Kundalini, the serpent of liberation or dissolution! – The soul, the mind and the mirror’s!

The power of Kundalini is the power of God. That power is only given to those who deserve it. In other words, the real initiate, the real spiritual practitioner who follows the upright law wants to leave suffering, return to Eden, to be born again. This spiritual birth is only possible through the force of Kundalini.

Every organism in nature transforms and transmits energy. The physical body that we have is no different. All of us as physical organisms are like cells in the body that covers the skin of this planet. The creatures that we call human beings are really just animals who happen to have intellect, and are like the cells of any organism who ingest, transform, and release forces. Those forces perpetuate life on this planet.

The forces have been reversed and abused and this is why the planet is revolting against us, punishing us, you could say. This is why we suffer in new ways, with new diseases, new problems. The sacrifice we have to make psychological, spiritual, and physical within ourselves.

What we have to learn is how to harness these energies within us and redirect them by conscious will. First we need to understand those energies, what they are, where they are and how they work.  The body has to be made clean, pure, and stable. Otherwise this force that needs to be awakened cannot awaken.

The true initiate seeks to escape suffering. Tired of the ego power struggles, tired of pain, and death, is well qualified to enter this science.

Our biological instinct is simply to be born, eat, defecate, reproduce, and die. Nature does not care about our art, science, theories, or beliefs, or whether we believe in God or not. Nature only wants to perpetuate itself. This is why in all the lower kingdoms this is the function off every organism: to perpetuate the existence of those organisms. Each one of them plays a role in perpetuating the planet. That is all nature wants. Nature does not want, does not care, does not need us to believe in God or not.

Because of our brain and because of our drive for physical sex, we are misusing that energy and harming the planet. That is why the planet is revolting against us, punishing us, and this is why we are suffering in new ways, with new diseases, new problems. If we look at this planet without attachment, or any of our philosophies, we can see that nature does not care about our religions, nature just wants our energy.

The sacrifice we have to make now is psychological, spiritual, and physical within ourselves. What we have to learn is how to harness the energies within us and redirect them by conscious will. To do that we need to understand those energies, what they are, where they are and how they work.

These rules usually include: Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not take any intoxicants, Do not eat impure food. In other words, do not put impurities in your body and do not use your body in ways that create harmful forces. The body has to be made clean, pure, and stable. Otherwise this force that needs to be awakened cannot awaken.

The physical body is very complex interdependent systems, to the nervous system. The nervous system can only operate if the Consciousness is connected to the body.

The nervous system is very complex but it’s actually three nervous systems in one: central, sympathetic, and parasympathetic. This central nervous system and all its functions are symbolized in the Bible as the Tree of Life. That is because it is our own Tree of Life inside. Without it we cannot live.

The middle is the central nervous system, which is the equilibrator, the one that keeps balance, on either side are the sympathetic and parasympathetic, one is the plus, the other is the minus. Three forces: plus, minus, equals, which is the basis for electricity.

This is the basis for how energy moves in the universe, through three forces. So physically, this exists within us through our three nervous systems, but energetically this also exists within us in the vital body, Astral body, Mental body and on.

Both are forms of birth, both are sexual, but the use of the energy is different.

When we talk about Kundalini, really we are talking about the Divine Mother. We are talking about the goddess, and you can call her Isis, Mary, Tara, Athena, Minerva, whatever name you want, but she is the cause of existence. Her body is energy and her pure potentiality awaits us in our bodies.

In Hinduism, the goddess Sakti has a spouse: Shiva. masculine and feminine, these two forces. Shiva can create or destroy. Shakti is Siva’s power. These figures symbolize forces, energies. Shiva is not an individual, but a force, an intelligence.

The goddess Shakti can polarize as Kali Ma. Every goddess has her opposite. Athena is opposed by Medusa. In Hinduism, Kali Ma can be a positive goddess who liberates and she can also be the goddess of death, the goddess of hell.

This duality of the cosmic power is very clearly represented in Hinduism and in Buddhism and yet so many spiritual seekers ignore it with this fantasy-land idea that if they have good intentions, they naturally must be awakening positively.

Meditation may be beautiful, but it is nothing compared to inner heat, because the inner heat provides energy that produces an illumination that a typical Samadhi cannot compare to.

This why the work with energy is so important. It is to know the truth. To comprehend why we suffer. The causes of suffering cannot be seen with the physical eyes. We need to go deep into the roots of the mind.

All these qualities are impurities that prevent God from emerging, from appearing. In other words, we need to clean the temple, our mind, our heart, then God can emerge.

This power of Kundalini is the power of God. At one time in the past humanity knew this directly. Humanity walked with God, talked with God, and could see the heavens. This is symbolized in the Bible as the man and woman in the garden of Eden before the Fall, before the temptation to abuse the fruit. But when humanity was seduced by desire, humanity was cast out of Eden.

Adam represents, in this context, our brain, while Eve, in this context, represents our sexual organs, and the serpent is the one who delivers knowledge through sex. The serpent is Lucifer, “the bearer of Light”, who is the servant of the Divine Mother, the representative of the Divine Mother, the attendant who does her will. You can either rise the serpent upwards, towards her GOD or descend down! That’s our free will.

