Healing The Energy Grid of Mother Earth

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As the Grid System of Mother Earth is anchored by specially prepared initiates who practise the techniques of Alchemical VITRIOL, humanity will go through an intensified cleansing, adjustment and re-connection with the new planetary grid system. All of humanity will adjust as they are able to re-stabilize their lives and their economies.

The symptoms of people like you not being able to anchor your Base Chakras into the Planet by VITRIOL, in order to anchor the Planetary Grid, is that your energies have gradually lost “traction” in returning back to you the fruits of your labor.

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Each of you questioned yourselves and your choices thinking that the services or products you were offering were too out there for others to grasp and therefore you abandoned your paths for other paths only to fail at the new endeavor. The security of your jobs was lost as wide spread unemployment became the norm, Many of you have seen your life savings and investments wiped out from recent Real Estate and Stock Market failures and other “bad luck” life circumstances have robbed you of your hard earned money and assets. You watch helplessly as your government is incompetent in responding to so many natural disasters, including the most recent Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. You pray and plead for answers as to why you are “being punished” by these adversities.

You see, it is not the specifics of what you are doing that failed, but your Vitriolic access to the underlying energetic support systems that supports material life on the Earth that failed. This grid system is also being manipulated by the Dark Forces as a way to control the financial flow of all humanity. Think of it as a water system that was being systematically shut down causing less and less water being available. This process has been going on for many years but is now being corrected by the technique of VITRIOL.

Many of you thought you were to blame for your inability to find a job, attract new clients or overcome legal and other challenges. Human effort will once again bear fruit as specially prepared Initiates start to anchor themselves and through themselves channel Cosmic Energies of the Universe with the help of Ascended Masters. Thus the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is being contained.

With VITRIOL once again you will put forth effort and be rewarded according to that effort. See the bigger picture other than your own life challenges and you will see how everyone has been affected in one way or another. See the underlying cause that is now being corrected. Watch as events and circumstances start to turn around in your favor as he Earth and her grid systems once again support humanity in the ways it was meant to be.