The Secrets of The Akashic Records

My clients have given me permission to enter their Akashic Record for many different reasons.  Some of them are curious or have a nudging to delve into their soul group of origin.  They feel they embody specific characteristics or feel drawn to others of a specific group.  Some clients are drawn to look into their past lives, many have had insights into past lives and are truly surprised at the accuracy of their record.

For me I was ready to learn more about my soul group in relation to my soul gifts and how best to use them.  This was a fascinating insight into who I truly am and what my teacher told me felt like a coming home to myself.  Everything resonated so deeply with me and empowered me to move into my purpose, not only my purpose of living but of being fully alive and sharing my gifts with others.

Our record can also enlighten us to what unconscious beliefs, patterns and decisions we are running.  Those beliefs that cause us to move into fear or pain or guilt then cause us to behave in certain ways or not as it can be sometimes.  When we are unaware of our unconscious patterns we begin to believe things like ‘That’s just the way I am’, ‘It’s impossible’, and ‘That success is for others, not me!’.  Our unconscious mind is keeping us where we feel comfortable, it is looking after us in it’s own way.  When we begin to delve deep and look for those beliefs we can then consciously begin to release them.  We can ask for more empowering and supportive beliefs to be embedded.  This is what your higher self will do when those are uncovered from your soul record.  By having me enter your record you have at some level decided consciously that you are ready to shift and become more of your true self.

Your record can also offer awareness of your spirit guides and what they are here to help you do and achieve.  By releasing unconscious beliefs such as fear then your guides can more easily connect with you and you begin to  vibrate from a point where you can receive their guidance.  This is a wonderful way of tapping into your spirituality and grounding the guidance you receive and putting it into actions here in the third dimension.

Your record holds the secret to becoming more empowered, more connected and knowing yourself at soul level.  If you want to find out more then hop over to akashic record readings


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