Spiritual Awakening: 11 Symptoms of A MASSIVE Spiritual Shift

So I talk enough about mental health on this site, particularly because I’m struggling with ups and downs of my own at the moment.

But of course I was raised to believe that your spiritual connection can help improve a lot of that…or at least, help you to accept it.

So recently, I’ve been doing a lot of meditating and praying and spending time with nature.

Lately, though…I’ve just been feeling like crap. Nothing seems to matter (except this blog), relationships feel restricting, and life’s activities seem like they’re not worth the fuss. I just don’t want to stress myself out over what feel like stupid things.

But they still stress me out greatly. And no matter how many times I try to meditate through it, accept it, embrace it, it doesn’t seem to get better. The feeling of restlessness doesn’t go away.

So what is it? Am I just this unsalvageable person? Am I doomed?

I’d like to think not.

There’s No Shame In Seeing A Therapist

It Might Be A Spiritual Shift

Let me clarify that by spiritual, I’m not talking about anything to do with organized religion. If that speaks to you, then go all in. I’d just like to keep this as secular as possible.

What I’m talking about is a mental and emotional manifestation that makes you feel like something is vastly different than before. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but the change is there.

You might even think that you’re experiencing a mental illness. I’m definitely not advising you not to explore that. But as someone currently on pharmaceuticals, it’s fair to say that meds tend to suppress the feelings, not deal with them.

And you’re gonna want to do that eventually.

So let’s talk about some of the signs that maybe you’re not crazy, maybe you’re just waking up on a higher level.

  1. Restlessness and Lost Sleep

So you’ve had a full day of work, little to no coffee, and you’re exhausted when you come home. You can’t wait to kick off your shoes, shower, and roll up in your covers.

One problem, though…you can’t fall asleep.

You know you need the rest, and you’re getting more and more frustrated with yourself, but you just can’t manage to close your eyes and keep them shut.

This could be a sign that you’re experiencing some kind of awakening…oh, the irony, since you’re actually lying awake in bed, struggling.

Or maybe you can fall asleep. Maybe, to the best of your knowledge, you’re sleeping all the way through the night.

And yet, no matter how much sleep you think you’re getting, you wake up tired and have issues keeping your eyes open throughout the day.

God, I feel like that today…I need a nap and a hug.

Initially, I thought it was symptoms of anxiety and depression. I tend to be really anxious all the time and then crash when I get home, never quite feeling rested enough to start the next day.

People with depression can sometimes sleep a lot, and I’m not feeling great, so I must be depressed, right?

Well, maybe. Part of me still thinks that’s the case. But maybe depression and anxiety are just symptoms of an awakening mind. This feeling that something about the world we’re perceiving is wrong and that there’s something else there.

  1. Feelings of Disconnect from Social Issues, People, Etc.

Leo Wieling

I used to be a major social justice warrior.

Well, I still am in a lot of ways. It still makes my stomach turn to stay silent when I feel like injustices are being done, so I often say something.

But what’s changed is that I’m not seeking these battles out anymore. Like, I’m not feeling the need to be vigilant about it all the time.

It’s not because these issues aren’t important. They are. Especially when they continue to cause pain and suffering everyday. But there are better ways for me to use my passion than the way that I have been.

Life is both much more complicated and much simpler than we make it. We tend to focus on surface level things (i.e., individuals, what they do, and how they do it) and what makes us different from other people.

We then take it upon ourselves to overanalyze thosethings, wasting valuable efforts and time. And isolating ourselves inside of a bubble.

We should be focusing on what motivates people to do what they do. How we can identify with them, understand what makes them tick. Only then can we have a hope of reaching the root of our problems and tearing them out.

So basically, I just don’t care to talk about social issues or relationships within the context of how most people talk about them right now.

If you feel like this, too, there’s probably nothing wrong with you. It’s just your mind attempting to push limits and cross boundaries.

  1. Physical Symptoms: Skin Rashes, Aches & Pains

If you try a new activity, switch out a beauty product, or hurt yourself, your body will probably ache and your skin might break out. Just wanted to clarify that those instances are not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about when you’ve been doing everything the same for months or years and all of a sudden your body goes haywire.

You may have lived your entire life believing that you didn’t have sensitive skin. Now all of a sudden trusted products or brands are causing breakouts. Yikes.

Or you may be totally in shape, workout every day, and keep a carefully planned routine. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, your back starts to hurt and it won’t go away.

When your mind is in a state of unrest, it can wreak havoc on the rest of your body in various ways. It’s a sign that something is off or changing.

Could be a dormant part of your mind stirring, trying to wake up.

