Psychic Spiritual Healing

My teacher nicknamed me Ganesha, who is the remover of obstacles.
I offer video/call sessions wherein I will ask for you to provide life problems and life goals. I can read into the reasons behind problems, usually past life, and what is energy and reasons are holding back life goals. I ground these during the call and we await the manifestation after.


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“Ganesha Psychic Healing”
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Further Explanation

During sessions, I will find and ground the negative energies that are causing the problems or are blocking the goals to manifest.


I also check the following:

  •  Your elements – earth, air, fire, water
  • Infinity of chakras
  • Your time in the womb
  •  DNA
  •  Auras – emotional, physical, mental, spiritual
  • Physical Body
  • Karmic Timeline
  • Past lives, present, future lives
  • Past life vows
  • Heavy cords


I have helped numerous individuals with abundance blockages, physical illness, third eye opening, emotional and mental issues. Whatever type of problems, I can solve and ground with the techniques I use.

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