Decoding The Hindu Mace of Hanuman As The Kundalini Key

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Enhance Your Energy – The Head Of The Mace Of Hanuman Represents The Earth – The Shaft Of The Mace Of Hanuman Represents The Antahkarana
Yet This Information Has Been Removed From Hinduism!!
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The Wailing Of Wisdom
In The Meyjnanapulampal, “The Wailing Of Wisdom”, Where Battiragiriyar Cries Out The Great Siddhar Adage: “Arivai Arival Arinthu” -“To Know Knowledge By Knowledge” In Verse Twenty-four.
“Forgetting Trivial Happiness,
Knowing Knowledge By Knowledge Itself,
When Shall I Cut Off This Cycle
Of Falling Into Wombs.”

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The Knowledge Of Transmigration From Body To Body And Becoming An Ascended Master – Living At A Higher Plane Of Existence Out Of The Body, Of Which He Speaks Of Is Apprehended Only By Personal Experience. This Is The Difference Between “Believing” And “Knowing”, Between That Which Is “Learned” And That Which Is Truly “Understood”. Get This In..
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Alchemical Vitriol Directory
The Meditational Kundalini Key To Raising Kundalini Energy Directory

Energy Enhance
Feel Like Superman..
Connect With Kundalini Chakra
Tap Into The Earths Energy

Overall, I Think That This Video Gives The Two Most Important And Often Overlooked Keys To Meditation. First Is Finding A Sitting Position That Is Comfortable For A Long Duration And Second Is,
“Squaring The Body To Tap Into The Earth’s Energy System”

Craig Adamson

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Connect With The Earth’s Center, The Secret Of The Fission Black Sun Of Tartaros And The Energy Flow Between The Sun And The Center Of The Earth
According To Myth, After The Sun Sets, It Shines In Tartaros. Therefore The Central Fire Of Kundalini Chakra In The Center Of The Earth Is Known As The Dark Sun, The Black Sun, The Invisible Sun, The Subterranean Sun And The Volcanic Sun, And There Is A Paradoxical Unity Between The Sun And The Underworld. This Is Why Parmenides Was Led By The Daughters Of The Sun Into The House Of Night; It Is Also The Path Followed By The Dead.

The Energy From The Center Of The Earth Flows Away From The Earth’s Center Along The Antahkarana To The Central Spiritual Sun – The Chakras Above The Head.
The Kundalini Chakra In The Center Of The Earth Is The Black Sun.
Kundalini Energy From The Earth Center Source Flows Out In All Directions From The Center Of The Earth
– This Is The Kundalini Key
More Precisely, The Central Fire In The Earths Center Is Tartaros, The Foundation Of Zeus’s Guard Tower Antahkarana (Zanòs Púrgos, Phulakê Diós, Etc.), Which Is Below Hades.

The Guard Tower Columns Of Zeus
Show Psychic Protection
– These Are The Energy Enhancement Antahkarana Power Tower Protection Of Level One Initiation Six – External Antahkaranas Of Psychic Protection,
Taught In The Energy Enhancement Course
The Astrological Symbol For The Sun Represents The Fire At The Center; It Was Also An Ancient Alchemical Symbol For Sulphur, The Fiery Principle. The Doctrine Of The Central Fire Is The Original, Mystical Heliocentric Theory, Which Copernicus Borrowed, But Has Become Debased Into No More Than Astronomy. Copernicus Himself Called It The “Pythagorean Theory.”

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