Increase Your Connection To The Earth Chakra With Alchemy

Vitriol – Anchoring The Earth Connection

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The Fulcrum Point, The Evolutionary Initiation We Are Learning About Here Is The Earth Connection.

That Of When The Child Was In The Womb Up Till The Age Of Four Months At This Time The Baby Is Learning To Integrate The Interior And Exterior Of Its Body. Sometimes This Integration Is Faulty Due To A Painful Abusive Shock To The Psyche. Yoga, Dance, Massage And Other Pre – Energy Enhancement Techniques Can Help With This Initiation. Even Fairly Well Integrated, Everyone Needs To Improve This Earth Connection.

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“As Within” Said Hermes Trismegistus “So Without”. The Baby, So Used To The Soul Connection And Not Understanding Its New Role Of Learning How To Raise The Energy Vibration Of The Earth, Needs To Learn To Integrate The Earth Connection.

If There Is A Problem With This Initiation Of Earth Integration In The Base Chakra Then It Is Indicated That From An Early Age The Child And Then The Adult Will Feel Fear, Have Problems With Its Food, Money And With Its Security And With Just Not Wanting To Be Here, Sometimes Even Hiding From Reality.

– Just Ground It!!
Alchemical Vitriol
Ground All Negative Energies
Anchor The Planetary Grid
Create Your Foundation For Abundance

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Energy Enhancement – The Greatest Spiritual Techniques To Remove Negative Karmic Mass And Energy Blockages

The Amazing Thing Is, Our Experience Says That Negative Energy, Pain, Can Be Grounded!!

All Evil Comes From Pain: Disease, Anger And Fear – Fear Is The Mind Killer – All The World’s Problems Come From Congealed Pain Or Trauma-formed Negative Karmic Mass Which Coats All Energy Blockages- A Nasty Perverted Form Of Energy Which Needs To Be Grounded

Start Now – Don’t Wait For Next Lifetime

Pain Caused By Energy Blockages
Negative Karmic Mass Becomes Locked Into The Body As Energy Blockages Which Create Pain In The Body As One Of Its Symptoms Which Eventually Cause Cancer And Heart Disease.

Negative Emotions Caused By Energy Blockages
Other Symptoms Of Negative Karmic Mass Are Negative Emotions, – Fear, Anger, Manicism, Wanting Sympathy, Jealousy, Corruption, Thievery, Revenge, Hate, Sadness, Depression.

Existensialism Caused By Energy Blockages
Energy Blockages Cut Us Off From The Joy Of The Light Of The Soul Where The World Becomes Seen As A Wasteland Filled With Misery; The Anomie Of Existentialism.

A Lack Of Empathy And Conscience Caused By Energy Blockages
Higher Symptoms Of Energy Blockages Are A Lack Of Empathy – Blockages Of The Heart, The Inability To Put Yourself In The Shoes Of Another – The External Consideration Of Gurdjieff Which All Create A Lack Of Pity And Further, A Lack Of Conscience Caused By Blockages Above The Crown Chakra, A Moral Infirmity Written About By Nobel Prize Winner For Poetry, T. S. Elliot In “The Wasteland”.

Negative Karmic Mass Coats And Creates Energy Blockages
Negative Karmic Mass In Its Gaseous, Liquid Or Solid Forms Is What Is Used To Create Energy Blockages As It Coats Energy Blockages And Cuts Off The Core Of The Blockage From The Energy Connections Of Higher Chakras Which Are Aligned And Ordered Function Angel Matrices, Like A Crystal. Negative Karmic Mass Stops Energy Blockages From Integrating With The Higher Chakras.

The Purified Energy Blockage Core Absorbed By The Higher Chakkras
This Integration Of Blockages, Purified Of Their Negative Karmic Mass By Energy Enhancement Meditation Techniques, With The Higher Chakras Is One Of The Ways In Which Higher Chakras Become Bigger And More Able To Channel More Energy From The Chakras Above Them.

Energy Blockages Are The Evil Separative Ego
Negative Karmic Mass Is A Dense Form Of Energy Which Is Created When The Energy Of God Is Perverted By Being Made To Go Against The Will Of God. This Always Creates Pain Which Then Creates More Negative Karmic Mass.

As The Totality Of Energy Blockages In Human Beings Form The Selfish Competitive Ego, Cut Off From The Will Of God, And Doing What They Selfishly Want, Pain Is The Result.

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