Artists Like David Gilmour and Guy Ritchie Infuse and Supercharge Their Work With Kundalini Energy

Art is the Union of the Universal Spirit with the Art Object. It is “Clothing the Spirit in Beauty.” Objects can be imbued with Art by an artist in tune with the Universal Spirit. Some “Artists” associate with lower Thoughtforms. They spew their madness energy, their fear, their anger, their jealousy, their depression onto the wall for all to pick up.

Advertising is simply the association of the advertised with the Art Object or a lower Thoughtform. Objective art is the association of an advanced thoughtform with the art object. For example the Sphinx, the Yin Yang symbol, Star Wars the Movie.

An advanced teaching imbued with the energy of the divine. An Enlightened Being is Pure ART.

Gurdjieff said the Objective Art was created when objects were infused with Sacred Energies by the creators which then had the effect of creating Kundalini Energy, a raising of Spiritual Energy, a throwing out of Energy Blockages and Bad Emotions, in those who came near or viewed the Art Objects.



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Thus he mentioned The Taj Mahal, The Alhambra, the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

However, anything can be infused with Sacred Energies.

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I remember my first reading of the “Hobbit” by Tolkien at the age of eight.

I remember going to the Louvre in Paris and seeing a painting ascribed to Leonardo Da Vinci which I have never seen since either live or in any art book. Apparently they had dragged it up from the basement for a week. On seeing it I laughed and burst into tears at the same time. Thus are the effects of genuine spiritual energy infused into the Art Objects – Objective Art!!

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I remember visiting my Masters Lotus Temple at the Ashram in Virginia. As a Temple devoted to all the religions in the World He had asked for and received reliquaries from all the major religions and placed them in showcases around the ground floor. On viewing some of the reliquaries I could feel energy emanating from them. When a Master exists, his Buddhafield spreads the energy of Kundalini to quicken the Spiritual natures of All who come near him – Objective Art!!


Guy Ritchie’s movies turbo charge me with energy

The growth of a Master comes from the Purification of all the chakras to allow the transmission of more Spiritual Light. His growth also consists of increasing the size of his chakras so he can handle more energy. When he dies, his remains, his products, his buildings carry on the good work. His creations contain some of his Base Chakra to carry on the connection of Energy between heaven and Earth. To continue the process of raising the Energy Levels of the Earth. So although the living masters physical body has disappeared, his chakras still exists on this plane. The Higher Spiritual body of the now Ascended Master still exists on the Higher Spiritual Planes to send energy down to the reliqueries which are left – Objective Art!!

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Whenever anyone views DVD “PULSE” by David Gilmour and Pink Floyd. I remember one of my friends saying that this music was his, “Food” without which he could not exist. “The Stomach is crying for a piece of bread, the hair is crying for a garland of Flowers” Hindu saying. “Man can not live by bread alone” – Jesus Christ. Whenever anyone views DVD “The Lord of the Rings” Whenever anyone Views any of the DVDs of the Sacred Dance of Devi Dhyani – Sacred Pink Floyd, Sacred Carmina Burana, Sacred Beethovens 9th, Sacred Shakti with John McLaughlin, From Darkness to Light, “Akhnaten” By Philip Glass and its “Hymn to the Sun” then the “Pachamamma” DVD Series of Sacred Dance to Female Sacred Musicians like Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, Nico, Jocelyn Pook, Natacha Atlas then they are immediately Kundalinied!! – Objective Art!!


Because of the use of copyright music materials in the making of these Sacred Dances they can never be sold, they can only be disseminated for free. They must have been made by a fool, by someone not interested in money, by someone just wanting to create the right energy, because it is their Sacred Task to create these Art Objects. The effects of viewing can be strong but always necessary – Objective Art!!

Whenever anyone enters into the Buddhafield of a Master they are Kundalinied. The Higher the Energy, the More the effect. The more the displacement of Energy Blockages. So, such excursions, such viewings should be treated with respect, because the purification needed, and given, can be of a condign nature. Thus after a meeting with Satchidanand for a course in India..

“For instance, since I’ve been working on “cleaning my base chakra” (The Grounding of Negative Energies – Satchidanand) everything around me seems to be going through a massive cleansing process – Only 2 days after I returned to Canada from India, a chain reaction of events led my to change my 5 employees, change some of my major accounts and delay a move to the United States. 10 weeks after the program, things are stabilizing.

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Looking back, I think the cleansing process probably saved my business and my marriage.

Thank you Satchi and Devi” – Objective Art!!

The same Energy went into the making of the Energy Enhancement DVD Course. The information is not just intellectual. The effects are of Objective Art, of Spiritual Sacred Kundalini for the raising of Energy in all Students. It is not “Just” a course. It is Sacred Energy!! It must be treated with respect and the feet dipped in carefully. slowly, bit by bit. So that we learn to take the energy, otherwise its effects will be too great… – Objective Art!!




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The Spiritual Kundalini Key Is The Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi is a symbol found all over the world in every religion, in every place, it is the the Antahkarana and the Energy Enhancement Kundalini Key

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Axis mundi is a column representing a stream of energy ‘Twixt Heaven and Earth, also representing the chakras above the head which are the various worlds we visit in meditation, where ilumination and enlightenment exist alongside psychic powers and sacred knowledge.
In Axis Mundi, an extremely important Symbol from every religious tradition all over the World, the Axis Mundi Column springs from the center of the Earth perpendicular to the Earth represenys the Antahkarana connecting with the Chakras above the head which just means that a person in meditation with their spine square to the earth has the possibility of becoming a “Stream Enterer”, entering into and accessing the Stream of Energy springing like a fountain from Kundalini Chakra, Tartaros, The Black Sun. in the center of the earth and flowing through the spine of the meditator into the Central Spiritual Sun in the center of the universe.

The axis Mundi symbol is just that, a symbol. It is meant to be used in meditation in order to ascend through the chakras above the head towards sacred knowledge and enlightenment, used like like the AUM or OM in order to go, “One step Higher”.

Axis Mundi the Antahkarana and the Energy Enhancement Kundalini Key has been carefully removed from all traditional meditations to remain just as an unused symbol. For those who can read the legominisms of the past it becomes a path to knowledge – only in Energy Enhancement – “We put back what the others took out”.

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Have been removed from all Traditional Meditations – Thus “Traditional forms of meditation are designed to fail!!”

Mount Kailash, depicting the holy family:
of Shiva and Parvati cradling Skanda with Ganesha by Shiva’s side

The axis mundi (also cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, columna cerului, center of the world), in meditation, religion or mythology, is the world center or the connection between Heaven and Earth. As the celestial pole and geographic pole, it expresses a point of connection between sky and earth where the four compass directions meet. At this point a circular travel and correspondence is made between higher and lower realms.[1]
As in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus Communication from lower realms – THE CHAKRAS BELOW THE BASE CHAKRA may ascend to higher ones – CHAKRAS ABOVE THE HEAD and blessings from higher realms may descend to lower ones and be disseminated to all.[2]
The spot functions as the omphalos (world navel), the world’s point of beginning.[3][4] Omaphalos or Om Phallus – a penis is also Axis Mundi. The spot where it represented the center of the earth, hence the name Omphalos, or Om Phallus, first determined when Zeus sent two eagles from each end of the kosmos – the chakras above the head and the chakras below the base chakra – and the two then met and circled in the Center of the Earth… (See Alchemical VITRIOL)

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The stone, same shape here as the Shiva lingam or the penis of Shiva, shown above originally had two golden eagles attached to its top. This makes the symbol of Omphalos look very much like the Caduceus of Mercury, messenger of the Gods and Hermes which also symbolizes the Antahkarana – the Column of Energy between Heaven and Earth.
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The image of Axis Mundi relates to center of the earth as in Alchemical VITRIOL as a column stretching from the center of the earth outwards at any point on the earth to the chakras above the head. It may have the form of a natural object (a mountain, a tree, a vine, a stalk, a column of smoke or fire) or a product of human manufacture (a staff, a tower, a ladder, a staircase, a maypole, a cross, a steeple, a rope, a totem pole, a pillar, a spire). Its proximity to heaven may carry implications that are chiefly religious (pagoda, temple mount, minaret, church) or secular (obelisk, lighthouse, rocket, skyscraper). The image appears in religious and secular contexts.[5] The axis mundi symbol may be found in cultures utilizing shamanic practices, in major world religions, and in technologically advanced “urban centers”. In Mircea Eliade’s opinion, “Every Microcosm, every inhabited region, has a Centre; that is to say, a place that is sacred above all.”[6]

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Mount Fuji, Japan – The symbol originates in a natural and universal psychological perception: that the spot one occupies stands at “the center of the world”. This space serves as a microcosm of order because it is known and settled. Outside the boundaries of the microcosm lie foreign realms that, because they are unfamiliar or not ordered, represent chaos, death or night.[7] From the center one may still venture in any of the four cardinal directions, make discoveries, and establish new centers as new realms become known and settled. The name of China, “Middle Kingdom”, is often interpreted as an expression of an ancient perception that the Chinese polity (or group of polities) occupied the center of the world, with other lands lying in various directions relative to it.[5]

Within the central known universe a specific locale-often a mountain or other elevated place, a spot where earth and sky come closest-gains status as center of the center, the axis mundi. High mountains are typically regarded as sacred by peoples living near them. Shrines are often erected at the summit or base.[8] Japan’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji, has long symbolized the world axis in Japanese culture.
Mount Kun-Lun fills a similar role in China.
For the ancient Hebrews Mount Zion expressed the symbol.
Sioux beliefs take the Black Hills as the axis mundi.

