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How do you actually tap into this supreme energy of Kundalini? The answer to this question has two dimensions in it – the physical and the mystic or the subtler dimension. That is why very easily people gets baffled and bemused by it.

Without being pedantic, it can be divulged that there are two principles that yogis of ancient India used to follow in order to upraise this primal energy – the manifestation principle and the vehement principle.

The Manifestation Principle:

The Yogis, who followed this principle, understood that a seed manifests itself into a magnificent tree if necessary environment is provided to it. Kundalini is like a spiritual seed, resting in the deep of the Muladhara. By simply providing it a suitable sattvic environment through various forms of Yogasanas (yogic physical postures), Pranayamas (breathing techniques), Kriyas (specific yogic techniques related to internal cleansing), Dhyanas (meditations), Satsangs and Sevas (selfless service) this euphoria can be attained. This process is gradual, steady and one doesn’t need to jeopardize anything to walk on this path of realization. These techniques are available to this date and can be learned by anybody who is interested. Sincere seekers can practice them on a regular basis with reverence to beckon all the benefits of Kundalini awakening.

The Vehement Principle:

Yogis under this category believed in forceful awakening of Kundalini. It is like physically getting into the kunda which stores this ultimate energy and use it for one’s own purpose. Someone nicely explained this principle as follows. It’s like building a very giant dam on a perennial river. The dam is made so high that the flowing river eventually rolls back and finally fills itself up to that glacier where it was born. The water stored this way up there on the mountain top has tremendous energy in it. The vehement upliftment of Kundalini from Muladhara to Sahasrara is also similar to this.

The yogis who used this principle had to renounce everything first and then had go through various austerities before being allowed to participate in classical Kundalini yoga sadhanas. Many a times these sadhanas included Tantras along with other forms of practices. They were often mistaken to be black-magicians and people tried to curtail them by force. The practitioners were exasperated about it and therefore mostly did their sadhanas in clandestine ways.

Hence, it is very difficult to say if these forms of practices still in existence or not. Even though many people want to learn these sadhanas, no one really knows where to find a proper master. Somebody nicely said that these practices are like walking on a sharp blade, if anything goes wrong it can ruin you for eternity. Hence, on this path finding a proper guru who has awakened his Kundalini successfully is of utmost importance. Only being stoic is not enough, as by choosing a wrong master lots and lots of people have already sabotaged their own lives.

Which one is better?

Undoubtedly yogis of both kinds were real life spiritual aficionados. They had complete mastery over the nature and the human system. So, it won’t be right to point one as good and another as bad. They vary in their intentions and hence in their techniques. The intention of the first kind is to attain liberation or enlightenment and that of the second is mostly to gain Siddhi which looks like occult.

Both of them has its own profoundness and could guide an individual to his ultimate possibility. However, looking at our present day scenario one would possibly consider the former principle as safer and more practical.

Kundalini Rising, Part 3: The Solar Plexus Chakra

“The Manipura Chakra is as radiant and bright as the sun dominating the dawn. Draw in the prana and hold it there while meditating on the fire element. This meditation dispels the deeply ingrained fear of death” – Gheranda Samhita, one of the three classic texts of Hatha yoga.


As we rise up through the seven blossoming Chakras, with the corporeal energy of Kundalini in tow, we become more aware of our divine union with all things. We discover that the universe itself is a giant blooming flower in and of itself, and we are its slowly opening eye. Conscious awareness is upon us. Our vehicle is the divine feminine, Shakti. We are ready to be transformed, and fire will be the medium of our transformation.

In our last article we opened the Swadhisthana Chakra, or Sacral Chakra. Kundalini has been awakened and has now moved up to the third level: The Manipura, or Solar Plexus. The fundamental quality of this chakra is transformation. The fiery aspect of this Chakra makes it the seat of our unique identity, where we are free to project our power and charisma into the world.

This is where our Will to Power (Nietzsche) and self-discipline become manifest. Just as fire transforms solids into liquids and liquids into gas, the inner fire transforms our unconscious into conscious awareness. The Manipura is our energy center, radiating vital prana, the sum total of all energy that manifests in the universe, throughout our entire body.

The main deity associated with this Chakra is the Hindu deity Agni, God of Fire

The Manipura is symbolized by a yellow lotus with ten fiery petals. It is located in the area of the solar plexus just above the navel. It is associated with the element of fire (the inverted red triangle), so the sun is a popular symbol, but its primary planet is Mars. The direct translation of Manipura is “The City of Jewels.”

The main deity associated with this Chakra is the Hindu deity Agni, God of Fire, who has two heads, one denotes the creative aspect of fire and the other denotes its destructiveness. He is ever-young, being born and reborn every day in the crucible of his own fire. A lesser deity associated with this chakra is Rudra. His name has been translated as, “The Howler;” and so he howls inside us, turning ‘red’ with passion and a will toward a higher calling.


It is also associated with digestion and movement. In this respect, our emotional self and mental correlate which are found within intuition and “gut feelings.” When this Chakra is balanced we feel endowed to lead our lives with dynamism, power and authority. Self-love is important here. When in tune and balanced, our solar plexus puts the ego-mind (or small mind) in check, and then Big Mind is free to engage and ‘feel’ the cosmic threads that bind and connect all things. boosts self esteem, respect for others, calmness and initiative. You feel friendly, joyful and confident.

By meditating on this Chakra one is said to attain the prana to create or destroy the world. In this respect, an over-active Solar Plexus Chakra can lead to arrogance, conceit, and self-centeredness. If this happens we run the risk of becoming power-hungry, one-right-way, egotists.

When this Chakra is under-active, or blocked, we tend to feel unworthy and have a low self-esteem. Our emotional state is one of depression and anxiety. We tend to be doubtful and mistrusting toward others. This kind of stress can lead to a plethora of physical problems: poor digestion, ulcers, diabetes, liver or kidney problems, anorexia, bulimia, and even intestinal tumors.

Solar Plexus Meditation:

Wear something yellow, or imagine the color yellow. Better yet, meditate in front of a fire or a candle. While meditating, focus your prana on the solar plexus. Imagine a bright yellow Chakra spinning there, like a radiant sun. Imagine this internal sun nourishing your core, bathing your digestive organs in healing light, just as the external sun nourishes your skin.

Notice how you feel as a Differentiated Unity in the greater undifferentiated cosmos. Feel the benevolent power of the universe. Allow it to pour into you in the form of charismatic confidence and transformative control. Allow it to guide you up to the next level; to the fourth chakra: The Heart Chakra, the Anahata.

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Awakening, Kundalini Rising And The Unexplained Ear Ringing

by Conscious Reminder

When your Kundalini is in the process of getting activated, there are a lot many physical, visible signs of this change that you will observe. One of these signs is a ringing sensation in your ears.

When our kundalini is about to be awakened, we feel a surge of energy coursing through our body. This energy is crucial for bringing about the change.

This energy gives boost to the Kundalini energy which unfurls when acted upon by this force. This would mean that all our chakras will be receiving and processing a lot more energy than they are used to.

Among these chakras are also the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. It is the hyperactivity in these two chakras which causes this sensation in our ears.

Even among them, the former has more effect on the ringing, because it is the primary chakra which rules the senses.

Other effects, as per the different chakras include:

● When the root chakra is facing a surge of energy running through it, it kick-starts our survival mechanisms. Thus you will get jitters and anxiety.

● When the sacral chakra is overactive, it makes us greedy for the base and materialistic pleasures. You’d binge eat, or drink and would be vulnerable to addiction. You’d feel like indulging yourself more than is usual.

● An overactive solar plexus chakra focuses all our attention towards our own ego. It will make you selfish because you’d give priority to your needs over others, always.

● As opposite to the solar plexus chakra, an overactive heart chakra makes you completely selfless and you will always keep the needs of others, even if it comes at the cost of self sacrifice. You’d feel the need to liver others and be loved back so empowering that you will forget everything else.

● When the throat chakra is imbalanced it will make you to speak more, even babble without listening to others.

● The senses get disrupted when the third eye chakra is overactive. It includes hearing, and also vision, sensitivity to light etc.

● And an awakening in the kundalini allowed us to find our way to the spirituality which we possess and which is dormant in our crown chakra. It will help us find our connection to the spiritual plane.

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Kundalini Awakening Process



It all actually started with little physical symptoms, like losing hair, sudden appearing red rashes that came as fast as they went away, itching skin, especially around the spine and many times directly above the tailbone… It was not pleasant that’s for sure… A few weeks after all these little symptoms appeared out of nowhere another anomaly started appearing as well. I slowly developed a sight of a whitish glow around my hands that seemed to physically follow my hands! It looked like a translucent version of my fingers that in slow motion would go after the physical hands… It was then when in the night I suddenly felt extreme vibrations going through the whole body. Felt like being electrocuted! Heavy vibrations buzzing from all kind of body parts head, heart, torso etc… You name it, all of them at the same time!

2 days after a repeatedly vibration attack in the night, I suddenly realized that I had a glowing dot in my vision, when I started to write something it was in the way on each letter that I was looking at. This dot soon showed it’s true nature. I started seeing moving particles in this dot and the dot itself became a yellow glowing dot with green outcast light. Inside I can see red tiny particles flying around and sometimes when I focus on it, I can see the dot forming pictures. I see most of the time white light that rotates like rotor blades or like pulsing water ripples! Then another time I saw butterflies floating and circling inside the dot! And also a little flower.

Well I continued with it without worrying about it too much and even today I still have the orb and can see the particles. It’s actually amazing, I learned how to read with it, but it is only possible when the font is not too small apparently, because otherwise the glowing dot covers letters and they seem to disappear completely!


It was that time, when I first started to read about Kundalini Awakenings and risings. I did not know about it before and so I tried to read as much as possible. Many posts describe it as difficult to archive and some even say DON’T TRY TO AWAKEN THE SNAKE! But as with everything else, there are always two sides to a story. And it makes sense that people would try to monger fear around those who actually managed to have the Kundalini Awakening. People fear what they do not understand.


then started out of intuition started doing Chakra breathing and started with the heart. I could feel it and also different chakras. So I decided to try it the next days with in a meditation session!
It was then when I suddenly started feeling shaking sensation in my lower back, hips area. I didn’t know what it was, but it felt strange. Since that’s the first time it happened!


Yep literally Magic can happen! The next day I laid down in the living room. I opened the balcony door the sunlight was shining through it… So I closed my eyes and lay there with my head towards the open balcony door. It also helped me to visualize light beams coming through the door and into my crown. I visualized the light going from chakra to chakra and continued with chakra breathing. I started from the root this time. I began breathing through my root and soon enough because of my relaxed state of mind, I got weird pictures in my minds eye that showed a red root coming from the earth underneath the balcony and literally going through the genitals inside my root chakra. It was THEN when I suddenly felt an odd sensation. I felt sexual arousal! Just without doing anything to cause it! The pictures formed movements inside my mind that supported the feeling and soon enough I started feeling inner sensations from down there that could be described as G spot orgasm! It was VERY Intense and I just relaxed further and let it happen. After it got less and less again I started opening my eyes and wanted to be sure that there was no one there… Because it felt so strange. But no… I was alone in the living room, same position etc. I was BLOWN AWAY, Literally!


The next day I still had that odd sensation of something buzzing in the hips and shaking in the root area and 2 days in a row I felt sexual arousal literally the whole day… When I was sitting it was very strong, when I was lying it was even stronger, but the feeling from before could not be repeat afterwards.

2 Days I was running and driving around being sexual aroused and I had no idea what was going on. I read about sexual energy, Kundalini and then made the connection. That the life force, sexual energy etc. are all the same thing. It was Kundalini, it was aroused but didn’t want to move yet, so something was missing apparently!

One evening I started watching a music video of an Orchestra and in the first 7 minutes I felt strange buzzing in my hips once again and the sexual arousal got stronger, it could not be covered anymore, because it was definitely there! At minute 27 then the magic happened. The buzzing in my hips stopped and I suddenly got the weird feeling of something literally slithering up the spine. It pumped against ribs and shoulder blades. I mean literally pumped from inside to the outside! I was thinking what the hell was that??? It was a Kundalini Awakening as I figured out much later in the process.

In that same night of the awakening I could not sleep. I mean my body started jerking, buzzing me awake again, legs moved upwards without my control, like when a doctor knocks your knee with a hammer! I felt continuously balls or snake movements underneath my skin on the back! Upwards, downwards and pumping against my shoulder blades. But did not reach the head yet! Because I learned that THIS is undeniable and one will feel it for sure as pressure or headache or even dizziness etc. I was awake until 4:30 AM that same night and funny enough I was not tired the next day… It was like an energizing experience and I don’t want to exchange it with anything, because it’s that powerful!

3 days later

I am now 3 days after the last experience… The upward and downward movements are now felt as energetic currents that press against the spine and even little bloating of the abdominal area can be felt and SEEN! I never saw something like that. I mean literally when I took a close look down there above the genitals the skin suddenly moved a little bit up like it was breathing, I felt it from the inside, like a bubble that was exploding and visible on the skin!

I suddenly also start feeling magnetism around me. Some place’s my hands start extremely to buzz and I feel some kind of electric there!

AUGUST 29th, 2014

Last evening I was feeling like I wanted to sing. The energy was quiet and didn’t move very much at that time. I still felt my hands buzzing but other than that I only had a slight feeling of sexual arousal during the day! But then something strange happened. I wanted to start singing and so I listened to songs over headphones and started to sing with the songs. Then I felt it again. I felt the vibrations inside my body and the upward moving started again! Some voice tones resonated with Kundalini energy it seemed and so I got once again aroused and felt the snake moving through the spine and ribs. It was then when I especially felt my bones… Even needed to crack my neck a few times, because it was stiff! But undeniable the singing activated a movement once again!

In the night Kundalini was still working and I felt upwards movements. But this time it was more concentrated on different areas. Like it was right above the spine base and I could feel bloating and pushing as well as shaking. It seems Kundalini goes slowly upwards while removing tension and detoxes the body in baby steps! I think a whole awakening in one night would probably be too much and people would just go insane. I mean in every area it is working it produces pain and pumping feelings. If it was the whole body all at once I would not know what to do actually!

From End of August on I suddenly got a break. I could not feel anything anymore. No electric currents, no buzzing, no tingles, shaking and pinpricks anymore. It was like the energy left me and went back to sleep… This time was very difficult for me to handle, because from one huge contrast to the next, a dull life without much “life”. It was such a realization, that we are never really alive, if we can’t even feel our true self! The energetic part of us, which is infinite and Kundalini has the power to awaken us to this insight! One can’t believe this if one did not experience it! Kundalini came back 2 months later. December the 3rd was the second Awakening and since then the energy is working inside of me 24/7. It gets mostly pronounced towards the evening. From 5:00 PM up till late in the night I can feel the buzzing and vibrations inside and around my body!

I decided to create this blog in order to reach the people who run from doctor to doctor without any results… People who spend tons of money for check ups, blood work, EKG etc. If Kundalini is awakened it can be very sudden and most people feel the Awakening with a LOT of vibrations inside the body. But it can also manifest in a form that can be misdiagnosed as Epilepsy, Restless Leg Syndrome etc. A Kundalini Down to Top activation is very common and starts with tons of physical symptoms. Until the energy reaches the higher chakras. Some people very rarely experience a Top Down activation and for those individuals it can be extremely difficult. Because from now to tomorrow you are suddenly being opened to the bigger reality that was always there but hidden in front of your own eyes! You may start seeing Spirits, light; particles of energies, luminous lights in the air and you may start seeing visions with your Third eye! Simply know that you are not alone and that there are people just like you!



My Story

Kundalini Yoga – yoga time

Kundalini, also known as laya, yoga derives its name from its focus on awakening kundalini energy which is conceptually thought to be a primal energy coiled at the base of the spine like a serpent. The style is somewhat of an amalgam of styles as it is influenced by shaktisim and tantra as well as a sort of combination of various elements of hatha and kriya yogas. Often referred to as the “yoga of awareness”, this style focuses on unlocking and realizing the full creative potential of an individual. As such, it is reportedly popular with various creative celebrities such as Madonna, Russell Brand, and Miranda Kerr, among others.

The origination of this style is somewhat muddied as it evolved out of multiple forms of yoga but the most common modern interpretation is from Yogi Bahjan, who introduced his own brand of this style (and the most common one known today) in 1968. He later founded the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization as a way to train new instructors in this specific branding and style of yoga.

The bulk of the focus in this style of yoga is on preparing the body to unleash the kundalini energy, particularly in the nervous system and the mind. Most of the poses in kundalini yoga focus on the third chakra, at the naval, and use bandhas to release and focus the unlocked energy. In this emphasis on chakras as they function within this particular yoga style, it is thought that kundalini energy is awoken when the inhalation and exhalation of breath combine at the third chakra. The energy is then directed to drop down to the second and first chakras, and before rising up the spine along what is known as the golden chord, penetrating all seven chakras. This emphasis on the breath can also been seen through the practice of breathing in one nostril and out the other as a way to cleanse pathways in preparation for the movement of this serpentine energy.

This style is much more spiritual than some other styles as it looks to connect an individual with their kundalini energy and in doing so, connect to their own energy fields through their chakras which in turn can connect with others. There is a major element of personal growth to be expected in this style of yoga due to an awakening of one’s consciousness. In doing so, some practitioners report having to confront difficult emotions that arise in this practice but ultimately it is for the better as the goal is to eventually release one’s self from one’s karma and uncovering one’s life purpose, or dharma. If your personal yoga goal is simply physical, this might not be the appropriate style for you at this time but if you are looking for a deeper connection in your practice, consider this style to connect to your own energy and unlock your creative potential.

