Kundalini Awakening Process



It all actually started with little physical symptoms, like losing hair, sudden appearing red rashes that came as fast as they went away, itching skin, especially around the spine and many times directly above the tailbone… It was not pleasant that’s for sure… A few weeks after all these little symptoms appeared out of nowhere another anomaly started appearing as well. I slowly developed a sight of a whitish glow around my hands that seemed to physically follow my hands! It looked like a translucent version of my fingers that in slow motion would go after the physical hands… It was then when in the night I suddenly felt extreme vibrations going through the whole body. Felt like being electrocuted! Heavy vibrations buzzing from all kind of body parts head, heart, torso etc… You name it, all of them at the same time!

2 days after a repeatedly vibration attack in the night, I suddenly realized that I had a glowing dot in my vision, when I started to write something it was in the way on each letter that I was looking at. This dot soon showed it’s true nature. I started seeing moving particles in this dot and the dot itself became a yellow glowing dot with green outcast light. Inside I can see red tiny particles flying around and sometimes when I focus on it, I can see the dot forming pictures. I see most of the time white light that rotates like rotor blades or like pulsing water ripples! Then another time I saw butterflies floating and circling inside the dot! And also a little flower.

Well I continued with it without worrying about it too much and even today I still have the orb and can see the particles. It’s actually amazing, I learned how to read with it, but it is only possible when the font is not too small apparently, because otherwise the glowing dot covers letters and they seem to disappear completely!


It was that time, when I first started to read about Kundalini Awakenings and risings. I did not know about it before and so I tried to read as much as possible. Many posts describe it as difficult to archive and some even say DON’T TRY TO AWAKEN THE SNAKE! But as with everything else, there are always two sides to a story. And it makes sense that people would try to monger fear around those who actually managed to have the Kundalini Awakening. People fear what they do not understand.


then started out of intuition started doing Chakra breathing and started with the heart. I could feel it and also different chakras. So I decided to try it the next days with in a meditation session!
It was then when I suddenly started feeling shaking sensation in my lower back, hips area. I didn’t know what it was, but it felt strange. Since that’s the first time it happened!


Yep literally Magic can happen! The next day I laid down in the living room. I opened the balcony door the sunlight was shining through it… So I closed my eyes and lay there with my head towards the open balcony door. It also helped me to visualize light beams coming through the door and into my crown. I visualized the light going from chakra to chakra and continued with chakra breathing. I started from the root this time. I began breathing through my root and soon enough because of my relaxed state of mind, I got weird pictures in my minds eye that showed a red root coming from the earth underneath the balcony and literally going through the genitals inside my root chakra. It was THEN when I suddenly felt an odd sensation. I felt sexual arousal! Just without doing anything to cause it! The pictures formed movements inside my mind that supported the feeling and soon enough I started feeling inner sensations from down there that could be described as G spot orgasm! It was VERY Intense and I just relaxed further and let it happen. After it got less and less again I started opening my eyes and wanted to be sure that there was no one there… Because it felt so strange. But no… I was alone in the living room, same position etc. I was BLOWN AWAY, Literally!


The next day I still had that odd sensation of something buzzing in the hips and shaking in the root area and 2 days in a row I felt sexual arousal literally the whole day… When I was sitting it was very strong, when I was lying it was even stronger, but the feeling from before could not be repeat afterwards.

2 Days I was running and driving around being sexual aroused and I had no idea what was going on. I read about sexual energy, Kundalini and then made the connection. That the life force, sexual energy etc. are all the same thing. It was Kundalini, it was aroused but didn’t want to move yet, so something was missing apparently!

One evening I started watching a music video of an Orchestra and in the first 7 minutes I felt strange buzzing in my hips once again and the sexual arousal got stronger, it could not be covered anymore, because it was definitely there! At minute 27 then the magic happened. The buzzing in my hips stopped and I suddenly got the weird feeling of something literally slithering up the spine. It pumped against ribs and shoulder blades. I mean literally pumped from inside to the outside! I was thinking what the hell was that??? It was a Kundalini Awakening as I figured out much later in the process.

In that same night of the awakening I could not sleep. I mean my body started jerking, buzzing me awake again, legs moved upwards without my control, like when a doctor knocks your knee with a hammer! I felt continuously balls or snake movements underneath my skin on the back! Upwards, downwards and pumping against my shoulder blades. But did not reach the head yet! Because I learned that THIS is undeniable and one will feel it for sure as pressure or headache or even dizziness etc. I was awake until 4:30 AM that same night and funny enough I was not tired the next day… It was like an energizing experience and I don’t want to exchange it with anything, because it’s that powerful!

3 days later

I am now 3 days after the last experience… The upward and downward movements are now felt as energetic currents that press against the spine and even little bloating of the abdominal area can be felt and SEEN! I never saw something like that. I mean literally when I took a close look down there above the genitals the skin suddenly moved a little bit up like it was breathing, I felt it from the inside, like a bubble that was exploding and visible on the skin!

I suddenly also start feeling magnetism around me. Some place’s my hands start extremely to buzz and I feel some kind of electric there!

AUGUST 29th, 2014

Last evening I was feeling like I wanted to sing. The energy was quiet and didn’t move very much at that time. I still felt my hands buzzing but other than that I only had a slight feeling of sexual arousal during the day! But then something strange happened. I wanted to start singing and so I listened to songs over headphones and started to sing with the songs. Then I felt it again. I felt the vibrations inside my body and the upward moving started again! Some voice tones resonated with Kundalini energy it seemed and so I got once again aroused and felt the snake moving through the spine and ribs. It was then when I especially felt my bones… Even needed to crack my neck a few times, because it was stiff! But undeniable the singing activated a movement once again!

In the night Kundalini was still working and I felt upwards movements. But this time it was more concentrated on different areas. Like it was right above the spine base and I could feel bloating and pushing as well as shaking. It seems Kundalini goes slowly upwards while removing tension and detoxes the body in baby steps! I think a whole awakening in one night would probably be too much and people would just go insane. I mean in every area it is working it produces pain and pumping feelings. If it was the whole body all at once I would not know what to do actually!

From End of August on I suddenly got a break. I could not feel anything anymore. No electric currents, no buzzing, no tingles, shaking and pinpricks anymore. It was like the energy left me and went back to sleep… This time was very difficult for me to handle, because from one huge contrast to the next, a dull life without much “life”. It was such a realization, that we are never really alive, if we can’t even feel our true self! The energetic part of us, which is infinite and Kundalini has the power to awaken us to this insight! One can’t believe this if one did not experience it! Kundalini came back 2 months later. December the 3rd was the second Awakening and since then the energy is working inside of me 24/7. It gets mostly pronounced towards the evening. From 5:00 PM up till late in the night I can feel the buzzing and vibrations inside and around my body!

I decided to create this blog in order to reach the people who run from doctor to doctor without any results… People who spend tons of money for check ups, blood work, EKG etc. If Kundalini is awakened it can be very sudden and most people feel the Awakening with a LOT of vibrations inside the body. But it can also manifest in a form that can be misdiagnosed as Epilepsy, Restless Leg Syndrome etc. A Kundalini Down to Top activation is very common and starts with tons of physical symptoms. Until the energy reaches the higher chakras. Some people very rarely experience a Top Down activation and for those individuals it can be extremely difficult. Because from now to tomorrow you are suddenly being opened to the bigger reality that was always there but hidden in front of your own eyes! You may start seeing Spirits, light; particles of energies, luminous lights in the air and you may start seeing visions with your Third eye! Simply know that you are not alone and that there are people just like you!



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