Mount Kailash is holy to Hinduism and several religions in Tibet.
The Pitjantjatjara people in central Australia consider Uluru to be central to both their world and culture.
In ancient Mesopotamia the cultures of ancient Sumer and Babylon erected artificial mountains, or ziggurats, on the flat river plain. These supported staircases leading to temples at the top.
The Hindu temples in India are often situated on high mountains. E.g. Amarnath, Tirupati, Vaishno Devi etc.
The pre-Columbian residents of Teotihuacán in Mexico erected huge pyramids featuring staircases leading to heaven.
Jacob’s Ladder is an axis mundi image, as is the Temple Mount.
For Christians the Cross on Mount Calvary expresses the symbol.[9]
The Middle Kingdom, China, had a central mountain, Kun-Lun, known in Taoist literature as “the mountain at the middle of the world.” To “go into the mountains” meant to dedicate oneself to a spiritual life.[10] In addition to the Kun Lun Mountains, where it is believed the peach tree of immortality is located, the Chinese folk religion recognizes four other specific mountains as pillars of the world.
Monasteries of all faiths tend, like shrines, to be placed at elevated spots.
Wise religious teachers like Moses are typically depicted in literature and art as bringing their revelations at world centers: mountains, trees, temples.

Because the axis mundi is an idea that unites a number of concrete images, no contradiction exists in regarding multiple spots as “the center of the world”. The symbol can operate in a number of locales at once.[6]
Mount Hermon was regarded as the axis mundi in Caananite tradition, from where the sons of God are introduced descending in 1 Enoch (1En6:6).[11]
The ancient Greeks regarded several sites as places of earth’s omphalos (navel) stone, notably the oracle at Delphi, while still maintaining a belief in a cosmic world tree and in Mount Olympus as the abode of the gods.

Judaism has the Temple Mount and Mount Sinai, Christianity has the Mount of Olives and Calvary, Islam has Mecca, said to be the place on earth that was created first, and the Temple Mount (Dome of the Rock).
In Hinduism, Mount Kailash is identified with the mythical Mount Meru and regarded as the home of Shiva; in Vajrayana Buddhism, Mount Kailash is recognized as the most sacred place where all the dragon currents converge and is regarded as the gateway to Shambhala.
In Shinto, the Ise Shrine is the omphalos.
In Mormonism, the omphalos is the Temple Lot in Independence, Missouri, United States.[12]

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Sacred places constitute world centers (omphalos) with the altar or place of prayer as the axis. Altars, incense sticks, candles and torches form the axis by sending a column of smoke, and prayer, toward heaven. The architecture of sacred places often reflects this role. “Every temple or palace–and by extension, every sacred city or royal residence–is a Sacred Mountain, thus becoming a Centre.”[13]
The Axis Mundi stupa of Hinduism, and later Buddhism, reflects Mount Meru as The Kundalini Key – a tower or mountain arising out of the hemishphere of the earth.

Boddhinath Stupa – Removed from all Buddhist Meditations – The Kundalini Key – a tower or mountain arising out of the hemishphere of the earth showing the stream of energy arising from the center of the earth going to the Chakras above the Head – Gurdjieff’s Central Spiritual Sun . Getting into alignment with that stream in Energy Enhancement Meditation…
Sole dominion over the earth,
going to heaven,
lordship over all worlds:
the fruit of stream-entry
excels them.
— Dhp 178

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Cathedrals are laid out in the form of a cross, with the vertical bar representing the union of earth and heaven as the horizontal bars represent union of people to one another, with the altar at the intersection.
Pagoda structures in Asian temples take the form of a stairway of chakras linking earth and heaven.
A steeple in a church or a minaret in a mosque also serve as connections of earth and heaven.
Structures such as the maypole, derived from the Saxons’ Irminsul, and the totem pole among indigenous peoples of the Americas also represent world axes.
The calumet, or sacred pipe, represents a column of smoke (the soul) rising from a world center.[14]
A mandala creates a world center within the boundaries of its two-dimensional space analogous to that created in three-dimensional space by a shrine.[15]

Yggdrasil, the World Ash (Norse) Plants often serve as images of the axis mundi. The image of the Cosmic Tree provides an axis symbol that unites three planes: sky (branches), earth (trunk) and underworld (roots).[16]

Odin suspended on the Yggdrasil axis of the chakras above the head of axis mundi between heaven and earth became a repository of sacred knowledge

In some Pacific island cultures the banyan tree, of which the Bodhi tree is of the Sacred Fig variety, is the abode of ancestor spirits.
In Hindu religion, the banyan tree is considered sacred and is called “Ashwath Vriksha” (“I am Banyan tree among trees” – Bhagavad Gita). “The Blessed Lord said: There is a banyan tree which has its roots upward and its branches down and whose leaves are the Vedic hymns. One who knows this tree is the knower of the Vedas.” Again by ascending the chakras above the head, sacred knowledge like the Vedas becomes known.
The Bodhi Tree is also the name given to the tree under which Gautama Siddhartha, the historical Buddha, sat on the night he attained enlightenment. The Yggdrasil, or World Ash, functions in much the same way in Norse mythology; it is the site where Odin found enlightenment.
Other examples include Jievaras in Lithuanian mythology and Thor’s Oak in the myths of the pre-Christian Germanic peoples. The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in Genesis present two aspects of the same image. Each is said to stand at the center of the Paradise garden from which four rivers flow to nourish the whole world. Each tree confers a boon.
Bamboo, the plant from which Asian calligraphy pens are made, represents knowledge and is regularly found on Asian college campuses.
The Christmas tree, which can be traced in its origins back to pre-Christian European beliefs, represents an axis mundi.[17]
In China, traditional cosmography sometimes depicts the world center marked with the Jian tree 建木. Two more trees are placed at the East and West, corresponding to the points of sunrise and sunset (Huainanzi).
The Mesoamerican world tree connects the planes of the Underworld and the sky with that of the terrestrial realm.[18]

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Human figure The human body and the chakras above the head can express the symbol of world axis.[19]
Some of the more abstract Tree of Life representations, such as the Sefirot in Kabbalism and in the Chakra system recognized by Hinduism and Buddhism, merge with the concept of the human body as a pillar between heaven and earth.
Disciplines such as Yoga and Tai Chi begin from the premise of the human body as axis mundi.
The Buddha represents a world centre in human form.[20]
Large statues of a meditating figure unite the human figure with the symbolism of temple and tower.
Astrology in all its forms assumes a connection between human health and affairs and the orientation of these with celestial bodies.
World religions regard the body itself as a temple and prayer as a column uniting earth to heaven. The ancient Colossus of Rhodes combined the role of human figure with those of portal and skyscraper. The image of a human being suspended on a tree or a cross locates the figure at the axis where heaven and earth meet.
The Renaissance image created by Leonardo da Vinci who obviously worked with the chakras above the head

known as the Vitruvian Man represented a symbolic and mathematical exploration of the human form as world axis.[17]

Homes can represent world centers. The symbolism for their residents is the same as for inhabitants of palaces and other sacred mountains.[13]
The hearth (h earth) participates in the symbolism of the nuclear fires in the center of the earth of Kundalini Chakra and a central garden participates in the symbolism of primordial paradise.
In Asian cultures houses were traditionally laid out in the form of a square oriented toward the four compass directions. A traditional Asian home was oriented toward the sky through Feng shui, a system of geomancy, just as a palace would be.
Traditional Arab houses are also laid out as a square (the four sides , four petals of the base chakra) surrounding a central fountain that evokes the kundalini fires springing upwards from the center of the earth.
Mircea Eliade noted that “the symbolism of the pillar in [European] peasant houses likewise derives from the ‘symbolic field’ of the axis mundi. In many archaic dwellings the central pillar does in fact serve as a means of communication with the heavens, with the sky.”[21]
The nomadic peoples of Mongolia and the Americas more often lived in circular structures. The central pole of the tent still operated as an axis but a fixed reference to the four compass points was avoided.[22]

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The Caduceus – Shamanic function – A common shamanic concept, and a universally told story, is that of the healer traversing the chakras above the head of axis mundi to bring back knowledge from the other world.

It may be seen in the stories from Odin and the World Ash Tree to the Garden of Eden and Jacob’s Ladder to Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel.
It is the essence of the journey described in The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri who together with Cosimo de Medici founded the Renaissance against Slave trading Banker run Venice. The epic poem relates its hero’s descent and ascent through a series of spiral structures that take him from through the core of the earth, from the depths of Hell to celestial Paradise.

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It is also a central tenet in the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex.[23]

Anyone or anything suspended on the axis of the chakras above the head of axis mundi between heaven and earth becomes a repository of potential knowledge. A special status accrues to the thing suspended: a serpent, a victim of crucifixion or hanging, a rod, a fruit, mistletoe.
Derivations of this idea find form in the Rod of Asclepius, an emblem of the medical profession, and in the caduceus, an emblem of correspondence and commercial professions. The staff in these emblems represents the axis mundi while the kundalini serpents act as guardians of, or guides to, knowledge.[24]

These are all traditional expressions of the Antahkarana and the Energy Enhancement Kundalini Key

Bodhi tree, especially where Gautama Buddha found Enlightenment
Stupa (Buddhism, Hinduism)
Mount Meru in Hinduism
Mount Kailash regarded by Hinduism and several religions in Tibet, e.g. Bön
Jambudweep in Hinduism and Jainism which is regarded as the actual navel of the universe (which is human in form)
Kailasa (India), the abode of Shiva
Mandara (India)
[Shiva Lingam] (India)
Kunlun Mountains (China), residence of the Immortals and the site of a peach tree offering immortality
Human figure (yoga, tai chi, Buddha in meditation, sacred images)
Ise Shrine (Shinto)
Central courtyard in traditional home
Bamboo stalk, associated with knowledge and learning

Middle East
Garden of Eden with four rivers
Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
Mt. Ararat landing place of Noah’s ark and court of the Armenian gods
Ziggurat, or Tower of Babel
Jacob’s Ladder
Jerusalem, specifically, the Holy Temple; focus of Jewish prayer where Abraham bound Isaac
Cross of the Crucifixion
Mecca, specifically, the Ka’aba; focus of Muslim prayer and where Adam descended from heaven
Dome of the Rock where Muhammad ascended to heaven
Garizim (Samaria)
Hara Berezaiti (Persia)

Meskel bonfire
Stelae of the Aksumite Empire
Pyramids of Egypt
Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove of Nigeria
Jebel Barkal of Sudan
Idafe of prehispanic La Palma
Mt Kenya of Kenya
Mount Kilimanjaro

Yggdrasil (World Ash Tree in Norse cosmology)
Irminsul (World Pillar in Germanic paganism)
Mount Olympus in Greece, court of the gods (Greek mythology)
Sampo or Sammas (Baltic-Finnic mythology)
Delphi home of the Oracle of Delphi and (Greek mythology)
Colossus of Rhodes (Greek mythology)
Maypole (East Europe and Germanic paganism)
Jack’s Beanstalk (English fairy tale)
Rapunzel’s Tower (German fairy tale)
Central pillar of peasant homes
Vitruvian Man
Hagia Sophia


St. Peter’s Basilica
Umbilicus urbis Romae, a structure in the Roman Forum from where all the Roman roads parted.