Sexual Kundalini, Tantra, and Creative Manifestation

On the spiritual journey, as kundalini starts to rise from the base, progressively due to the spiritual work you may be doing (chakra meditations for example), the movement of energy can feel very sexual at times. And it can result in a strengthening of sexual desire that wants to be fulfilled. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for it to be expressed sexually, perhaps because the situation isn’t right for it, or else a potential partner isn’t available, or because the energy is meant to be contained and expressed in a different way, which can then become amazingly creative in your life. You may contain it and embody it, through particular practices of ‘tantra’…

Released Kundalini That Feels Sexual

Released kundalini energy might feel very sexual, but there is often a fine dividing line between this and purely creative energy — the two are very closely related. So what you may well find is that, by working to contain the feelings within, without necessarily expressing sexually, that you start to draw all manner of reflective manifestations in the field around you: a beautiful bird for example or some other creature in nature; powerful life-changing synchronicities; you may witness clouds shaping synchronistically in the heavens; and 5D connections forming with new people and creative situations coming into your life.


One essential aspect of activating kundalini and containing it, is that you’ll likely start seeing plentiful reflections of your Twin Flame around you. In the Openhand Approach, the Twin Flame does not physically incarnate. Rather it is the other polarity of the soul, which takes shape near the source, as the soul starts to flow into form — as it incarnates. So at this point, the soul notionally subdivides into two, one part — the Twin Flame — staying close to the source, and the other incarnating. When the soul is active and integrated enough within the incarnated journey, the Twin Flame then begins to generate reflections in the field around the incarnated soul, thus acting as ‘homing beacon’, drawing the soul through life — through the Universal Torus — inviting deeper integration and therefore progressive ‘ascension’ back to the source (an inner journey which is reflected into the outer world).

The question is, how do you master this movement when it might feel mainly sexual, but the sexual urges aren’t necessarily being reciprocated or there are no immediate circumstances for full sexual expression?

An Outline Practice of Tantra

This is where the practice of ‘tantra’ becomes essential, which to me, is essentially transcending the physical experience by penetrating through it with awareness and bringing the expressed energy fully back inside yourself.

Essentially you allow the kundalini energy to flow, supported by daily spiritual practice (pranic breathing for example); you might then witness someone who activates sexual urges in you, but where there’s not necessarily opportunity for that to be fulfilled. Nevertheless you may allow the feelings to flow, but being clear to bring the cycle of energy back within yourself. How to do this? It is the recognition that any kind of sexual fulfillment — orgasm for example — is generated by the sense of completeness that happens within you. It’s as if the realised aspect of yourself is meeting and uniting with the unrealised aspect right back at the source — you’re essentially having a unification process with your Twin Flame. Which is why it can feel so remarkable. But you do have to practice bringing the energy back inside and not attaching to the external subject. You let it flow out with the expression of your desire, but working to stay completely present and bringing the energy back to you in a cycle. You literally feel the embodiment of the energy within yourself. This can be practiced in actual sexual intimacy with a partner or by self pleasuring — being attentive during release to bring the cycle of consciousness back to the completeness of the source within. But as I’ve expressed, this tantric practice is not limited merely to sexual intimacy.

Please note: It’s also essential to add, that if an external reflection in someone is generating sexual desire within you, but the person is not reciprocating, it is best not to be imagining that you are sexually fulfilling with them through this tantric containment practice — the risk being that you generate unwelcome energetic connections through the field with them anyway, which would then be an invasion of privacy and the other person’s sovereignty. But it maybe that the reflections you see create an imaginary vision not related to the subject, which can then be fine to express sexually, through self pleasuring, in a divinely sacred manner — it not just being about sexuality, but deeply expressed sensuality, connecting widely through the senses, being gentle and sensitive with oneself.

(Explore sacred sexuality further in this Openhand forum thread.)

Where Blockages Created Distorted Tantric Experience

This form of tantra is highly advanced, and the movement of energy is likely to reveal internal blockages, such as in the sacrum for example, where unrealised soul might be attaching in relationship. If you notice this happening, it’s essential to strengthen your chakra attunement practices, but also being clear to work in daily life where attachment may be arising — it’s about softening into the blockage, exploring where there might be subconscious need, bringing this into awareness and realising the completeness of the One that you already are.

(Sample this Openhand Chakra Opening and Attunement Meditation to support your practice.)

It’s also essential to note, that distorted expression of releasing kundalini energy, which then sticks within particular chakras — such as the base for example — can allow in interdimensional entities, which then wish to exploit and harness the releasing energy. I’ve experienced them feeding purely sexual desire so as to harness this energy — which is one of the highest forms of divine energy — hence the risk of becoming a target. It’s essential therefore to be vigilant, totally conscious and aware in your own field, and always looking for aligned expression — the feeling and sense of rightness within how you express, and particularly sexually.

(If you feel entities invading your field, try this Openhand Releasing Entities and Implants Meditation.)

Practicing Tantra in Life

If we can master holding the rising kundalini, without necessarily having to express sexually, but then transmute inappropriate desire progressively into internal embodiment of the completion of the energy, then you’ll increasingly find that the energy is integrated into your field and life, to be expressed magically in countless ways: when you eat food for example, you fully taste it, being fully present with it, yet again, the delight of actually tasting and fulfilling as consuming, is embodied by witnessing the sense of completion within you as you eat.

If we practice this tantric approach, then you’re highly likely to witness reflections of your Twin Flame progressively all around you in life: in nature, in songs and music, in the twinkle of a persons eye, in the sign on an advertising billboard. You witness something, feel the arising of energy, but then embody it as a sense of fulfilled completeness in the moment. It feels utterly divine, like you’re constantly living with divine presence — the fulfillment of you — all around you. Not only does it feel magical, the contained internal potential, becomes a powerful creative manifesting engine in your life.

This embodied tantric energy is then ‘normalised’ within you. It becomes a way of living, where life is dancing around you, continually creating, and being fulfilled as a sense of completeness within. It can be expressed sexually, but doesn’t have to be. It is simply creative. Simply divine. I encourage all who resonate with my sharing to explore along the lines I’ve expressed, but in a way that feels appropriate for you.

(Experience advanced kundalini and tantric practices on the PARADIGM SHIFT World Tour.)

In loving support,

About the author:

Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living.

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Unstable Kundalini Energy

Is it wise to become romantically involved with those whose Kundalini energy have not stabilized? When our Kundalini energy first rises, it is like lava shooting out of a volcano.  It is highly unstable and volatile as there is nothing subtle about this experience.  Our physical bodies go into crisis with many unexplained debilitating aches, illness, and chronic pains.  Our emotional state becomes unstable many times manifesting mental illness symptoms, including psychosis, auditory and visual hallucinations, and severe moods swings.

Kundalini energy heightens physical and emotional conditions that already exists within us.  So if you have mild mental illness, you will have the extreme form of that illness when Kundalini energy rises, and if you already have physical ailments, those ailments may become debilitating. Many become disabled and even hospitalized as we may be unable to work, attend school, or even have a stable family life.

Take all these problems and add another with similar problems who you are romantically involved.  My advise is to get professional or self help for your emotional and physical symptoms with someone who is familiar with Kundalini energy, and do not get involved romantically particularly with another whose Kundalini energy also is unstable.  Even becoming emotionally close with another who is Kundalin active when we are Kundalini active can create this sexual dynamic and emotional imprint that will keep us trapped in this dynamic.  It may take you years to separate from the other, even if we try to leave.

If you are interested in stabilizing your Kundalini energy, please see this tab on my Blogsite Homepage.  Blessings of healing light, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Understanding Kundalini Yoga

With so many different types of yoga out there, it can be challenging to stay informed of each style. But in the spirit of a holistic yoga practice, we should strive to learn more about other approaches and, if appropriate, integrate them into our own practice or teaching.

Our yoga teacher training blog has covered various types of yoga already, but today we’re going to focus on Kundalini Yoga. It is among one of the oldest lineages and predates most other types of yoga, especially those being offered in modern studios.

What is kundalini?

Kundalini is the practice of discovering untapped energy held at the base of the spine that can be brought up through the body to awaken each of the chakras.  Kundalini yoga is an incredibly impactful tool for expanding awareness. “Kundalini awakening,” reached through a combination of movement, deep breathing, meditation and the chanting of mantras, results in an incredibly positive, energized and focused feeling.

Practicing kundalini yoga helps create resilience, strength and vitality, and leaves you feeling renewed and even exhilarated.

What is kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga incorporates sound, breath and postures to awaken and channel this source of energy. Postures for kundalini combine breathing techniques with poses focused on the naval, spine and other key energy points. Exercises may include breath of fire while doing a backbend, deep one-nostril or alternate-nostril breathing, shoulder stands, and seated meditations while chanting mantras.

Often the yoga instructor, as well as some of the students, in kundalini yoga classes will be wearing predominately white clothing. This is based on the teaching that white expands the aura or magnetic field. Kundalini classes also all begin with a process called “tuning in,” in which everyone chants, while seated, the phrase Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, which translates to “I bow to the subtle divine wisdom, I bow to the teacher within.”

Kundalini is worth incorporating into your yoga practice as a way to connect to your inner potential, respond to the things during your day that drain energy, and find renewed energy and vitality. Through chanting mantras, focused breathing and opening postures, kundalini expands our inner vitality.

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Kundalini Energy as Catalyst

Happy New Year!  In the new year, it is an opportunity to reflect on what I have learned about myself.  Shortly after the rise of my Kundalini energy in March 2011, I began to realize what this energy means to the world, and what it means to be Kundalini active.  It is both a blessing and a curse. Shortly before the rise of my Kundalini energy, I met a Kundalini active man.  After my Kundalini energy rose, I interacted with him for about four years, and it became clear to me how  Kundalini energy serves the world.

Kundalini energy serves as a catalysts for change, but many in the world whom we encounter are not ready for this change.  We frighten many people because interacting with us is like looking into a mirror.  We mirror back to others what they are not able to see due to their egos. However, when they encounter our Kundalini energy, it allows them to see things about themselves.

Many people I encounter react very negatively to me, and find my energy heightens their problems within them.  For example, if someone is a codependent, their behavior will worsen around me. If they have low esteem, their fears of being unworthy will be heighted around me.  Many have blamed me for causing these negative emotions, when in reality these problems are within them.  Although we can trigger these negative emotions, these emotions already exist within them.

Because Kundalini energy serves as catalysts, once we have served our purpose, we move on.  Just as catalysts in a chemical reaction does not remain with the reaction, we too move on to catalyze others.  It is helpful to know the catalytic purpose we serve for others.

Since meeting this Kundalini active man, other Kundalini active individuals have contacted me to engage, but I realize that these individuals will not likely remain in my life as I understand their purpose.  We would catalyze each other to assist each other in our spiritual growth, but the interaction may be quite turbulent due to the nature of Kundlaini energy.

I have declined these invitations as I have chosen to travel alone on my spiritual journey. I believe my path is the clearest when I am the solitary traveler. (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


Kundalini Yoga and Sikhism

This is a slightly controversial topic from my knowledge on this aspect of Kundalini Yoga. I can only write from my experience through my training at Yoga West and what I’ve learned thus far about the two traditions.

I will tell you first off that Kundalini Yoga is not a religion. It is not a cult. It is simply a technology of using your body and training your mind to be able to embody your Divinity on this planet.

Yogi Bhajan, the man who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in the late 60’s, was from India. He was a practising Sikh throughout his lifetime, and many of the practices of Sikhism were infused into Kundalini Yoga. Many who practice Kundalini Yoga become Sikh from what I can tell.

“When I started teaching Kundalini Yoga, I also began to give people Sikh Dharma. I didn’t want people to be misled. I did not want to be a Sat Guru; neither am I, nor was I, nor shall I ever be. Many people grow in stature and then want to be worshipped in their personal identity rather than taking people to their own Infinite identity. Values must be taught with Kundalini Yoga…

…It is true that as a person grows naturally and organically they will end up with the consciousness of a Sikh – a student of Infinity who is humble, serves all, and brings consciousness into committed action.” ~ Page 50, Yogi Bhajan, The Aquarian Teacher Level One Instructor Textbook

From my understanding Yogi Bhajan wasn’t on a mission to convert people to Sikh dharma it was simply that many things in the Sikh traditions make sense from an energetic point of view and therefore as a way of life. Many of the teachings are drawn from the ten Sikh Gurus as we read through our text books we see this occurring over and over again.

This is something that was addressed in the first two weekends at KYTT by our teachers: there is a yoga technology given by Yogi Bhajan that works. Take what works. You do not have to be Sikh or convert to being Sikh. It is not a requirement to walk the path of the Kundalini Yogi.

At first I was like “oh I want to get rid of all the Sikh things” but now to be honest, I just take what resonates with me. At first I didn’t want to have the Sikh stuff because I didn’t come to the class searching for a new religion or anything like that. I just wanted the yoga.

Then I realized that much of what is incorporated are things that are simply about being a good person, being a good teacher, seeking for the Truth. Now I don’t filter as much because I’m not concerned with figuring out if this is Sikh or not. It just is about being a good person, being humble, and embodying Divinity.

Take what resonates and leave the rest. 

Sikhism is like most religions in this world. It provides a way of life that connects you to the Divine and provides you with a path to Enlightenment. And that’s great. I love being a good person and learning more things that will help me become a better person and more in tune with my Divinity.

Sometimes I’ve noticed with Yogi B. that his teachings are really clear and crystalline. They feel like they adhere to the Universal teachings. Other times I feel they are more human. It does not devalue his teachings to us but makes them more valuable because it shows how human he can be. He is human like us. And he is Divinity. And we can see both inside one man. 

That’s really special: to be able to see both aspects inside one person. It really tells us that we are both. All of us.

Yogi B did cause some stir in the Sikh community I’ve heard and read about. Apparently some Sikhs don’t like the way that he was presenting the Sikh religion. It’s a matter of perception. Yogi B did have strong opinions about Sikhism. Here’s some quotes from Yogi B about Sikhism from one of my text books, “The Master’s Touch”.

“Please don’t misunderstand that we want you to be this, we want you to be that. t’s not true. Actually, Sikhism is not a religion, believe me or not. If you really understand it, it’s not a religion. It became a religion, we make it a religion, because we want to escape persecution. That I can understand. What is a Sikh? A Sikh is a living sage who helps another person to become a Sage in every age. “Sikh” means “student”. A student is one who studies to be a student, and whosover becomes a perfect student becomes a perfect master. And what is a sage? The one through whom wisdom flows. A sage is not wise. A sage is one through whom wisdom flows.” ~ Page 50

“When I came to the United States and we became Sikh Dharma, religion was forced on us. You have to understand, I am very anti-religion. I know all the loopholes. I studied every religion. And I said, “Why do we have to be Sikhs? What nonsense is this? Forget it.”
Then I thought, “Wait a minute. There is one way to do it. Give them bana, give them bani, give them seva…. they will automatically become intuitive.” ~ Page 165

I don’t adhere to any one religion, and I’m grateful to be learning about a different perspective on the world. I’m grateful to be learning about Saints and Spiritual Master’s I’ve not heard of before.

I’m grateful that Yogi B was kind of a rebel himself. ?

Here are some thoughts by Guru Raj Kaur on Kundalini Yoga and Sikhism.


Exploiting Kundalini Energy

I am writing about a taboo subject that very few people write about or disclose about their Kundalini experience.   As you may be aware, Kundalini energy is sexual energy resting at the base of the human spine.  When this energy is raised, it helps us with an awakening experience and creates awakening symptoms.  The side effect is heightened sexual energy that can get out of control.  This sexual energy is intended to help us expand our consciousness and spiritual awareness, expand to a higher vibration, and help us live a more authentic life. If this energy is not used for these purposes, we will try to release this energy through sexual intercourse.

For those who have experienced trauma or abuse, or suffer from emotional or mental problems, particularly from sexual abuse or assault, this Kundalini energy becomes distorted and many have exploited this sexual energy for personal gains through sexual promiscuity, not associated with polyamory that is their other sexual partners do not know about these sexual and etheric activities.

Many seek out other Kundalini active individuals for sex and energetic connections while still married to their husbands and wives.  These sexual liaisons are feigned as true love, tantra, or twin flames, but these sexual relationships cannot and do not last as each of these individuals have real lives with their spouses, and many have children as well.  What does this matter, you say, since they are all consenting adults having consenting affairs?

The problem is that there are spouses, children, and families who are negatively impacted by the sexual promiscuity of these Kundalini active individuals. There are deceptions, lies, infidelity, and betrayal, and distrust is created within these families. Many of the individuals say, “We just can’t tell our spouses about these sexual, etheric, and energetic connections, but it just feels so good.”   Well, the answer is live an authentic life and live your truth by sharing your life with whom you are having this energetic and sexual connection, and leave your other life behind. Living in these two worlds and two separate realities is not living an authentic life, and certainly not living any semblance of truth.

Be true to yourself and your life, as you must make a choice.  You cannot live a life with your spouse, then have an energetic connecting and a sexual relationship with another whether they are Kundalini active or not.  Alternatively, give up your energetic and sexual connection, and live an authentic life with your spouse and children.  Living in this duality is destructive and irresponsible, frequently breaking up marriages and families, causing hurt, pain, and trauma to your spouses, children, and families.

These behaviors also create cumulative negative karma for your soul lives.  Next time you get the urge to hookup with another Kundalini active person for sex or energetic connection, rethink your decision, and remind yourself about how many people you will hurt by your actions.  Sending peace and healing light. (Copyright 2015 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)


Kundalini yoga sessions promote rest, meditation

Every Wednesday afternoon, yoga instructor Susan Biddlecomb leads a complimentary Kundalini yoga class in the Engemann Student Health Center. The class is part of the Happy Hour series sponsored by the Office for Wellness and Health Promotion, which offers a variety of free yoga classes throughout the semester. Kundalini yoga is one of the primary classes offered, providing students without any prior experience or training the opportunity to learn an uncommon yoga practice.

