Exploiting Kundalini Energy

I am writing about a taboo subject that very few people write about or disclose about their Kundalini experience.   As you may be aware, Kundalini energy is sexual energy resting at the base of the human spine.  When this energy is raised, it helps us with an awakening experience and creates awakening symptoms.  The side effect is heightened sexual energy that can get out of control.  This sexual energy is intended to help us expand our consciousness and spiritual awareness, expand to a higher vibration, and help us live a more authentic life. If this energy is not used for these purposes, we will try to release this energy through sexual intercourse.

For those who have experienced trauma or abuse, or suffer from emotional or mental problems, particularly from sexual abuse or assault, this Kundalini energy becomes distorted and many have exploited this sexual energy for personal gains through sexual promiscuity, not associated with polyamory that is their other sexual partners do not know about these sexual and etheric activities.

Many seek out other Kundalini active individuals for sex and energetic connections while still married to their husbands and wives.  These sexual liaisons are feigned as true love, tantra, or twin flames, but these sexual relationships cannot and do not last as each of these individuals have real lives with their spouses, and many have children as well.  What does this matter, you say, since they are all consenting adults having consenting affairs?

The problem is that there are spouses, children, and families who are negatively impacted by the sexual promiscuity of these Kundalini active individuals. There are deceptions, lies, infidelity, and betrayal, and distrust is created within these families. Many of the individuals say, “We just can’t tell our spouses about these sexual, etheric, and energetic connections, but it just feels so good.”   Well, the answer is live an authentic life and live your truth by sharing your life with whom you are having this energetic and sexual connection, and leave your other life behind. Living in these two worlds and two separate realities is not living an authentic life, and certainly not living any semblance of truth.

Be true to yourself and your life, as you must make a choice.  You cannot live a life with your spouse, then have an energetic connecting and a sexual relationship with another whether they are Kundalini active or not.  Alternatively, give up your energetic and sexual connection, and live an authentic life with your spouse and children.  Living in this duality is destructive and irresponsible, frequently breaking up marriages and families, causing hurt, pain, and trauma to your spouses, children, and families.

These behaviors also create cumulative negative karma for your soul lives.  Next time you get the urge to hookup with another Kundalini active person for sex or energetic connection, rethink your decision, and remind yourself about how many people you will hurt by your actions.  Sending peace and healing light. (Copyright 2015 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)