Chakra Series: Vishuddha – The Throat Chakra

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“A whisper of authenticity is more powerful and longer lasting than a booming voice of ego. A whisper of authentic expression can transform the world, it can turn a single loaf of bread into food for thousands, and it can heal the masses.”

Colour: Blue

Mantra: HAM

Number of Lotus Petals: 16

Organs / Body Parts: Throat, mouth, nose, neck, teeth

Gland: Thyroid, Parathyroid

Crystals: Celestite, Sodalite, Blue lace Agate, Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli

Oils: Bergamot, Blue Chamomile (German), Frankincense

Symbols: Inverted Pyramid, 16 petalled lotus, Mercury, Wheel of Fortune, Judgement, Heirophant, The White Elephant

Deities: Gabriel, Apollo, Seshat, Hermes, Nabu

Wherever you are right this second…

Have a seat…

The floor works better…

Now rub your hands together vigorously…

When they are nice and hot…

Place the left palm on the front of your throat…

Place the right palm on the back of your throat…

Now close your eyes…

Visualise a radiant blue pulsating light emerge from the inside of your throat…

Now open your mouth and vibrate loudly the seed sound: HAM (HhhhAaaaMmmmm)…

Each time you do this visualise the blue light getting brighter and bigger…

Do this until the light expands outward from your throat…

Now say the following affirmations out loud, repeat if needed…

“I am Truth!”

“My word is my truth.”

“I say what I mean. My words and my thoughts are in unison.”

“I speak my truth with compassion.”

“I am the listener.”

“I am heard.”

“My voice is important.”

“I speak from my higher self.”

“My Spirit guides my tongue.”

“My creativity is blossoming.”

“I am authentic in every way, shape and form.”

“I express my soul purpose in everything I do, say and am.”

When you are ready open your eyes and journal your experience.

This may be repeated as many times as need be.

The Vishuddha in Sanskrit is thought to directly translate to “especially pure”. This Chakra is known as the Soul Gate. It is the Chakra of expression, not just any old half-hearted expression but authentic soul-cantered expression. The throat chakra is thought to be only about speech or vocalising who and what we are. The result of this thought pattern is that we get a lot of talking, no action and no listeners. Vishuddha is about a balance of authentic expression in everything you do. We have covered the Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra, and now here is the throat we see our soul filtering through for the first time in our physical experiences.

Vishuddha is about bringing down the soul message and enabling it to spread into the world, whilst at the same time allowing the world to provide the sensations necessary to create a beautiful dance of balance between receiving and giving. Vishuddha asks only one thing: Absolute authenticity at all times. This must be balanced by the Heart’s message of compassionate action. Remember that you are a spirit having a human experience and Vishuddha is where your souls intention comes through. Our lives are bombarded with so much destruction and not enough creation that it is difficult to live authentically for fear… yes… this is the main reason for a blocked Vishuddha. Our fear distracts the process of authentic expression.

Responsibility was outlined in the Solar Plexus Chakra, it is now even more evident to hold that responsibility within and realise that each one of us has a deep seated responsibility to authentically express our souls purpose and mission upon this planet. However, that being said, it is even more important to balance the observer, the listener and our own unique signature expression. It is imperative to be who you are, but in the same light allow the world to be what and who it is. Judgement needs to come from a compassionate standing. Interestingly enough, everyone always states that you should be non-judgemental, this is an impossibility unless you remove all perception. Choosing or making a decision involves a level of judgement. So, judgement in the core level with a compassionate intention is a given, it is even necessary to plot your course upon this planet but as long as it occurs with a heart-centred approach.

Now that we have covered the responsibility and the judgement let us look at our authentic expression – It is of paramount importance that regardless of the medium that you choose i.e. writing, painting, singing, speaking, that you express your soul truth. To assist in finding your medium, begin some sort of journal. Allow the words to flow, the images to be jotted and the ideas to leave the confines of your mind. Vishuddha is all about the inner truth. If you have been searching for your higher purpose and keep asking the question: “Why am I even here, what am I meant to be doing?” Then look at your throat chakra. Through a compassionate authentic expression, you will feel what you enjoy doing. How you choose to express who and what you are is the core seat of why you are here.

The Throat Chakra is your loud speaker. This is where the message from your soul leaves the ethereal and enters the physical world of matter to move those that it should. Your throat chakra is the voice of your soul. This is where you manifest your purpose from, this is where you give the world the message of your spirit. The process of manifestation comes from Vishuddha: Think it… Believe it… Speak it and so it is done. It is that simple. You create everything around you, and it is through your Vishuddha that you express this truth, it is through your Vishuddha that you give the world exactly what you were meant to. So, let go of the fear, the insecurities, the worry, the guilt, let go of the negativities and the dense vibrations… let go, live, and let live.

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