Every Wednesday, the Engemann Student Health Center hosts a Kundalini yoga session led by instructor Susan Biddlecommb. Olivia Ordin | Daily Trojan

Biddlecomb has been practicing Kundalini for almost a decade. As Director of Information Systems at Engemann, she originally started teaching the class to fellow staff members as a way to get people moving throughout their typically sedentary days at the office.

“As a staff member, I knew that there were people that could use something to get moving during the day,” Biddlecomb said. “My thought was just to share [the practice] with other people and to help them as best as I could.”

From there, the Kundalini classes blossomed, forming the bulwark of the Happy Hour series. Today, the practice is offered three times a week, attracting a variety of students and faculty members alike.

As a practice, Kundalini is centered on breathing, meditation, exercise and endurance. Originally brought to the United States in 1969, the class involves a series of exercises that are connected to a greater theme, or “crea,” that is articulated at the start of the session. Each session begins with a warm up and ends with meditation guided by the sounds of the gong. The exercises performed during the class are different each week.

“The beginning and the end of each class are the same,” Biddlecomb said. “And within that, there are three components: warm-up, exercise sets and meditations.”

Throughout the class, participants are instructed on how to breathe, where to shift one’s focus and which part of the body to emphasize in each stretch or movement. Embedded in each hour-long session are chants and meditations dictated by the instructor, each of which are designed to stimulate energy flow.

“Almost everything we do in this practice is related to moving energy in some way,” Biddlecomb said. “There are probably close to a thousand sets, and all the sets are exercises in a sort of order that move energy. Some of the exercises are just breaking up blockages in one area of the body.”

Biddlecomb also said that these meditations can be highly specific. Throughout the semester, she utilizes various themes depending on the social and political climates of both the University and the nation.

“I have a pool of themes or topics that I pick from; there are some times when I will change up the class based on what’s happening in the world,” Biddlecomb said. “There are meditations for very specific situations that affect your nervous system in a major way, such as addiction, self-animosity, natural disasters [and] warfare.”

Biddlecomb highlighted the primary benefits of consistent yoga practice for students at USC, underscoring its positive effects on work ethic and mental health.

“This practice will affect your physical body as you move energy, but students have also told me over and over again that their practice has helped them to clear their minds and be better able to focus on their school work and activities,” she said. 

Furthermore, Biddlecomb added a personal note to conclude the class, expressing how Kundalini has transformed her life and career.

“Yoga was a plunge into something I had never done before,” she said. “But ultimately, I found my voice through it.”

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Kundalini Awakening and Accelerated Recovery

Two and a half years ago, I raised my Kundalini energy and began my ascension work to deal with the energy blockages in my energy body and chakras.  When I raised my Kundalini energy, I had not resolved many of my childhood traumas resulting in physical pains and discomforts from these blockages and coping with terrible fears raised when I began experiencing physical, emotional, and psychic changes from my Kundalini energy.

Kundalini energy intensifies our physical and psychological conditions, and psychic abilities.  For example, if you are diagnosed with physical or psychological conditions, it may get worse when you raise your Kundalini energy, and if you have psychic abilities that too will get more intensified.  I spoke with many Kundalini active people who have autism, bipolar disorder, or other mental disorders, and all have said their conditions worsened.

The up side to raising your Kundalini energy is that you have the ability to accelerate your recovery from trauma, abuse, or other emotional injuries as I have experienced.  In two and a half years, I have experienced an unusually fast recovery of childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse by my parents.   I have accepted my past after grieving the loss of love from my parents and of my childhood, forgiving others for my abuse, forgiving myself for my reactions to others, and learning to love myself when others could not.

As a result, I was able to leave my past behind me in that I left a marriage that was not right for me, let go of an unhealthy relationship, moved to a new city, began a different career, and changed many friends who no longer suit me.  I now live with little fear in my life, have good self esteem, set healthy boundaries with others, feel really happy and peaceful in my life while alone, and can share love, time, and resources with others freely.

These changes can be daunting to those around us, since they are so dramatic and extreme to many people.  These inevitable changes needed to occur in order for me to leave behind my past, and move onto a healthier future.  Blessings of light, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


Kundalini Yoga is a Game Changer

That’s it. That’s all.

I don’t have to search for anything else.

It’s all embedded right into this old practice of a style of Raja yoga that traveled to the West in the 1960’s with Yogi Bhajan.

My first class was around seven years ago. I’ll never forget it. I enrolled with my boyfriend at the time and one of my best friends for an 8 week chakra course. Each class, starting at the root chakra, focused on excerises to balance and align that energy center.

Each class we would leave in an altered state of consciousness unlike we had ever experienced.

I filed it in my mind: this is important. Then I promptly forgot about it.

It wouldn’t be until last year that I would begin to practice it again.

After trying many different yogas, mostly due to my inability to find a suiting kundalini yoga class in Victoria -I found a seniors yoga, an expensive one, and one somewhere challenging to get to and confusing as to when the classes were occuring.

I said screw it.

Kundalini Yoga is the only yoga I want to practice.

None of the other yoga’s had that same depth, that same ability to alter my consciousness that effectively in a single class.

And I began to teach myself Kundalini Yoga with the help of a friend studying it in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The wonders of the internet!

In March 2013 while walking through a forest on a backpacking trip in the Gulf Islands I received the intuition that I was to take my Kundalni Yoga Teacher Training.

Yeah, right, I thought as I researched prices and locations. I was on welfare at the time, and that is a “paycheque” of $610 a month. Hardly liveable, never mind an income I can save with.

I decided if I wasn’t able to attend Teacher Training, I would practice.

Practice is one of the most important things in yoga: I need to be flexible on all levels  if I’m going to teach, and I need to have an in-depth understanding of the body and the way it works. I need to understand the core of the practice, and that begins with doing it.

Each day I would walk to the beach, put out my mat, and set the intention: I will take my yoga teacher training. I would practice my set, and the various meditations that attracted me.

Without warning, my dreams uprooted me and it was time to go backpacking again, this time in California.

I continued to practice as much as I could while travelling, checking out various Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings. I met teachers, I chatted with other people interested in doing the training and who had experiences with the yoga, I explored it further. And halfway through the summer I began my first forty day challenge.

I came to really understand why people do the same practice everyday for a long time. Changes happen beyond the physical, permeating the mind, emotions and soul.

I felt my soul come alive in a way that it wasn’t before, and my body grow in strength and flexibility.

I felt my self-esteem rise with my self-worth, and a deeper understanding of who I am came to surface.

Suddenly I was finding support from all areas of my life and all the people I encountered, including my family whom offered to pay for part of my Kundalini Yoga Teacher training, even when I didn’t think I would be able to make it.

I found myself teaching people.

I planned to leave Vancouver area and travel South. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t leave. Some obstruction would come up, no rides were to be found, something strange would happen.

And one day in my practice I had the realization it would be self-sabotage if I didn’t take the training. If I didn’t follow my intention. If I didn’t take the opportunity being presented to me on a silver platter.

On the last day that the course was open to enrolment I walked into YogaWest and registered. My mom called and made a payment for the first instalment of my payment plan. (Thanks mom!)

That weekend I attended my first class as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher-in-Training. That was only about two weeks ago from the time of this writing.

As one of my friends said, “Everyone who attends the training is called and  has some mysterious way of showing up and being there despite all the odds. If you’re ready, you will be there.”

For me, this practice is a game-changer on all levels of my being. I’ve never experienced a practice as powerful as this in moving through the blockages and karmas that surround and are in my field. After just a few days of doing any of the meditations and kriyas I feel the shifts occurring.

I’m on my second 40 day challenge. Part of it is class homework, and I’ve added two meditations to do daily to focus on different aspects of my life that I feel need some extra support.

Already deep shifts and where I focus my time and energy are changing.

I’m a writer. And I want to blog about what I learn.

So I’ll keep you posted. 

Have you tried Kundalini Yoga? What have your experiences been like?


A Kundalini Yogini View

Alternative names: Sahasrara (Sanskrit), the tenth gate

Colour: Violet

Location: Crown of the head

Element: N/A

Demon: Attachment

Goal: Self-knowledge

Basic Rights: The right to know and learn

Language: To bless

Positive qualities include (but aren’t limited to): Connection to the Highest Self, enlightenment, unity, elevation, connection to the unknown

Shadow qualities include (but aren’t limited to): Grief, the feeling of separation from abundance and existence, fear of death

Yoga Exercises to Balance this Chakra: Ego eradicator, mahabandha, sat kriya, all meditation

Issues Dealt With Here: Transcendence, immanence, belief systems, higher power, divinity, unity, vision

Helpful Crystals: Clear calcite, clear quartz, danburite, herkimer diamond, selenite, amethyst, diamond.

 “The unknown is my best friend.” – Caroline Myss

This is the home of the Cosmic Sound. The gongs were created by ancient seers as an attempt to recreate the sound of awakening perception: the crash of a thousand thunderstrokes at the same time.

The key to opening this chakra is surrender. With this chakra we are asked to fully come to trust God’s will, to surrender fully. When we are surrendering with this chakra we are able to flow spontaneously with the Universe while still being certain of our rythym.

As we learn to just be, we find ourselves allowing and letting go. We begin to identify with the I AM, our highest self more than anything else. We surrender to the carefree joy that is our birthright.

There is a warning with this chakra as well: release the ego. As our intuition gets stronger and stronger many people get stuck before attaining a state of surrender to the Divine because of the power associated with many of the psychic abilities. We must be willing to release them from a power hungry state in order to continue our ascension.

The power of this chakra is integrated through both the fourth (heart) and seventh (third eye) chakras. 

My personal experience is that the gong is amazing. If you can attend a kundalini yoga class with a gong player do it. You will not regret the unique experience of having the vibrations of the gongs flowing in and around your body, asking you to relax into their flood bringing you into a whole other realm.

We need to have humility no matter what is occurring in our world. I’ve learned many times that to walk with pride, especially with a God-given gift, means that a downfall is just around the corner. But when we walk with humility and honour the gift, then all that flows into our life is beauty and grace.

Further Resources on This Chakra:

Spirit Voyage Article

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith <— By far the best reference book I’ve encountered on the Chakra system


Kundalini Yogini Reflections: Halfway Through Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

I’m about halfway through the KYTT. I wanted to offer some reflections on the training, myself, and just in general on yoga life. After all, this is a blog about one young woman’s journey through Kundalini Yoga Teach Training as Taught by Yogi Bhajan. ?

My training is at Yoga West in Vancouver BC. I remember the first weekend there my classmates and I were so full of questions. Do we have to wear white? Do we have to wear a turban? Is this a cult? Why do we do this? What’s this for?

We are still full of questions. We have so many because as is the nature of the mind and questions when one question is asked it generally unlocks ten more to be answered. Our main teacher asks us “Why do you want to know that? Why must you figure it out?”. She talks to us about having the experience and inner knowing, which is what Kundalini Yoga provides: An experience of the wisdom inherent in all of us and the Universe that surrounds us.

I’ve come to a deep understanding that Kundalini Yoga by itself is a technology for Ascension. Everything that is done by a Kundalini Yogi has a reason for it. Each action and choice made by most Kundalini Yogi has an energetic component to it. From Turbans, to wearing white, to each mudra, hand motion and breath.

Through the expansion of the muscles the mind expands as well creating space for the soul to come forward. The outer self, the human self filled with contradictions and desires, fall away gradually and over time of a dedicated and conscious practice leaving only the Divine Self that we truly are.

This yoga is a practice with a depth that I’ve not encountered elsewhere before. I’m grateful everyday for the teachings that are coming through this course because it aligns with my mystical nature and gives me the complimentary western view as well. I’m grateful to be learning how to release the Samskaras, or Karmas, and how to align more to my destiny and what the difference is between fate and destiny.

I realized, too, that this is a practice of embodying yourself and your wisdom as much as you can when you step into the role of a teacher. That creates a deep authenticity that others cannot deny nor lack respect for. Because you simply are.

When you simply are it doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong. It doesn’t matter if others are right or wrong. Everything simply IS. And when everything IS there’s nothing beyond that. All thing are unfolding in perfection.

I have more patience with myself, life, and the people around me as I settle into the process of this life and the world around me. Everything is in process and everyone is in a process of their own. Sometimes we are part of each others processes and other times we are not. Sometimes we accidently bump into each other’s processes in the best possible timing to be a catalyst for all that needs to unfold.

It doesn’t matter because all is unfolding in perfection, yet it does matter because it must unfold in perfection. Living life within a series of paradoxes that must be in this world of duality at times.

The yoga is offering me a chance to go even deeper into myself, my heart, my soul, and become more aligned and capable of giving my gifts to the world in ways that make sense.

I’ve completed my first 90 day challenge this year, and am working my way to completing my first 1000 day challenge with Kirtan Kriya. I’m swamped with all the meditations that I’m doing and feeling inspired by. I now meditate an hour and a half a day, with about a half hour of prayer on top of that.

My life is shifting and transforming as much as I am to better and better spaces as I become better at holding my own authenticity of the Divine Being that I am. This is a practice that works for me, in combination with other tools that I’ve collected, to pave a pathway to my personal ultimate goal in this lifetime: Ascension.

This training has not been easy. There has been a lot resistance, a lot of tears, a lot of laughter, a lot of love. A lot of everything really. It’s life-changing and transformative. We are working with potent technology.

There is so much to say about this training. This is what flows right now about it.

I love this training. If you have a chance to take it and feel the call, do it. Make it happen.


The Inverted Tree and the Mystery of Reversed Kundalini

“We are composed of agonies not polarities.” ~ James Hillman

The Inverted tree (arbor inversa), rooted in the heavens and flourishing earthward, is an archetypal meta-symbol for contrarianism, sacred inversion, and reverse-engineering.

With its lower structure fixed above, planted in thunder, and its summit here below, casting lightning, the inverted tree is the antithetical agency of mystics, shamans, and sacred clowns the world over.

As Jung quotes from the Bhagavad-Gita

“There is a fig tree
In ancient story.
The giant Savitha,
The everlasting,
Rooted in heaven,
Its branches earthward;
Each of its leaves
Is a song of the Vedas.
And he who knows it
Knows all the Vedas.”

Planted in the heavens by the roots of their hair (dreads) the person fortunate (unfortunate) enough to have the magical (tragic) experience of possessing a reversed kundalini is in for quite a ride.

Holding the tension between opposites, those with a reversed kundalini live between worlds, rattling the heavens and biting the earth. They are peripheral, on the edges, flirting with limits and sweet talking them into becoming limitless.

Their shadows are white (initiated). Their halos are black (). They blur boundaries by maintaining the unity of opposites. They are guided by the Midnight Sun (sol niger). Their luminous shadows shine like beacons of darkness into the blinding light of “everydayness.”

Rooted in cosmos

“If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick every day.” ~ Leonard Cohen

Crowned by the earth and anchored in the universe, the inverted kundalini energy flips the script. It turns the tables on fixed notions about how energy flows. The inverted tree is groundless but not lost. It’s not homeless; it’s homefull. The vast cosmos is its bedrock, its cornerstone, its home.

Those with the inverted tree inside them experience wanderlust like no other. They cannot stay put. Their crown chakras are spinning them into earthly adventures, into manifested Hero’s Journeys, and there is much adventure to be had. The earth is a playground, and the mystics, shamans, and sacred clowns are on recess.

They don’t need “wax wings” to fly over the “labyrinth,” for they are already inherently grounded in flight. Flight is their homeland, their medium, their soulcraft. Becoming entrenched, fixed, immobilized, or buried in the mundane is what they fear.

Their version of “flying too close to the sun” is becoming stuck in a tired and banal routine.

Crowning earthward

“The roots of all living things are tied together. Deep in the ground of being, they tangle and embrace. If we look deeply, we find that we do not have a separate self-identity, a self that does not include sun and wind, earth and water, creatures and plants, and one another.” ~ Joan Halifax

With its branches fractaling earthward, the inverted tree bears fruit filled with “magic elixir.” And since it is rooted in cosmos it doesn’t even have to “steal it from the gods.” It delivers it wholesale. It rains down the “nectar of the gods,” bypassing the gods altogether and hand-delivering New Knowledge to the tribe.

Those with reversed kundalinis must come to terms with having their crowns buried. Where most people’s crown chakras branch upward, cosmically drawn into the thousand-petaled lotus, those with the inverted tree inside them have the thousand-rooted lotus, inverting ascendant enlightenment into a sacred descent into Gaia.

Like Mother Earth herself has crowned them, or at least knighted them, as forces of nature first and people second.

Third eye primal (sacral)

“In the light there is darkness, but don’t take it as darkness. In the dark there is light, but don’t see it as light.” ~ Shunryu Suzuki

For most people, the third eye chakra opens when they make the darkness conscious or when they baptize their badness into their best or when they integrate their shadow. For those with reversed kundalinis, however, the third eye is already open, for the shadow is already a given.

It is primal. It’s intuitive. It’s umbilical. It’s felt in the gut. It’s light that must be integrated. So. Is the third eye in the sacral or is the sacral in the third eye? Who knows? Either way, this umbilical connection is a flow state. It’s a moon eye, effecting tidal forces.

Those with reversed kundalinis “see/feel” how the unconscious connects all things. They “see/feel” how the mind-body-soul dynamic is free in its wildness. They “see/feel” the primal underpinnings connecting Nature and the human soul.

They “feel/see” wisdom, truth, and nonduality. They “feel/see” how the masculine sinks into the feminine (animus), and how the feminine absorbs the masculine (anima).

The voice of the sun

“All of us, among the ruins, are preparing a renaissance beyond the limits of nihilism. But few of us know it.” ~ Camus

With the inverted tree inside you, the sun rises up from the solar plexus and into the throat. Vocal harmonies become fiery and fierce. The Manipura vibrantly burns as it takes on the frequency of language: poetry pierces the heart, philosophy inflicts the all-too-serious self.

Speaking truth to power is second nature, melting down so-called golden idols and ruthlessly poking holes into the bloated ego of authority. Those with reversed kundalinis write with blood. They speak with ferocity.

