3 Steps to Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

by Karen Ulvestad; OM Times

Do you know people who are always draining your energy? Learn how to stop energy vampires in their tracks!

Stop Energy Vampires With These Three Steps

Feeling drained around certain people? Life is filled with the ebb and flow of energy, though sometimes we find people who “take” energy from other people. These energy vampires exist in all walks of life. Learn how to identify these situations, how to protect one’s self and the next steps.

Whether at work or living life, it is challenging to avoid “energy” vampires. They are present in all aspects of life and live off of pulling energy from other people. Some of the symptoms include feeling drained or exhausted after talking or being around someone, negative feeling towards a person, and possibly an uneasiness or “creepy” feeling when touched.

It is important to listen to these inner cues and break the energy drain. There are a few techniques that can disconnect the energy drain or avoid it.

1. Identifying the Situation

This entails honoring the inner voice or gut feeling about another person. We intuitively know when others are not as they appear. The energy vampire doesn’t have any distinguishing markings. They have specific behaviors. These are people that feel the need to “live” through others, are unhappy with themselves, or pray upon others.

They come in a multitude of faces. It could be a parent, friend, spouse, or stranger. Most of the time, it is an unconscious action on the other person’s part to “survive.” There are those who are calculating, and intentionally pull the energy from others.

2. Protecting One’s Self

The first step is to recognize the situation. Then, the innate desire to change the situation. The change starts from within one’s self. Often times, it’s simple like telling someone not to touch. It is okay to take care of one’s self and limit touching by other people. We need to listen to our own comfort zones.

Also, it helps to wear a protection stone. Stones can help dissipate the energies of the other person. These stones can enhance our own energies, and protect them from outside influence.

Self-healing rituals help alleviate the effects of the encounter by changing the focus from without to within. Some possible rituals are meditation, Reiki, crystals, or exercise. Often, we can change to focus on our thoughts, and this act changes the direction of our energy flow.

If none of the above works, it is good to seek the assistance of an energy healer.

The last piece of this is to learn from the interaction, apply the lesson, and change one’s self. The biggest step is to emotionally disconnect from the situation. This disconnection allows for the individual to disconnect from the energy vampire quicker, easier, and possibly permanently.

Life is the ebb and flow of energy through our present situation. The flow runs smoother when we emotionally disconnect ourselves from guilt and fear. These are common emotions that are felt in the situation with an energy vampire. They feed upon this, and we find it hard to disconnect due to these emotions.

Karen Ulvestad is a Reiki Master/Teacher, intuitive, writer and Aroma Therapy student. She has been on this path for most of her life. Through the process of learning, she has come to the conclusion that all things are related. She strives to come from a place of balance, peace, and calmness.

Her book “Whisperings of the Spirit” is available at www.Blurb.com

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