The Americas
Teotihuacán Pyramids
Totem Pole
Black Hills (Sioux)
Calumet (sacred pipe)
Bamboo (Hopi)
Southeastern Ceremonial Complex
Medicine wheels of the northern Great Plains
Temple Lot (Mormonism)
Cuzco (Incas), meaning “navel” in Quechua
Mesoamerican world tree

Teotihuacán Pyramids
Rainbow Snake


Modern expression
Taipei 101 (Taiwan)

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Axis mundi the Antahkarana and the Energy Enhancement Kundalini Key symbolism continues to be evoked in modern societies. The idea has proven especially consequential in the realm of architecture.
Capitol buildings, as the direct descendents of palaces, fill this role, as do commemorative structures such as the Washington Monument in the United States.

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A skyscraper, as the term itself suggests, suggests the connection of earth and sky, as do spire structures of all sorts. Such buildings come to be regarded as “centers” of an inhabited area, or even the world, and serve as icons of its ideals.[25] The first skyscraper of modern times, the Eiffel Tower, exemplifies this role. The structure was erected in 1889 in Paris, France, to serve as the centerpiece for the Exposition Universelle, making it a symbolic world center from the planning stages. It has served as an iconic image for the city and the nation ever since.[26] Landmark skyscrapers often take names that clearly identify them as centers.[27]

Designers of skyscrapers today routinely evoke the axis mundi symbolism inherent in ancient precedents. Taipei 101 in Taiwan, completed in 2004, evokes the staircase, bamboo stalk, pagoda, pillar and torch.

The design of the Burj Khalifa (United Arab Emirates) evokes both desert plants and traditional Arab spires. William F, Smith, one of the designers, states that “the goal of the Burj Dubai [subsequently renamed Burj Khalifa] is not simply to be the world’s tallest building–it is to embody the world’s highest aspirations.”[28]
Twin towers, such as the Petronas Towers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and the former World Trade Center (Manhattan), maintain the axis symbolism even as they more obviously assume the role of pillars like the Masonic Columns, Joachim and Boaz – The circulation of the energies is shown by the Kundalini Wyrm Ourobouros.

The two towers represent the upward and downward flows of of Gurdjieffs Reciprocal Maintenance within the one Antahkarana and the Circulation of the Energies of the Kundalini Kriyas of Kundalini Yoga of Ascended Master Babaji on one side of the Himalayas and the same meditation of the Taoist Orbits on the other side of the Himalayas in China.

Some structures pierce the sky, implying movement or flight (Chicago Spire, CN Tower in Toronto, the Space Needle in Seattle). Some structures highlight the more lateral elements of the symbol in implying portals (Tuntex Sky Tower in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, The Gateway Arch in St. Louis).[29][30]

The places with economic importance and where skyscrapers are founded are recognised as Financial centres. Examples of financial centres are London, New York City, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Chicago, Seoul, Shanghai, Toronto, Montreal, São Paulo, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

A geodesic place is another modern symbolism. Brasília, capital of Brazil, is known as a Geodesic place, where it is positioned at the middle of the country, in a water divisor.

Ancient traditions continue in modern structures. The Peace Pagodas built since the 1947 unite religious and secular purposes in one symbol drawn from Buddhism. The influence of the pagoda tradition may be seen in modern Asian skyscrapers (Taipei 101, Petronas Towers). The ancient ziggurat has likewise reappeared in modern form, including the headquarters of the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC and The Ziggurat housing the California Department of General Services. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright conceived the Guggenheim Museum in New York as an inverted ziggurat. The Washington Monument is a modern obelisk.[31]

Artistic representations of the world axis abound. Prominent among these is the Colonne sans fin (The Endless Column, 1938) an abstract sculpture by Romanian Constantin Brâncuşi. The column takes the form of a “sky pillar” (columna cerului) upholding the heavens even as its rhythmically repeating segments represent the Chakras above the Head and suggest the possibility of ascension.[32]

Chakras above the head – Colonne sans fin by Constantin Brâncuşi

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Image result for antahkarana

The association of the cosmic pillar with knowledge gives it a prominent role in the world of scholarship. University campuses typically assign a prominent axis role to a campus structure, such as a clock tower, library tower or bell tower. The building serves as the symbolic center of the settlement represented by the campus and serves as an emblem of its ideals. This symbolism of the center is closely tied to the widespread symbolism of the world axis.[33] The image of the “ivory tower”, a colloquial metaphor for academia, sustains the metaphor.[30]

The image still takes natural forms as well, as in the American tradition of the Liberty Tree located at town centers. Individual homes continue to act as world axes, especially where Feng shui and other geomantic practices continue to be observed.

The corner of Haight and Ashbury Streets in San Francisco, California is regarded as the axis mundi in the hippie subculture. Christopher Street in Manhattan in New York City is the axis mundi in the gay subculture. Folsom Street, also in San Francisco, is the axis mundi in the leather subculture.

Axis mundi symbolism may be seen in much of the romance surrounding space travel. A rocket on the pad takes on all the symbolism of a tower and the astronaut enacts a mythic story.[34] Each embarks on a perilous journey into the heavens and, if successful, returns with a boon for dissemination. The Apollo 13 insignia stated it succinctly: Ex luna scientia (“From the Moon, knowledge”).[35]

Modern Storytelling – the Antahkarana and the Energy Enhancement Kundalini Key

The axis mundi continues to appear in fiction as well as in real-world structures. Appearances of the ancient image in the tales and myths of more recent times include these:
The ash tree growing in Hunding’s living room, a Norse legend that figures prominently in Act 1 of Die Walküre (The Valkyrie), is one of many appearances of the image in the operas of Richard Wagner. Hunding’s tree recalls the World Ash visited by Wotan, a central character in the Ring cycle of which this opera forms a part (1848–74).
The sphinx in the science fiction novel The Time Machine (1895) by H. G. Wells serves as center for the world of the far distant future. The time traveller’s explorations begin there and the structure unites the planes of future human society.
The Emerald City in the land of Oz, depicted in the popular book by L. Frank Baum (1900) and the subsequent MGM film (1939), stands at the center of the four compass directions.
The Dark Tower, serves as the axis of all the universes in the novels of Stephen King
Orodruin, location of the creation and destruction of the One Ring, is one of many representations of the symbol in The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien (1937–49).
Two Trees of Valinor in Tolkien’s tellingly named Middle-earth produce the light of the Supreme God (1937–49).

The wardrobe and lamppost in The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis (1949–54) mark the spot where children travel between this world and the next as well as the place where the world ends.
The wooded hilltop and ascending and descending staircases in The Midsummer Marriage, an opera by English composer Michael Tippett (1955), explore Jungian aspects of the symbol.
The pillar of fire rising to heaven from the ark of the covenant is recalled in the climax of Steven Spielberg’s film Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).
A huge sheltering tree on a hilltop near the end of Stealing Beauty, a 1996 film by Bernardo Bertolucci, crowns a series of images evoking the primordial Paradise garden.
In Supernatural, the Axis Mundi was a road (or tunnel, or river — depended on the person’s perspective) that lead through heaven to its center (‘heaven’s garden’).
Filmmakers have placed axis mundi symbols in Bob Kane’s Gotham City. In Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins (2005) the city’s symbolic centre is a skyscraper built by Bruce Wayne’s father. The same role is filled by a fantastic cathedral in an earlier film by Tim Burton (1989). Burton’s cathedral unites the images of steeple, skyscraper, staircase, ladder and rope.
The maypole and related images appear in a number of popular songs. “The Wheel and the Maypole” by XTC explicitly riffs on the axis mundi idea.
The Island in the ABC drama Lost is revealed in its sixth season to function as a sort of axis mundi.
In God of War: Chains of Olympus the axis mundi appears in a literal way as it separates Earth from Hades. It is destroyed in Persephone’s scheme to destroy all life, and after its destruction Atlas is punished by replacing the pillar.
In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, The world pillar appears in a literal form, having been broken Azeroth and Deepholme threaten to collapse on one another, leaving Thrall and the Earthen ring to hold the worlds apart while players try to help repair it.

Image result for harry goes through platform

In the Harry Potter books and movie series, the platform 9 and 3/4’s bridges between the non-magical world of muggles, and the wizarding world, which is hidden from muggles. Harry Potter and all young magical folk in the first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone[36] have to cross onto the platform to get to the magical world of Hogwarts and the consequent adventures.

The New Christ Grid of Mother Gaia

No automatic alt text available.

The grid systems on the planet that support human life are in process of being swapped out and replaced with a new Christ Grid System. This will be very apparent very soon. As the Grid System of Mother Earth is anchored by specially prepared initiates who practise the techniques of Alchemical VITRIOL, humanity will go through an intensified cleansing, adjustment and re-connection with the new planetary grid system.

All of humanity will adjust as they are able to re-stabilize their lives and their economies. With VITRIOL you will feel the “Waters of Spirit” being “turned back on” and you will once again feel support. As your ability to co-create your reality returns, your ability to provide for yourself returns as well. The financial challenges that you all have felt in recent years can actually be traced back to 1997 when the Dark Forces accelerated their interference with my grid systems. It has indeed been a “Dark Night of the Soul” fall of humanity, which will soon be put right.

Have faith, the love and support of Creator Source will be felt again in cooperation with me, Mother Earth and her group of VITRIOL adepts.

