The Rainbow Bridge From The Center of the Universe Through The Antahkarana To the Alchemical Flame

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Living From The God Chakra – An Infinity Of Chakras Above The Head – The Central Spiritual Sun, The Antahkarana And Alchemical Vitriol

The Heart Sutra Of The Buddha Says, “All Sages And Saints Live From Prajna Paramita”

The Central Spiritual Sun, The Antahkarana And Alchemical Vitriol Comprise The Holy Trinity – The Father The Son And The Holy Spirit.

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With Energy Enhancement We Learn That The Supra Galactic Orbit Of Energy Enhancement Is The Guided Meditation Incorporating All These Elements Common To Every Religious And Meditational Tradition – The Energy Enhancement Synthesis Of Light – Sol

Here Below We Have The Energy Circulation, Taoist Orbit, Of Alchemical John Dee And The Sufi “Turning Of The Screw” – Taoist Orbit, Energy Circulation

The Guided Meditations Of Energy Enhancement Really Work Because The Map Is Correct, Because This Map Exists In Every Religion And Meditational Tradition, And “Because The Map Is Correct, Spiritual Experience Is Sure To Follow” – Satchidanand – Just See Our Students Reports!!

The Egg Is A Common Alchemical Symbol. The Retort, The Alchemists’ Bulb-shaped Vessel, Was Called The Philosopher’s Egg. It Was Used For Gentle Distillation And Cohobation And Could Be Hermetically Sealed, So That The Various Materials Inside Could Incubate. The Egg Was, More Importantly, Perceived As An Image Of The Universe, The Macrocosmos, The Soul.
The Antahkarana Of John Dee

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John Dee, A British Alchemist And Mathematician Who Wrote The Monas Hieroglyphica In 1564, Wrote About The Monad (Unity) Underlying The Universe As Expressed In A Hieroglyph Or Symbol. He Connected The Symbol Of The Monad To The Process Of Alchemical Transmutation And Found Elements Of Transformation Arranged Along Orbital Lines In The Egg, According To The Corresponding Placement Of Their Ruling Planets. He Delineated The Egg Into A Central “yolk” Made Up Of The Sun, Mars And Venus (The Metals Gold, Iron And Copper) And A “white” Made Up Of Jupiter, Saturn, Luna And Mercury (The Metals Tin, Lead, Silver And Quicksilver)…material Tranformation Took Place When The “yolk” Enveloped The “white” Through A Process Of “rotation.”

The John Dee Circulation Of The Energies Of The Energy Enhancement Supra Galactic Orbit

Above, All The Planets In A Line, Higher And Higher, Along The Antahkarana.

This Is Pythagoras´s Music Of The Spheres, Or Planets, Or Chakras Out Of The Body, To Which We Are Connected.

We Ascend, Out Of The Body To Access Higher And Higher Chakras To Which We Are Connected.

This Map Shows How We Human Beings Connect Into The Higher And Higher Energies Of The Universe.

Dee Further Symbolized This Process With A Spiral Derived From Sufi Arabic- Egyptian Alchemy, – Originally Taoist Alchemy – Where “turning The Screw” Was Used To Describe Transformation. The Spiral Described And Contained Circles, And The Circle Was Conceived As A Hermetically Sealed Space In Which Transformation Could Take Place.

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In Reality, This Is A Picture Of The Chakras Outside The Body Below The Base And Above The Head, Connecting Us With Our Soul And Energy Centers Even Higher Than That, The Monad, The Logos, Sirius And The Avatar Of Synthesis All The Way To The Energy In The Center Of The Universe.

As The Screw Is Turned, We Access Higher And Higher, One Chakra At A Time.

Above, See The Spiral “Screw” Circulating Energy Through The Chakras. Although Not Created By Dee, It Shows The Antiquity Of Of The Same Successful Technique Actually Pre-dating That Of Dee’s, As We Say Above, From The Taoist Supra-galactic Orbit And The Hindu Kundalini Kriyas.

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Initiation Four – The Supra Advanced Kundalini Kriya Of Kriya Yoga

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The Central Spiritual Sun Of Akhnaten

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The Energy Transmutation Of Energy Enhancement Produces Inner Peace, Clarity, Openness And Truth. The Energy Enhancement Student’s “No” To All The Past Negative Energy And Energy Blockages Held Inside Springs From An Unequivocal “Yes” To Themselves And To Their Life!

Zen The Antahkarana And Energy Enhancement

Learn How To Drop The Body

Learn How To Drop The Mind

Have An Oobe

(Oobe – Out Of Body Experience)

Dogen, One Of The Founders Of Zen Buddhism In Japan, Spent Three Years At Tien-túng In China, Entering Whole Heartedly Into Zazen Practice.

