The Spiritual Science of Reincarnation, Walk Ins and Transmigration Of Souls

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Gorakh Says, “Die Yogi, Die.” When The Sufis Say, “Die Before You Die.” This Is Understanding The Meaning Of The Antahkarana.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Has Repeatedly Claimed To Be The Reincarnation Of The Saint, Sai Baba Of Shirdi, Often Recounting Extensive And Detailed Accounts Of His Life. Other Reiterations Of Sathya Sai Baba’s Claim To Be The Reincarnation Of Shirdi Sai Baba, And His Claims Of Divinity Made During The Early Years Of His Mission, Are Recorded In The Volumes Of Sathya Sai Speaks.

Reincarnation Into The Body Of A Baby Or Body Jumping Into Another Living Body Are Talked About In Many Ancient Texts..

The Whole Of The Tibetan Religion Is Based Upon The Rinpoche, A “Precious Jewel” Who Transfers His Consciousness Lifetime After Lifetime Into A New Body And Then Again Rules. The Dalai Lama For Example Is The Same Soul Who Has Returned To A New Body On 13 Different Occasions For Thousands Of Years.

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Evans-wentz In “Tibetan Yoga And The Secret Doctrines” Talks Of “The Yoga Of The After-death State” And “The Doctrine Of Consciousness Transference” Has This To Say..

“No Master Of Yoga Ever Dies In The Normal Manner, Unless, Perchance, He Be Killed Suddenly And Unexpectedly; He Merely Reinquishes The Physical Form Which He Has Come To Recognise As No More Than A Garment To Be Put On Or Off As Desired, In Full Consciousness While Immersed In The Ecstatic Condition Of The Mind Wherein The “Clear Light” – The Chakras Above The Head – See Ee Level 1, Initiation 4 – “Ever Shines” … It Is Through Mastery Of The Pho-wa That The Great Yogin Transcends Normal Processes By Voluntarily Relinquishing His Old Outworn Body And Taking A New Body, Without Any Suffering Any Break In Continuity Of His Consciousness. In The Esoteric Sense Implied By The Christian St Paul, The Grave Thus Loses Its Sting And Death Its Victory; The Great Yogin Becomes Truly The Conqueror Both Of Death And Of Life”

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As Well As Saints It Is Indeed The Source Of Many A Great Families Wealth In All Countries Through The Law Of Primogeniture Where The First Born Son Inherits All Including The Transferred Soul Of His Father. In This Way The Soul Inhabiting The Head Of The Family Or International Company Is Immortal And Has Been For Thousands Of Years.

Learn How To Access Infinite Amounts Of Healing Spiritual Energy. Energy From Accessing The Universal Energy Source From The Infinity Of Chakras Above Our Heads… Above The Crown, Sahasrara, Chakra..

“Die Before Thou Die,

That So Thou Shalt Not Die When Thou Dost Come To Die.

Else Thou Diest Utterly.

Were Christ A Thousand Times Reborn In Bethlehem’s Stall

And Not In Thee, Thou Art Lost Beyond Recall.”

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Angelus Silesius

The Conscious Transmigration Of Souls Walk Ins And Body Jumping To Save The World

Click Here For Satchidanands Page On Bhogar – Tamil Siddar – Kundalini Yoga, Spiritual Alchemy –

Bhogar Mahārshi

Bhogar, Who Was An Alchemist, Lived For 9000 Years In The Same Body.

Bhogar Was A Tamil Siddar Who Was The Teacher Of Babaji And Of Patanjali.

Babaji Has Lived For 2000 Years In The Same Body. From The Himalayas He Has Taught The Kundalini Kriyas As We Do In Energy Enhancement For All Who Seek Enlightenment.

Patanjali Wrote, “The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali. Click Here -the Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali The First Sutra Says, “After All That, Here Are Complete Instructions On Enlightenment!!”

From Palani Hill Temple In Tamil Nadu Of South India, Bhogar Was One Of The First Ascended Masters Who Taught Us About The Conscious Transmigration Of Souls Into The Body Of Another.

Bhogar Consciously Transmigrated To China And Into The Body Which Then Became Lao Tsu, Founder Of Taoism.

Through This Feat, He Taught The Kundalini Kriyas Of Taoism – The Taoist Orbits, To All China.

The Conscious Transmigration Of Souls Is One Of The Chief Methods Of The Ascended Masters To Manage This Planet.

In, “Beelzebub’s Tales To His Grandson”, Gurdjieff Tells The Tale Of The King, Queen And Bureaucracy Of A Certain Kingdom, About To Be Assassinated By A Howling Mob. Gurdjieff Tells Of How He And His Fellow Angels Came And Took Over The Bodies Of All Those People, Saving Them From Experiencing Such Traumatic Deaths.

In Nobel Prize Winner For Literature, Doris Lessing’s, “Shikasta” And “The Sirian Experiments – Report Of Ambien Ii Of The Five” She Talks Of How People Descend Into Bodies In Order To Help Humanity.