Electrical systems and weather systems will be restored and rebalanced as VITRIOL renews the grid systems. The Dark Forces within humanity will no longer have access to these systems so that they will no longer be allowed to tamper with the support systems. I love humanity and look forward to being home to the 13.13.13. Solar New Earth Reality. My whole system is being restored in the image of the Divine Plan. Humanity is being freed and VITRIOL in turn will free you as you are all connected to the Earth through this grid system.

VITRIOL and Anchoring the Grid System of Mother Earth

As the Grid System of Mother Earth is anchored by specially prepared initiates who practise the techniques of Alchemical VITRIOL, humanity will go through an intensified cleansing, adjustment and re-connection with the new planetary grid system. All of humanity will adjust as they are able to re-stabilize their lives and their economies.

The symptoms of people like you not being able to anchor your Base Chakras into the Planet by VITRIOL, in order to anchor the Planetary Grid, is that your energies have gradually lost “traction” in returning back to you the fruits of your labor.

Each of you questioned yourselves and your choices thinking that the services or products you were offering were too out there for others to grasp and therefore you abandoned your paths for other paths only to fail at the new endeavor. The security of your jobs was lost as wide spread unemployment became the norm, Many of you have seen your life savings and investments wiped out from recent Real Estate and Stock Market failures and other “bad luck” life circumstances have robbed you of your hard earned money and assets. You watch helplessly as your government is incompetent in responding to so many natural disasters, including the most recent Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. You pray and plead for answers as to why you are “being punished” by these adversities.

You see, it is not the specifics of what you are doing that failed, but your Vitriolic access to the underlying energetic support systems that supports material life on the Earth that failed. This grid system is also being manipulated by the Dark Forces as a way to control the financial flow of all humanity. Think of it as a water system that was being systematically shut down causing less and less water being available. This process has been going on for many years but is now being corrected by the technique of VITRIOL.

Many of you thought you were to blame for your inability to find a job, attract new clients or overcome legal and other challenges. Human effort will once again bear fruit as specially prepared Initiates start to anchor themselves and through themselves channel Cosmic Energies of the Universe with the help of Ascended Masters. Thus the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is being contained.

With VITRIOL once again you will put forth effort and be rewarded according to that effort. See the bigger picture other than your own life challenges and you will see how everyone has been affected in one way or another. See the underlying cause that is now being corrected. Watch as events and circumstances start to turn around in your favor as the Earth and her grid systems once again support humanity in the ways it was meant to be.

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How To Get A Golden Head Of Spiritual Light

Creating The Golden Head
Shining With The Light

Related image
“Creating The Golden Head” Is A Sufi Phrase Which Comes Before Illumination. It Refers To The Practise Of Samadhi (Sam – With, Adhi – The Light) Burning Out All The Impurities.

Spiritual Gold, “The More You Heat It – The More It Shines” Thiruvalluvar, Tamil Siddha
If We Can Get Our Bodies Square To The Earth, Base Chakra Rooted In The Earths Center, Head In The Central Spiritual Sun.. Speed Up! Power Up!

Related image
Why Do No Other Courses Have These Polarities Inbuilt –
Why Do They Make You Search For 20 Years In Order To Find Them?

The Golden Head – Base Chakra Rooted In The Earths Center, Head In The Central Spiritual Sun
Has Been Removed From All Traditional Meditations – Thus “Traditional Forms Of Meditation Are Designed To Fail!!”
Read All The Techniques Taken Out Of Traditional Meditations And Put Back By Energy Enhancement!!

Power Up!!
With Energy Enhancement!!

The Energy Enhancement Connection
“Connect, Only Connect” – Goethe
Electricity Needs Two Polarities In Order To Flow – Rooted In The Earth – Head In The Center Of The Universe – If You Are Not Connected, If You Are Blocked At Either Pole – Electricity Will Not Flow

Buddha Knew About The Golden Head Too But All World Religion Is Run By, “Those Who Came After”
“If The Map Is Correct – Spiritual Experience Surely Follows” – Satchidanand
Golden Light Surges Into My Brain…

Image result for kundalini fire
“A Point Of Light Explodes, It Opens And Golden Light Surges In To My Brain From The Center Of My Head. Like Liquid Light It Fills Me Up And At The Same Time The Universe Is Born, The Light Expands Forming Energies That Divide And Merge Forming Particles Eventually Forming Atoms, Molecules Which Form Stardust Stars Solar Systems Galaxies, Planets And The They Form Life, Living Cells That Connect To Form A Physical Brain, Manifestation Of The Cosmic Mind And Consciousness, Eventually Reaching My Cortex And I Open My Eyes And Remember My Self.

My Center Is The Center Of The Universe, The Circle Is Complete! I Am Absolutely Everything. All Time Is Curved Around Me, All Galactic Systems Are Me, All Life Is Me And I Am Through This Small Body I Am Complete. My Personal Mind Goes In To Absolute Shock, Into Hysterical Laughter That I Cannot Stop. I Am Overflowing Billion Times Billion. Infinite Amount Of Information Fills Me In A Timeless Time, My Consciousness Is Flowing From The Beginningless Beginning Of All Reaching The Final Destination Of All.
The Grand Cycle Is Complete And I Encounter All The Infinite Forms Of Existence As Well As The Formless Forms Of Enlightenment Beings, The Future. I Am, One With My Self From The Future! From The Times Of Conscious Creation. There Is Only Space, All Of My Meridians Are One! Stretching Through All The Creation. Then I Leave My Body And I Am Guided Through Many Things That I Cannot Explain Or Remember In My Current State.”

Image may contain: one or more people
As We Were Talking Well Into The Night At The End Of Our Energy Enhancement Course At Iguassu Together.
After He Has Removed Many Energy Blockages Over The Last Four Weeks. Blockages Above The Crown Chakra In The Antahkarana Which Were Preventing Him From Re-connecting With The Source Of All Life. He Described One Of The Blockages Between One Million And Infinity Of Chakras Above The Head As A Dense Translucent Crystal Which Was Incredibly Difficult To Remove, Different From The Other Blockages Which He Had Found Below It Which Were Dense And Covered With A Black Tarry Substance Or Blood And Which Were More Easy To Transmute And Dissolve.

We Eventually Get Into A State Of Energy Transfer. We Both Feel It As White Light Flowing From One To The Other In An Incredibly Intense Way Which Lasts For Two Hours. At The End Of That Time I Perceive An Initiation Which Is Taking Place On The Astral Plane. Surrounded By A Group Of Ascended Masters I Introduce Him To The Chief Initiator Who Uses The Rod Of Initiation To Touch His Third Eye With The Intense Energies Of Initiation So That His Energies Can Never Again Drop Into That State We Call Normal Waking Consciousness.

Never To Lose The Light Of Enlightenment, Ever Again!!

The Supragalactic Orbit Is The Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit

Image result for taoist microcosmic

The Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit Is The Energy Enhancement Supra Galactic Orbit

Maximum Power Up!!

Overcome The Shock And Fear Of The Death Process

Soul Contact!

It Is A Guided Meditation Of Energy Circulation, Reciprocal Maintenance (Gurdjieff) Between The Soul Central Spiritual Sun And The Earth’s Center – Alchemical Vitriol, The Creation Of The Antahkarana – Power Up!!

Practise This Initiation Every Day So That When You Die You Will Not Be So Shocked By The Death Process.

“Your Soul Is Bound For The Sky, Your Corpse Is Beneath The Ground… You Shall Go Up To The Sky…. You Shall Ascend To Those Who Are Above The Earth…. You Shall Ascend To The Sky, You Shall Traverse The Firmament, You Shall Associate With The Stars. …” – Ancient Egyptian Book Of The Dead.

The Transmigration Of Souls

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Has Repeatedly Claimed To Be The Reincarnation Of The Fakir And Saint, Sai Baba Of Shirdi,[6] Often Recounting Extensive And Detailed Accounts Of The Fakir’s Life.[6][7][8] Other Reiterations Of Sathya Sai Baba’s Claim To Be The Reincarnation Of Shirdi Sai Baba, And His Claims Of Divinity [9] Made During The Early Years Of His Mission, Are Recorded In The Volumes Of Sathya Sai Speaks.[10]

Reincarnation Into The Body Of A Baby Or Body Jumping Into Another Living Body Are Talked About In Many Ancient Texts..

The Whole Of The Tibetan Religion Is Based Upon The Rinpoche, A “Precious Jewel” Who Transfers His Consciousness Lifetime After Lifetime Into A New Body And Then Again Rules. The Dalai Lama For Example Is The Same Soul Who Has Returned To A New Body On 13 Different Occasions For Thousands Of Years.

Evans-wentz In “Tibetan Yoga And The Secret Doctrines” Talks Of “The Yoga Of The After-death State” And “The Doctrine Of Consciousness Transference” Has This To Say..

“No Master Of Yoga Ever Dies In The Normal Manner, Unless, Perchance, He Be Killed Suddenly And Unexpectedly; He Merely Reinquishes The Physical Form Which He Has Come To Recognise As No More Than A Garment To Be Put On Or Off As Desired, In Full Consciousness While Immersed In The Ecstatic Condition Of The Mind Wherein The “Clear Light” – The Chakras Above The Head – See Ee Level 1, Initiation 4 – “Ever Shines” … It Is Through Mastery Of The Pho-wa That The Great Yogin Transcends Normal Processes By Voluntarily Relinquishing His Old Outworn Body And Taking A New Body, Without Any Suffering Any Break In Continuity Of His Consciousness. In The Esoteric Sense Implied By The Christian St Paul, The Grave Thus Loses Its Sting And Death Its Victory; The Great Yogin Becomes Truly The Conqueror Both Of Death And Of Life”

As Well As Saints It Is Indeed The Source Of Many A Great Families Wealth In All Countries Through The Law Of Primogeniture Where The First Born Son Inherits All Including The Transferred Soul Of His Father. In This Way The Soul Inhabiting The Head Of The Family Or International Company Is Immortal And Has Been For Thousands Of Years.

Learn How To Access Infinite Amounts Of Healing Spiritual Energy. Energy From Accessing The Universal Energy Source From The Infinity Of Chakras Above Our Heads… Above The Crown, Sahasrara, Chakra..

