The Real Reason why Empaths Attract Energy Vampires – Heal YourSelf by Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

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So let’s just get right into it?!

No sugar coating anything, just me being brutally honest, not just with you but with myself!

So why is it us empaths sometimes seem to attract energy vampires, people who drain us, so much that we need to take time off socializing to recover?!!

It’s quite simple actually! – it is because we LACK SELF-WORTH!

What? but How? does that attract energy vampires…

Firstly, if you 100% believe you have self-love, self-worth & have no issues with self-esteem, then this post might not be for you.

But if you do struggle with the above, keep reading!

For a long time I hated the word empath, I thought it was a word a lot of people seem to use lately an excuse… & I am right! Being empathic, should be something you are in charge of and not something that drains you. What I realized is that we are all empath. Every single one of us, however, some of us choose to allow that  skill to work against us instead of for us. In this post we will focus on energy vampires.

In case you do not know what I mean by energy vampires?

In simple, term it is someone who feeds of the life force of another person. Unfortunately not all are evil & intentional, I say unfortunately cause it goes uncover & we fail to realize what’s going on & why we feel drained when we are around people we like, friends, or even family. An excellent example of energy vampires is a narcissists, I’ve wrote a blog post on this & why empaths attract narcissists, so check it out here.

So how is it, that our low self-esteem attracts energy vampires to us.

The truth is, energy vampires often are nothing but a mirror to our own self-worth.

When we come from a place of low self-worth, when we lack self-love, when we have insecurities, feel victims or powerless we open up the door to energy vampires. Not to mention, co-dependency, seeking approval & validation from others.

Do you feel good about yourself when you help others?

Does that give you a sense of purpose?

Does that give you a sense of being worthy or loved?

Are these techniques you use to make yourself feel good about yourself, instead of working on your own self-love & beliefs…

Truth is many people fall for this trap unconsciously & are doing nothing but attracting energy vampires by not looking within & filling their own cup 1st!

Reality is, if you were vibrating at a higher frequency you will NOT be attracting energy vampires to your life, maybe every now & then but you will pick up on it immediately. But if you are someone who is falling for is and always wonder why people seem to take & take & all you do it give & give, is because you allowed them to.

For you to have attracted an energy vampire, you must have been at the same level as them – fact!

But it’s okay, once you realize this, you gain power & now it is all in your hands to decide what to do with it.

No protection technique is going to help or save you here unless, you acknowledge the truth & work on yourself & your self-esteem. This won’t take a day or week, you will have to work on this for a while but awareness is KEY & the first step for you to put an end to this.

Below are some suggestions I think will help:

Like I said, energy vampires are at a low vibration & for us to pick up on each other we must be on the same vibration. So start by setting yourself boundaries, learn how to say NO, learn to be assertive, make sure you are looking after yourself before you try and help someone else.

Start doing things you love, pick a hobby, spend some time doing something that makes you happy if not everyday at least once a week. This will raise you vibration by putting you in a good state, make you happy, work you solar plexus by using your creativity, which is in charge of our power & self-esteem.

Realize that NO ONE! Can ever take your power, energy, or drain you unless you have allowed them. So if this ever happens again, you know you need to stop & take whats yours back.

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