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They Descend As The Flowers Shower

The Immortal Geniuses Who Descended Onto This Planet..

Buddha, Jesus Christ, Plato, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dante, Goethe, Schiller, Shakespeare, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Leibniz, Gauss, Riemann, Cantor, Humboldt, Tesla, Gödel, Einstein.. And Thousands More..

“Upon This Place Beneath

They Are Twice Blessed

First By He Who Gives

And Then By He Who Receives..”

And The Dark Masters Always Say,

“You Can Not Defeat Us. We Are Too Strong For You!!”

They Say This When We Want To Remove One Of Their Blockages,

When We Want To Make This World A Better Place.

For You

And For Me

And The Entire Human Race..

So, We Never Get Involved In The Propaganda Of The Blockages. We Never Talk To Them Because Anything They Say Is Meant To Terrorise Us, Make Us Believe That It Is Impossible To Remove Them. If We Listened To Them And Believed Them We Would Never Try To Remove Them. We Might Even Be So Terrorised By Their Words That We Might Join Them, Become Their Minions, Become Their Slaves.

So Instead We Just Focus On Using The Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process For The Removal Of Energy Blockages Which Implacably Removes, And Must Remove, Every Energy Blockage

After The Roman Propagandist Livy, “The Terror Of The Energy Enhancement Name Will Be Such That The World Will Know That, Once An Energy Enhancement Student Has Laid Seige To An Energy Blockage, Nothing Will Move Him – Not The Rigors Of Winter Nor The Weariness Of Months And Years – That It Knows No End But Victory And Is Ready, If A Swift And Sudden Stroke Will Not Serve, To Preserve Until That Victory Is Achieved”

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And We Never Become Terrorised Reading All The Dark Produced Propaganda About Secret Histories, Icke, Coleman, Satanic Babylon, Slave Trading And Drug Running Venice, The British Empire, And Then The Wars And Dark Tricks To Mobilise Public Opinion – In Fact All These Books Are To Win The “Mindwar” (Quote From Michael Aquino) Or Infowars By Alex Jones Who Was So Successful In Presenting A Truth So At Variance With Conventional Mainstream Madia Fake News – Which Everyone Has Known To Be Corporate Propaganda For Thousands Of Years – That Alex Jones Daily Four Hour Television Programs Were Studied By Army Generals, The Cia And Vladimir Putin And During The 2016 Election Trump Mentioned That He Used Infowars As His Campaign Talking Points – Hillary Mentioned Him By Name As Well As Obama. Alex Jones Mentions That Elite Globalist Billionaires Are All Satanists Into Satanic Ritual.. Watch Without Adverts Here.. Https://

Authors Write Many Books Saying Essentially..

“The International Criminal Banking Cabal Want To Live Forever. . For 10,000 Years They Have Created Endless Wars, Collapsed Economies, Falsified Science, Schemed Plot And Carry Out Murder All Over The World, They Perform Ritual Human Sacrifices With Children And Others, They Have Stolen Intellectual Scientific Property From Inventors Then Often Kill Them. The Criminal Cabal Has Stolen Our U.s. Constitution And Has Woven Invasive Lawless Government Legislation And Agenda 21 Into Every Strong City In America And Worldwide Calling It Global Warming Which Requires All Of Us To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint By Taxing Us Into The Stone Age. They Have A Depopulation Agenda Through Poisonous Fluoride, Brain Damage Vaccines And Gmo. . . . They Are Ruthless Without Morals Or Ethics And “They” Want To Live Forever. .they Plan On Destroying Everything That Is Good And Decent.” – Silent Weapons For A Quiet War


“Mindwar Is The Deliberate, Agressive Convincing Of All Participants In A War That We Will Win That War” – Michael Aquino

As Livy Once Said, “The Terror Of The Roman Name Will Be Such That The World Will Know That, Once A Roman Army Has Laid Seige To A City, Nothing Will Move It – Not The Rigors Of Winter Nor The Wearyness Of Months And Years – That It Knows No End But Victory And Is Ready, If A Swift And Sudden Stroke Will Not Serve, To Preserve Until That Victory Is Acheived” Keller, Werner, The Etruscans, 1974, Page 262

Mindwar…”You Can Not Defeat Us. We Are Too Strong For You!!”

And This Is The Purpose Of All The Books Of Dark Propaganda.

But The Power Of The Will Works Both Ways.

As Gramsci Said, “We Must Overcome The Pessimism Of The Intellect By Increasing The Optimism Of The Will”

What This Is Really About Is The Necessary Increase In The Power Of The Will Not Only From The Soul But Higher, Using Energy Enhancement Techniques, In Order To Become Enlightened.

“After All That, Here Are Complete Instructions On Enlightenment.” Sutra One, Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali, Student Of Tamil Siddar Bhogar.

