Akashic Records ritual using the Tarot

This ritual to use akashic records will take some months to complete, so you will need a sacred space where you can keep the Tarot in the order that they were shuffled and dealt out. Learning the basic techniques of Elemental Dignities, card counting and pairing up to at least Chapter 5 is desirable. Study of Chapter 6 is helpful, as this describes how to analyse and find the ‘unaspected’ cards, which represent the spiritual powers that may seem from higher levels.

To access the Akashic Records, you will need the Thoth Tarot deck dedicated solely for your Holy Guardian Angel and the Akashic Records, my book Tarot and the Magus, and a pen and notebook. Then carefully shuffle the tarot deck, concentrating  on reaching higher levels of conscious to access the Akashic Records. Cut the deck into four piles as described in The Tarot and the Magus.

Each String is analysed and interpreted, but to start simply look over the Strings and get the ‘feel’ of what the reading is about. The first attempts at reading will be about events around you in your life, and the past. As you penetrate deeper levels of the reading, analysing the transformations of the elements, and start to focus on the ‘unaspected’ cards and how they manifest in the reading, your awareness will change.

Over a period of weeks and months, your awareness will change, you will become sensitive to subtle changes, and your dreams will become profound. As your eyes run over the, by now, very familiar strings, you will begin to see visions that may or may not relate to the mundane meaning of the cards. At this stage you will also be familiar with the techniques in the remaining chapters of The Tarot and the Magus, and have studied the Spirits of Liber 231.

The Importance of not changing the order

It is important not to alter in any way the order, or change any reversals. Making a list of each string is a good idea.

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Access the Akashic Records the easy way using the Thoth Tarot and the Opening of the Key tarot spread.