They strike with iron-hot rhythm, flipping outdated scripts and turning entrenched tables. Their art is shock-value-happy as it disturbs the comfortable and comforts the disturbed.

As Nietzsche writes: “Of all that is written, I love only what a person has written with his blood. Write with blood, and you will find that blood is spirit.”

The heart is the heart

“Whenever a knight of the Grail tried to follow a path made by someone else, he went altogether astray. Where there is a way or a path, it is someone else’s footsteps. Each of us must find our own way. Nobody can give you a mythology.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Nobody can give you a mythology.” It’s up to you to discover your own way. Even if you tried to adopt someone else’s mythology, or even your own culture’s story, you’d still have to live your own life. You would still be doing it your way.

So, you might as well make your own mythology to begin with. What I call Self-inflicted Mythology. This entire article is an example of it. Build off the mythologies of history, of course. Stand on the shoulders of archetypes.

Take this piece from this mythology and that piece from that mythology, but then connect it to your own unique imagination. Be creative. Think outside the box. Push your culturally-prescribed comfort zone. It’s all yours for the making.

You are the hero of your own journey. You might as well own it by creating your own mythology. If nothing else, it will make things more interesting. Life is too short not to make it interesting.

As Nietzsche said, “No artist tolerates reality.”

The heart is the heart. Whether your kundalini is reversed or not, it’s the primeval pivot point of the human condition. It sustains our roots even as it feeds our flourishing. It’s the center of the multilayered Self.

We use symbols to describe these “layers.” We call them chakras, energy points, masks, archetypes, consciousness, subconsciousness, the collective unconscious. Whatever we call it, reversed kundalini or not, we are describing the subjectively objective state of the human condition.

We are describing the unfolding, evolving, near-unexplainable Self. Creating our own mythology is a tool toward deepening that search, towards discovering meaning despite a meaningless universe.

As Walker Percy said, “The search is what anyone would undertake if he were not sunk in the everydayness of his own life. To become aware of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair.”

Image source

The Cosmic Tree by Jayashree Krishnan

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On Kundalini yoga

On Kundalini yoga
There are an increasing number of Kundalini yoga retreats out there. But what exactly is Kundalini yoga? We asked the author of Everyday Kundalini and professional opera singer Kathryn McCusker to explain

Kundalini yoga emerged from the meditative practices of ancient Hindu India, possibly as long as 4,000 years ago. Kundalini yogis believe that Kundalini is a primal energy that we are all born with. Located at the base of the spine, it is a transformative energy that we can all learn to activate and that, when awakened, can expand your awareness, enhance both physical and emotional wellbeing and inspire you to achieve excellence.

Kundalini Yoga works directly with this Kundalini energy and combines asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), movement, stretching, mantra (sacred sounds), mudra (hand positions) and relaxation. Exercises, kriyas (sets) and meditations stimulate the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand the lung capacity and purify the blood. It was brought to the West from India by Yogi Bhajan in the 1960s, and is today practiced all over the Western world.

What can Kundalini yoga do for you?
Practicing Kundalini yoga keeps the body in shape and trains the mind to be strong and flexible in the face of stress and change. It increases oxygen and blood flow, balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and reduces stress-induced toxins such as adrenaline and cortisol – beneficial when you’re trying to navigate life in this accelerated and fast-paced world.

Kundalini also has a vast repertoire of Kriyas and Meditations that can target problem areas in your everyday life, such as fear, depression, anxiety, fatigue, anger, break-ups, loneliness and sadness. Research is now showing the benefits of Kundalini’s powerful and breath-controlled meditations for treating a range of health complaints, from depression and anxiety related disorders to heart problems and memory lapses. The US Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation prescribes one of Kundalini’s Kriyas – the Kirtan Kriya – as a way to improve brain function, emotional balance, focus and memory.

Perhaps most importantly, Kundalini yoga takes you away from the chatter of daily life to a place where you can experience real freedom and stillness, opening your mind to inspiration, excitement and new possibilities. Once we awaken Kundalini energy, we raise our energetic vibration to release stress and allow our mind to come back to peace and balance.

What’s my story?
For most of my career I have performed around the world as a professional opera singer, practicing various styles of yoga as a tool to keep calm and centred. My first experience of Kundalini yoga – on a retreat in Mexico – took me way beyond the benefits of the other type of yoga I had been practicing. I was burnt out from a busy schedule of singing and touring, searching for some inner peace, balance and a greater sense of connectedness. But after my very first Kundalini class, I knew I’d found what I was looking for, and my practice has benefited me personally in so many ways since then, making me calmer, happier, more energised and more creative, transforming my relationships, supporting me in my performing career and helping me keep up with my young daughter.

How can you establish your own Kundalini yoga practice?
The beauty of Kundalini yoga is that you can experience the benefits in a very short time. It’s very accessible and doable, even if you have a busy life, and a regular practice will help you feel happier, healthier, more energised, and be more creative, productive and relaxed. Start slow, find an exercise that resonates with you, whether that is with breath, mantra or movement, and commit to at least 5 minutes a day. A meditation is a good place to start and Kirtan Kriya (page 130 of my book, ‘Everyday Kundalini’ ) is a simple and effective meditation. If you can find a class nearby to where you live, this will inspire you to keep up with your daily practice.

Kathryn McCusker is the author of Everyday Kundalini (Watkins), a mother and a professional opera singer. Based in London, she has been practicing and teaching Kundalini yoga for over 15 years and teaches at Triyoga, Camden and Bamford Haybarn Brompton Cross. Kundalini yoga has also inspired her to produce her own mantra CDs. More at

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We talk Kundalini yoga with Kathryn McCusker – Calm Moment

Opera singer Kathryn McCusker talks to In The Moment about discovering Kundalini yoga and how it has changed her life…

Tell us about yourself! What is your official title? Where are you based?

Most people know me as Kathryn McCusker or Kanga (a nickname I have had since I was about 10 years old!) When I studied Kundalini Yoga I was given a spiritual name, Sarb Sewak, which means to serve creation.

I was born in Perth, Western Australia and have been a professional opera singer for over 20 years. I graduated from the Edith Cowan University in Western Australia majoring in voice and piano. I then won a scholarship to sing at the Sydney Opera House and spent seven years as a principal soprano with Opera Australia. I was curious to see more of the world, so I decided to move to London and go freelance, travelling the world singing and performing.

In 2000 whilst on a retreat in Yucatan, Mexico I discovered Kundalini Yoga, and I was so inspired by my experience that I decided to do the teacher training in London and France.

After eleven years of living in London and working as a singer and yoga teacher, I then moved back to Sydney in 2010 with a dream to open a yoga studio. I founded KMYOGA, Sydney’s only dedicated Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Studio, on 11.11.11 and ran it for three years, until the birth of my daughter.

I am now based back in London and have been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 15 years throughout the world. I have written ‘Everyday Kundalini’ and produced several mantra meditation CD’s.

How did you first discover yoga? Had you had any experience with yoga before you discovered Kundalini?

I first discovered yoga when I was at high school, however I became more curious and committed to exploring yoga and meditation when I started studying music, voice and performing at University. I soon realised it was a great tool to awaken creativity focus the mind, discipline the body and bring more awareness to the body, mind and breath.

Before discovering Kundalini, I dabbled in a few different yoga styles, mainly Hatha, Yin and Ashtanga, however none of them inspired and moved me as deeply as Kundalini Yoga!

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Tell us about your career as an opera singer – how did you get into it? Has it helped at all with your experience with yoga?

I enjoyed music and singing from a young age and was exposed to different styles of music throughout my childhood, with classical music as a strong influence.

I discovered early on that I had a natural and mature voice and I realise now that singing was like meditation and it was a way of expressing my creative energy. My first singing teacher was an inspiration and I am grateful to her. She recognised I had a natural talent, nurtured my voice and encouraged me to study voice and performance. I wasn’t particularly focused on becoming an opera singer, it just seemed how my voice developed.

My second singing teacher at University was an opera singer, so she introduced me to the world of opera and felt that my voice was more suited to that style of singing. She suggested I audition for Opera Australia in Sydney before graduating.

I was then offered a scholarship, so that is how my career as a professional opera singer began! I was with Opera Australia as a principal soprano for seven years, then moved to London to further my career. I have sung in lots of interesting places in Australia and Europe and I have been fortunate enough to be involved in some exciting productions. Singing Titania in the opera ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, directed by Baz Luhrmann at the Edinburgh Festival has been a highlight.

As a singer, you spend years studying the body, breath, voice, languages and voice. Kundalini focuses a lot on breath and chanting mantra, so the experience didn’t feel foreign to me as a singer. Chanting is different to singing, however both are expressions of the voice and energy.

Performing and teaching yoga require a deep understanding and an awareness of the body, mind and breath and it takes a certain amount of confidence to perform in front of thousands of people and teach a group of students, so both compliment one another.

We saw that you are interested in the connection between Kundalini and creativity – tell us more! Is there anything in particular that we can do that links the two?

I have been surrounded by creativity for most of my life and I am always curious about anything that inspires me creatively. Kundalini Yoga directly channels your creative life force and opens the mind and body. This is one of the reasons it resonated with me.

Kundalini Yoga combines asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), movement, stretching, mantra (sacred sounds), mudra (hand positions) and relaxation to create exercises, kriyas (sets) and meditations. These components make it very creative, in the sense that you have to trust in the process, let go and open yourself to a new and different experience. Some Kundalini kriyas can seem very strange, however these are usually the ones that fuel creativity!

I feel that Kundalini is a powerful practice for everyone, especially those in a creative field. You will find a lot of actors, musicians and artists practice Kundalini as it helps to clear blocks relatively quickly, build inner confidence and awaken more creative energy. I have taught major international popstars and Hollywood actors who practise Kundalini precisely for these reasons. It opens your mind and body to spark your imagination, which is important to nourish as a creative. I have had so many creative ideas and insights through my Kundalini practice and the energy propels me into action.

In my book ‘Everyday Kundalini’, you will find a Meditation to Awaken Kundalini and Creativity . Practicing this meditation gives you an awareness of Kundalini and creativity. It is a great way to clear blocks and channel creativity.

Tell us about an average day in your life – what’s your daily routine?

I like to wake up by 6am and walk our labrador. I then do my yoga and meditation practice for about one hour, either at home or in our local park, depending on the weather! I enjoy having breakfast with my husband and 3 year old daughter, chatting about our day ahead. This is our focused family time, as we don’t usually have dinner together during the weekdays, as I teach most evenings. I have yoga classes and private sessions throughout the day, so I like to set aside one to two hours in the mornings to prepare for my classes, before taking my daughter to nursery.

If I have time later in the afternoon, I usually focus on answering emails, preparing for future workshops and retreats, as well as any future creative projects. At the moment I am in the middle of producing a series of Kundalini Yoga Detox and Cleanse videos as well as planning another Mantra Meditation CD, so there is always plenty to inspire me creatively!

I am usually home late in the evenings and I am fortunate that my husband enjoys cooking, so he usually prepares the dinner. If there is time, I read a book or listen to music and do a short meditation with breath, and then it’s usually time for bed!

What’s the best part about being a Kundalini teacher and writer?

One of the joys of being a Kundalini teacher is witnessing how the teachings have benefited people and hearing their stories of how the practice has impacted their lives in so many different ways – mentally, physically and emotionally – whether it is helping people living with cancer, or coping with a hectic life schedule.

Being an author has been a cathartic and creative journey. From an early age, I loved expressing my thoughts through writing, so writing is an extension of me and I enjoy the whole process. With my book ‘Everyday Kundalini’, my objective was to demystify these ancient teachings, making the practice more accessible to everyone, no matter what your age, background or beliefs.

Photography by Karen Yeomans and Jules Selmes. Read more in In The Moment issue 13 – out in the UK on 29 May 2018. Images from Everyday Kundalini: Yoga, Meditation, Mantras and Breathing to Empower and Transform Your Life by Kathryn McCusker (Watkins, £14.99)



Using Massage to Awaken Kundalini Energy

Firstly, I must stress the importance of one finding a knowledgeable guide (tantrika, healer, shaman, yoga instructor, guru, masseuse, reiki practitioner). Kundalini energy resides In all of us. Still, it is important to find someone who can correctly guide you in awakening your kundalini energy.

When I perform a kundalini tantra massage my sessions are customized to fit each individual’s need. I am a licensed Florida massage therapist and I’m certified in yoga. I am a skilled tantric practitioner who has been studying the art of massage and eastern practices for many years.

I use massage and both passive and active techniques in my sessions to achieve the desired goal.

During the passive approach we practice letting ourselves surrender to the moment instead of trying to force this energy. You experience the sensation of awakening through a knowledgeable guide. You borrow their energy until you learn to control your own.

During the active approach one learns ways to awaken and control their own kundalini energy using yoga, breath work, tantric dance, visualization techniques.

Remember, Kundalini energy resides in all of us. When it’s not active it resides at the root chakra which is located at the base of our spine within a triangular shaped bone known as the sacrum.

When awakening kundalini energy we are taught to practice channeling this non activated energy and bring it from the root chakra, up the spine, until it’s reached our third eye chakra, which is located in the pineal gland.

Although I agree with this approach, I feel it is vital to be sure to slow things down, take time to explore, and thereby reach a balance in all seven of our Major chakras.

The seven major chakras are root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and our crown chakra. The chakras correlate with our anatomy so when a part of our body is not working properly it may be due to one or more of our chakras being out of alignment.

With my tantra massage oils, tantric tools, my healing hands, breath work, visualization, we’ll explore in depth and heighten your physical senses as well as some of the senses unseen, such as intuition. I look forward to becoming your new guide and working together to get you to a better state of being.

Naomi Tantrika

How to Meditate to awaken Kundalini and How it can Help us

Around the world we can find different ways mankind has found to represent the vital energy and especially, one of its most fundamental aspects or manifestations, which is the Kundalini energy, meaning that it’s an archetype which is present in the whole humanity and doesn’t belong to the Indian culture or religions only, as some may think.

Mystic trends match on several teachings to discover and control Kundalini force, a potential which is latent, lying coiled at the base of the spine, described as a serpent or ‘golden curl’, and it’s found in every human being. It allows us to improve holistic health and to connect with higher levels of consciousness, so we can live conscious about those dimensions and how they influence our lives. To achieve this, we could find some basic instructions and also the steps any practitioner must walk through until he has real mastery.

How to awaken Kundalini


This is the most basic instruction for Kundalini awakening. Kundalini energy flows through the spine thanks to 3 main nadis called Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. These last two are the pathways where lunar and sun polarities flow respectively.

Something we have to be aware about is that it’s pretty common that during some parts of the day we breathe more through one nostril than through the other because our body is intuitively promoting the activation of one of these polarities. By missing the equilibrium in this biorhythm, many mental and physical problems may appear. It’s also pretty common in people to breathe less than 50% of our full lung capacity, and this single fact reduces our energy and happiness.

Therefore, finding a continuous balance of this basic cycle is crucial for a good health, but if we apply specific breathing patterns, we’ll be able to achieve new levels of consciousness and a deeper state of mind, as we’ll also promote a better flow of Prana through the Sushumna nadi, bringing neutrality to the mind and a more direct connection with our higher self.


These are muscular locks we can apply in our body so we can channelize this Kundalini energy as well as all the prana in general. It’s pretty important in any kind of Yoga or Chikung practice to learn the importance of these locks for a good health. If we don’t learn how to do it, there are two risks for our health and awakening:

  1. We’ll waste too much energy as these locks help us to contain it.
  2. A lack of basic level of muscular tension is a signal of weakness and that this Kundalini energy is still dormant. This is because some muscular contractions are not bad but necessary to keep a good posture and balance.


The power of resonance in our body can awaken a lot of energy and promote a lot of benefits, as we explain here. A high-level activation of Kundalini energy produces so much physical excitement that the body may internally vibrate. Through these chants –if you know how to– we can make easier to our consciousness to imagine and achieve this state.

‘RA MA DA SA’ Mantra for Kundalini Awakening and healing

This special Mantra is commonly used in Kundalini Yoga practice, as it includes sounds that reverberate on the Chakras but not in an isolated way like Seed Mantras for Chakra healing do, but promoting the connection and continuous integrative functioning between all of them:


Tantric Sex

Yogic philosophy says that a real orgasm through Tantric Sex is the closest experience to God a human being can ever had, as we awaken this powerful energy with our most primal force (sexual) and in company with an opposite energy (gender). A successful Tantric Sex can be achieved through breathing techniques and synchronization of breathing between the couple, purification of mind and body and other components that the practitioners have to learn and master on the go. And, of course, love is also necessary, starting by Self-love.

Taking care about our health and lifestyle

Even if we practise the best exercises for Kundalini awakening, it won’t be effective unless we take care of our habits, nourishment and follow our heart to do what our souls are meant to do. Kundalini energy is very powerful and as with any kind of energy, it can be dangerous if we don’t treat it and work with it respectfully, thus corrupting this process with bad habits is a risk and a lack of respect for yourself and this wisdom.

Start if you have the commitment to keep the discipline. It’s also very important to keep a sadhana or daily practice of yoga to tune your Ego with your higher Self. Yogic wisdom suggests periods of 40, 90, 120 and 365 continuous days to change habits and let the cosmic energy manifest in our lives in a deeper and solid way. Let a good teacher guide you wisely to your own mastery (Tip: the best one is who is his own example of what he’s teaching and want to make a leader out of you and not a follower).

Methods to Awaken Kundalini Shakti

Awakening of the Kundalini is a major event in the evolution of the soul. There are various methods to awaken kundalini. In fact, most spiritual practices, eventually culminate in the awakening of the kundalini Shakti. Most of these methods have to be learned from a qualified master. Not all methods suite everyone. Practitioners can be classified based on percentage of Tamas (inertness or dullness), Rajas (active and restless) or Sattva (purity and clarity) inherent in them. Everyone is a combination of these qualities. Based on one’s nature and practices done in the past, one will be attracted towards a certain type of spiritual practice. Kundalini practice should be done strictly under the guidance of a master.


