Shamangelic Healing Center Now Offers Chakra Tuning Forks for Sale and Use in Healing Sessions

Tuning forks are precise instruments that have the ability to change our inner tuning- John Beaulieu, ND, PhD


At the Shamangelic Healing Center in Sedona, Arizona, Anahata Ananda now utilizes precision chakra tuning forks in her Shamangelic Healing Journey Sessions. Adding this to the combination of Shamanic tools, energy healing techniques, guided visualizations, essential oils, and vibrational sound, she offers transformational healing and activation. When struck lightly, the tuning forks give off various tones which send physical vibrations to the areas of the body they are near. The body naturally begins to resonate with the particular frequency. During a Shamangelic Healing Journey, Anahata chooses the specific chakra tuning forks to balance any frequencies in the body’s energy centers, also known as chakras, back into harmonic alignment.

Daily, most people are exposed to electromagnetic fields. The World Health Organization states, “Everyone is exposed to a complex mix of weak electric and magnetic fields, both at home and at work, from the generation and transmission of electricity, domestic appliances and industrial equipment, to telecommunications and broadcasting.” Our body produces tiny electrical currents as a byproduct of chemical reactions to normal cellular functions. These can be measured as frequencies. There are a variety of factors reducing the effectiveness of our cellular communication system in addition to electromagnetic exposure. Emotional trauma, as well as physical disease, both affect the way cellular messages are sent and received for the body’s ability to effectively heal itself. With her Shamangelic Healing Sessions, Anahata’s training allows her to know which chakra tuning fork combinations will produce the most beneficial tones to bring the body’s communication system back into harmony, for optimal health.

Tuning forks are growing in popularity as effective tools for sound healing due to their durability. Once a fork is designed to resonate at a certain frequency, it retains that frequency. If it is dropped or dented, it produces the same tones. The acoustically pure sound from a chakra tuning fork contains rich harmonics and overtones. Tuning forks are played by striking them together or hitting an activator to create the pleasant ringing sound.

Every organ, muscle, bone and cell in the body resonates at an optimal frequency. For example, the heart ranges from 67-70 MHz, the brain, 72-82 MHz. Colds and flu begin between 57-60 MHz. The body can become receptive to cancer at 42 MHz. At the Shamangelic Healing Center, vibrational therapy is one of the modalities offered during a Shamangelic Healing Session reported to be an effective treatment to assist the body back into balance. Anahata Ananda’s addition of the chakra tuning forks into the client-tailored sessions has been met with increasing interest. Due to the growing requests, tuning fork sets are also for sale to clients interested in incorporating them into their personal home healing practice.

For those with the desire to learn more about the variations of tuning fork practices, the Shamangelic Healing Center offers a Healing Tools & Modalities Course twice a year to train people of all levels in how to use tuning forks and other tools, such as drums, essential oils and crystal bowls, for personal healing or as practitioners offering healing sessions with clients. The next course is scheduled for October 2018.

Anahata Ananda has trained extensively with gifted shamans, energy healers and spiritual teachers from around the world to artfully integrate the fields of spirituality, energy healing, self-empowerment and shamanic teachings. Her client-base spans the globe with individuals from all walks of life who are seeking to heal and awaken to their fullest potential.

Anahata offers a variety of Shamangelic Healing services year-round in Sedona, Arizona including private sessions, sacred land journeys and training courses that incorporate Shamanic teachings and other energy healing modalities. She also offers Tailored Retreats for individuals, couples and small groups that can include a combination of offerings based on various needs and areas of interest.

Shamangelic Healing is a premier center for Shamanic healing and spiritual awakening in Sedona. It is nestled beneath Thunder Mountain with breathtaking views and within walking distance to a medicine wheel and healing vortexes, making it the perfect setting for healing and expansion.