Artists Like David Gilmour and Guy Ritchie Infuse and Supercharge Their Work With Kundalini Energy

Art is the Union of the Universal Spirit with the Art Object. It is “Clothing the Spirit in Beauty.” Objects can be imbued with Art by an artist in tune with the Universal Spirit. Some “Artists” associate with lower Thoughtforms. They spew their madness energy, their fear, their anger, their jealousy, their depression onto the wall for all to pick up.

Advertising is simply the association of the advertised with the Art Object or a lower Thoughtform. Objective art is the association of an advanced thoughtform with the art object. For example the Sphinx, the Yin Yang symbol, Star Wars the Movie.

An advanced teaching imbued with the energy of the divine. An Enlightened Being is Pure ART.

Gurdjieff said the Objective Art was created when objects were infused with Sacred Energies by the creators which then had the effect of creating Kundalini Energy, a raising of Spiritual Energy, a throwing out of Energy Blockages and Bad Emotions, in those who came near or viewed the Art Objects.



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Thus he mentioned The Taj Mahal, The Alhambra, the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

However, anything can be infused with Sacred Energies.

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I remember my first reading of the “Hobbit” by Tolkien at the age of eight.

I remember going to the Louvre in Paris and seeing a painting ascribed to Leonardo Da Vinci which I have never seen since either live or in any art book. Apparently they had dragged it up from the basement for a week. On seeing it I laughed and burst into tears at the same time. Thus are the effects of genuine spiritual energy infused into the Art Objects – Objective Art!!

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I remember visiting my Masters Lotus Temple at the Ashram in Virginia. As a Temple devoted to all the religions in the World He had asked for and received reliquaries from all the major religions and placed them in showcases around the ground floor. On viewing some of the reliquaries I could feel energy emanating from them. When a Master exists, his Buddhafield spreads the energy of Kundalini to quicken the Spiritual natures of All who come near him – Objective Art!!


Guy Ritchie’s movies turbo charge me with energy

The growth of a Master comes from the Purification of all the chakras to allow the transmission of more Spiritual Light. His growth also consists of increasing the size of his chakras so he can handle more energy. When he dies, his remains, his products, his buildings carry on the good work. His creations contain some of his Base Chakra to carry on the connection of Energy between heaven and Earth. To continue the process of raising the Energy Levels of the Earth. So although the living masters physical body has disappeared, his chakras still exists on this plane. The Higher Spiritual body of the now Ascended Master still exists on the Higher Spiritual Planes to send energy down to the reliqueries which are left – Objective Art!!

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Whenever anyone views DVD “PULSE” by David Gilmour and Pink Floyd. I remember one of my friends saying that this music was his, “Food” without which he could not exist. “The Stomach is crying for a piece of bread, the hair is crying for a garland of Flowers” Hindu saying. “Man can not live by bread alone” – Jesus Christ. Whenever anyone views DVD “The Lord of the Rings” Whenever anyone Views any of the DVDs of the Sacred Dance of Devi Dhyani – Sacred Pink Floyd, Sacred Carmina Burana, Sacred Beethovens 9th, Sacred Shakti with John McLaughlin, From Darkness to Light, “Akhnaten” By Philip Glass and its “Hymn to the Sun” then the “Pachamamma” DVD Series of Sacred Dance to Female Sacred Musicians like Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, Nico, Jocelyn Pook, Natacha Atlas then they are immediately Kundalinied!! – Objective Art!!


Because of the use of copyright music materials in the making of these Sacred Dances they can never be sold, they can only be disseminated for free. They must have been made by a fool, by someone not interested in money, by someone just wanting to create the right energy, because it is their Sacred Task to create these Art Objects. The effects of viewing can be strong but always necessary – Objective Art!!

Whenever anyone enters into the Buddhafield of a Master they are Kundalinied. The Higher the Energy, the More the effect. The more the displacement of Energy Blockages. So, such excursions, such viewings should be treated with respect, because the purification needed, and given, can be of a condign nature. Thus after a meeting with Satchidanand for a course in India..

“For instance, since I’ve been working on “cleaning my base chakra” (The Grounding of Negative Energies – Satchidanand) everything around me seems to be going through a massive cleansing process – Only 2 days after I returned to Canada from India, a chain reaction of events led my to change my 5 employees, change some of my major accounts and delay a move to the United States. 10 weeks after the program, things are stabilizing.

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Looking back, I think the cleansing process probably saved my business and my marriage.

Thank you Satchi and Devi” – Objective Art!!

The same Energy went into the making of the Energy Enhancement DVD Course. The information is not just intellectual. The effects are of Objective Art, of Spiritual Sacred Kundalini for the raising of Energy in all Students. It is not “Just” a course. It is Sacred Energy!! It must be treated with respect and the feet dipped in carefully. slowly, bit by bit. So that we learn to take the energy, otherwise its effects will be too great… – Objective Art!!




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