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Probation Records track a person’s probation sentence progress, as it’s carefully supervised by their probation officer. The offender has the right to inspect these detailed logs. Being the subject of these recordings, the offender also has the right to request changes, if they believe the information is inaccurate. Together with parole, probation is an alternative to detention. The difference between the two is that while parole is for situs juidi online criminals who were imprisoned but were released before finishing their sentence, probation happens before the criminal is imprisoned. If they break the terms of their probation, they go to prison. Therefore, probation is a chance given to first-time offenders or low-risk criminals to pay for their crimes without doing time. Defendants are released into their community under the conditions of their probation. As long as they follow the tasks assigned by the probation officer, they can avoid prison. If they meet all the requirements, they could be free again. Use our lookup tool to find the probation information you need, from Probation Type to Criminal’s Full Name and their Probation Conditions. Data has been generated by !