Here’s How You Find Your Inner Voice Through Your Throat Chakra

Psychic medium Lillyanne shows you how to unlock your inner intuitive powers

Psychics often experience changes in the pitch, accent, speed and language of their voices during readings that directly correspond with the spirit they’re communicating with, so a healthy throat chakra is essential in the work of a psychic medium, as it communicates all the information we download from spirit. It also acts as a ‘truth-filter’, so we can be confident we’re delivering genuine psychic information and not our own opinions or thoughts.

Psychic mediums will know if they have a blocked throat chakra because they’ll be hesitant about delivering information, or unsure that they’re the ‘real deal’ – so the words literally become stuck in their throats. If you’re someone who is scared to bring your gifts to the world, you’ve almost definitely got a blocked throat chakra that stops you expressing yourself with spoken or written words. In addition, if during communication you experience a coughing fit, painful neck, sore throat, or difficulty delivering channeled information, it’s a sign you need to call on Archangels Gabriel and Michael to cleanse and unblock your throat chakra and support you in speaking your spiritual truth in a compassionate and diplomatic way.

Our inner voice is our soul speaking. It always speaks lovingly and hugs us with its kind words, and it often carries an alternative view to what we’re thinking we ‘should’ do, giving us breathing space and wisdom to reach a conclusion that works for our highest good. If you’re stuck knowing what to do for the best, place either of your hands gently on your throat chakra and ask yourself “what do I need to know right now to help me move towards a soulful solution?”, and then listen to the reply of your inner voice. It may not give you the easiest way through, but you know it will be the right way for you. We all have intuition or an ‘inner voice’. How many times have you wished you’d spoken up, or equally not said something you later regretted? Our throat chakras work for us every day – not just when we’re working as psychic mediums, so it’s essential we all do the work required to declutter our throat chakra with the help of our beloved angels.

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