11:11 Gateway – Creating a higher alignment

11:11 Gateway – Creating Higher Alignment

Do you keep seeing 11:11? The 11:11 Awakening Code is your sign to step into your Soul’s Purpose.

The 11:11 gateway is a very powerful energy portal that facilitates many things such as activations, shifts, bringing through new light codes, and much more. One of the things this energy is very useful for is aligning to our highest truth.

So what does it mean to align to your highest truth?

Your highest truth is the soul purpose that carries the highest vibration. As humans, we are constantly making choices and each choice aligns us to a different vibrational timeline. As we make choices that come from greater consciousness and love, we see this in our external world as we shift from lower frequency timelines into higher ones. It is a little bit like tuning into different radio stations, and each one has it’s own unique song playing when you tune in.

During the 11/11 gateway we are being invited to assess where we sit along these timelines and whether or not they are still authentic to us. If not, then we have the chance to move rapidly into a timeline that suits us and our higher soul purposes better.

Take the opportunity to FEEL if there are any aspects of your life that are not working for you right now. At a vibrational level, anything that feels dissonant can now shift into alignment.

Before you can shift things in your life, you need to bring your awareness to them. If you do not know that something is not working or is not in full alignment, it is unlikely that is will shift (unless you’re at the point where the universe has been trying to tell you for ages and gets frustrated and kicks you into alignment anyway). For those more subtle energetic dissonances, you can become the master of your own energy and as you feel into aspects of your life that could be aligned better, that simple awareness will begin to shift things.

At this point in time the invitation is more to become aware and to feel into the energy behind your actions and life situations, to see what’s working and what’s not. As we get further into the portal we will move from feeling to taking action, but for now it’s like we are packing our bags to make the move but haven’t quite walked through the door yet.

The time for Activation is upon us!

This entire year is an 11:11 Gateway Year! Because it is such a powerful year, I am hosting a number of  DNA Activation Ceremonies to help you step into a higher alignment. Join me

Melbourne (Feb 28th): Book here

Perth (April 11th): Book here

Byron Bay (June 23rd): Click here

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