy. There has been a lot resistance, a lot of tears, a lot of laughter, a lot of love. A lot of everything really. It’s life-changing and transformative. We are working with potent technology.

There is so much to say about this training. This is what flows right now about it.

I love this training. If you have a chance to take it and feel the call, do it. Make it happen.