Pass Your Exams With Our 5 Crystals For Success!

Pass your exams, or send crystal energy to anyone taking their tests with our 5 must-have gems!

Q: “My daughter is taking her exams at university soon – are there any crystals that she or I can use to bring her luck?”

A: “There are five crystals that work in harmony together to bring luck during exam time. I find that putting Amazonite, Aventurine, Snow Quartz, Sodalite and Clear Quartz in an organza bag and carrying them around with you helps greatly.

Amazonite calms the nerves. Aventurine is good for physical tension and stress. Snow Quartz clears the mind, allowing you to both study and stay focused. Sodalite eliminates mental confusion and encourages rational thought. Clear Quartz is a master healing crystal and can help with focus and clarity, as well as boosting the other crystals in the set!

“Your daughter should carry the crystals with her so that their energy can begin to work in her aura.

“If you cannot get the crystals to your daughter, you can set up a simple crystal grid at home. There are five crystals, so the easiest grid is a five-pointed star. Find a picture of your daughter and make that the central focus point of your grid. Then, as you arrange the five crystals in a star formation, set your intention that the grid is to help your daughter with her exams.

“Pour love into your grid and leave it to do its job.” – TRACY MUNN

Tracy is a crystal healer who owns a crystal shop in Essex called The Crystal Tree. More information can be found at