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This post is a chapter from my new book, “Let Miracles Happen,” available in Dec. 2017.
Welcome Home!

Akashic Records – Gabrielle Orr

Of course, I am compelled to talk about the Akashic Records too. After all, they are the source of my creation, the force that moves me forward and the reassuring guidance that I am, and we all are, connected with each other and infinitely loved.

The Akashic Records are my “One True Love”. The source that always sees the light in us. The gentle guidance of the Masters and Teachers always lets us know that we are loved beyond our fondest expectations. There is no judgment. Not towards me and not towards another. Even when every human being can clearly see that this one “outsider” is wrong, the Akashic Record’s answer is communicated with love, patience and understanding.
They always focus on consciousness and unconditional love and guide us so our spirits will be elevated.

Our Masters and Teachers are just a vibration away. We can easily connect with them whenever we set the intention.
As my students make their first connection with their own Masters and Teachers, they are often greeted with a loving proclamation like, “Welcome home my child”. This statement is very powerful as it clarifies where our real home is. After all, our existence on earth is more like an evolutionary journey than an eternal utopia.

Many people have a very restricted understanding of the Akashic Records. With that I mean that we are limited by our perception, since we view life through the eyes of our human comprehension. Life just seems to make more sense like this and much easier to grasp. So, we often think in parallels and sometimes even only two dimensionally, trying to connect to guides and divine supporters that look, think and act like us. Unfortunately, this is a very simplified contemplation and doesn’t always match my experiences.
The more fearful we are of the future or find value in material things, the more our ego rules out our authentic being and the possibility to connect to our Akashic Records. When we believe that death is real and we have to find a way to survive, we give all of our power to our ego. In other words, our ego would love for us to believe that it is the only almighty God that exists and that we can’t trust our own intuitive power or rely on a higher Source to support us.

This is of course incorrect.
For decades I have been teaching people how to access their own Akashic Records. Besides introducing the students to the skill of accessing the Akashic Records, I embed exercises into the seminars, which demonstrate that we are guided by a higher power.
We work on exercises that prove to us that we are powerful, forever loved and supported and help us to come closer to the meaning of life.
Additionally, I teach monthly on-line classes for advanced students where we all work on the same subjects, e.g. prosperity, health issues, nutrition, global economy, just to mention a few. It is mindboggling how the answers from all participants not only match another, but are also filled with the same loving statements.

Being connected to the Akashic Records helps us to find answers to our most challenging issues and fears. Additionally, it elevates our energy, alleviates our ego and supports us to live in harmony with our soul’s purpose.

Here are some case histories from Akashic Record Readings that demonstrate the omniscience of the Akashic Records and therewith, help us to understand and tap into our own power.

Speaking Slang

I had a new client, Bob, sitting in my office. He was talking about his career and relationship, asking for advice and clarifications. Then Bob wanted to find out how his son was doing. I clearly remember how the energy of the reading shifted at this point. I felt a lot of love coming from his Masters and Teachers and experienced the sadness in his heart. Following the guidance I’ve received, I told the father that his son was in heaven and had a message for his Dad. Since I didn’t know anything about my client or his son, I asked Bob if this answer resonated with him. His emotional reaction was enough of a confirmation for me. I began to deliver the message from the AR to my client. It started kind of normal. I spoke softly in English, with my German accent, and explained to him that his son is in a really good place now. Then, my tone of voice changed. It became louder, kind of aggressive and the accent changed to something that I would describe as slang. I know that I wouldn’t be able to speak to you like this today. I don’t talk like this. Additionally, my hands started to move in a funny way, just like I have seen Rappers do it on TV shows. I was stunned. My client started to laugh and said: This is exactly how my son used to talk.” Then Bob shared with me that his son had been murdered in a gang fight.
I didn’t receive the son’s name, but the energy that came through was more than enough to prove to my client that his son, even though departed from this realm, was very much alive and with him.
I stayed in touch with my client and his wife for many years and am so excited that they have managed to overcome this painful experience and channeled it into something that helps so many people to heal the loss of a loved one.

Is There Water In The Pool?

The more you trust your own connection to the Akashic Records the easier the most amazing messages come through. I had to work on that trust just like most other people have to work on it. In the beginning, it wasn’t always easy to give AR consultations. I wanted to do a good job and serve my clients well. One time I told my Masters and Teacher, that giving a reading is like standing on the jumping board of a swimming pool and not knowing what the water temperature is like. My M&T smiled and answered, “No my child, you don’t know if there is water in the pool or not. But our relationship has never been about the pool. It’s about your ability to fly.”
Did I mention already that they have a great sense of humor?
Your ego will always try to give you a reason to distrust divine guidance. However, once you let go of your fears and trust in a higher presence, you will tap into your own magical powers.

