Level 1

EE Level 1 Initiation 1 printscreen

In Level 1, real meditation is taught. The student is shown has to use elements like air and water to bring out energy blockages. The original concept of alchemy is taught where one turns metal (negative energy) into gold (positive) energy. For Dharma Mega Samadhi, the initate is taken beyond the stars to a source of infinite energy. Using alchemy you’re shown how to ground toxins in food and test good from bad. To finish you are taught the best of the best energy protection techniques.

Initiation 1: Meditation

Stopping the mind and squaring the circle. Alignment with the energies from the Center of the Earth into the Center of the Universe. Shaktipat, Energy Alignment, Kundalini, Stopping the Mind and Squaring the Circle.

Initiation 2: Energy Circulation

Microcosmic orbit and Kundalini Kriyas. Energy Circulation: Microcosmic Orbit. This gives the Hidden Taoist Secrets of the Microcosmic AND the Macrocosmic Orbit, the 5 Elemental pathways of the Chi or Ki and the Kundalini Kriyas of Paramahamsa Yogananda.

Initiation 3: The Grounding of Negative Energies

Alchemy, Vitriol and Earth Connection. Vitriol (Visita Interiore Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultem Lapidem). The Grounding of Negatives Energies: Alchemy, Hermes Trismegistus, Guided meditation of Grounding, transmuting all trauma caused negative energy.

Initiation 4: Accessing the Universal Energy Source

 Macrocosmic Orbit, The Energy Enhancement Supra Galactic Orbit, Advanced Kundalini Kriyas. Accessing the Universal Energy Source: Macrocosmic Orbit, The Energy Enhancement Supra Galactic Orbit, Chakras above the Head, Soul Fusion via the Antahkarana, Advanced Kundalini Kriyas, Siddis, The Creation of Psychic Vision.

Initiation 5: Grounding Toxins in Food

Re-awakening our psychic ability to detect poisons. Removing Blockages. Projecting Energy

Initiation 6: Antahkarana Power Tower Protection

Psychic Protection: Power Towers, Creating and Using External Antahkaranas, Exponentially Increasing your Spiritual Energy, Creating the Flow from Heaven to Earth.

Initiation 7: Pyramid Protection

Psychic Protection

Initiation 8: The Merkaba Protection

Psychic Protection: The Merkaba, Astral Travel and Projection, Advantages of the Siddhis of Becoming Bigger and Smaller.

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