Signs Of Spiritual Awakening- Heart Palpitations


The process of spiritual awakening can be a very unsettling one for our physical bodies.

This is because our body is suddenly experiencing a massive intake of energy which is enough to disrupt the balance at which it was functioning earlier.

This is sort of a physical rendering of the spiritual experience. How the spiritual realm manifests itself into physical terms. Heart palpitations are one of the most common and the first visible physical signs of spiritual ascension.

We gain spiritual awakening when there is suddenly a lot of spiritual energy that finds its way into our body. Our body is gaining energy, the likes of which it never experienced before. Our body is used to vibrating at a certain harmony.

In spiritual ascension there is a drastic shift and our body is moved up an entire frequency band. Now, our body is only used to a certain amount of energy. When it experiences all this extra energy, one or more of our chakras get overwhelmed.

This is when symptoms of the awakening manifest in physical form. These symptoms too are necessary. Sometimes without them it won’t even be possible to know when one is undergoing spiritual ascension.


The normal rate of our heart beats is approximately once per second. This rhythm is always maintained, from our birth right up to our death. If there is any irregularity in this, it would be called heart palpitations.

It is something that is very hard to miss and you’d know immediately if you are experiencing this while not being aware of it. It can be experienced without any spiritual reason behind it, but then it will be gone away very quickly.

There is not much to do if you feel it say once a week or so. But if it becomes more frequent with greater intensity then it is a sign of awakening.

The best way to let this energy settle down is by listening to the desires of your heart chakra. It wants for you to make new connections and new relations so that it can spread its warmth to them as well.

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