The Connection Between Crystal Healing And Spirituality

by Amelia-Lily Houghton
Conscious Reminder, Contributing Author

What Are Crystals? 

Crystals consist of matter formed from an ordered pattern of ions, molecules and atoms. The lattice that forms spread out in three-dimensions. Since there are repeated units, these crystals have recognisable structures. Crystals that are large display flat faces (regions) plus well-defined angles.

Crystals that have obvious flat faces are known as euhedral crystals, while the ones lacking defined faces are known as anhedral crystals. The ones that consist of ordered atom rays that are not always periodic are known as quasicrystals.

The word “crystal” is derived from the krustallos, an Ancient Greek word meaning ”rock crystal” as well as “ice”.

What Is Crystal Healing?

It’s a non-invasive, holistic, vibrational energy-based method of healing. It treats an individual plus their integrated energy system. It’s therapeutic and relaxing. The technique uses specifically crystals either on or/and around your physical body.

Also, crystals may be laid in precise grids (geometric patterns) within the environment. Crystals focus, absorb, detoxify, direct, shift as well as diffuse energy as they are interacting with the electromagnetic forces plus subtle vibrations within the environmental energy field or subtle human.

The session length depends on the technique being applied. For instance, a session that involves crystals being laid on the chakras, which are energy vortexes that link the subtle and physical energy bodies, for restoring balance can last between 20-30 minutes. A session that involves crystals being laid in complex patterns that typically deal with hidden causes of illness can last from between 60 to 90 minutes.

What Is Spirituality?

Generally, spirituality is a wide concept with room for multiple perspectives. Typically, it involves a feeling of connection to a bigger thing than ourselves, and it involves searching for meaning in your life.

For that reason, it’s a universal human experience, it touches everyone. A spiritual experience may be described by people as transcendent, sacred or a deep feeling of aliveness as well as interconnectedness.

Spirituality and health go together. Spiritual healing puts focus on bringing harmony to your life. Healing crystals can help you to achieve your purpose, whatever it may be. If you’re on the spiritual path, you’re likely to see that the current changes of the earth are challenging you in taking the next step.

Many people have emotional problems and spiritual healing can be one of the objectives when you are doing the healing. When you use crystals in certain ways, they can help you grow more ‘spiritual’. If you are having emotional issues, heart chakra stones will help you.

The Benefits of Crystal Healing and Spirituality?

They bring deep relaxation and harmony, which are effective antidotes to depression, anxiety or stress and essential in maintaining your general well-being. They can relieve physical symptoms of diseases that are related to stress and may help with immune disorders as well as provide pain relief through relaxing muscle tension.

They can be helpful for sleep problems, raised blood pressure, chronic fatigue and insomnia. At an emotional level, healing crystals and spirituality can stabilise your moods and enhance your self-esteem. When it comes to the mental level, they induce clarity and enhance focus. They are used for changing unwanted behaviours, addictions and thought patterns.

Healing crystals and spirituality create an acceptance of all the aspects of being, hence that leads to a more peaceful plus a centred life.

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