The Supragalactic Orbit Is The Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit

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The Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit Is The Energy Enhancement Supra Galactic Orbit

Maximum Power Up!!

Overcome The Shock And Fear Of The Death Process

Soul Contact!

It Is A Guided Meditation Of Energy Circulation, Reciprocal Maintenance (Gurdjieff) Between The Soul Central Spiritual Sun And The Earth’s Center – Alchemical Vitriol, The Creation Of The Antahkarana – Power Up!!

Practise This Initiation Every Day So That When You Die You Will Not Be So Shocked By The Death Process.

“Your Soul Is Bound For The Sky, Your Corpse Is Beneath The Ground… You Shall Go Up To The Sky…. You Shall Ascend To Those Who Are Above The Earth…. You Shall Ascend To The Sky, You Shall Traverse The Firmament, You Shall Associate With The Stars. …” – Ancient Egyptian Book Of The Dead.

The Transmigration Of Souls

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Has Repeatedly Claimed To Be The Reincarnation Of The Fakir And Saint, Sai Baba Of Shirdi,[6] Often Recounting Extensive And Detailed Accounts Of The Fakir’s Life.[6][7][8] Other Reiterations Of Sathya Sai Baba’s Claim To Be The Reincarnation Of Shirdi Sai Baba, And His Claims Of Divinity [9] Made During The Early Years Of His Mission, Are Recorded In The Volumes Of Sathya Sai Speaks.[10]

Reincarnation Into The Body Of A Baby Or Body Jumping Into Another Living Body Are Talked About In Many Ancient Texts..

The Whole Of The Tibetan Religion Is Based Upon The Rinpoche, A “Precious Jewel” Who Transfers His Consciousness Lifetime After Lifetime Into A New Body And Then Again Rules. The Dalai Lama For Example Is The Same Soul Who Has Returned To A New Body On 13 Different Occasions For Thousands Of Years.

Evans-wentz In “Tibetan Yoga And The Secret Doctrines” Talks Of “The Yoga Of The After-death State” And “The Doctrine Of Consciousness Transference” Has This To Say..

“No Master Of Yoga Ever Dies In The Normal Manner, Unless, Perchance, He Be Killed Suddenly And Unexpectedly; He Merely Reinquishes The Physical Form Which He Has Come To Recognise As No More Than A Garment To Be Put On Or Off As Desired, In Full Consciousness While Immersed In The Ecstatic Condition Of The Mind Wherein The “Clear Light” – The Chakras Above The Head – See Ee Level 1, Initiation 4 – “Ever Shines” … It Is Through Mastery Of The Pho-wa That The Great Yogin Transcends Normal Processes By Voluntarily Relinquishing His Old Outworn Body And Taking A New Body, Without Any Suffering Any Break In Continuity Of His Consciousness. In The Esoteric Sense Implied By The Christian St Paul, The Grave Thus Loses Its Sting And Death Its Victory; The Great Yogin Becomes Truly The Conqueror Both Of Death And Of Life”

As Well As Saints It Is Indeed The Source Of Many A Great Families Wealth In All Countries Through The Law Of Primogeniture Where The First Born Son Inherits All Including The Transferred Soul Of His Father. In This Way The Soul Inhabiting The Head Of The Family Or International Company Is Immortal And Has Been For Thousands Of Years.

Learn How To Access Infinite Amounts Of Healing Spiritual Energy. Energy From Accessing The Universal Energy Source From The Infinity Of Chakras Above Our Heads… Above The Crown, Sahasrara, Chakra..

“Die Before Thou Die,

That So Thou Shalt Not Die When Thou Dost Come To Die.

Else Thou Diest Utterly.

Were Christ A Thousand Times Reborn In Bethlehem’s Stall

And Not In Thee, Thou Art Lost Beyond Recall.”

Angelus Silesius

When Gorakh Says, “Die Yogi, Die.” When The Sufis Say, “Die Before You Die.” This Is Understanding The Meaning Of The Antahkarana.

In Energy Enhancement We Teach And Give Real Experience Of Ascending Through The Astral And Buddhic Planes, Escaping Beyond The Reach Of Death And Reaching Towards Immortality.

Energy Enhancement Teaches The Meditation Connection With The Soul And The Higher Self Along The Antahkarana – The Connection Between Heaven And Earth.

Forget About Small Capacitor (Internal Chakras Which Give Little Ki) And Connect In To Big Generator (The Chakras Above The Head Like The Soul And God) – Gurdjieff

Practise This Connection, The Fourth Initiation Of Energy Enhancement, Every Day So That When You Die You Will Not Be So Shocked By The Death Process.

Practise This Connection Every Day So That When You Die You Will Be Able To Pass Through The Death Process Without Losing Your Memory In Full Consciousness.

Practise This Energy Enhancement Connection Every Day So That You Can Become An Ascended Master!

Access The Energies Of The Third To The Sixth Initiations On The Path Of Enlightenment!

Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses Soul Of Meditation
Creating The Golden Head

Shining With The Light

“Creating The Golden Head” Is A Sufi Phrase Which Comes Before Illumination. It Refers To The Practise Of Samadhi (Sam – With, Adhi – The Light) Burning Out All The Impurities.

Spiritual Gold, “The More You Heat It – The More It Shines” Thiruvalluvar, Tamil Siddha

If We Can Get Our Bodies Square To The Earth, Base Chakra Rooted In The Earths Center, Head In The Central Spiritual Sun.. Speed Up! Power Up!

Why Do No Other Courses Have These Polarities Inbuilt –

Why Do They Make You Search For 20 Years In Order To Find Them?

The Golden Head – Base Chakra Rooted In The Earths Center, Head In The Central Spiritual Sun

Energy Enhancement Connection

Electricity Needs Two Polarities In Order To Flow – Rooted In The Earth – Head In The Center Of The Universe – If You Are Not Connected, If You Are Blocked At Either Pole – Electricity Will Not Flow

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Speed Up!!

Power Up!!

Like All Energy Enhancement Students In The Buddhafield.. Activate Your Natural Power By Accessing The External Energies Of The Soul And Kundalini Chakra!!

Ground Negativity

Access Soul Energy

Remove Energy Blockages

Achieve Illumination

See Past Lifetimes

Use Psychic Powers To Create Inner Peace – World Peace

Become A Siddha


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