The Power of the Akashic Records

My brain is only a receiver.  In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.  I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”  ― Nikola Tesla

Past lives.  Reincarnation.  Ancient memories.  Since energy cannot be destroyed or created, only transformed, these things make perfect sense, even to science.

I also wondered where people likw J.K. Rowling received the information and inspiration to spark these incredible stories from their “imaginations.”  Where people like Phillip K.Dick, who inspired great science fictions stories like The Matrix, and knew we were living in a 3-d reality hologram decasdes BEFORE science proved it through physics, got his information from.  Were these great storytellers crazy, or cuckoo?  NOPE.  They were very creative, clever, and in touch with the infinite source of information!

Everyting that has ever happened, is happening and can happen is recorded in the Akashic records. It has been called The Book of Life.  When you meditate, you tap into the Akashic Records.  “Akashic” comes from the sanskirt word ether or air.  If you study water or crystals, you know these things hold a memory – they record information.  Sillicon Crystals are what makes our computers run – they record information.  Crystals are amazing becasue they prove that nature didn’t wait for us humans to make hard drives to start recording things!

We are also made up of water that holds information.  Our DNA contains memories of our past lives, of the events of the planet, of the universe.  The universe itself also has its own Akashic records, and when we meditate, we can tap into this information.  Now, this doesn’t always come to us as a hard fact after meditating.  It may come as inspiration, imagination, sudden ideas – but the point is that your brain is downloading all of this information during meditation.

‘What we do now echoes in eternity.’ – Marcus Aurelius

The great mystic seer Edgar Cayce used to do readings at the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.  During one such altered state of consciousness he learned that the Sphinx was sitting on something called the Atlantis Hall of Records.  Here is said to contain the earliest histories of humans on the planet, the great ancient societies and the leaders they produced, all of their wisdom.   It also contains the cataclysms in Earth’s history, the traumas we’ve went through as a species that still affects us today, like floods and great quakes.  It contains all of the Karma of the planet.  Edgar stated that this “Hall of Records” would actually be discovered sometimes in the future, signaling the manifestation of  a higher level of consciousness for humanity.

Maybe we will discover the Hall of Records in our lifetime.  This is certainly a time of changing consciousness.   People are tapping into their infinite source everyday, feeling great, and creating amazing things for the world.  What do you have to share?  Where did you come from?  Where are you going?  Why are you here?  These are questions that we each have to answer for ourselves.  We can more easily answer them by diving within ourselves and accessing this information – even unconsciously, that is logged into our DNA codes.  More importantly, we can fulfill our highest potential!

Meditation, by stopping thought, strengthens our subconscious mind and allows it to access The Akashic Records.  Look again at that library in the photograph.  Each floor is akin to a dimension of reality.  Each successive floor contains all the information in the floors below it, including new information relative to the expansion of that dimension.  So the top layer contains all the information of all dimensions – that is Source/God/infinite creation.  You exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously.  Dimensions are simply different worlds of vibration that exists right on top of each other.  In order to access the Akashic Records, you simply have to alter your vibration to match the higher levels of the library.  This is a natural part of our spiritual evolution as human beings.  You have to believe the records are there and you have to be open to them to access them, since they work according to energetic frequencies.  These records are not a concept or a thing.  They are a part of you and all existing or non-existent Universes.  To look more into the way you can access these records look into the work of TEAL SWAN on Youtube – an amazing spiritual guide!