Look at humanity. We are worse than animals. We are enslaved by desire. Enslaved, powerless, because of desire. We destroy not only each other, but the planet. No animal does that. Animals respect the law, but we don’t. We don’t respect ourselves because of desire. Every pain, every suffering, every problem that you have in your life is because of your own desires.

So the serpent fell. Where we once had that energy active in us, that serpent fell, gradually, over time. This was not an overnight event, this occurred over generations, long ago. The result was that energy fell and became inactive in terms of the positive upright force. Instead that energy inverted itself. The opposite polarity emerged.

Consciousness was evolving up from the lower kingdoms, it reached the animal kingdom, the orgasm is part of the development of that level of nature, but upon entering the humanoid kingdom, the orgasm must be abandoned, in order to ascend to a new level.

When we enter the sexual act, we connect them where the most powerful energies are in the body, the sexual organs. In those organs are the root forces of creation, the powers of God.

Normally, when we are not in the sexual act, all the powers that come into us, the power to be alive descends through these three nervous systems, the three forces–Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

The ultimate level is spiritual, obviously. Merely physically, the highest degree is sexual creation. So when we unite two physical bodies sexually, man and woman, that fire is lit.

This is when the causes are there for the fire to emerge. That fire is sex. That is the creative power of God. That power is sex. This is why we see Shiva-Shakti, God and goddess, the Elohim, which means God and goddess.

Ida, the feminine serpent. The responsibility of that energetic, psychological channel is procreation. That is the root driver for sex. That is why nature pushes us to have sex, to procreate.

Unfortunately, humanity a long time ago was tempted to have children on their own without the guidance of the Elohim. When that energy became very charged in the sexual organs and in the vital and astral bodies, and the Elohim were not present to guide the sexual act, the energy built up too much, and these energy transformers, the chakras and sexual organs short-circuited. You see, a conductor only has a limited capacity.

Any conductor of energy is like a channel or a tube through which energy can move. When you put too much energy there, you short-circuit it. That circuit overloads and the energy escapes into other areas. This is what the orgasm is. It is an overcharge of energy.

The orgasm is an explosion of energy that escapes from the conductors that should manage it. We think it is pleasurable, but what we do not realize is that a short circuit destroys the organism. It destroys the organism, gradually. This is why people who have a lot of sex, gradually lose their sexual power. People who repeat the orgasm gradually lose the ability to have it. They become impotent or become indifferent to sex because their energetic centres become burned out. This is why everybody takes chemicals to stimulate their sex drive. This is why pornography became so popular, because is an artificial stimulation for the sexual energy.

The problem is that people are so addicted to this sensation that they do not realize that the energy is destroying them. That energy is put in the wrong places is the reason why people go mad. The brain gets messed up. The nervous system is depleted. This is why people who are addicted to masturbation and sex develop all kinds of mental and emotional problems. Many of them end up in mental institutions. I work in a mental hospital and yes there are people are addicted to masturbation.

The sexual energy, when polarized negatively, traps the Consciousness in hell. The archetypes that we should be using to create the soul, are trapped inside the ego. Thus the serpent eats dust.

When the age of Aquarius dawned and new cosmic forces were propelled against this planet, the Aquarian forces, which are very revolutionary, we saw the entire society turn upside down. You cannot separate sex from religion. When that Aquarian force hit humanity, all of a sudden humanity says: Where is the real religion? Where is real sexual satisfaction? These two questions emerged at the same time. That is because of the force of Aquarius which is pushing humanity to begin a new era.

Unfortunately, because the serpent in us is polarized in the wrong way, we began to experiment with sex and with religion and with drugs and with desire. People think, since the 60’s, that you can do whatever you want, you can think up your own religion and reach God, but this is a lie. The ancient religions are ancient because they have truths that cannot be avoided.

The single person can utilize all the spiritual practices, prayer, Meditation, Pranayama, runes, many techniques. But if they avoid the psychological part, they will either gain nothing or just more suffering. We have to prepare an environment for Divine Mother to inhabit. That environment is inside of us psychologically.

Both the serpent and the dove are the symbols of the Holy Spirit. To be as wise as a serpent is to have this wisdom or the knowledge of the polarity of Kundalini and to know how to use it. To be as harmless as the dove is to respect the law, to follow the guidance of God, not our own selfish will.

That is how you can have experiences in Meditation. You can have comprehension, intuition, insight, experiences out of your body. The light that comes from a match is small and temporary. A sun, on the other hand, is a whole other level. That is what a second birth is. The second birth is the emergence back into Eden. That awakening is completely different from sparks or flashes of Kundalini energy activating a chakra. Be clear on that distinction.

They interfere with it. Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs interfere with the normal function of the nervous system. So those need to be abandoned.
One should eat a very healthy diet, the best food you can get. Do not eat junk food, do not eat garbage. If you are putting things into your temple, you want to put the best things you can. It is not to eat expensive, but to eat well, to eat pure food, not chemicals.