The numerous methods to awaken kundalini are listed briefly below.



Kundalini awakening through Mantra Yoga

Mantra practice is the first method to awaken kundalini. Mantra is a sacred syllable, word or words that can unleash the spiritual potential in man. These mantras were discovered by ancient seers or Rishis and has been passed on for generations through the master disciple tradition. Kundalini Shakti can be awakened by the practice of Mantra Japa, which is daily repetition of a mantra certain number of times. To awaken the kundalini, the master has to initiate the disciple with the intention or Sankalpa of awakening the inner dormant power. It also depends on the quality or state of evolution of the master. If the Guru has an awakened kundalini, then it is easy for the disciple to get awakening through initiation. Else, it can take a long time and many repetitions of the mantra. Awakening by mantra is an easy and relatively safe method.

Kundalini Awakening through Music

Music, consisting of the seven notes or Sapta Svaras, can alter the state of consciousness. The seven notes or frequencies have effect on the brain and the energy channels in the body. Awakening through music may happen spontaneously without the knowledge of the person. But, after awakening, if the kundalini is not taken up towards the crown chakra, it can create side effects. The person may not know, that it is caused by the awakening process. Such persons should approach a kundalini master to balance his energies and safely guide the kundalini upwards.

Kundalini Awakening through Pranayama

Awakening through pranayama is a quick and direct method to awaken kundalini, but requires ample preparations. Practitioner has to prepare the body through proper diet and cleaning techniques called Shatkarma. Pranayama purifies the energy channels or Nadis, particularly the three main channels Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. The central channel Sushumna has to be clear for the energy to go up. Pranayama creates heat in the body, which when directed properly, will awaken the kundalini Shakti. For this practice of the three Bandhas Mula Bandha (Root lock), Uddhiyana Bandha (Abdominal lock) and Jalandhara Bandha (Chin lock) has to be practiced to direct the energy upwards. Once awakened, the Kundalini tries to enter the Sushumna at the base of the spine and goes up.

Awakening through pranayama can be very quick and can bring many experiences. The practitioner should be well prepared to handle the experiences. It is always advisable to do this under the guidance of a master.

Kundalini Awakening through Herbs

Another method to awaken Kundalini is by consumption of certain chemicals. Herbs or medicines (Aushadhi) can be used to activate the Nadis or energy channels and for awakening the kundalini. Such knowledge is not readily available and is shrouded in secrecy. Awakening through herbs is also dangerous as it can lead to wild awakening with many side effects including madness, hallucinations and physical ailments, unless it is done under proper guidance. This method is shrouded in mystery and not available to everyone.

Kundalini Awakening through Tapas or austerity

The word Tapas in Sanskrit comes from the root word Tapah, meaning heat. Tapas or austerity is undertaken to purify the body, mind and emotions. During Tapas, our latent impressions in the mind will come to the surface and cause many emotional and mental imbalances. One has to go through these with a witness attitude and understand it as a cleansing process. Tapas helps to weaken our Vasanas or inherent tendencies and increases our will power. Awakening of Kundalini can happen during the process due to the churning of the subconscious and unconscious mind. The awakening by Tapas can be violent and may be difficult to handle. You may get many visions and experiences, thrown up from your latent unconscious mind. One may even develop some siddhis or supernatural powers. Presence of a teacher is essential during such times so that the practitioner can handle these side effects.

Kundalini Awakening through Raja Yoga

Raja yoga comes from Ashtanga yoga and primarily deals with Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi(Superconscious awareness). Raja yoga is not for everyone. It requires a very Sattvic or pure mind. Prolonged practice of Hatha yoga is recommended to make a practitioner fit for Raja Yoga. Raja yoga can be taken up only after purifying the mind through Karma Yoga (Yoga of action or work), Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of devotion) along with Hatha Yoga practices.

In Raja Yoga, the method of awakening kundalini is slow and steady.

Kundalini Awakening through Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is another slow, safe and steady method to awaken Kundalini. Most people today do not have the pure Sattvic mind to take up meditational practices of Raja Yoga. Most practitioners today are Rajasic in nature, nor do they have the patience to take up rigorous practices. Kriya yoga is a good method for them as the awakening happens slowly and safely over a period of time. The experiences during Kriya yoga is usually mild and can be handled by most practitioners. There are many systems of Kriya yoga being practiced today. Most systems use the process of rotation of breath along the different chakras leading to activation of Chakras, Nadis and finally the Kundalini Shakti itself. One has to find a master with an authentic lineage to get initiated into this practice.

Kundalini Awakening through Shaktipat

Shaktipat is transferring of energy or power from Guru to disciple either by touch, sight or by mere thought. It can be done in the physical presence of the master or over a distance. It can be transmitted even by an object given by the Guru to the disciple. The awakening happens instantly, but may not be permanent. For this student has to be sufficiently ready for the master to transfer his energy to awaken the disciple. The disciple may have many experiences during the awakening which will subside slowly. The guru chooses the disciple for Shaktipat. The disciple cannot prepare for this process. It just happens at the right moment.

Kundalini Awakening through Tantric Initiation

Kundalini awakening through Tantric initiation is an esoteric subject shrouded in secrecy. The practitioner has to understand the principle of Shiva and Shakti. Males predominantly manifest the Shiva principle and females predominantly manifest the Shakti principle. When there is a coming together of these two forces, there can be an explosion and awakening can happen. This path is for people who have transcended the passions and desires to a good extend. Purity of mind is required. It is not a path for pleasure lovers. Guidance from a guru is essential.

Kundalini Awakening through Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti or devotion is pure love for God. This love is not born of passion or attachment as in worldly love. Here the main feature is Saranagathi or Self-Surrender. The devotee surrenders his life to his Ishta Devata or the form of God that he likes and worships. This path is based on total faith and surrender. Kundalini awakening can happen without any particular practice via surrender.

Kundalini awakening from Birth

Some rare persons can have kundalini awakened from birth. This can happen because of the spiritual practices done in previous births. Such children may grow up as geniuses, prodigies, people influential in worldly affairs of politics, military, finance, arts and sciences, etc.  or may even become spiritual leaders.

Such individuals too, may need the help of a kundalini master to guide their energy upwards to prevent any side effects and utilise the energy for the good of the world.

Thus, the methods of awakening the kundalini Shakti are many. But one has to choose their spiritual practices according to one’s own inclination. You have to find a master who will initiate you into that particular method of your choice

The Karma Clearing Process.. including the Kundalini Kriyas

The Karma Clearing Process begins with the removal of all Energy Blockages from the energetic system of a human being. Wilhelm Reich called it the Emotional Armor. These are the little stiffnesses which cause us so much pain in massage. Energy Blockages exist in the mental, emotional and physical bodies… Even in the spiritual bodies.

Energy Blockages split us so as we remove them through advanced and effective meditation techniques so we become more integrated, more solid.

Removing energy blockages from our spiritual bodies will allow us to access our hearts and our conscience, it will allow us to access our soul, our soul path in life, without which life has no meaning.

Removing energy blockages from the mind, the mental body, allows more energy to flow, we become more brilliant. Our minds become clear, our IQ increases and more.. We obtain the power of persistence which enables us to accomplish anything!

Removing energy blockages from the emotions allows more energy to flow, we become more stable. Our emotions become clear, our emotional IQ increases and more.. We obtain the power of having only positive emotions which enables us to radiate love, the energy of change and to access the will!

Removing energy blockages from the body allows more energy to flow, we become more energetic. Our bodies become clear of disease and pain, our energy increases and more.. We obtain the power of flexibility and strength which enables us to live longer and with more pleasure, more quality of life!

And what is that uneasiness within?
Just what is that tension which we find inside?

It is pure spiritual energy which has somehow become perverted by painful traumatic experience. It is energy which has been transmuted by some painful experience into pain, that encapsulated pain which we hold inside us or absorb from people and places on this planet. It is energy blockages which makes us feel uneasy and tense.

All the pain caused negative energy blockages which we hold inside are called the selfish competitive ego.

And because we all have been painfully perverting this pure spiritual energy into encapsulated negative energy or energy blockages for thousands of years, this world is filled with that perverted negative energy as energy blockages which we absorb from everything and everyone around us.

It is that pain and tension inside, those energy blockages which causes us to do all the bad things in this world. It is that pain and tension inside, those energy blockages which causes all the bad things in this world to happen to us, we call the bad things, all the bad luck to us. We are accidents waiting to happen. This is karma.

Body stiffness, niggles and pain cause Illness and disease.

Negative emotions, mood swings, wrong thinking, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, fear are all caused perverted spiritual energy encapsulated as energy blockages. The “Mind filled manacles of fear” as said Blake.

Splitnesses in the mind, blocked minds, unclear and plain wrong thinking. Heartless mind solutions caused by selfishly wanting to gain something to the detriment of someone else, the “final solution” of Hitler for example. If we have a lot of these negative energy blockages within ourselves it will cause us to give up easily, a lack of energy, a lack of goodness and heart and soul.

It will cause us to lose our trust and our faith in the essential goodness of people and our teachers. We will project all our negativity onto them and begin to see them through the dark glasses of our negative experiences. Through the darkness of the negative energy which we hold inside.

We create this negative energy inside. And as we evolve we gain the ability to absorb more of this negativity from the people around us and from our surroundings. We gain the power to hold on to more of this negativity without being affected by it. However, the straw that broke the camels back always comes. At this point we become open to wanting to know how to remove and transmute energy blockages. How to change negative energy into pure positive spiritual energy again.

When we enter into the Buddhafield of Energy which surrounds the enlightened we start to feel and lose this Negative energy from inside us. These are the symptoms of Kundalini energy usually.

Because an enlightened master has the ability radiate pure positive spiritual energy as well as to absorb and transmute this negative energy back into pure spiritual energy, a spiral of transmutation, a column of pure transmutation, the Buddhafield, surrounds him and enters into his surroundings.

As you people upon the verge of enlightenment walk around, as well as creating your own negative energy, you absorb likewise the negative energies of people and places. The symptoms of this are your illnesses, your negative emotions of anger and fear, your mood swings and your feelings of negativity.

The only difference between you people on the verge of enlightenment and a master is that a master knows how to transmute the energy he absorbs. And thus he is surrounded by peace and harmony instead of more and more pain and negativity..

He does not curse the darkness. Instead he lights a candle.

The only difference between you and a master is that a master knows how to teach you how to transmute this negative energy into harmonious spiritual energy, and thus place you on the path of peace and harmony, the path of enlightenment itself.

He only needs to teach you how to look at the negative energy. He only needs to teach you how to see it and deal with it. Because anything else is painful. And will cause you to do more painful things. Because this negative energy is Karma itself.


Spiritual masters are not affected by Karma and indeed have no Karma. Because they have the psychic ability to transmute all karma into pure spiritual energy. And this pure spiritual energy builds up in them and is added to by their masters when they die. So that they are rich because they have a large bank balance of Pure positive spiritual energy to spend on their students. This is called Positive karma.

Because the first stage is the access to purity by transmuting all the pain, which travels with us from lifetime to lifetime and grows more and more each lifetime because like calls to like, inside. To he that has, more will be given, said the Christ.

So we need to learn how to go against this law of the gaining of karma and negative energy and energy blockages by understanding and using the grounding of negative energies, the Third Initiation of Energy Enhancement.

And then the second part comes. Once we have transmuted this negativity inside to a certain degree, it then becomes possible to absorb more positive spiritual energy from the masters bank balance.

The Master can send it to you with a glance. We absorb energy from the Master. The Hindus call it the Uppadesa or the Initiation of the Master, and it is said to come by glance, by touch, or in silence.

Until we learn how to do it for ourselves from the Universe.

And once you start transmuting negative energy by using the techniques of Energy Enhancement every day. Once you start to access your inner purity… To he that has not, it will all be taken away, said the Christ. Yes, all the negativity will be taken away.

And this is the Real Initiation or in the Zen Phrase, Satori. And after many Satoris, you then eventually become in the Hindu Phrase, Twice Born, in the Sufi Phrase, a Made Man, You have made your Bones.


All with a glance.
All with learning how to open our eyes.
All with the gaining of Psychic Vision.

You are the people who have no other choice but to absorb negativity and die, or learn how to transmute it and learn how to Live. Because this knowledge is more important than life and death. It is for those of you who want to attain a Soul.

Start your Karma Cleaning Process by learning how to meditate and then speed it up with the advanced techniques of Energy Enhancement based upon ancient effective techniques of Taoism, The Kundalini Kriyas, The five elemental circulations of the Qi of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Guided Meditation of the Emerald tablet of Hermes Trismegistus encapsulated in VITRIOL and more..

About the Author

Director of Energy Enhancement, is one of the leading teachers of Meditation.!

He helps people worldwide reach further than they EVER thought possible,


Kundalini Reiki Attunement

In this blog post, you will find out about how a Kundalini Reiki Attunement will affect you and what energetic functions each of the 3 Kundalini Reiki Attunement levels connect you with. Learn how YOU can be a Kundalini Reiki Master!

A Kundalini Reiki Attunement process is the same as a normal Usui Reiki attunement. However, they are similar they are two different forms of energy healing. The main difference with Kundalini Reiki is that when you have received all 3 Kundalini Reiki Attunements, you will then have a risen or activated Kundalini!

A Kundalini Reiki Attunement is excellent for spiritual development for many reasons. One reason is that when you receive the Kundalini Reiki attunements, you energy structures will improve and strengthen. In Level 2 you will ignite your Kundalini to the level of the solar plexus, and in level 3 you will ignite it to a point above your head. When the Kundalini reaches the above your head, this will be equal to what people call an activated Kundalini. An activated Kundalini is perfect if you want to improve your frequencies you gain from the earth.

Kundalini Reiki is much stronger than Usui or Traditional Reiki. This is because when you have an activated Kundalini, then you can use this energy to amplify the Reiki energies. It is said that Kundalini Reiki is actually 300 times stronger than traditional Reiki. So if you’re looking to improve your Reiki practice, then Kundalini Reiki is the perfect addition to your personal/spiritual development.

The great thing about Kundalini Reiki is that it is simple! Even though it is even more powerful. With Kundalini Reiki you do not need to memorise symbols or hand positions. You are just using your intent.

Because when you have received your Kundalini Reiki Attunement’s your frequency will have risen high. That means that symbols etc. are less needed, and the power of your intention along with your manifestation will have greatly risen!

Kundalini Reiki is an easy form of healing and self-development. It only requires 5 minutes a day to get a full Reiki session in and start getting great results! It a lot simpler to do than traditional Reiki and it is far more effective. You can become a ‘Kundalini Master Teacher” in a very short time. While mastery of the art of energy healing is a lifetime pursuit, to be able to channel high-frequency Reiki with Kundalini Reiki is super simple.

Kundalini Reiki also gives you a range of different functions to help with various issues and ways for everyone to improve.

With Kundalini Reiki anyone can quickly learn to heal themselves and others and help expedite your spiritual progress. Not only can you channel ‘Kundalini Reiki’ to other people (or even plants and animals). You can also attune people to Kundalini Reiki too. After you have received your Kundalini Reiki Level 3 attunement, you will be able to certify others fully. You will now be able to train your students of your own to the Master Teacher level also!

So Kundalini is worth it for the attunements process alone, but once you are attuned, you can grow with it however you want. You can heal yourself and others and even pass these attunements on. Wherever your path may lead you! Once attuned to Kundalini Reiki, you will always be, and you do not need to be re-attuned. You will be a master for life.

I have been lucky to receive this attunement from multiple Kundalini Masters and including the founder himself, Ole Gabrielsen.

The History of Kundalini Reiki

If you have seen or received Kundalini Reiki Attunements before, you may have seen they have had different numbers of levels and even ‘Kundalini Booster Attunements’. Ole Gabrielsen, the founder of Kundalini Reiki, is committed to making Kundalini Reiki the best it can be. To do this it means he updates the energies every so often. The reason for the updates is that as Ole progresses spiritually, and because of the higher frequencies coming into the Earth as part of the ascension process. He can update the energies to make them progressively stronger. Currently, we are on Kundalini Reiki 2021 as off 18th June 2018. There are 3 Levels, and if you have had the previous Kundalini Boosters, these are now incorporated into this new improved system.


The Three Levels of Kundalini Reiki:

Kundalini Reiki 1

In this first level. You receive the access to the Reiki energy frequencies. This is equivalent to becoming a fully fledged traditional Reiki master (the one with the hand positions and such). Also in this level, your energy body is prepared for the Kundalini Activation you will receive in the next two levels. In this attunement, the central energy channel is cleansed along with the chakras. The heart chakra, in particular, expands and your palm ‘chakras’ also pop and open so that the flow of Reiki can flow through you. You will now be a Reiki healer!

Right from the first level, you will be able to channel Reiki on yourself, other people and even perform ‘distance reiki healing’. Along with that, you get these three additional functions.

1) Room Clearing
You will be able to channel Reiki to clear rooms or even a whole house. You will be able to rid the room of negative energy and raise the frequency of the room or house by using Reiki Healing Energy.

2) Heal Karmic Bands
This function included in Kundalini Reiki 1 will help you to raise the frequency of your relationships! It works to channel Reiki to help heal karmic bands between people. Healing the Karmic Bands also allows you to improve negative relationships or to take your current relationships to the next level.

3) Custom intent sessions
Custom intent sessions will allow you to channel Reiki to help any situation or quality you would like. For example, if you are working on issues of self-confidence, you could channel Reiki with this intent, or if you were working on health and abundance these could equally be valid intents!

Kundalini Reiki 2:

In this level you know are beginning the Kundalini activation!! The Kundalini energy is lit and rises from the Root chakra to the 3rd, solar plexus chakra in your naval. In this level, your Root chakra also opens fuller to allow the increased Kundalini energy to flow. The third eye chakra is also widened, allowing you to be more energy sensitive and intuitive with your newly found Reiki abilities. At this level, your Kundalini Reiki healings will now contain Kundalini energy mixed in. This added Kundalini energy means your healing sessions will be much stronger than traditional Reiki healings.