“Die Before Thou Die,

That So Thou Shalt Not Die When Thou Dost Come To Die.

Else Thou Diest Utterly.

Were Christ A Thousand Times Reborn In Bethlehem’s Stall

And Not In Thee, Thou Art Lost Beyond Recall.”

Angelus Silesius

When Gorakh Says, “Die Yogi, Die.” When The Sufis Say, “Die Before You Die.” This Is Understanding The Meaning Of The Antahkarana.

In Energy Enhancement We Teach And Give Real Experience Of Ascending Through The Astral And Buddhic Planes, Escaping Beyond The Reach Of Death And Reaching Towards Immortality.

Energy Enhancement Teaches The Meditation Connection With The Soul And The Higher Self Along The Antahkarana – The Connection Between Heaven And Earth.

Forget About Small Capacitor (Internal Chakras Which Give Little Ki) And Connect In To Big Generator (The Chakras Above The Head Like The Soul And God) – Gurdjieff

Practise This Connection, The Fourth Initiation Of Energy Enhancement, Every Day So That When You Die You Will Not Be So Shocked By The Death Process.

Practise This Connection Every Day So That When You Die You Will Be Able To Pass Through The Death Process Without Losing Your Memory In Full Consciousness.

Practise This Energy Enhancement Connection Every Day So That You Can Become An Ascended Master!

Access The Energies Of The Third To The Sixth Initiations On The Path Of Enlightenment!

Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses Soul Of Meditation
Creating The Golden Head

Shining With The Light

“Creating The Golden Head” Is A Sufi Phrase Which Comes Before Illumination. It Refers To The Practise Of Samadhi (Sam – With, Adhi – The Light) Burning Out All The Impurities.

Spiritual Gold, “The More You Heat It – The More It Shines” Thiruvalluvar, Tamil Siddha

If We Can Get Our Bodies Square To The Earth, Base Chakra Rooted In The Earths Center, Head In The Central Spiritual Sun.. Speed Up! Power Up!

Why Do No Other Courses Have These Polarities Inbuilt –

Why Do They Make You Search For 20 Years In Order To Find Them?

The Golden Head – Base Chakra Rooted In The Earths Center, Head In The Central Spiritual Sun

Energy Enhancement Connection

Electricity Needs Two Polarities In Order To Flow – Rooted In The Earth – Head In The Center Of The Universe – If You Are Not Connected, If You Are Blocked At Either Pole – Electricity Will Not Flow

Image result for flying through space

Speed Up!!

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Like All Energy Enhancement Students In The Buddhafield.. Activate Your Natural Power By Accessing The External Energies Of The Soul And Kundalini Chakra!!

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Use Psychic Powers To Create Inner Peace – World Peace

Become A Siddha


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The Sacred Kundalini Dragon Snake

The Divine Kundalini Dragon, Pymander, Of Hermes Trismegistus Talks Of Accessing The Chakras Above The Head On The Way To Enlightenment, Divine Psychic Powers And God.

The Vision Of Hermes Trismegistus Includes The Antahkarana And The Chakras Above The Head

Image result for kundalini dragon

The Divine Kundalini Dragon, Pymander, Of Hermes Trismegistus Talks Of Accessing The Chakras Above The Head On The Way To Enlightenment, Divine Psychic Powers And God.
The Antahkarana And The Chakras Above The Head Have Been Totally Removed From Alchemy
Going With My General Thesis That,
“Traditional Forms Of Meditation Are Designed To Fail!!”
Energy Enhancement Techniques Show You How To Absorb The Spiritual Energy Of The Sun Through The Crown Chakra And To Absorb The Energy Of The Earth Through The Base Chakra – To Increase Your Mind Energy And Iq, Your Health Energy, Your Emotional Peace Energy And Loving Love Energy. Using Easy, Time Tested And Incredibly Successful Techniques From 5000 Years Of Spiritual Technology Which Work On You In Less Than A Day!!
Hermes Trismegistus And Alchemy

Image result for kundalini dragon

We Have Many Interesting Solutions To The Riddle Of Alchemy’s Origin Being Advanced. One Is That Alchemy Was Revealed To Man By The Mysterious Egyptian Demigod Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes Is Credited By The Egyptians As Being The Author Of All Arts And Sciences. In Honour Of Him All Scientific Knowledge Was Gathered Under The General Title Of The Hermetic Arts.

Although Alchemy Was The Creation Of The Hellenistic And Roman Mind, And Most Of The Surviving Alchemical Literature Is Late, None The Less Neither The Hermetic Nor Any Other Treatises Show Much Sign Of The Personal That Is So Characteristic Of The Period. It Is Only With Zosimus Of Panopolis, At The Turn Of The Fourth Century, That Alchemy Comes Fully Of Age In This Sense; And Zosimus’s Spirituality Is So Clearly The Product Of His Contact With The Philosophical Hermetica. This Was Expounded In The Later Teachings Of Alchemy; The Art By Which Base Metal Energy Blockages Were Supposed To Be Transmuted Into Silver And Gold Pure Spiritual Energy.

Image result for fire dragon
While The Alchemists’s Practical Techniques Were Rooted In The Skills Of The Jeweller, The Glass Maker And Such Like, His Theoretical Pretensions Touched Ultimately On The Human Soul In Its Relationship To God. Alchemists Believed That It Was Only Possible To Transmute Base Metals Into Gold By Manipulating The “body And Soul” Of Metals. The Same Distinction Between The Body And Soul Of Metals Stimulated In Some Alchemists Another, More Analogical Line Of Thought, Which Used Alchemical Imagery In Order To Describe The Purification Of The Human Soul And Its Ascent To The Divine Source.
Then A Physical Process Became A Generative Symbol Of A Spiritual Experience. The Alchemists Themselves Were “ Philosophers”, And The Aim Of Their “philosophy” Or “divine Art” Was The Purification Of The Body And The Ascension Of Attention From The Body In Order To Unite With The Soul And The Divine Presence. It Is In Consequence Of The Great Respect Entertained For Hermes By The Old Alchemists That Chemical Writings Were Called “hermetic” And The Phrase “hermetically Sealed” Is Still Used To Designate The Closing Of A Glass Vessel By Fusion, After The Manner Of The Chemical Manipulators.
The Art Of Healing Was Originally One Of The Secret Sciences Of The Priestcraft. While Modern Physicians Accredit Hippocrates With Being The Father Of Medicine, The Ancient “theraputae” Ascribed To The Immortal Hermes The Distinction Of Being The Founder Of The Art Of Healing. The Belief That Nearly All Diseases Have Their Origin In The Invisible Nature Of Man Is A Fundamental Precept Of Hermetic Medicine, For While Hermetists In No Way Disregard The Physical Body, They Believed That Man’s Material Constitution Was An Emanation From, Or An Objectification Of, His Invisible Spiritual Principles.

The Hermetica Is A Collection Of Writings Attributed To Thoth. The Greeks, Who Were In Awe Of The Knowledge And Spirituality Of The Egyptians, Identified Thoth With Their Own God Hermes, The Messenger Of The Gods And Guider Of Souls In The Realm Of The Dead. To Distinguish The Egyptian Hermes, From Their Own, They Gave Him The Title “trismegistus,” Meaning Thrice Great, Like The Holy Trinity, Or Sat Chid Anand To Honour His Sublime Wisdom. The Books Attribute To Him Became Known Collectively As The Hermetica.

The Hermetica Is Presented As A Revelation Of Divine Truth, Not As A Product Of Human Reason; And In The Philosophical As In The Technical Texts Those Who Do The Revealing Are The Typical Deities Of The Greco-egyptian Syncretism — The Overall Atmosphere Is Egyptian. Alongside Hermes Trismegistus Himself And Isis Who Had Long Been Associated In The Egyptian As Well As The Greek Tradition, We Find Asclepias, Identified With The Egyptian Imhotep; Ammon, The God Amun, Regarded By Some As One Of The Country’s Early Kings; Horus, The Son Of Isis; There Are Also Figures Unique To The Hermetica: Poimandres, Tat And The Priest Bitys. The Origin And Meaning Of The Word Poimandres Is Unclear, Though It May Well Be Egyptian. As For Tat He Began Humbly Enough As A Greek Misspelling Of Thoth, But Ended Up Taking On The Identity Of His Own As Thoth — Hermes’s Son, Both Bodily And Spiritually.

Thoth Entrusted To His Chosen Successors The Sacred Book Of Thoth. This Work Contained The Secret Process By Which The Regeneration Of Humanity Was To Be Accomplished And Also Served As A Key To His Other Writings. According To Legend, The Book Of Thoth Was Kept In A Golden Box In The Inner Sanctuary Of The Temple. There Was One Key And This Was In Possession Of The “master Of The Mysteries”, The Highest Initiate Of The Hermetic Arcanum”. He Alone Knew What Was Written In The Secret Book. The Book Of Thoth Was Lost To The Ancient World With The Decay Of The Mysteries.

Though Most Of The Philosophical Hermetica Is Attributed To Hermes’s Personal Authorship Or At Least Feature Him As Teacher In Conversation With A More Or Less Stage Struck Pupil, There Are Certain Tracts Which Are Attributed To Asclepias, And In Some Dialogues Tat Replaces Hermes As The Teacher.

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Image result for kundalini art

In This Context The Mysterious Poimandres Is Of Special Interest. In C.h.1, Poimandres, Identified As Divine Intellect, Instructs None Other Than Hermes Trismegistus Himself.

One Of The Greatest Tragedies Of The Philosophic World Was The Loss Of Nearly All Of The Forty Two Books Of Hermes. These Books Disappeared During The Burning Of Alexandria, With The Exception Of The Foregoing.

Among The Fragmentary Writings Believed To Have Come From The Stylus Of Hermes Are Two Famous Works. The First Is The Emerald Tablet, Which Is In Reality A Chemical Formula Of A High And Secret Order Its Secret Given In Initiation Three And Four Of Energy Enhancement.
It Also Contains 14 Maxims Attributed To Hermes, The Most Well Known Being, “that Which Is Above Is Like To That Which Is Below, And That Which Is Below Is Like To That Which Is Above, To Accomplish The Miracles Of One Thing”. The Second Is The Divine Pymander, Or As It Is More Commonly Called The Shepherd Of Men.

