5 Reasons You Keep Seeing 1111

Do you keep seeing repeating numbers, wherever you go?

Do you keep seeing 11:11 on clocks and digital displays, blinking back at you when you’re drawn to look over?

The good news is, you’re not alone. It’s a phenomenon that is happening to a lot of people all over our rapidly evolving world, and it’s certainly not just a coincidence.

A lot of people call repeating numbers “angel numbers” and 1111 are the ones most frequently talked about. They’ve been discussed at length by psychic mediums such as Doreen Virtue, and there are whole youtube channels devoted to interpreting their spiritual occurrence within your life. In fact, it seems like the significance of 1111 has left the world of woo woo and hit the mainstream. They are numbers that are becoming impossible to ignore!

But what does 1111 actually mean, for you?

11:11 – Sign of Awakening

Repeating 1s are often perceived with increased frequency when people are just embarking on their spiritual journey. They’re a sign of awakening, almost a symptom of your stirring, rising consciousness. 1111 is like a nod from the Universe, that you’re on track, you’re walking the right path and just need to keep on going.

Often, the presence of 1111 coincides with other synchronicities and signs too, and their sightings in your life becomes closely tied to other things too. Together with other intuitive knowings and strange ‘coincidental’ happenings, the presence of 1111 can quite quickly become another of many proofs there is more going on behind the façade of reality, than it appears.

11:11 – A Glitch in the Matrix

We live in a digital world. Although we may not want to admit it, most of us in the West have become inseparable from our digital technology – our iphones, digital alarm clocks, online calendars, email and social media – so it makes sense for this to be one of the languages that the Universe uses to communicate with us. Repeating numbers like 1111 are viewed by some as ‘glitches in the matrix’, as openings or portals in the digital landscape, that our Angels, Spirit Guides and other Universal energies use to connect to us and pass us messages.

Perhaps in the past, our ancestors viewed flocks of birds, blades of grass or the way the shadows fell, as similar messages from God, but the matrix looks a lot different for us now, than it did for them.

11:11 – Make a Wish!

Even as children, many of us repeated the ditty, pressing each other to make a wish whenever 11:11 was noticed on the clock. But there’s more to this than simple childhood games. When you see 1111, it’s a sign that you’re moving into alignment, a sign that your awareness is momentarily synchronized, perfectly and precisely, with the world around you. When this happens, when you are fully present and your thoughts are not stuck in the past, or flying far into the future, you have the power to consciously manifest whatever you put your attention on. So in other words, what you ‘wish for’ is in perfect alignment to be realized. What you desire, is being heard.

11:11 – Master Numbers

In numerology, 11 is a master number. It’s mere presence in your life (and your conscious awareness of it) enhances the inherent power you have as master manifestor, because the numbers 11, 111 and 1111 accelerate the way your thoughts and feelings materialize outwards.

*This is one of the reasons that if you have the master number 11 anywhere in your personal numerology charts, you need to strive to tune into your own unique voice, because your original thoughts are exactly what most needs to be manifested into our collective reality.

Many people believe that when you see 11:11 you’re in a heightened state of creativity, and seeing these numbers is a powerful reminder to channel your creative energy and attention into the greater good.

11:11 – It’s Your Reticular Activating System

There is an argument that repeated sightings of 1111 are little more than your reticular activating system doing its job. The RAS is a collection of nerves in your brainstem, which filter out the things you don’t need to see, hear and experience, from the things that you do. Without it, life would be unbearably over-stimulating. But it’s also what makes our perception selective, and it’s why you’ll suddenly start seeing deals on summer breaks as soon as you’ve decided to book a holiday, or hearing a new song on the radio once you’ve memorized the tune.

It’s a system of self-validation, its one of the ways the World is able to make sense.

And it could also be the reason that 11:11 keeps showing up in your life, now that your RAS has learnt to look for it.

Or maybe not …

The significance and meaning of 1111 is yours to discover. And where you place your intention, the truth will be revealed!


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