An additional function included in Kundalini Reiki Level 2 attunement is the Kundalini Reiki Meditation!
This meditation lasts for ten minutes and is advised to do it once a day for at least a week. The purpose of this meditation is to help with the cleansing process your energy body is going through and to help your kundalini to rise and activate.

Kundalini Reiki level 3:

This is it! You will now be the honoured ‘Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher’. At this level, you will have your Kundalini activated further, and it will rise above your head to the level of the crown chakra. In this level, the remaining chakras are widened, and you will now receive the full benefits of Kundalini Reiki. Once you are attuned to this level, you will be forever a Kundalini Reiki Master, and your newly risen Kundalini will continue to support you on your accelerated spiritual progression. It will continue to protect, support and cleanse and clear your chakras. When you affect one energy structure as I have mentioned in other blog posts, you affect all others. So an activated Kundalini will help your aura, chakras, meridians, even your DNA!

If this wasn’t enough you also get the following functions added as part of being attuned to level 3, Kundalini Reiki Master:

Kundalini Reiki Clearings

With level three you also get access to the following functions:

Diamond Reiki:

This is like an amped up Kundalini Reiki Session. It works by placing an etheric Diamond Crystal in the Crown Chakra. Then as Reiki energy flows through the crystal it is amplified and takes on the properties of a Diamond itself (purity). This is a strong form of healing and is very enlightening. The Diamond Reiki Sessions are best used when there are no unresolved problems.

Crystalline Reiki:

Throughout our lifetimes we may have repressed emotion and in particular, traumatic events. When we do this, we create small deposits of certain crystals in the body! A trauma can be physical pain like a broken bone or it could be an emotional cause like heartbreak or betrayal. When these issues are not consciously dealt with, a small crystal forms in the body and stores and imprint of the feelings and memory of that certain traumatic experience. Once there are no unresolved emotions to the traumatic experience we are able to heal the crystals associated with that issue. The difference with this session is that it cannot be done through distant healing and can only be done in person. It only requires one session of 15 minutes to be a complete treatment.

DNA Reiki:

In this session, we are able to help to heal our DNA strands and any negative inherited genetics and diseases imprinted in the DNA. It is said that you will see noticeable results after the first 3 weeks and you only need one session for a full treatment

The trauma of birth:

Being born is most often the most severe trauma we experience! This session allows your self to have a gentle release of all issues concerning this. Only one session is required for a full treatment.

Location Reiki:

We can form karmic ties to places, this will often influence our physical health and keep us in negative karmic cycles. It only takes one session for the treatment to be complete.

Past life Reiki:

This helps heal blockages from previous lifetimes. It takes 3 sessions to have a complete treatment.

And more?!…

At the Master Teacher level, you are now able to certify your students yourself and pass these attunements onto others. You can even attune crystals and inanimate objects to channel Reiki too!

If you would like to be attuned to Kundalini Reiki and fully certified from Reiki Box Healing, then click the link below:

So if you are after an easy but effective energy healing modality, Kundalini Reiki is an excellent choice! It has multiple functions to help you with a wide range of intents, and you do not have to learn complex symbols, history or hand positions. Of course, you could also use these if you are a traditional Reiki healer already.

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Kundalini Yoga for Strength and Security I Karena Virginia Shares Her Go-To Kriya


If you build it, they will come: Create the right conditions for manifesting your dreams with this Kundalini Yoga kriya from Karena Virginia. 

If you build it, they will come: Create the right conditions for manifesting your dreams with this Kundalini Yoga kriya from Karena Virginia. 


Are you ready to discover your life’s purpose and activate your fullest potential? Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that helps you channel powerful energy and transform your life. And now there is an accessible, easy way to learn how to incorporate these practices into your practice and life. Yoga Journal’s 6-week online course, Kundalini 101: Create the Life You Want, offers you mantras, mudras, meditations, and kriyas that you’ll want to practice every day.

If you would have told me 20 years ago that healing my aura would bring back my joy, I would have said, “That is some New-Age hype, and I need to go sit in church where my spirituality feels safe.” But then I began studying Kundalini Yoga In this practice, the eighth chakra is considered your aura—or the electromagnetic field that surrounds your physical body. Kundalini yogis, and many others, believe that your aura is the source of your radiance—it is the glow that comes from your soul—and that the energy it surrounds you with has the power to help you manifest what you want and need.

For example, when you radiate love from the core of your being, the energy you present to the world—or your aura—is an extension of that, and you begin to attract more love in your life. But your auric field may also hold limiting imprints from your ancestors and childhood, as well as energetic and emotional toxicity. By clearing and strengthening your aura, you may be able to heal past wounds and open yourself up to more harmony and vitality.

Kundalini Yoga: How I Learned About the Power of Our Auras

My journey to understanding this began in deep personal crisis. In my thirties, after the birth of my second child, I lost my glow and luster for life. At the time, my heart was in excruciating pain as I witnessed my father dying. The man who loved me unconditionally and always took away my pain was fading. And I couldn’t help him. The grandfather to my children was not able to come over anymore. I longed for him to make me laugh again, and to say my name the way he had always said it—with love—in his Italian accent. I became paralyzed by a growing sadness and did not recognize that the radiance of my aura had been replaced with emotional blockage and trauma.

When I discovered my husband and I were having a third baby, my heart felt a sense of hope. Maybe my father’s soul would return as a new being—full of life, wonder, and warmth. Just as my belly began to expand and I told the children they’d soon have a baby brother or sister, my father took his last breath.In a state of despair during his funeral, my knees gave out and I fell to the ground. Then I miscarried.

At that moment, I lost my faith. My energy was at its absolute lowest, and I was overcome with feelings of shame, loss, and failure. All I could focus on was numbing my pain, andI hit rock bottom. Knowing I desperately needed to heal, I began studying ancient breathing techniques from a healer in India along with Kundalini Yoga.

This is when I learned that when your aura is strong, it is symmetrical and round. And when it is imbalanced, there can be dimples, pockets, and tears, which cause it to dim. When we clear fears, ancestral energetic imprints, and other things that are no longer serving us, we expand and strengthen this energetic field. Through practices, like the one here, profound and incredible shifts can begin to happen.

When I first experimented with these ancient techniques, I started to feel a sense of hope. Rather than reaching for a second glass of wine, I found my time with God again. My glow returned. I found my spirit shining from the inside out, and I recognized that same spirit in others—an important step in any healing journey, regardless of what big-picture outcomes you may strike out to manifest. Ultimately, when you are stuck and feeling like you can’t muster the energy to face another day, experimenting with different practices and lifestyle changes until you find something that works for you can quite possibly save your spirit. And that spirit-saving practice might just be an aura cleansing.

Kundalini Yoga for strength and security

Your aura will attractpositive outcomes and repel negativity when it is bright and strong. Think of it as your shield. This sequence—called a kriyain Kundalini Yoga—is designed to strengthen and brighten that shield. These exercises can generate a powerful clearing effect in your electromagnetic field, which will help your aura become so expansive and radiant that you’ll be able to re-energize and start attracting everything you need with ease. Try this powerful, 30-minute sequence—transmitted from Yogi Bhajan, the founder of Kundalini Yoga in the West—for a few days, and experience its transformative effect for yourself.

About the Author
Karena Virginia has 20 years of experience as a powerful healer and highly acclaimed yoga instructor. Based in the New York City area, she conducts workshops in the United States and Europe and is a pioneer in bringing positive change to the world through fierce love. She’s co-author of the 2017 book Essential Kundalini Yoga and released the DVD The Power of Kundalini in 2015. Her app, Relax and Attract with Karena, has helped thousands of people around the world to find inner peace and healing. Karena’s work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Bravo TV, and the Oprah Winfrey Network. 



How to Release Anger with Kundalini Meditation

How to Release Anger with Kundalini Meditation

Have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand to release all the anger that you have been carrying with you for years? Would you like to get rid of your stress and tension and shift your perspective to one of tranquility?

While anger is a potent emotion that isn’t easy to shake, a new beginning could be yours with the life-transformative practice of Kundalini meditation. You can calm your mind and learn to meditate anytime and anywhere you become triggered. Reorganizing your nervous system is an inside job, and it all starts with your prana or breath. Changing your breath changes your energy.

With Kundalini meditation, all breathing goes in and out of the nose, stimulating the meridian points in the nasal cavity and reestablishing your connection to health and spirit. You’d be surprised at the difference this can make in your life when you practice regularly. Gabrielle Bernstein, a well-known author, speaker and coach in the spiritual community, promotes Kundalini meditation. She suggests a simple Kundalini breathing technique that can help you feel and then dissipate your anger.

Want to learn more? There are a few basic breathing techniques and meditations that you can use for anger management. To experience Kundalini energy for yourself, try the following:

Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire is a rapid form of energized breathing that is very energizing and can have a tremendous impact on your mood. This simple technique cleanses the blood and helps you detoxify, getting its power from the belly button and solar plexus. It is powerful, and cleans out the lungs, mucous linings, blood vessels and cells. Like many meditation and yoga poses, it starts in a comfortable position with a straight spine. Then, you begin to rapidly inhale and exhale—inhalations and exhalations should be equal in length. The navel will naturally move in and out, but the focus should remain on the breath. Most people practice this technique—which spends an equal amount of time on the inhale and exhale—anywhere from three to 20 minutes.

Sitali Pranayama

Sitali Pranayama is a popular pose that starts with being seated with a straight spine, in a comfortable position. It starts with curling the tongue and sticking it out past the lips, and ends with a deep inhalation through the mouth and tongue. This technique is known to flush out anger by cooling the body, affecting the area of the spine near the fourth and sixth vertebrae. It brings down blood pressure, fevers and can help with digestion.

Long Deep Breathing

Long Deep Breathing is the most natural thing to do, yet if you are like most people, you probably take short, shallow breaths on a regular basis. You can balance your emotions and become considerably less reactive by breathing slowly and expanding your lungs much more than you usually do. This type of breathing facilitates actual changes in brain chemistry that allow you to shift your emotions.



Kundalini, the serpent of liberation or dissolution! – The soul, the mind and the mirror’s!

The power of Kundalini is the power of God. That power is only given to those who deserve it. In other words, the real initiate, the real spiritual practitioner who follows the upright law wants to leave suffering, return to Eden, to be born again. This spiritual birth is only possible through the force of Kundalini.

Every organism in nature transforms and transmits energy. The physical body that we have is no different. All of us as physical organisms are like cells in the body that covers the skin of this planet. The creatures that we call human beings are really just animals who happen to have intellect, and are like the cells of any organism who ingest, transform, and release forces. Those forces perpetuate life on this planet.

The forces have been reversed and abused and this is why the planet is revolting against us, punishing us, you could say. This is why we suffer in new ways, with new diseases, new problems. The sacrifice we have to make psychological, spiritual, and physical within ourselves.

What we have to learn is how to harness these energies within us and redirect them by conscious will. First we need to understand those energies, what they are, where they are and how they work.  The body has to be made clean, pure, and stable. Otherwise this force that needs to be awakened cannot awaken.

The true initiate seeks to escape suffering. Tired of the ego power struggles, tired of pain, and death, is well qualified to enter this science.

Our biological instinct is simply to be born, eat, defecate, reproduce, and die. Nature does not care about our art, science, theories, or beliefs, or whether we believe in God or not. Nature only wants to perpetuate itself. This is why in all the lower kingdoms this is the function off every organism: to perpetuate the existence of those organisms. Each one of them plays a role in perpetuating the planet. That is all nature wants. Nature does not want, does not care, does not need us to believe in God or not.

Because of our brain and because of our drive for physical sex, we are misusing that energy and harming the planet. That is why the planet is revolting against us, punishing us, and this is why we are suffering in new ways, with new diseases, new problems. If we look at this planet without attachment, or any of our philosophies, we can see that nature does not care about our religions, nature just wants our energy.

The sacrifice we have to make now is psychological, spiritual, and physical within ourselves. What we have to learn is how to harness the energies within us and redirect them by conscious will. To do that we need to understand those energies, what they are, where they are and how they work.

These rules usually include: Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not take any intoxicants, Do not eat impure food. In other words, do not put impurities in your body and do not use your body in ways that create harmful forces. The body has to be made clean, pure, and stable. Otherwise this force that needs to be awakened cannot awaken.

The physical body is very complex interdependent systems, to the nervous system. The nervous system can only operate if the Consciousness is connected to the body.

The nervous system is very complex but it’s actually three nervous systems in one: central, sympathetic, and parasympathetic. This central nervous system and all its functions are symbolized in the Bible as the Tree of Life. That is because it is our own Tree of Life inside. Without it we cannot live.

The middle is the central nervous system, which is the equilibrator, the one that keeps balance, on either side are the sympathetic and parasympathetic, one is the plus, the other is the minus. Three forces: plus, minus, equals, which is the basis for electricity.

This is the basis for how energy moves in the universe, through three forces. So physically, this exists within us through our three nervous systems, but energetically this also exists within us in the vital body, Astral body, Mental body and on.

Both are forms of birth, both are sexual, but the use of the energy is different.

When we talk about Kundalini, really we are talking about the Divine Mother. We are talking about the goddess, and you can call her Isis, Mary, Tara, Athena, Minerva, whatever name you want, but she is the cause of existence. Her body is energy and her pure potentiality awaits us in our bodies.

In Hinduism, the goddess Sakti has a spouse: Shiva. masculine and feminine, these two forces. Shiva can create or destroy. Shakti is Siva’s power. These figures symbolize forces, energies. Shiva is not an individual, but a force, an intelligence.

The goddess Shakti can polarize as Kali Ma. Every goddess has her opposite. Athena is opposed by Medusa. In Hinduism, Kali Ma can be a positive goddess who liberates and she can also be the goddess of death, the goddess of hell.

This duality of the cosmic power is very clearly represented in Hinduism and in Buddhism and yet so many spiritual seekers ignore it with this fantasy-land idea that if they have good intentions, they naturally must be awakening positively.

Meditation may be beautiful, but it is nothing compared to inner heat, because the inner heat provides energy that produces an illumination that a typical Samadhi cannot compare to.

This why the work with energy is so important. It is to know the truth. To comprehend why we suffer. The causes of suffering cannot be seen with the physical eyes. We need to go deep into the roots of the mind.

All these qualities are impurities that prevent God from emerging, from appearing. In other words, we need to clean the temple, our mind, our heart, then God can emerge.

This power of Kundalini is the power of God. At one time in the past humanity knew this directly. Humanity walked with God, talked with God, and could see the heavens. This is symbolized in the Bible as the man and woman in the garden of Eden before the Fall, before the temptation to abuse the fruit. But when humanity was seduced by desire, humanity was cast out of Eden.

Adam represents, in this context, our brain, while Eve, in this context, represents our sexual organs, and the serpent is the one who delivers knowledge through sex. The serpent is Lucifer, “the bearer of Light”, who is the servant of the Divine Mother, the representative of the Divine Mother, the attendant who does her will. You can either rise the serpent upwards, towards her GOD or descend down! That’s our free will.

Look at humanity. We are worse than animals. We are enslaved by desire. Enslaved, powerless, because of desire. We destroy not only each other, but the planet. No animal does that. Animals respect the law, but we don’t. We don’t respect ourselves because of desire. Every pain, every suffering, every problem that you have in your life is because of your own desires.

So the serpent fell. Where we once had that energy active in us, that serpent fell, gradually, over time. This was not an overnight event, this occurred over generations, long ago. The result was that energy fell and became inactive in terms of the positive upright force. Instead that energy inverted itself. The opposite polarity emerged.

Consciousness was evolving up from the lower kingdoms, it reached the animal kingdom, the orgasm is part of the development of that level of nature, but upon entering the humanoid kingdom, the orgasm must be abandoned, in order to ascend to a new level.

When we enter the sexual act, we connect them where the most powerful energies are in the body, the sexual organs. In those organs are the root forces of creation, the powers of God.

Normally, when we are not in the sexual act, all the powers that come into us, the power to be alive descends through these three nervous systems, the three forces–Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

The ultimate level is spiritual, obviously. Merely physically, the highest degree is sexual creation. So when we unite two physical bodies sexually, man and woman, that fire is lit.

This is when the causes are there for the fire to emerge. That fire is sex. That is the creative power of God. That power is sex. This is why we see Shiva-Shakti, God and goddess, the Elohim, which means God and goddess.

Ida, the feminine serpent. The responsibility of that energetic, psychological channel is procreation. That is the root driver for sex. That is why nature pushes us to have sex, to procreate.

Unfortunately, humanity a long time ago was tempted to have children on their own without the guidance of the Elohim. When that energy became very charged in the sexual organs and in the vital and astral bodies, and the Elohim were not present to guide the sexual act, the energy built up too much, and these energy transformers, the chakras and sexual organs short-circuited. You see, a conductor only has a limited capacity.

Any conductor of energy is like a channel or a tube through which energy can move. When you put too much energy there, you short-circuit it. That circuit overloads and the energy escapes into other areas. This is what the orgasm is. It is an overcharge of energy.

The orgasm is an explosion of energy that escapes from the conductors that should manage it. We think it is pleasurable, but what we do not realize is that a short circuit destroys the organism. It destroys the organism, gradually. This is why people who have a lot of sex, gradually lose their sexual power. People who repeat the orgasm gradually lose the ability to have it. They become impotent or become indifferent to sex because their energetic centres become burned out. This is why everybody takes chemicals to stimulate their sex drive. This is why pornography became so popular, because is an artificial stimulation for the sexual energy.