One Outstanding Point In Connection With Hermes Is That He Was One Of The Few Philosopher Priests Of The Pagan World, Upon Whom The Early Christians Did Not Vent Their Spleen.

The Divine Pymander Of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus Is One Of The Earliest Of The Hermetic Writings. While Probably Not In Its Original Form, Having Been Remodelled During The First Centuries Of The Christian Era, The Divine Pymander Consists Of Seventeen Fragmentary Writings, Gathered Together And Put Forth As One Work. The Second Book, Of The Divine Pymander, Called The Poimandres, Or The Vision, Is Believed To Describe The Method By Which The Divine Wisdom Was First Revealed To Hermes. It Was After Hermes Had Received This Revelation That He Began His Ministry, Teaching To All Who Would Listen The Secrets Of The Invisible Universe.

The Vision Is The Most Famous Of All Hermetic Fragments, And Contains An Exposition Of Hermetic Cosmogony And The Secret Sciences Of The Egyptians Regarding The Culture And Unfoldment Of The Human Soul. In Concluding His Exposition Of The Vision, Hermes Quotes
“the Sleep Of The Body Is The Sober Watchfulness Of The Mind And The Shutting Of My Eyes Reveals The True Light. My Silence Is Filled With Budding Life And Hope, And Is Full Of Good. My Words Are The Blossoms Of Fruit Of The Tree Of My Soul. For This Is The Faithful Account Of What I Have Received From My True Mind, That Is Poimandres, The Great Dragon, The Lord Of The Word, Through Whom I Became Inspired By God With Truth. Since That Day My Mind Has Ever Been With Me And In My Own Soul It Has Given Birth To The Word; The Word Is Reason, And Reason Has Redeemed Me. For Which Cause, With All My Soul And All My Strength, I Give Praise And Blessing Unto God The Father, The Life Of Light. And The Eternal Good.”

The Vision Of Hermes, Like All Hermetic Writings, Is An Allegorical Exposition Of Great Philosophical And Mystic Truths, And Its Hidden Meaning May Be Comprehended Only By Those Who Have Been “raised” “Ascended” Into The Chakras Above The Head – To The Presence Of The True Mind.

Although Largely Unknown Today, The Writings Attributed To Hermes/thoth Have Been Immensely Important In The History Of Western Meditation. They Profoundly Influenced The Greeks And, Through Their Rediscovery In The Fifteenth-century Florence Helped To Inspire The “ Renaissance” Which Gave Birth To Our Modern Age. The List Of People Who Have Acknowledged A Debt To The Hermetica Reads Like A “who’s Who” Of Greatest Philosophers, Scientists And Artists That The West Has Produced — Leonardo Da Vinci, Durer, Botticelli, Roger Bacon, Paracelcus, Thomas More, William Blake, Kepler, Copernicus, Isaac Newton, Sir Walter Raleigh, Milton, Ben Johnson, Daniel Defoe, Shelley, Victor Hugo And Carl Jung. It Heavily Influenced Shakespeare, John Donne, John Dee And All The Poet Philosophers Who Surrounded The Court Of Queen Elizabeth I, As Well As The Founding Scientists Of The Royal Society In London, And Even The Leaders Who Inspired The Protestant Reformation In Europe. The List Is Endless With The Hermetica’s Influence Reaching Well Beyond The Frontiers Of Europe. Islamic Sufi Mystics And Philosophers Also Trace Their Inspiration Back To The Thrice Greatest Hermes, And The Esoteric Tradition Of The Jews Equated Him With Their Mysterious Prophet Enoch.

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The Hermetica Is A Cornerstone Of Western Culture. In Substance And Importance It Is Equal To Well Known Eastern Scriptures Like Upanishads, The Dhammapada And The Tao Te Ching. Yet Unlike These Texts Which Are Readily Available And Widely Read, The Works Of Hermes Have Been Lost Under The Dead Weight Of Academic Translations, Christian Prejudice And Occult Obscurities. This Paper I Hope Will Encourage The Students To Seek Out And Read The Writings Of Hermes.

The Divine Pymander – Hermes Trismegistus

Energy Enhancement Techniques Show You How To Absorb The Spiritual Energy Of The Sun Through The Crown Chakra And To Absorb The Energy Of The Earth Through The Base Chakra – To Increase Your Mind Energy And Iq, Your Health Energy, Your Emotional Peace Energy And Loving Love Energy. Using Easy, Time Tested And Incredibly Successful Techniques From 5000 Years Of Spiritual Technology Which Work On You In Less Than A Day!!

The Vision Of Hermes

It Chanced Once On A Time, While I Was Meditating On The Things That Are, My Thought Was Raised To A Great Height, Yet My Bodily Senses Had Been Put Under Restraint As In Sleep, Though Not Such Sleep As That Of Men Weighed Down By Fullness Of Food Or Bodily Weariness. Methought A Being More Than Vast, In Size Beyond All Bounds, Called Out My Name And Said:

“What Would You Hear And See, And What Have You In Mind To Learn And Know?”

“Who Are You?” Said I.

“I Am The Pymander, Divine Mind Of The Sovereignity, The Shepherd Of Men. I Know What You Desire, And I Am With You Everywhere.”

“I Long To Learn The Things That Are, ” I Replied, “And Comprehend Their Nature, And Know God. This Is What I Desire To Hear.”

“Hold In Your Mind All You Would Know,” The Shepherd Answered Back To Me, “And I Will Teach You.”

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The Above And The Below

Forthwith All Things Changed In Aspect Before Me And Were Opened Out In An Instant. And I Beheld A Boundless View: All Was Changed Into Light, A Mild And Joyous Light; And I Marveled When I Saw It. And In A Little While, There Came To Be In One Part A Downward-tending Darkness, Terrible And Grim, And Methought It Like Unto A Snake. And Thereafter I Saw The Darkness Changing Into A Watery Substance, Which Was Unspeakably Tossed About. Coiling In Sinuous Folds, It Gave Forth Smoke As From Fire; And I Heard It Making An Indescribable Sound Of Lamentation, For There Was Sent Forth From It An Inarticulate Cry. But From The Light There Came Forth A Holy Speech, Which Took Its Stand Upon The Watery Substance, And Methought This Word Was The Voice Of The Light. And The Divine Mind Spoke For Me To Hear:

“That Light Is I, Even The One Mind, The First God, Who Was Before The Watery Substance That Appeared Out Of Darkness, And The Word Which Came Forth From The Light Is Son Of God. Learn My Meaning By Looking At What You Yourself Have In You, For In You Too, The Word Is Son, And Mind The Father Of The Word. They Are Not Separate One From The Other, For Life Is The Union Of Word And Mind. Now Fix Your Thought Upon The Light And Learn To Know It.”

I Saw In My Mind That The Light Consisted Of Innumerable Angel Powers And Had Come To Be An Ordered World, But A World Without The Bounds Of Material Existence. This I Perceived In Thought, Seeing It By Reason Of The Words That The Divine Mind Had Spoken To Me. And When I Was Amazed, He Spoke Again To Me:

“You Have Seen In Your Mind The Archetypal Form, Which Is Prior To The Beginning Of Things And Is Limitless.”

The First Emanation: Descent Of The Logos

“But Tell Me,” I Asked. “Whence Did The Elements Of Nature Come Into Being?”

“They Issued From God’s Purpose,” Came The Answer, “Which Beheld That Beauteous World And Copied It. The Watery Substance, The One Thing, Having Received The Word, Was Fashioned Into An Ordered World, The Elements Being Separated Out From It. And From The Elements Came Forth The Brood Of Living Creatures. And The One Mind, That Mind Of Life And Light, Being Male And Female Both, Gave Birth To Another Mind, Which Was A Maker Of Things; And This Made Out Of The Elements Seven Planetary Administrators Who Encompass With Their Orbits The World Perceived By Sense; And Their Administration Is Called Fate.

The Second Emanation: Mind The Maker

“And Forthwith, The Word Of God Leapt Up From The Downward-tending Elements Of Nature To The Pure Body Of The Highest Sphere That Had Already Existed And United With Mind The Maker, For The Word Was Of One Substance With That Mind Too. And The Downward-tending Elements Of Nature Were Left Devoid Of Reason, So As To Be Mere Matter.

“Then Mind The Maker United With Reason, And He Who Surrounds The Spheres And Spins Them With His Whirl, Set Turning His Formations, And Let Them Turn From A Beginning Boundless Unto An Endless End. For The Circulation Of These Spheres Begins Where It Does End In A Circle, As Mind Does Will. And From The Downward-tending Elements Nature Brought Forth Lives Without Reason; For He Did Not Extend Reason (The Logos) To Them. The Air Brought Forth Things Winged; The Water Things That Swim, And In The Watery Substance, Earth-and-water One From Another Were Separated, As Mind The Maker Willed. And From Her Bosom, Nature Produced Living Things, Four-footed Animals And Reptiles, Beasts Wild And Tame.

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The Third Emanation: The Descent Of Man

“But The One Mind, Being Both Life And Light, Next Brought Forth Man, A Being Like To Himself, With Whom He Fell In Love, As Being His Own Child; For It Was Beautiful Beyond Compare, The Image Of Its Sire. In Very Truth, God Fell In Love With His Own Form; And On It Did Bestow All Of His Own Creations. And When Man Gazed Upon What Mind The Maker Had Created In The Region Of Fire, He Too Wished To Create And So Assent Was Given Him By The Father. Changing His State To The Formative Sphere, Where He Was To Have His Whole Authority, Man Had In Himself All The Workings Of The Archetypal Administrators. Likewise, They Fell In Love With Him, And Each Gave Him A Share Of Their Own Ordering. And After That, Man Had Well Learned Their Essence And Had Become A Sharer In Their Nature. Man Then Had A Mind To Break Right Through The Boundary Of Their Spheres, And To Subdue The Might Of That Which Pressed Upon The Fire.