One Day During Meditation, Tendo Nyojo Shouted At A Sleeping Monk, “When You Study Under A Master, You Must Drop Body And Mind!”

For Dogen, Seated Right Beside This Monk The Shouted Words, ¨drop Body And Mind!” Precipitated A Profound Experience.

He Made His Way To The Abbots Quarters And Burned Incence In Awe And Gratitude, And, After A Brief Exchange, Tendo Nyojo Confirmed That His Young Japanese Disciple Had Indeed, “Dropped Body And Mind.”

The Only Way To Perceive That We Are Mainly Using The Body As Our Vehicle Is To Drop It.

To Get Out Of It. Higher, Along The Antahkarana.

We Can Always Choose To Come Back To It. We Can Choose When To Die, Dropping The Body Like A Suit Of Old Clothes.

Ancient Books Are Full Of This Leaving The Body And Entering Into The Body Of Another, Or Choosing When To Die.

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We Can Choose To Enter Into The Body Of Another As Lao Tsu Chose To Do When His First Body Wore Out And He Entered Into Another Body In Another Land And Became Another Enlightened Sage.

We Can Choose To Enter Into The Body Of Another As The Buddha Did In Order To Gain Experience, He Entered Into The Body Of A King Who Had Just Died For A Month, And Then Dropped That Body In Order To Enter Back Into His Own Body.

You Can Learn To Drop Body And Mind, And Then Go Back.

With Energy Enhancement Experience The Antahkarana….

The Energy Enhancement Antahkarana

“A Single Hair Can Pierce Many Emptinesses” – Zen Koan

The Single Hair Is The Antahkarana And The Emptinesses Are The Chakras

The Infinity Of Chakras The Stairway To Heaven

Transpersonal chakras are a line of several chakras (various authors describe either three, five, or six) that many yogis and meditation practitioners say are located sequentially above the crown chakra (itself located on the top of the head) to a distance above the head of as far as about 18 inches (about 0.5 meters).[1] In this they are right but also limited

We say that there are an infinity of chakras above the head up into the Center of the Universe and above, high above the head, ending in God, just as there are an infinity of chakras below the base – “As above, So Below” – Hermes Trismegistus from the Emerald Tablet.

We saysthat each chakra is a computer processor with higher and higher frequency, speed and capacity as you go higher. So, like a parallel processing supercomputer, the more chakras you can get working the more chakras you can access, the more chakras you can disblock, the more chakras you can augment, the more intelligent you will be.

Energy Enhancement says that just by fusing with the soul chakra one can see all your past lives and remove all blockages from all your past lives in one sweep, fast!!

Energy Enhancement says that it also contains the secret of Initiations Higher that Illumination – “Enlightenment is not Enough!!” – Satchidanand

Transpersonal chakras in Asian philosophy

Transpersonal chakras are seen in Hinduism, in Vajrayana Buddhism, in Daoism and in qigong, and in New Age thought as several chakras above the head, as noted above. The transpersonal chakras in Hinduism have Sanskrit names, in Varjayana Buddhism they have Sanskrit and Tibetan names, and in Daoism and in qigong they have Chinese names. There are five transpersonal chakras above the head beyond the usual seven that are mentioned and named in the esoteric texts of Vajrayana Buddhism.[2]

Alice Bailey is known as the start of the New Age and in her Cosmology there are many Chakras above the head but now these have been cut back into the New New Age..


Truth is, “The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth” – in this way you can judge what is a lie..

New Age three transpersonal chakra system

Using the New Age names, the lowest transpersonal chakra (the soul star chakra) is said to be located about 4-5 fingers above the head, the middle transpersonal chakra (the God portal chakra) is said to be located about 12 inches above the head and the highest transpersonal chakra (the grand portal chakra) (sometimes called the stellar portal chakra} is said to be located about 18 inches above the head.[3] [4]

The soul star chakra

The soul star chakra is a chakra that many meditation practitioners say is located above the crown chakra. The soul star chakra is said to be located about 4-5 fingers above the head. This chakra is associated with spiritual connection between individuals, as well as connection to one’s Higher Self.[3] [4]
Function of the transpersonal chakras

The highest transpersonal chakra is called the “grand portal” because it is believed by some mystics, magicians and yogis to provide access for soul travel into other parts of this universe, into alternate universes, to higher planes of existence, to the past or future history of our own timeline or alternate timelines via time travel forward or backward in time, or to other cosmoses.[3][4][5][6][7][8]