Here Is Why Your Crystals May Not Be Working Properly

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Why Your Crystals ? May Not Be Working ?

One thing I’d like to clarify before we dive into anything else is that we should not rely on crystals (ALL ON THEIR OWN) for a specific cure. People often come to me with a medical diagnosis they’ve received, and they want to know which crystal is good for healing/curing that particular medical issue. When it comes to a medical diagnosis, crystals are fantastic for supporting a sound holistic health plan overseen by a medical professional

Also, when I say “holistic,” to most people, that means taking into account all the different aspects that come into play with healing. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  Not just your body but your mind and your spirit as well, so you’re not just addressing the physical symptoms. I believe when it comes to healing this is how everyone should approach the process and that includes medical professionals.

Crystals are PART of a sound holistic Practice 

Crystals allow us to tap into the vibrational frequencies or healing frequencies that we might be seeking more efficiently. Not to say that you can’t accomplish this without crystals, it most certainly can be done. However, crystals are here to assist us as a tool, allowing us to do the required work using less energy. In the world of physics, the definition of a tool is something that allows you to do the work using less energy.

For example, If you have a lawnmower, that’s a tool that will enable you to cut the grass using a lot less energy than going out there with a pair of scissors and cutting each blade of grass individually. So yes, as part of sound holistic healing practice, crystals can be a huge help. However, it could also be that your approach to working with the crystal is what’s blocking your desired outcome.

Three things you can do to get your crystal working again

#1 – Ease into working with the stone

I see people try and force a specific stone into their life all the time. They pick up something new and want to dive into it immediately. I would recommend taking a slower approach when it comes to incorporating this specific stone into your life.

  • In addition to meditation, you could also consider keeping it with you when you sleep. Try putting it in your pillowcase, so it’s safe, and it doesn’t roll off the bed and then if you’re sleeping with it then you’re with it for about half the day instead of an entire day.
  • Finally, try working with the stone every other day instead of every day.

#2 – Anoint the stone

Something else to consider before wearing the stone is anointing it. Most likely through a small ceremony or even a little prayer. This creates a vibrational bond between you and the crystal. Creating that bond allows you to make the stone yours. I would also recommend anointing your stone after you’ve already completed step one. Do this little ritual with a little bit of essential oil on the tip of your finger and just put it on the stone, and maybe say a little prayer or a little affirmation in how you would like to work with the crystal.

Perhaps you can take it into your sacred space. If you need ideas on creating a sacred space, I have a free eKit on creating a sacred space you can check out which includes a meditation mp3.

Start by taking a tiny little drop of essential oil and putting it on the crystal. If you prefer something like Florida Water or holy water that’s acceptable too. Before doing so, however, I would check the stone’s Mohs hardness. We want to make sure that the stone has a Mohs hardness of five or higher. Otherwise, water can slightly damage the aesthetics of the crystal if you’re not careful. Also, I like to be overly cautious in this area. Finally, rub the oil on the stone while stating a favorite prayer or an affirmation. You can also leave it in your sacred space for seven days or so. This process can help create a very strong bond between you and that crystal.

#3 – Retune your crystal

The third thing you can do is retune your crystal. Here we would use something like a crystal singing bowl or even a tuning fork. You can also place your stone in front of a speaker and turn the music up loud.  What this does is create sound acoustics with a high amplitude, and that high amplitude is going to trump the oscillatory frequency of the crystal. It will recalibrate it down to the crystal lattice, or down to the molecules.

I hope you like the three steps you can take to get your crystal working again! If nothing on this list works for you, it might be that your time with this particular stone is up. WHICH IS OK I PROMISE! If it truly is time to part with your crystal then consider gifting it to someone else or even regifting it back to Mama Earth.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve used any of these steps to reconnect with your crystals! I’d also love to hear if you have a specific stone that doesn’t work for you? Or maybe a one that you feel has never worked for you?

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