“So He Who Had The Whole Authority, Having Learned The Being Of The Administrators, Willed To Break Through The Spheres And Showed To Downward-tending Nature God’s Fair Form. And When Nature Saw That Form Of Beauty That Can Never Satiate, And Man Who Now Possessed Within Himself Each Single Energy Of All Seven Administrators As Well As God’s Own Form, She Smiled With Love; For It Was As Though She Had Seen The Image Of God’s Fairest Form Upon Her Water, His Shadow On Her Earth.

“He In His Turn Beholding The Form Like To Himself, Existing In Her, In Her Water, Loved It And Willed To Live In It; And With The Will Came Actuality, And So Man Vivified The Form Devoid Of Reason. And Nature Took The Object Of Her Love And Wound Herself Completely Round Him, And They Were Intermingled, For They Were Lovers. And This Is Why Beyond All Creatures On The Earth, Man Is Twofold: Mortal Because Of Body, But Because Of His Essential Eternal Substance, Immortal. Though Deathless And Possessed Of Sway Over All, Yet Does Man Suffer As A Mortal Does, Subject To Fate. Thus, Though His True Nature Is Above The Spheres, Within The Spheres He Has Become A Slave. Though Male-female, He Is From A Male-female Mind; And Though He Is Sleepless From A Sleepless Sire, Yet Is He Overcome By Sleep.

The First Men

Thereon I Say: “Teach On, Oh Divine Mind Of Me, For I Myself As Well Am Amorous Of The Word.”

And The Shepherd Said: “This Is The Mystery Kept Hid Until This Day: Nature Embraced By Man Brought Forth A Wonder, Oh So Wonderful. For As He Had The Nature Of The Concord Of The Seven, Who, As I Said To You, Were Made Of Fire And Spirit. Nature Did Not Delay But Immediately Brought Forth Seven Men, In Correspondence With The Natures Of The Seven Administrators, Male-female Were They And Moving In The Air.”

“0h Shepherd, ” I Said, “For Now I’m Filled With Great Desire And Long To Hear; Do Not Run Off!”

“Keep Silence,” Said The Shepherd, “For Not As You Have I Unrolled For You The First Discourse.”

“Lo! I Am Still,” Said I.

To Increase And Multiply

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“In Such Wise Then,” The Shepherd Continued, “The Generation Of These Seven Came To Pass. Earth Was As Woman, Her Water Filled With Longing; Ripeness She Took From Fire, Spirit From Ether. Nature Thus Brought Forth Frames To Suit The Form Of Man. And Man From Life And Light Changed Into Soul And Mind — From Life To Soul, From Light To Mind. And Thus Continued All The Sense-world Pairings Until The Period Of Their End And A New Beginning Arrived. Now Listen To The Rest Of The Discourse That You Long To Hear: The Period Being Ended, The Bond That Bound Them All Was Loosened By God’s Will. For All The Animals Being Male-female, At The Same Time With Man Were Loosed Apart; Some Became Male, Some In Like Fashion Female. And Straightaway, God Spoke By His Holy Word (The Logos): ‘increase You In Increasing, And Multiply In Multitude, You Creatures And Creations All; And Man That Had Mind In Him, Let Him Learn To Know That He Himself Is Deathless And The Cause Of Death Is Love, Though Love Is All.’ When He Said This, His Forethought Did By Means Of Fate And The Spheres Effect Their Couplings And Their Generations Founded. And So All Things Were Multiplied According To Their Kind. And He Who Thus Had Learned To Know Himself, Had Reached That Good That Does Transcend Abundance; But He Who Through Worldly Love That Same End Leads Astray, He Expends His Love Upon His Body — He Stays In Darkness — And Suffering Through His Senses The Things Of Death.”

The Way Of Deathlessness

“What Is The Fault So Great The Ignorant Commit,” I Asked, “That They Should Be Deprived Of Deathlessness?”

“You Seem,” The Shepherd Cautioned, “Not To Have Given Heed To What You Have Heard. Did Not I Bid You Think?”

“Yes, Do I Think, And I Remember,” I Said, “And Therefore Give You Thanks!”

“If You Did Truly Think Thereon,” Said The Shepherd, “Tell Me: Why Do They Merit Death Who Are In Ignorance?”

“It Is Because The Gloomy Darkness Is The Root And Base Of The Material Frame; From It Came The Watery Substance From Which The Body In The Sense-world Is Composed; And From This Body Of Death And Darkness Does The Water Drain.”

“Right Is Your Thought,” He Said. “But How Does ‘he Who Knows Himself, Go Unto Him,’ As God’s Word Had Declared?”

And I Reply: “The Father Of The Universals Consists Of Light And Life, And From Him, Man Was Born.”

“You Are Right! Light And Life Is The Divine Mind, And From It Man Was Born. If Then You Know That You Are Yourself Of Life And Light, And That You Are Made Of Them, You Shall Return To Life And Light.” Thus Did The Shepherd Speak.

“But Tell Me Further, Mind Of Me,” I Cried Out, “How Shall I Come To Life Again, For God Does Say ‘the Man Who Had Mind In Him, Let Him Learn To Know That He Himself Is Deathless.’ Have Not All Men Then Mind?”

“Again You Speak Well! I, Divine Mind, Myself Am Present With Holy Men And Good, The Pure And Merciful Men Who Live Piously. To Such My Presence Becomes An Aid, And Straightway They Gain Gnosis Of All Things, And Win Their Father’s Love By Their Pure Lives, And Give Him Thanks, Invoking On Him Blessings And Entering His Kingdom, Intent On Him With Ardent Love. And Before They Give The Body Up Unto Its Proper Death, They Turn From Their Bodies With Disgust From Its Sensations, From Knowledge Of What Things They Operate. Nay, It Is I, The Divine Mind, That Will Not Let The Operations That Befall The Body Work To Their Natural End. For Being The Gatekeeper, I Close Up All The Entrances, And Bar The Entrance Of The Base And Evil Workings Of The Senses, Cutting Off All Thoughts Of Them. But To The Mindless Ones, The Wicked And Depraved, The Envious And Covetous, And Murderous And Impious, I Keep Far Aloof, Yielding My Place To The Avenging Daimon, Who Sharpening The Fire, Torments Them And Adds Fire To Fire Upon Them, And Rushes On Them Through Their Senses, Thus Rendering Them The Readier For Their Transgressions Of The Law, So That They Meet With Greater Torment. Nor Do They Ever Cease To Have Desire For Their Appetites Inordinate, Insatiably Striving In The Darkness.”

The Ascent Of The Soul To The Eighth Sphere

“Full Well Have You Taught Me All, As I Desired, 0h Divine Mind. And Now, ” I Beseeched Him, “Pray Tell Me Further Of The Nature Of The Way To The Life Above.”

To This, The Shepherd Replied: “When Your Material Body Is To Be Dissolved, First You Surrender The Body By Itself Unto The Work Of Transformation, And Thus The Form You Had Vanishes, And You Surrender Your Way Of Life, Void Of Its Energy, Back To Its Own Nature. The Body’s Senses Next Pass Back Into Their Sources, Becoming Separate, And Resurrect As New Energies; And Passion And Desire Too Withdraw Unto That Nature That Is Void Of Reason. And Thus It Is That Man Does Speed His Way Thereafter Upwards Through The Spheres.”

He Continued: “To The First Zone He Gives The Energy Of Growth And Waning; Unto The Second Zone, The Devices Of Evil Now De-energized; Unto The Third, The Guile Of The Desires De-energized; Unto The Fourth, His Domineering Arrogance, Also De-energized; Unto The Fifth, Unholy Daring And The Rashness Of Audacity, De-energized; Unto The Sixth, Striving For Wealth By Evil Means, Deprived Of Its Aggrandizement; And To The Seventh Zone, Ensnaring Falsehood, De-energized. And Then, With All The Energizings Of The Spheres Stripped From Him, Clothed In His Proper Power, He Comes To That Nature That Belongs Unto The Eighth, And There With Those-that-are Is The One Mind. They Who Are There Welcome His Coming With Joy; And He, Made Like To Them That Sojourn There, Does Further Hear The Powers Who Are Above The Substance Of The Eighth Sphere, Singing Their Praise To God In A Language Of Their Own. And Then They, In A Band, Go To The Father’s Home; Of Their Own Selves They Make Surrender Of Themselves To The Powers, And Thus Becoming Powers Themselves They Are In God. This The Good End For Those Who Have Gained Gnosis — To Be Made One With God.”

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Thrice-greatest Hermes

“Why Should You Then Delay?” The Shepherd Asked Me. “Must It Not Be, Since You Have Received All, That You Should Point The Way To The World, That Through You The Race Of Mankind May By Your God Be Saved?” And After He Said This, The Shepherd Of Men Mingled Again With The Powers.

But I, With Thanks And Blessings Unto The Father Of The Universal Powers, Was Now Freed, Full Of The Power The Shepherd Had Poured Into Me, And Full Of What He Had Taught Me About The Nature Of All And Of The Loftiest Vision. And I Inscribed In My Memory The Benefaction Of The Divine Mind, And I Was Exceedingly Glad, For I Was Full With That For Which I Craved. My Bodily Sleep Had Come To Be My Soul’s Wakefulness; And The Closing Of My Eyes, True Vision; And My Silence, Pregnant With Good; And My Barrenness Of Speech, A Brood Of Holy Thoughts. Becoming God-inspired, I Attained The Abode Of Truth.”

Here is the upgrade.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Level 1 Initiation 4 The Supgragalactic Orbit

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Kundalini and Third Eye Transmutation Testimonies

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Prometheus Infusing Life Energy Into Zombified Man

“Wake Up!!”

Barely Feeling Negative Emotion Now…
Energy Enhancement Student January 29, 2016
It’s Good.

Only Pure White Light And Joy!

