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DAY TEN: DEEPEN 33 Day Video Series – Metasoul & Akashic Records Guided Meditation

This is day ten of my 33 day series called Deepen. In this video today, I talk about the Metasoul, which is your individuated soul source in a high ‘up there’ dimensional frequency that split off from the larger soul groups or monads who split off from Divine Source. Your Metasoul (which you do not share with any one else) then fragmented off into limitless timelines and lifetimes….from Ancient Egypt to Atlantis to galactic.

Connecting with your Metasoul aspects in these other timelines allows for quantum healing of karmic traumas and patterns and also receiving of activations and gifts from those aspects in higher timelines. Connecting through establishing relationships with these aspects goes deeper than just a past life regression feeling sense of dropping into the trauma in a one time session or soul retrieval. An ongoing relationship with the Metasoul aspects lead by YOU actually allows for a shifting of the outcome of their timeline as none are ‘set in stone’ or actually completed or finished.

In this video, Archangel Metatron and Goddess Sophia journey with you to the mid-fourth dimension where the akashic library is located, holding all experiences of all Metasouls across all timelines. You locate your Metasoul records and begin to get a sense for a timeline that may be currently ‘bleeding through’ to yours. This conscious sense of bleed through allows you to actually connect with and eventually heal this timeline in a conscious and compassionate way. Your Gatekeeper is an aspect of your Metasoul that provides direct access to these timelines as well and much easier navigation of them, which you will connect with soon in an upcoming video.

We then deepen this connection with your Metasoul aspects and create important bridges to them that lead to more unification of your Metasoul through 1:1 sessions (as I mention below).

Thank you for joining me on this tenth day of 33….as we move into Deepening energies together… beloved part of us at a time!

More about parts/Metasoul aspects here:

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I will be hosting two group sessions over Zoom to digest your experience during this series for a $11 USD minimum donation per session. These will be on THIS Saturday January 12 and February 2nd at 11:00am PST. More info here:

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Jelelle Awen
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