The problem is that people are so addicted to this sensation that they do not realize that the energy is destroying them. That energy is put in the wrong places is the reason why people go mad. The brain gets messed up. The nervous system is depleted. This is why people who are addicted to masturbation and sex develop all kinds of mental and emotional problems. Many of them end up in mental institutions. I work in a mental hospital and yes there are people are addicted to masturbation.

The sexual energy, when polarized negatively, traps the Consciousness in hell. The archetypes that we should be using to create the soul, are trapped inside the ego. Thus the serpent eats dust.

When the age of Aquarius dawned and new cosmic forces were propelled against this planet, the Aquarian forces, which are very revolutionary, we saw the entire society turn upside down. You cannot separate sex from religion. When that Aquarian force hit humanity, all of a sudden humanity says: Where is the real religion? Where is real sexual satisfaction? These two questions emerged at the same time. That is because of the force of Aquarius which is pushing humanity to begin a new era.

Unfortunately, because the serpent in us is polarized in the wrong way, we began to experiment with sex and with religion and with drugs and with desire. People think, since the 60’s, that you can do whatever you want, you can think up your own religion and reach God, but this is a lie. The ancient religions are ancient because they have truths that cannot be avoided.

The single person can utilize all the spiritual practices, prayer, Meditation, Pranayama, runes, many techniques. But if they avoid the psychological part, they will either gain nothing or just more suffering. We have to prepare an environment for Divine Mother to inhabit. That environment is inside of us psychologically.

Both the serpent and the dove are the symbols of the Holy Spirit. To be as wise as a serpent is to have this wisdom or the knowledge of the polarity of Kundalini and to know how to use it. To be as harmless as the dove is to respect the law, to follow the guidance of God, not our own selfish will.

That is how you can have experiences in Meditation. You can have comprehension, intuition, insight, experiences out of your body. The light that comes from a match is small and temporary. A sun, on the other hand, is a whole other level. That is what a second birth is. The second birth is the emergence back into Eden. That awakening is completely different from sparks or flashes of Kundalini energy activating a chakra. Be clear on that distinction.

They interfere with it. Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs interfere with the normal function of the nervous system. So those need to be abandoned.
One should eat a very healthy diet, the best food you can get. Do not eat junk food, do not eat garbage. If you are putting things into your temple, you want to put the best things you can. It is not to eat expensive, but to eat well, to eat pure food, not chemicals.

Kundalini Fire and Twin Flame Alchemy – The soul, the mind and the mirror’s!

TWIN FLAMES and Kundalini Fire –  The Lovers Dance

A kundalini awakening is one of the effects of meeting your Twin flame. The kundalini is the purpose for your Twin Flame to burst into your life, in divine timing to spark you into remembrance of your true infinite & immortal nature.

The twin flame energy can be a painful and tiring process, some of the solar flares happening in humanity, bringing new waves of energies, can bring up some intense emotions which are closely related to past karma, which aligns with the inner chakra’s. the twin flame romance is one of intensity and divine love.

kundalini awakening prepares us for the twin flame journey. Although not everybody who experiences a kundalini awakening may be on their twin flame journey, but those souls who are, will have experienced a partial awakening, so that they can begin to clear out old karma and debris accumulated from many lifetimes.  The twin flame journey involves processing a lot of psychological and spiritual baggage, which can often cause much confusion and pain. For example, when kundalini reaches our heart we may feel heat, pressure and movements in heart area, including intense and uneven heartbeats. As our feelings rise to the surface, accompanied by crying, raging, being easily moved to tears etc. When the kundalini reaches our throat Chakra, we feel pressure, aches and pains in our throat, jaw and neck and we find ourselves speaking our truth, or even yelling and demanding things that have been suppressed; whereas kundalini on our 3rd eye Chakra brings about headaches with burning, tingling and pulling sensations around the brain and skulls.

The different stages of karma cleansing are;

Purge – releasing old wounds of times past.
Release – letting go as the inner body burns its way through the chakra’s
Heal – moving and working through karmic issues
Surrender – submitting to the heart’s intelligence, surrendering to the will of the divine
Manifest – co-create
Experience – Divine love

The force required to release the pulsating, creative kundalini energy is atomic – just like the nuclear fusion of the complementary polarities of the energetic bodies of the Twin Flames! Some of the most common symptoms are tingling, flushes of energy, cold/heat running through various parts of the body, fluttering, twitching of muscles and pinching or burning sensations, and these are felt all along the awakening process. Some of the heart flickering can be alarming making you wonder if there is something medically wrong. If you’re not on the twin flame journey, then getting this checked out is wise.
With the spiritual awakening, we might be lucky and catch with clarity, a glimpse of our definite future with our Twin Flame, one of the two may even manifest energetically to the other twin, to alert them into knowing who you are and that you are here, to unite. The reason the two of you haven’t connected physically, is because there’s work to do, emotional, psychological and spiritual work, including releasing existing old soul agreements, before twin flames can reach that point.

Sometimes, the ignition happens through physical sexual union, however it can also happen through online contact, hearing our twin flame’s voice, spending time with them, seeing them in dreams etc. The reason physical contact is not required is because twin flames are connected to each other through the 5-body system; of which physical togetherness is only a small part.

The awakening of the Kundalini is a gradual process and the symptoms leading up to the energy reaching the crown chakra producing self-realization and enlightenment can take years. This process can take longer if the Twin Flames have not physically consumed their union since it is their sexual union through the sacred marriage/alchemical union (also known as hieros gamos) which helps bring on the union on all levels.

As we work through our chakra’s, once the energy reaches our crown, the final chakra opens, we experience a full-blown, big bang type expansion of our consciousness. With this we may see some of the rarer symptoms, such as experiencing divine light within, a complete (temporary) paralysis of the physical body or feeling very blissful to the point that it would completely overwhelm your consciousness if you allowed it to. Often a person will experience feelings of spontaneous bliss and ecstasy, as well as intervals of tremendous joy, love and compassion. The kundalini awakening also brings along many psychic experiences, such as past life memories, astral travel, awareness of chakras and auras, extrasensory perception, contact with spirit guides, dreams and visions, increased creativity (spiritual music, art, poetry etc.) and healing powers.

Runner chaser paradigm – sometimes one of the two of the twin flames is the teacher to the other, this is referred as runner chaser, and the runner may not fully comprehend what is going on which is why they run. They might not be able to make any sense of it and may be just as freaked out as we are, unable or unwilling to share what is happening to them. Chasing them and coming at them with all the spiritual definitions and Twin Flame theories will only push them further away. It is very important at this point to do whatever it is that you need to do to move the energy along – write, sing, howl at the moon, run in the meadows, cry or laugh like a maniac, see an energy healer and do whatever it takes to find some solid ground to stand on.

The purpose of the twin flame union is to shift consciousness into the new earth, a new paradigm, the twin flame union is fused by the kundalini fire. This power of Kundalini is the power of God. At one time in the past humanity knew this directly. Humanity walked with God, talked with God, and could see the heavens. This is symbolized in the Bible as the man and woman in the garden of Eden before the Fall, before the temptation to abuse the fruit. But when humanity was seduced by desire, humanity was cast out of Eden.

My journey through Kundalini awakening by Alan Foulkes

I had been going through an unusual period of extreme anxiety. I had been made redundant and was finding it very hard to get another job. A well of anxiety rose up.  I managed to settle this anxiety down and find more work but then found the same extreme anxiety re-surfacing as work became quite busy.

A good friend recommended that I went to an acupuncturist, and I decided to try this rather than take the anti- depressants that were offered by my GP.

I realised that this anxiety was from a childhood trauma that was finding a way to come to the surface, and I explained this to the acupuncturist.

During the resulting treatment I had very powerful energy moving up my body along my spine..it came all the way up to my head…the Acupuncturist kept on saying to me to open up…I did….I saw clouds like a William Blake painting, and in the middle the clouds started to thin…until….a golden light came through the clouds and whoosh…the energy went right up through my body and out of my Crown Chakra.

For 24 hours I felt blissful. I could see the oneness of everything, colours were very vivid, and I was very sensitive to other people’s energies.  I could not stand close to people with negative energy.

However, after 24 hours the experience changed. I felt the energy shift in my stomach, the anxiety came back with a vengeance. I could not function, go to work. Energy was coming up to my head and getting stuck, as if 1,000 watts was being put through a 40 watt light bulb.

I ended up being convinced I was dying, could not walk more than a few yards and spent 2 days sitting on the end of my bed waiting to die.

I was admitted to psychiatric hospital for 6 weeks which was a major trauma in itself. I was hearing flute music ( a common experience in Kundalini awakenings apparently) but realised early on that had to stop telling them what was really happening to me as it was all seen as psychosis, so did not tell the medics this. If I had I am sure I would have got the diagnosis of schizophrenia…I was actually given the ridiculous diagnosis of “psychotic depression”; at no point was I depressed…..just very anxious.

I was put on anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. At no point was I ever listened to. As I was trained in Reiki I had some understanding of Kundalini (and was very scared of it).  Even the most empathetic medical staff could not understand this; I had no validation of my experience.

After a difficult four months life returned to “normal”. I was able to function, go back to work. A year on a friend told me about the Emerging Proud Launch Event. It was an inspiring day and fantastic to meet other people who had comparible experiences.

I am now a trained Peer Group Facilitator in the Emerging Kind project and will be starting a support group in Oxford in September. I am also working with two others to set up a Kundalini Awakening Support group in London and a You Tube channel with interviews of people who have had Kundalini awakenings.  I am committed to working with mental health professionals to try to open their eyes to the fact that a significant number of people have spiritual emergencies, and they need to be listened to and have their experiences validated not pathologised.

I feel on a personal level that I have learnt a lot from my Crisis. I am much more spiritually connected, and the Kundalini process is unfolding now in more gentle and positive way.

I also feel that I want to do my bit to try to make this kind of experience less traumatic and more positive for other people. I am very grateful to Katie and others who have initiated Emerging Proud and the Emerging Kind. I have also applied to volunteer for the UK Spiritual Crisis Network.

I am a keen song writer and musician and I am recording a CD with the title “Healing”; the band is called Firegazer, and the album will be coming out in September (see http://www.firegazer.co.uk; note the website is in the process of being constructed and is not active yet).

There is so much is to play for….a crisis is an opportunity….but sometimes we need help through that crisis so we can meet that opportunity.

The following lyrics are from a song called “The Storm” which is from the album I am recording with the band I play with. I am the song writer for the band and the songs relate to crisis and the spiritual journey.

The album is called “Healing”.

This art work from the cover of the CD is by my friend Mario Coelho mariocoelho.co.uk

In the winter breeze

The Storm it starts to breathe

Swirling from behind

Like a whispering mind

And now it can speak

A voice not so meek

Boats dance in the bay

Street lights start to sway

I heard the news

Fools lit the fuse

Troops go off to fight

For what cannot be right

And the mind it screams

As the walls come down

Nothing much to see

Of the crumbling town

I’m by the sea

There’s only me

I turn and walk away

There’s more games to play

I’m by the sea

There’s only me.

“Meditation a Prerequisite for Opening Kundalini Energy”

Our energy can become stagnate but meditation moves energy through the body.

This is a prerequisite to opening Kundalini Energy.

Meditation a Prerequisite to Opening Kundalini Energy

Think of the Body Meridians as Bio/Spiritual Wires

The meridians of the body that Traditional Chinese Medicine works with can be thought of as electrical wires. These wires are very small there is great resistance and thus little energy is allowed to move through the conduit towards its goal at the crown chakra.

But the lower the resistance we have in the wires or meridians the more energetic current flows from point “A” to “B”.

Meditation Reduces Resistance

When we start to meditate we let go of stress, we let go of worries, we let go of all the future thinking and allow our mind to live in the here-and-now. This reduces the resistance of energetic energy through the meridians. Thus the more we meditate the easier our energy flows up the spine to the crown chakra.

And that’s why all the great yogis, teachers, and spiritual people would put in many hours of meditation in order to have their resistance reduce to almost nothing so energy would flow towards the crown chakra.

This Awakens Our True Spirit and Thus We Change

As we meditate and our energy starts to flow upward and awakens our true spirit within. We are entities of light, entities of spirit, and thus we move to a high plane of vibration when this happens.

Thus our thoughts, our words, and our actions change and we see the connection of all things as “ONE”. And thus our outer resistance changes and we change to become higher evolved beings.

A Very Important Prerequisite to Opening Kundalini Energy

Without this powerful change, our kundalini energy is unable to move upward towards our crown chakra.

So if you want to move to a high plane of existence it’s important to put in the time in meditating in bliss.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

Feel Free to Share – This information is meant to get you started so you can do more research on your own… dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

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Kundalini in ancient Greek and other non-Indian cultures

Thomas McEvilley has done a systematic study of the correspondence between ancient Greek and Indian philosophy in his 2001 book The Shape of Ancient Thought. This post summarizes his discovery of the Kundalini concept in Greek and other ancient non-Indian cultures.   The manner in which these concepts were divined or disseminated through various ancient cultures is a matter of contention, which I shall not pursue here.

The concept of is well-known in ancient Indian scriptures and modern Yoga circles.  There is supposed to be a subtle central channel named Sushumna alongside which run two auxiliary channels named Ida and Pingala.   These two auxiliary channels are intertwined and criss-cross each other at five junctions which are called Chakras.  The goal of Yoga is to practice (austerity) which conserves Retas and changes it to Ojas,  (see the previous post on Transmutation of sexual energy for more) which eventually causes the Kundalini, a secret libidinal force which lies dormant at the base of the spine, to rise up through the Sushumna channel until it reaches the Sahasrara Chakra at the top of the brain.  When this ascension of Kundalini occurs, the practitioner of Yoga is supposed to experience an incomparable ecstasy and when this power stabilizes in the head, it results in  what is called Enlightenment or Self-realization, after which the soul is said to be freed from the cycle of reincarnation.


Thomas McEvilley cites ’s which seems to discuss something similar to the Hindu doctrine of the Kundalini.  In this book, speaks of the divine seed which resides in the brain, which flows down the spinal column towards the sexual organs.  He discusses two hidden channels which flow alongside the spinal column, which intertwine with each other at the throat and the heart knots(Chakras).   Plato distinguished between two forms of (Love).  True Eros is the desire of the higher soul to be united with the World soul.  When the soul becomes embodied in Matter and experiences the bewilderment of Time, True Eros or the desire for supreme knowledge is replaced by False Eros, which is sexual desire.

It may be beneficial to present some of the exact passages which McEvilley cites, so here they are as extracted from the translation by Benjamin Jowett.  I used the translation available online here.  There are other translations here and here.

In the first passage, Plato while discussing the formation of the human body mentions the soul-stuff (divine seed) that resides in the brain.

“That which, like a field, was to receive the divine seed, he made round every way, and called that portion of the marrow, brain, intending that, when an animal was perfected, the vessel containing this substance should be the head; but that which was intended to contain the remaining and mortal part of the soul”

In this passage, Plato discusses of the two auxiliary channels (Ida and Pingala) which flow alongside the central Sushumna, as well as the the places where they intertwine.

“In the first place, they cut two hidden channels or veins down the back where the skin and the flesh join, which answered severally to the right and left side of the body. These they let down along the backbone, so as to have the marrow of generation between them, where it was most likely to flourish, and in order that the stream coming down from above might flow freely to the other parts, and equalise the irrigation. In the next place, they divided the veins about the head, and interlacing them, they sent them in opposite directions; those coming from the right side they sent to the left of the body, and those from the left they diverted towards the right,”

In this passage, Plato discusses the virtues of continence.

“He who has the seed about the spinal marrow too plentiful and overflowing, like a tree overladen with fruit, has many throes, and also obtains many pleasures in his desires and their offspring, and is for the most part of his life deranged, because his pleasures and pains are so very great; his soul is rendered foolish and disordered by his body; yet he is regarded not as one diseased, but as one who is voluntarily bad, which is a mistake. The truth is that the intemperance of love is a disease of the soul due chiefly to the moisture and fluidity which is produced in one of the elements by the loose consistency of the bones. And in general, all that which is termed the incontinence of pleasure and is deemed a reproach under the idea that the wicked voluntarily do wrong is not justly a matter for reproach.”

[Plato. Timaeus, Diseases and therapy of the soul, 86d]

Here, he discusses the manner in which the sexual organs are connected to the head through the vertebral column; the latter serves as a conduit for the “seed” which gives life.

“The outlet for drink by which liquids pass through the lung under the kidneys and into the bladder, which receives then by the pressure of the air emits them, was so fashioned by them as to penetrate also into the body of the marrow, which passes from the head along the neck and through the back, and which in the preceding discourse we have named the seed. And the seed having life, and becoming endowed with respiration, produces in that part in which it respires a lively desire of emission, and thus creates in us the love of procreation.”

[Plato. Timaeus, Genesis of Other Animals, 91b]

Knowledge of something akin to Kundalini seems to have been pervasive in ancient Greece, according to McEvilley.  The Greeks referred to the spinal column as the Holy tube(hiera surinx).   The and Orphic schools taught that semen comes from brain and is of one substance with the spinal marrow.  mentions that the cerebro-spinal fluid  engkephalos was endowed with life-power.  Alcmaeon of Croton stated that “holy tube” conducted engkephalos from the brain to the base of the spine, where it becomes semen.  Diogenes of Appolonia, as quoted by Aristotle, is also said to have referred to the two auxiliary channels beside the spinal column:

‘The veins in man are as follows:- There are two veins pre-eminent in magnitude. These extend through the belly along the backbone, one to right, one to left; either one to the leg on its own side, and upwards to the head, past the collar bones, through the throat.” (Aristotle, Historia Animalium)

As McEvilley states in the book, the correspondence is noteworthy because anatomists cannot discover these occult concepts by dissecting cadavers; this knowledge can only be gained through occult insight or through exchange between cultures.


