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In spirituality, Akashic records are considered to be a record of all human events. The records not only pertain to human actions, but also words, intent, thoughts, and emotions. The term Akashic is derived from the Sanskrit word “Akasha,” meaning sky or ether. The name “Akashic record” was popularized by theosophist Helena Blavatsky in the 19th century who claimed that she learned it from Buddhist monks.  

Accessing the Akashic records

“It is the implicit record of the explicit. Some call it the ‘memory of nature.’ I see it as a metaphor for organic coding, like DNA… It’s the underbelly of reality — a way to explain existence. It’s the belief that everything that ever was has a lasting imprint on the fabric of reality,” Eva Giorgi, a spiritualist, said to Bustle.

To understand why accessing the Akashic record can be a life-changing experience, imagine that you are in a library that stretches infinitely in all directions and has books detailing all events concerning humanity, both those that have happened and those that are expected to happen. Anyone who has access to such a library will inevitably be able to not only change themselves, but also possibly tinker with the course of history.

To understand why accessing the Akashic record can be a life-changing experience, imagine that you are in a library that stretches infinitely in all directions. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

When you connect with the Akashic records, it is said that you will spiritually elevate yourself to a whole new level. You will be able to heal yourself and others through meditation and secret spiritual practices. A deep connection with all living beings will overcome your soul and you will gain a new purpose in life. Spiritual masters who have accessed the Akashic records have spoken about gaining a deep clarity of thought and profound levels of creativity.  

As to the question of where the Akashic records are, now that is tricky. The Akashic records do not exist in any physical dimension. Instead, they are located outside the bounds of normal human understanding of time and space. The records can only be accessed by turning inward, meaning that you have to devote yourself to intense spiritual cultivation.

The popular method

Trying to access Akashic records can be a testing process for some people. They might meditate for hours on end but never get anywhere close to accessing the records. This is one of the reasons why so many curious people eventually stop trying. Their impatience essentially disqualifies them from possessing the knowledge they seek.

There are various methods for accessing Akashic records. Basically, you start with defining exactly what you wish to know. The question must be specific. When your mind is clear and you know what you are seeking, request any spiritual guides to assist you, whether they know you or not. This must be done when you are in a relaxed, meditative state and are open to suggestions.

Spiritual practice is the way to access Akashic record. (Image: Kamun Pun / Facebook)

When you connect with any being, ask for their name and convey that you are searching for the records to find an answer to a specific question. Usually, it takes many attempts to even get to the point. Some people get past it and gain access to the Akashic records while others fail to do so despite trying several times.  

There are also people who have a false experience of Akashic records where they hear an authoritative voice that commands them to do certain actions. When you experience this, understand that the voice does not represent the Akashic records. It is highly suggested that one must only embark on their search for Akashic records under the guidance of a spiritual master.

Inherent risks

When trying to attempt spiritual techniques, ensure that you are spiritually adept. Otherwise, there may be forces that try to interfere, intimidate and cause damage. If you do not want to cultivate yourself to a stable level before attempting any “outreach,” you could look for a master to help you. But finding a true master who will not con you or make use of you is hard. They are rare and none of the true masters will do something for a reward. They will only attempt to teach you a spiritual path that will ensure that you acquire the ability and knowledge to do what is needed on your own.

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