Five Shih Tzus

When we recognize that there is more to life than we can perceive with our physical senses, we move closer to God. That’s why confirmation from our AR is so powerful.
Another client, Anne, asked very specifically about a friend who had passed away. She wanted to get confirmation about his well-being. Her friend showed up immediately. Actually, at first I saw a man and his hands. Out of one hand came 5 lines, similar to the movie character, “Edward Scissorhands”. In the other hand, the man was holding a stick. My client started to laugh when she heard my description. Apparently Anne’s friend has had five little Shih Tzu dogs. He would walk them on five separate leashes and guide them with the stick he held in his other hand. These details convinced Anne that the messages that followed where coming directly from her friend.

Life Is Like A Chess Board Game

While Writing this book I asked my Akashic Records, why we don’t have to focus our exercises directly on our problem areas. Why will we experience healing and alleviation in our patterns and problems when we are focusing on eating healthier, moving our body or doing forgiveness work?
The answer was simple and profound at the same time. Life is like a chess board game. Everything is connected with another. Even when we move only the pawn, which is the smallest player of the chess game, the outcome of the whole game changes. Our lives work just like a chess board game. Once we shift our energy in one area of our life, even if it might seem insignificant to us, the energy of all other areas shift as well. No matter how insignificant the move appears to be, it has the power to win the game for us.

Your Evolution Is Compatible To The Growth Rings In Trees
Why can’t we just learn our lessons and be done with it?
Because we learn in stages. We have a time to grow and a time to recuperate and contemplate.
When we cut a tree in half we get to see its growth rings. Each ringprovides us with information on the tree’s growth speed through winter, spring, summer and fall.
It would be beneficial if we can grow like a tree and than relax. A tree is in harmony with the seasons of life. We on the other hand, demand from life to always give to us. We want to experience summer and fall only, because then everything is in full bloom and ready to be harvested. In order to experience peace with the cycle of life, we have to become like a tree. A tree starts blossoming in the spring, collects life’s energy in the summer time and grows fruits and nuts during the fall. In the wintertime, it retreats and gathers new energy for the next spring. The tree does not panic at the end of fall, worrying about the not so productive wintertime. The divine information about the cycle of life is stored in our DNA as much as it is stored in the tree’s DNA.
We can relax about our fear of survival and allow ourselves to thrive in stages, just like a tree does. In other words, recuperation and contemplation is part of our program as well.

The Last Samurai

This is probably one of my most amazing stories to share.
Many years ago I taught the Akashic Record Seminars at the Chakra Samvara Center in Miami Beach. These were wonderful classes filled with students from all walks of life. Many times we had Buddhist monks and even Rinpoche’s, who were frequent guests of the center, join my Akashic Record seminars. Often they brought their own translator, since they were more familiar with the Tibetan language than English.
I am not a Buddhist myself, but always love to get to know other cultures and beliefs.
One thing I’ve learned was that Buddhist monks love to debate. Prior to that experience, I envisioned Tibetan monks sitting in silence and meditating. Unfortunately, this image was not correct. Everything was up to debate.
During one Akashic Record seminar I could feel how the energy of the non-Buddhist students was declining. It was tiring not being able to move forward with the exercises of the class.
I urged my Masters and Teachers for support. Usually I don’t get tired when I am in the Akashic Records. It doesn’t matter to me if you ask me about the weather or investigate the deepest spiritual questions. I am not the one who has to answer them. So why should I get tired? But this time, I was growing tired of the interruptions too. Finally I asked my M&T to let me say something that would satisfy the debating monks for the remaining time of the class.

The Masters and Teachers reminded of a scene from the movie “The Last Samurai”, which had just been released a few weeks earlier. I turned to the Rinpoche and his translator and asked them if they had heard of this movie, which they acknowledged. Further, I reminded them of the scene where a little boy tells the main character in this movie that he can only fight skillfully like a Samurai if he has “no mind”.
The whole room went silent. The monks were sitting in stillness on their seats. I became a little bit nervous and silently asked my AR if I had passed on the message correctly, which was answered with, “please wait”. I waited until the previously debating Rinpoche answered me in English, without the help of his translator. “The director of the movie is my friend. I was present when they filmed this particular scene for the Last Samurai.” That was all he said to me.
For the rest of the class he participated like all the other students, following the exercises and instructions compliantly.

This experience was as meaningful to me as it was for the monks. For the Buddhist monks it was a strong confirmation that this energy of the Akashic Records is present and communicating with them. For me it was a wonderful reminder that I am never alone and always guided by the M&T wisdom. All I had to do was trust.
There is an endless list of stories I could share with you. Stories that will take you on a virtual shopping spree to overcome any financial issues you might experience. Stories that will help you to see God in yourself and others. Stories about past lives or experiences with the inner child.
At the end of the day they have all the same message.
“You are not alone, you are loved beyond your fondest dreams and you are far more powerful than you are aware of.”

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