  1. INSANE Dreams

Ever have a few nights in a row where you don’t remember your dreams? Well, when you start to experience a shift, you’ll find that you actually start to remember more of your dreams.

Why? Because the dreams are becoming clearer, more detailed, and more vivid.

They can be linked to a series of emotions: anger, happiness, sadness, confusion. I like to think it’s your brain helping you get more familiar with yourself.

Dyaa Eldin
  1. Struggling With Day to Day Restrictions

I.e., the 9-5 job format or a strict schedule.

Honestly, I think this has the most to do with your growing discomfort of boundaries. I mean, really, in the grand scheme of things, none of that matters.

So sure, you lose a job here or some money there. Are you still alive? Can anything worse really happen to you?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What’s absolutely imperative for you to do before you die?
  2. What things are getting in the way of doing that?

If there’s any part of you, even the tiniest little voice, that’s thinking, “Why does that matter to people so much? What’s the end game here?”, you might be on the verge of a shift.

  1. You Start Seeing “Signs” Everywhere

Sure, they could be coincidences. Then again, maybe not.

These are the things that in passing seem insignificant, and yet stay in your mind for reasons you can’t explain. Feelings of deja vu, thinking about someone right before they call you, randomly finding something when- oh!- it turns out you’re going to need it!

These are called synchronicities. They’re the little things in life that seem to add up to something greater. It’s like the universe has laid out the pieces of a puzzle for you to find and put together.

  1. Growing Compassion for All Living Things

I sort of mentioned this in another blog post, but I don’t like slugs. They’re gross, they look like snot bubbles to me.

I used to not care if someone stepped on one or even poured salt on one. But now? I genuinely feel guilty, even if it’s someone else. Like, I don’t even have to be the one to do it.

My dad stepped on one by accident on our sidewalk and I felt like he’d just kicked a kitten or something. The sensation in my body was the same.

Weird, huh?

It comes from this creeping understanding that despite my feelings toward this creature, it’s just here trying to survive like I am.

I don’t know if it feels pain the same way, if it has the same emotions, or what its purpose is, but it’s here. And it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t supposed to.

So what right is it of mine to change that?

Annie Spratt
  1. Feelings of Resignation and Acceptance

I don’t really like to say that everything happens for a reason. Mostly because that’s usually interpreted one way.

What I really think is that there is a divine order to things that I can influence but not  change.

A tree grows. It will continue to grow how it’s meant to grow. I can chop it down, but there will always be consequences.

I mean, that big-ass tree has to fall somewhere, right? What are the chances that it could fall directly on top of me? That would suck.

So you can chop it down and accept the consequences or let it grow and accept what happens.

Such is life. Some things are within your control, like what you do, but other things are not. And the more you try to change that, the harder it will fall on you.

You start to understand and feel this on a deep level. This isn’t to say that things don’t bother you or that you won’t wish some things were different, but you understand that it’s not your job to determine that.

And man, is that a weight off your shoulders.

Synchronicity, The Law of Attraction, and How They Affect Your Life

With this newfound acceptance comes the understanding that people are just like trees.

They are going to be what they are, become what they will become. Maybe they’ll grow straight and tall and beautiful and add to their environment. Or maybe they’ll grow gnarled and curved and detract from it.

Or someone could chop them down and we’ll never know what they would have been.

Either way, it’s not up to us. All we can do is accept them the way they are. Again, that’s not to say that you have to like or even tolerate toxic behavior. It’s just understanding that you can’t change them without their willingness or ability to change…

…and not loving them any less for it.

  1. Increased Sensitivity

I gotta admit, this one kind of sucks.

When your mind starts to shift, you find that you’re more sensitive than you used to be…mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It’s a lot easier to be hurt by the things around you. And man, does it hurt.

But it also means that you’ll be more receptive to the good things in life, too. I mean, you’ll experience joy, love, pleasure, excitement like few others do.

The bad stuff is really bad, but the good stuff is really good. Your life becomes richer. In the end, it’s worth it.

  1. You Get Worse and Worse at “Acting As If” or “Faking It”

It gets harder to do things when you’re not feeling drawn to do them.

Even if you try, it’s usually pretty obvious that you’re faking it. People can sense it.

When that starts happening, it’s time to acknowledge that something in your mind is starting to change.

Everything is becoming more organic, and it becomes a lot harder to hide that. But why would you want to?

So What Do You Think? Are You Shifting?

These signs might be kinda hard to peg at first. You’ll probably miss a lot of them, especially because they’re not the only ones you might experience.

The truth is, a lot of these signs are just heightened versions of what you experience already. You just have to be willing to look for them, acknowledge them, and roll with them.

So after reading, what are your thoughts? Think you might be going through a shift or an awakening yourself?

Drop me a comment below!

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