Golden Sparkles …faintly Glowing Out Of Me…

Most Of My Day Feels Like Automatic Action…

Blockages Still Coming Up Daily To Dissolve…

Hoping To Be Soul-infused In Not So Much Time…

I Really Have Made A Heck Lot Of Progress In Only 1.5 Years!!! It’s Like Doing Spring-clearning Of My Soul – Hundreds Of Lifetimes Worth In Only A Year Or 2.

Thanks – Energy Enhancement & The Kundalini!!!

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Student Report September 2013 –

Further Notes:

Also I Noticed As Soon As Satchidanand Emailed Me, I Got A Down-pouring Of Light From Above The Crown Which Kept Charging Me Up The Rest Of The Day – And My Cravings Died Out! Then I Realized The Cravings Were Ego-blockages And That I Did Not Want Them.

This Meditation 3 – The Energy Enhancement Course Level One, Initiation Three Streaming Video… Is Great! I’ve Done It Some More And It’s Incredibly Powerful. I Don’t Know Why It Isn’t More Well Known Or Taught By Any Other Meditation Course Except Energy Enhancement?

“Because Other Meditations Are Designed To Fail!!”

It’s Really Bringing Up Little Blockages Which Are Complaining While Being Pushed Down Into The Earth’s Core To Get Purified. The Hot Fire Energy Has Gotten Much Stronger In My Body While Doing The Practice, Mostly The Base Of The Spine Heats Up, But Also The Middle Of The Spine. There Are Lots Of Little Blockages Being Noticed. But I’m Pushing Them Out.

I Think This Is My New Favorite Meditation Practice! It’s Far More Powerful Than The Normal Orbit Practice.

Have Practiced It Some More – My Body Gets Very Hot During The Practice – Just Like The Video Says.

“Just Like It Says On The Tin!!”

“Drain The Last Dregs Of Your, “Vitriol””

My Mother Came Into The Room And Told Me She ‘couldn’t Be Near Me’ Because I Was Giving Off Too Much Heat – Like A Radiator! After This I Noticed That By Thinking About Certain Areas Of My Body I Could Send The Intense Heat To That Area!

So Now This Meditation Is Definitely The Most Powerful One I Have Got. Very Impressive. I Do An In Breath/out Breath Orbit And Then Hold For A Moment At The Earth-core. Then I Bring Up The Energy Again.

Aha! I Can See You’ve Used A Lot Of My Emails In The Text, I Don’t Know If I Should Feel Embarrassed Or Flattered.

I’ve Had Another Experience Today, Which Is Light Surrounding A Part Of My Selfish Ego, And My Ego Submitted. The Light Has Won For This Issue. It Is No Longer Possible To Tolerate Some Of My Selfish Behaviours.

Now I Feel Very Peaceful.

Illumination, Enlightenment..

The Total Mass Of Energy Blockages Is What Makes Up The Ego

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The Light Of The Soul Is The Silver Lining

“Do Not Look Upon My Finger, Instead Look Towards The Soul To Which It Points” – Buddha

The Death Of Socrates By David

Thanks! I Want To Update You. I Underwent A Profound Change In My Energy Last Night After My Main Ego Blockage Submitted.

However Today I Noticed With More Light In My System, That There Are More, Smaller Ego Blockages Which Are There And Which Talk To Me. I Look Forward To Resolving Them. I’ll Now Paste What I Wrote Last Night.

Now I Write Here What I Experienced Between My Last Comment And Reading Your Reply, Written Just Below:

I Had To Lay Down To Do Some Meditation Just Now, And I Felt Like There Were ‘two Me’s, The First Me Was This Little Black Smudge Of An Ego, The ‘i’, The Selfish Ego, Or The Part Which Basically Functions For It’s Own Agenda. This Guy Basically Pleasure-seeks And Avoids Pain/responsibility And Is Good At Justifying It’s Reasons And Making Excuses.

The Second ‘me’, Was This Overwhelmingly Peaceful, White Light. It Was So Powerful It Was Literally Drowning My Little Dark Ego. So My Ego Had This Light Just Drowning It From All Directions. Imagine A War Scene Where The Dark Side Is Just A Little Blob Of Dark And There Is Hundreds Or Thousands Of Times As Much Light Surrounding It From All Angles.

Then Also During This Process, I Had To See Through The ‘light’s Eyes To Take A Look At Me…and I Saw All These Faults. I Saw This Creeping Little Dark Ego Who Was So Unaware Of Everything, It Just Kept Making Excuses For It’s Actions ‘but’ This, And ‘but’ That. It Just Kept Wanting Pleasurable Things And To Run Away From Responsibility. I Had To Take A Long Good Look At This Guy, This Type Of Me.

So My Little Dark Ego, The ‘i’, Just …well, Just Gave Up. He Just Said ‘okay!! Okay…i Give Up! I Give Up! Surrender!’ So Then I Started To Feel Like I Was Going To Cry. All This Light Just Smothered Me, My Ego And Gave It A Lot Of Love And Peace. Then I Felt This Vortex Of White Light Form In My Heart – It Felt Quite Small, Maybe An Inch Or So Big.

Then I Felt All This Peaceful Energy Throughout My Whole Body – It Felt Like Cosmic/space/universe Energy. Something Like A Peaceful Energy From Space (As If I Had A Whole Entire Universe Inside My Chest And Body With The Heart At The Center). After That Happened, I Was Getting Light Flood My Body And I Just Felt Like Crying And Surrendering. I Suddenly Felt This Rush Of What Felt Like Crystalline White Light Flood Into My Body And Fill My Arms And Legs And Whole Body. So I Had A New ‘layer’ Of Energy Body Or Something Like This.

I Think It’s A Point Of No-return Now! I Can Only Surrender Now. What Seems To Be Filling My Body Is This Type Of Energy Which Is Peace And Light, It Only Seems To Want What’s Right For Everyone. I Hope It Remains. I Don’t Know How Much Of My Ego I Let Go Off…i Wish All Of It Will Go Now.

I Honestly Don’t Believe I Will Go Back To Being How I Used To, Because Too Much Of My Consciousness Or Awareness Feels Grounded Into ‘light’, So If I Can Keep Seeing From The Light’s Viewpoint, I Can Quickly Pick Out Faults Which I Might Otherwise Do.

Phew, What An Intense Evening. But I Feel So Peaceful! I Seem Quite Satisfied To Just Drown Myself In This Light.

I Want To Give An Update On This Today. I’m Pleased To Say That The Energy Of Soft Love And Peace Which Flooded My Body Last Night, Has Remained With Me Today. I Feel Like A Completely Different Person. There Has Been A Loss Of Desire, An Increase In Peace.

I Threw Out Some Supplements And Felt Like That Type Of Thing Has Now Become Redundant.

Today I Noticed That Small Ego Blockages Were In My Aura. They Are Much Weaker Than The One Which Submitted To The Light Last Night, They Are More Deeply Buried.

I Hope To Continue To Resolve And Integrate These Fragments Of Ego Blockage In Future.



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Humanity’s Meaning Of Life Is To Build A Spiritual Enlightenment Factory Called Earth

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The Purpose Of Humanity Is As A Mechanism To Create Advanced Angels Which In The Future Will Radiate The Energy Of Love, Second Ray Energies, To The Universe From This Planet, Which Is Scheduled To Become A Sacred Planet.

The Method Chosen By The Archangel In Charge Of This Planet, Is That Of Free Will.

By Giving Free Will To All Humanity, We All Have The Lesson That We Only Have The Free Will To Do The Right Thing.

Anything Less Results In Negative Karma, Retribution, Bad Results For Everyone, Bad Luck.

Free Will Results In Evolution. From What We Are Given At Birth, Body, Mind, Chakras, An Antahkarana Connection To The Universe, Comes The Creation Of Psychic Mechanisms, Talents, To Augment And Improve On That Which Has Been Given.

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As Single Cells Join Together To Form Organs And Organs Get Together To Form A Man, Through Serendipity Over Many Lifetimes Single Angels Get Together To Form Aggregations Of Angels In The Form Of A Talent.

At First These Talents Are Striped Through And Surrounded By Trauma-formed Negative Karmic Mass Which Is Impervious To Pure Spiritual Energies In That It Acts Like Lead To Stop The Entrance Of Spiritual Alpha, Beta And Gamma Particles. Trauma-formed Negative Karmic Mass Is Ignorance Because It Cuts You Off From That Knowledge Which Is Higher Than The Mind.

We Purify These Talents Through The Grounding Of Negative Energies Which Burns Up Negative Karmic Mass And Through The Seven Step Process Of Level 2 Of Energy Enhancemnent Which Removes Energy Blockages.

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Through The Seven Step Process We Also Integrate These Purified Talents With The Higher Chakras – Thus Increasing Their Size, Complexity, And Ability To Handle More And Higher Energies, And Eventually Channel The Energy Of Love, The Second Ray Energies.

This Process Of Integration Is Like Fusion Of One Crystal With Another In A “Skull Melt” Where We Align And Integrate The Angel Talents With The Higher Chakras Like Crystals – The Angels Become Aligned In Crystalline Matrices – Which Increases Also Their Speed And Purity Of Purpose.

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This Fusion Process Starts With The Astral Initiation Of Illumination Or Enlightenment When Ascended Masters Surround The Initiate And Focus The Higher Energies Of Illumination On Him In Order To Create This Fusion, Which Creates A Purified Crystalline Structure Which Cannot Be Perverted Ever Again, Between The Soul Chakra And The Crown Chakra And All The Chakras Below It.

In Order To Help Speed Up This Aggregation Of Talents, Normal Evolution Through Serendipity Is Superceded By The Aggregation Of Talents And Psychic Structures Taken From Human Beings Who Are Truly Evil, Who Cannot Be Changed, Until They Are Healed By The Enlightened.

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The End Result Of This Is Highly Talented Angels And Ascended Masters Who Can Truly Align With The Will Of God On This Planet.

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali Gives This Methodology Of Illumination.

Energy Enhancement Gives The Experience Of Doing It!!

This Alone Shows The Height Of Your Evolution.

Align With Energy Enhancement.

Do Not Be Satisfied With Less!!

Come On An Energy Enhancement Course To Remove Your Egotistical Business Sub-personality Filled With Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass, Now!!

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