A Kundalini Yogini View

Alternative names: Sahasrara (Sanskrit), the tenth gate

Colour: Violet

Location: Crown of the head

Element: N/A

Demon: Attachment

Goal: Self-knowledge

Basic Rights: The right to know and learn

Language: To bless

Positive qualities include (but aren’t limited to): Connection to the Highest Self, enlightenment, unity, elevation, connection to the unknown

Shadow qualities include (but aren’t limited to): Grief, the feeling of separation from abundance and existence, fear of death

Yoga Exercises to Balance this Chakra: Ego eradicator, mahabandha, sat kriya, all meditation

Issues Dealt With Here: Transcendence, immanence, belief systems, higher power, divinity, unity, vision

Helpful Crystals: Clear calcite, clear quartz, danburite, herkimer diamond, selenite, amethyst, diamond.

 “The unknown is my best friend.” – Caroline Myss

This is the home of the Cosmic Sound. The gongs were created by ancient seers as an attempt to recreate the sound of awakening perception: the crash of a thousand thunderstrokes at the same time.

The key to opening this chakra is surrender. With this chakra we are asked to fully come to trust God’s will, to surrender fully. When we are surrendering with this chakra we are able to flow spontaneously with the Universe while still being certain of our rythym.

As we learn to just be, we find ourselves allowing and letting go. We begin to identify with the I AM, our highest self more than anything else. We surrender to the carefree joy that is our birthright.

There is a warning with this chakra as well: release the ego. As our intuition gets stronger and stronger many people get stuck before attaining a state of surrender to the Divine because of the power associated with many of the psychic abilities. We must be willing to release them from a power hungry state in order to continue our ascension.

The power of this chakra is integrated through both the fourth (heart) and seventh (third eye) chakras. 

My personal experience is that the gong is amazing. If you can attend a kundalini yoga class with a gong player do it. You will not regret the unique experience of having the vibrations of the gongs flowing in and around your body, asking you to relax into their flood bringing you into a whole other realm.

We need to have humility no matter what is occurring in our world. I’ve learned many times that to walk with pride, especially with a God-given gift, means that a downfall is just around the corner. But when we walk with humility and honour the gift, then all that flows into our life is beauty and grace.

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