Every Human Being Comes To This Planet With The Aim Of Enlightenment, However There Are Two Things Which Militate Against This..

1. The Purity Of Our Spiritual Body. Trauma-formed Negative Karmic Mass And Energy Blockages – Addiction Implant Energy Blockages Which Create Cravings For Everything Which Will Kill Us And Whose Justifications For Continuing The Addiction Are Impervious To Any Intellectual Argument – Thus They Sabotage Our True Will For Enlightenment.

See Vampire Addiction Implant Blockages Vampire Sexual Addiction Implant Blockages Vampire Drug Addiction Implant Blockages Vampire Food Addiction Implant Blockages

2. The Size, Necessary Talent, Luck And Integration Of Our Spiritual Body. This Normally Comes From One Hundred Lifetimes Of Experience. “You Have Been Down That Road Many Times Before, And You Know Where It Ends..” – Trinity To Neo In The Matrix. “You Have To Know It From Balls To Bones” Oracle To Neo In The Matrix. The Hard Wiring Of The Spiritual Body Has To Be Created So That We Can Maintain Our Knowledge From Lifetime To Lifetime. Rather Than Shifting And Easily Changed Software Philosophies From Both Good And Bad, Light And Dark People On Which To Base Our Lives Which Translates As Foolishness And Naivety, We Can Only Maintain Our Lifetime Aim By Means Of The Full And Experienced Spiritual Body Whose Enlightened Ideas Are Caught And Maintained By The Quiet Mind.

This Is Free Will, Which Has Been Given By God So That We Can Truly Learn. This Is The Fruit Of Knowledge Given By The Serpent In The Garden Of Eden. With Experience We Learn That, “We Have Been Given The Free Will, Only To Make The Right And Good Choice” – Satchidanand. “Do Not Be Afraid Of Making A Mistake, But Never Make The Same Mistake Again” – Satchidananda;

But One Who Knows Will Never Make That Mistake In The First Place. Every Enlightened Being Who Was Ever Created Was Sent With Energy Blockages, But Once Seen, The Prospective Sage Eliminates Those Blockages With Assiduosity!!

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The Reality Is That Every Time There Is A Point Of Real Danger For Humanity Something Happens Which Stops The Danger…

Napoleon Stupidly Attacks Russia And Is Defeated.

Hitler Stupidly Attacks Russia And Is Defeated.

President Lincoln Stops The Takeover Of America By Britain And Her Confederate Allies Before Being Assassinated By A British Agent.

Elite Bloodline President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Incredibly Halts The Depression By Ordering The Federal Reserve To Invest Trillions Of Dollars In Infrastructure, And Invest In Corporations Creating 30 Million Jobs Instead Of Supporting The Old Slave Market Of Wall Street And Londonistan Banksters In Their Qe Inflation To Infinity. Thus Easily Building Up So Much Wealth That It Took 60 Years To Destroy It, Before Being Assassinated.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Was Attacked Four Times.. Assassination Attempt 1933, Morgan Coup 1934, Mosely Coup 1937, Before The Successful Assassination By Elizabeth Shoumatoff – President Franklin D. Roosevelt Was Sitting For Her To Paint Him At Warm Springs, Georgia, When He Suffered A Fatal Cerebral Hemorrhage On April 12, 1945. Her Colours Contained Poison, Easy To Transfer By Brush To Whisky..

Shoumatoff Painting Of Fdr

Stalin Told Elliot Roosevelt, “The Churchill Gang Murdered Fdr”

Elite Bloodline President John F. Kennedy Amazingly, Being The Son Of Old Joe Kennedy Of The Irish Mafia. John F. Kennedy Who Initiated Space Exploration To The Stars. Proposed Fusion And Nuclear Power Generation. Printed Greenbacks. Fired The Cia Director. Stopped The Vietnam War. Before Being, “Rubbed Out” – Little Big Man

Dr Martin Luther King “I Have A Dream” Is Assassinated But Did So Much Before He Died

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He Came Down To Earth From Heaven,
Who Is God And Lord Of All,
And His Shelter Was A Stable,
And His Cradle Was A Stall:
With The Poor, And Mean, And Lowly,
Lived On Earth Our Saviour Holy.

Ramana Maharshi Used To Prevent His Students Going Off To Fight In The War Of Independence Of India Against The British So They Could Swap One Set Of Slave Masters For Another. Ramana Used To Tell Them To Take Advantage Of His Grace, Meditate.

And Evolve.

Be Good.

Do Good.
“Sri Ramana Maintained That The Purest Form Of His Teachings Was The Powerful Silence – The Presence Which Radiated From Him And Quieted The Minds Of Those Attuned To It. He Gave Verbal Teachings Only For The Benefit Of Those Who Could Not Understand His Silence”

Ramana Maharshi Said,

God Made This World.

God Is In Charge Of This World.

Therefore Leave The Management Of This World To Him…

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