What are the Akashic Records

I’ve always been a lover of libraries and books. Before my teenage years, I even dreamed of becoming a librarian. So, it’s no wonder that I’ve been drawn to the Akashic Records in my spiritual development journey.

The Akashic Records refers to a library that holds information about our soul journey. You can also think of it like a spiritual information highway or the internet of soul information.

But, the records can be visualized in very different ways.

When you visit the library, you can see the records like a tapestry thread that you can follow and explore to receive information. You can see the record like a book with different chapters.

You can also have an experience mediated by Akashic Records Guides who affect and filter the information in a way that is useful to the seeker.

The Akashic Records can also be experienced like a combination of these–a special room that you visit, a specific Guide that you can ask questions to, and a book that you can explore.

Some clients who I have worked with have the misconception that the Akashic Records only refer to past lives. And, even though, past lives is one of the areas that we can explore when we visit the Records, it is not the ONLY information available there.

In the next series of articles, I’ll be posting more details about what the Akashic Records are, what they are not, and how we can utilize them in our spiritual journey especially when part of that journey is expressing our divinity via a business.

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