While tracing the various possibilities of cultural dissemination, McEvilley cites the myth of Osiris in ancient Egypt.  , the god of afterlife, is said to ascend to heaven over the spinal column of his mother, the goddess Nut, the vertebrae being used as the rungs of a ladder.  This is similar to the Yogic concept of Enlightenment.  Richard Onians in his book The Origins of European Thought suggests that the djed column, representing the spine of Osiris and worshipped as an “amulet of life,” indicates the same idea.   According to Onians, the vital fluid in Egyptian iconography is repeatedly shown as being transmitted by laying the hand on the top of the spine or passing it down the spine.

Photo: Djed Column. (Via Flickr. Click image for source)


In analyzing the evidence across other ancient cultures, McEvilley also cites the Gudea vase which shows two serpents intertwined around a central axis, their bodies touching each other at seven knot-points.  This is exactly how the Sushumna and its two auxiliary channels are arranged.

Gudea Vase. Click image for source

The symbol of caduceus seen below, a staff entwined by two serpents who intersect at five points, occurs in Greek mythology as well as in Mesopotamian sculptures.   In Sumerian examples, the caduceus is depicted within the human body indicating a strong resemblance to the concept of Kundalini.

McEvilley also cites examples of something equivalent to Kundalini in  Chinese literature:

The Taoist alchemists of China taught techniques to force the semen up the spine to the brain, where it was expected to nourish fields of cinnabar, leading to the alchemical transformation of the mind…..The text Uniting Yin and Yang(Ho Yin Yang), for example, advises the practitioner to “suck the ching-spirit upward,” implying the suction-from-the-bladder technique attested to by Indian yogis at a later date. Another early Han text, the Shih Wen, says, “Draw in ch’i to fill the brain,” and observes, “All the ching rises upward.” The upwardization theme is barely mentioned in these early texts, and their orientation is specifically toward pleasure, unlike the avowals of tantric alchemists who seek either enlightenment or immortality or both (and Plato). Still, it was present and growing; by the T’ang dynasty the esoteric practices of sexual yoga were used in the hopes of becoming immortal, and by the Sung dynasty the whole system, with the circuit of ch’i (in India prana) up the Tu channel and down the Jen had been established [1]

Navigating the Kundalini Awakening

Since the rise of my Kundalini energy in March 2011, I have had time to really understand what it’s like to live with Kundalini. It can be a blessing and a curse.  The blessing is that we experience an awakening, have accelerated emotional and spiritual growth, develop intuitive abilities, and our existing talents are brought to a new level.  The down side of Kundalini rising is that the experience is chaotic and unpredictable, it intensifies any existing emotional and physical problems, we are forced to face our unresolved emotional issues, we suffer from physical pain from blockages in our energy fields from these unresolved emotional wounds, and generally, our lives are thrown in chaos and disarray.

The key is to stabilize this Kundalini energy so we can experience a stable and peaceful life.  I was able to stabilize my Kundalini energy in less than three years through emotional release practice, and observing ego practice.  I refer to these practices as my spiritual ascension work. Please see these links for posts on these practices. Releasing ego through observing ego practice will help you cope with any fears and anxiety associated with your Kundalini rising, and any underlying existing emotional fears and anxiety. Emotional release practice helps with healing your emotional wounds, dissolving blockages in your energy field, and ultimately changing your resonance vibrational energy through changing your emotional landscape.

However, there are many pitfalls involved in the Kundalini awakening experience. One is spiritual bypass, another is being misguided by a teacher or guru,and of course, then there is our unwillingness to do the hard emotional work by facing our emotional wounds and injuries and inability to take responsibilities for our behaviors and actions by facing the truth about ourselves.  My suggestion is to do your ascension work alone without a teacher or guru,  as our higher selves are our best guides and teachers. Please see my post on accessing your higher self.  Use these practices as you see fit, and if they don’t work, read others’ methods and develop your own ascension practice.  May this help you in your Kundalini awakening, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalin Spirit with All Rights Reserved).


Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Many kundalini awakening symptoms are result from changes to the nervous system. It is easy to confuse symptoms from a neurological or biological condition as being due to kundalini awakening. In either case, symptoms are a sign of healing and of your body trying to maintain homeostasis or to increase your energy.

Kundalini symptoms happen all along the awakening process, before pre-awakening, at spiritual awakening and afterward leading to full-blown kundalini transformation. Symptoms are produced as signs of physical changes manifesting in the body after each event of quiet mind happens, no matter how long that interval was. Because self-realization is gradual and biological, our ability to sustain quiet mind grows over time. The longer you can sustain quiet mind, the stronger the kundalini transformation symptoms become. Kundalini awakening symptoms noticeably, get closer together over time if you are progressing in your spiritual transformation. After the full-blown kundalini transformation, symptoms are continuous 24/7, get stronger each day in different ways and do not stop until the transformation is complete.

Pre-Awakening Symptoms

The kinds of symptoms faced when near pre-awakening often are due to changes occurring in the mind. Visions, vivid dreams, insights, synchronistic events, seeing the world differently and many changes in perspectives and beliefs occur. There is often a questioning of ideas and beliefs about God and religion that you have held your entire lifetime. Energy is working in your mind to clear aspects about how you see yourself and how you see the world. In short, your eyes are opening as your mind quiets down and when you look outside you discover that everything is conscious. Sporadic nervous system reactions also occur.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

In a crown opening, you will feel a sudden rise of energy. You experience a change in perception and see nature differently with vivid colors. You have the sensation of time standing still and see the interconnectedness between objects in the world. It is like seeing the world moving in a connected way, instead of seeing still objects. You experience healing symptoms and feel rushes of energy, flashes of light and many other kundalini symptoms. You have visions, vivid dreams and know about things you never had before. It seems information is downloaded to you. In a crown opening, you receive information about your purpose and lesson for this lifetime. As your soul energy opens, you may remember some past lives. You may feel you are related to religious icons or may feel like you are God. There are many descriptions of the crown opening and they differ widely. Because people are still heavily influenced by their personality when it happens, colorful, mysterious and ‘out of this world’ stories are reported. Common to them all is they have seen beyond the illusion the personality creates, and have met their higher-self. Much energy has released from the personality and a profound rewiring of the central nervous system is underway. This is cause for the expanded perception and sensory abilities. Another common factor is the heightened abilities eventually fade. Then you will hear people state they still have the abilities, only they are now used to them. This is wishful thinking. In the end this does not matter, we have changed. Our eyes are now open. A barrage of nervous system kundalini reactions also occur, but fade after a while.

Healing Phase Symptoms

Later symptoms will be a combination of healing reactions, which can be illness in the body, signs of mental health problems, emotional problems and the like. All are signs of continued healing. Anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, gallbladder and liver problems, tingling legs syndrome and others like this are common healing events after crown awakening. Healing of the body will increase as your vibration rises and healing of the body from diseases is a priority to gain more energy. As healing symptoms increase, we feel sick and notice reduced awareness level. We remember how we felt before and want that back, which motivates us to enter into a self-healing process and increase our meditation and spiritual work. It is hard to tell which came first, the sickness or the awareness and which caused the other, because both are part of the same.

Kundalini Symptoms

Prior to full-blown kundalini transformation, while meditative, you have kundalini symptoms such as feeling tingles or muscle twitches in various areas of the body. You may feel fleeting pain or cramps, quivering of the lips, flashes in the brain and sporadic jerks of body parts. You may feel sudden rushes of energy in the body, explosions of light in the brain and feel tingling or numbness in various body parts. When you feel these things, you have the ability to sustain quiet mind in meditation for increasingly longer times. This cannot be missed. You will be falling into a deep trance-like state and will fear you will lose yourself as the quiet increases. It is like falling asleep in your meditation, and you want to awaken and shake it off. Going beyond this initial fear, to allow yourself to fall asleep, will be part of deepening your meditation. If your meditative state is not deepening like this, you are probably at an earlier stage of spiritual awakening and it is unlikely the full-blown kundalini transformation is near to triggering. While in early awakening stages, it is easy to convince ourselves we are more advanced than we are, because of our identification with our mind-voice and from believing truth comes from our storyteller.

Because of widespread lack of information about kundalini awakening, symptoms tend to be colorfully described, which makes this experience seem stranger than it is. Many of the symptoms are due to changes in the central nervous system, are observed internally, and thus are unworldly. We do not have a common language to describe internal symptoms. To complicate matters further, the brain is rewiring, old memories are stirring up, hormones are rushing and strange sensations all felt all over the body. As more people come forward reporting their kundalini awakening and as scientists get involved and record cases, then our knowledge about this natural process will expand and it will be less mystical.

It is beyond the scope of this book to talk in detail about each symptom. Several common symptoms are defined in the glossary and the index contains reference to many symptoms I experienced. All or any of these symptoms happen at various stages along the path of spiritual awakening and healing, but are more like a barrage of symptoms which then fade. With kundalini transformation well under way, you will experience all these symptoms and some continuously on a daily basis. When kundalini transformation is in full force, the symptoms do not fade, they are felt every day, and get stronger over time. Eventually you reach a plateau when you are near the end phase and then all symptoms settle down. However, there is something consistent after full-blown kundalini awakening that cannot be missed: your vibration will increase each day as well your awareness level.

Common symptoms include: tingling, muscle twitches, kriyas, stinging prickles, freezing, hot flashes, sweating, hot bones, body vibration, pain in muscles, muscle cramps, flashes of light in the mind, rushes of energy moving on the spine, internal rain, drops of liquid, external rain, pulse in root and crown chakras, increased sexual energy, spontaneous orgasms, insights, frequent changes in sensory perception, amplified senses, altered states of consciousness, loss of all sensation, going out of body, organ cleansing, electric shocks, buzzing in body, itching, insect crawling sensation, shaking, shivers, hearing tones, change in sleep and eating patterns, hyperactivity, headaches, pressure in skull, visions, visits from extraterrestrials or guides, snapping, clicking and popping of bones and ligaments, numbness, spontaneous crying or laughing, mystical experiences and more.


Kundalini, third eye and the Great Harvest

Kundalini, third eye and the Great Harvest

Christian deBlanc
bio and articles

I will begin this piece by reminding the reader that achieving both peace and power within the human being is ideal. I submit to you, dear reader, that peace of mind comes from having a reasonably large bank account of qi or prana (bio-plasma or life-force energy) flowing through the energy meridians and the seven chakras of the mind-body-spirit complex or Mer-Ka-Ba.

Survival food is that which nourishes the soul and helps it to become fruit. I would recommend doing large amounts of yoga, qi (chi) gong, prayer and meditation in order to center the life-force energy and begin to channel it up the spine toward the third eye.

If we are concerned with physical or animalistic survival, then we will trap the life-force energy around the tail bone area / bottom of the spine. This energy area is harmonious in vibration with the color red and it is depicted as the root chakra with four red petals.

Once we achieve a certain amount of stability, whether developmentally or in the present moment, we move up the spine to the sacral area around the pelvic bowl and up to the second spinal vertebrae. This area of the body is associated with the pleasure of knowing the duality of self and other. Sex, sensuality, lust, as well as taking the pleasure of other away in order to please one-self to feel secure, all stems from this area. The goal is to channel this energy up the spine through the solar plexus and to the heart, before it can be transmuted into spiritual awareness by entering the throat, pituitary and pineal regions.

Kundalini is the name the Indian metaphysical system has given this life-force energy as it becomes mixed (as it were) with the desire for procreation or union with the Godhead—sexuality or spirituality. Fear poisons the pot and keeps the energy trapped in the red chakra and adrenaline is released. Heart rate slows downs and we begin to feel down about our sense of self, the sacral chakra slows down and we are trapped in a low vibration. Now, we look for pleasure or purpose to pull us back out.

Of course, the thought of the Planet X system bearing down on the planet with the government, the media and the military keeping quiet is a bit disturbing for many of us truth seekers, certainly. This kind of feeling is what brings us up to the solar plexus, but it comes with a sense of frustration and futility that so many don’t have eyes to see the truth. We have to let that go and let compassion bring our energy and awareness to the heart region and the thymus gland.

People will resort to all measures of denial in order to feel secure in their ego-driven narrative scheme for how the world works and what’s possible. Planet X seems impossible as they cannot see it behind the chemtrails lurking near the sun—adjacent to and adjoining.

We must channel our energy and awareness to the throat chakra and speak the truth using our wisdom to balance our compassion. No one needs to be senselessly or needlessly ridiculed by casting pearls before swine. On the other hand, we are called as messengers, emissaries of the Most High.

With that in mind, let me include the description of the uncoiling, ascending Kundalini energy that Ra gives in The Law of One book, which is available for free:

“The Harvest is great.”  Time is drawing nigh.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer’s own.



By Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA)

Human “life begins with spiral patterns that swirl in vortex-like patterns that form a snake-like channel of energy known as KUNDALINI, which means serpent.  Kundalini winds around the spinal column [through] energy centers known as CHAKRAS.

In a typical human, kundalini energy is always present but usually blocked.  Our brains take in every perception possible” but we usually filter out perceptions that do not immediately involve our survival.

The cue sequence in this blog facilitates access to kundalini energy and lots of ordinarily-suppressed experiences that help us individually and help humanity collectively.

1) INDIVIDUALLY, activate and clear and each of your energy centers (chakras).

“Stimulating the base [Perineal] chakra, energy will travel up the ‘serpent’.  As the energy weaves its way up your spine and opens each chakra, it blossoms and opens up, clears junk accumulated over lifetimes.”  It rises from your base chakra, through your sexual, power, love, communication, and vision chakras.
“It ultimately opens up your crown chakra which unites with universal consciousness and spills around you like a shower of energy.” [Nichols, 1996:107-112]

Use the cues in this blog to clear your chakras.  Chakras stand for your security, sensuality, power, love, communication, vision and spirituality concerns.  The cues help you recognize and accept subselves within each chakra’s sphere.  You free yourself from implants, programs and addictive wants within each chakra and coordinate its subpersonalities so that all, in turn, have their needs gratified.

Then your kundalini energy can fountain through your perineum, genitals, diaphragm, heart, throat, eyes, and crown and connect with inputs you ordinarily suppress to function; you access the entire cosmos.  Each chakra has an overall consciousness and contains subselves we associate with the specific chakras of our bodies.  When you center yourself in the consciousness of a particular chakra you can coordinate the diverse subselves it encompasses.

When you clear the programs, implants or wants within each of your chakras, your energy flows freely the base of your spine and snakes up your body.  This kundalini energy can rise from your security chakra (perineal chakra) through your sensual (genital), power (belly)’ love (heart), speech (throat), vision (eye)and spiritual (pineal- crown) charkas and give you access to every realm of consciousness, including Unity with All.                

Follow the cue-sequence on your own or with friends.

You can experience the full power of the Peace Puja below at the Stargate to the Cosmos Expo in Albuquerque NM, opens Oct 25.  The Expo opens with an actual ceremony where we generate a coherent field of oneness to raise humanity’s collective consciousness.


Bija Mantra: chant the syllable for each chakra 3times, perform action for the chakra whose syllable you chanted, then repeat the sentence for that chakra.  The entire sequence of chant sentence sentences is like the Catholic catechism (Hail Marys) and Buddhist Prayer Beads; it uses the body as Catholics and Buddhists use beads.  Follow the cues for each chakra.  Chant  the Sanskrit word aloud, imagine the colored rose for each, and powerfully proclaim the affirmation for that chakra.

CHAKRA 1, safety, security, health, belongingness, trust center.

Chant “Lam” 3times, Tighten your anal sphincter. Imagine opening a red rose in your perineum. Say:” I coordinate my vulnerable and protective subselves. I enhance my health. I create safety for myself and my lovers. I cherish my Inner Child. I contribute to everyone’s well-being and regenerate the planet.”

Chant “Vam” 3times. Tighten your pc muscles. Imagine opening an orange rose in your genitals. Say, “I coordinate my sensual and sexual subpersonalities. I delight myself and my lovers sexually. We can create kids consciously. I elevate sensuality to alleviate violence.”

Chant “Ram” 3times. Tighten your diaphragm muscle. Imagine opening a yellow rose in your belly. Say,” I lead or follow depending on the situation.  I empower my center. I empower each of my inner voices. I empower my lovers. I empower humanity.”

Chant “Yam” 3times. Place your right hand on your heart. Imagine opening a green rose in your heart. Say, “I balance giving and receiving love. I love myself, my lovers and all beings.”

CHAKRA 5 Communication center.

Chant “Ham”. Place your right hand on your throat. Imagine opening a blue rose in your throat. Say, “I tell my truth kindly and listen with love to my several inner selves. I tell my truth kindly and listen with love to my lovers. I can maintain privacy when I choose. I sing every day. I tell my truth kindly and listen with love to the world.”

Chant” Ooo”. Sandwich your brain between your hands. Imagine opening a purple rose between your eyebrows. Say,“I think, intuit and envision for myself. I think, intuit and envision for my lovers. I think, intuit and envision for my community.”

CHAKRA 7 Spiritual center.

Chant “Mmm”. Tap the top of your head with your fingertips. Open a white lotus flower on your crown. Say, “I flow energy between my crown and my lovers’. I transcend my separate, individual self-sense. I merge with lovers, humanity, Earth and cosmos.

CHAKRA 8 Clown chakra. Chant “HaHaHa”. Say, “I Laugh, Smile, Enjoy, Celebrate.”


Connect with both spiritual and material consciousness in the metacosmic void; experience divine play (lila). Let spiritual energy to flow through you and access your oneness with everyone, everything and universal consciousness.

Three times, chant the seven syllables–lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, ooo, mmm–in a single exhale, as a single, seven syllable word, “LamVamRamYamHamOooMmm.”  Imagine your energies join in ever more refined auric bodies. 

1c. On your own, as a VISUALIZE the UNIVERSAL FORGIVENESS and soul-fragment reclamation ceremony that will move humanity’s morphogenic field to peace and unity follows the opening of our individual chakras.

2CLEAR CHAKRAS, CULTIVATE KUNDALINI: Do-It-Yourself Cues to Picture & Empower Planetary Peace

Imagine standing before you each of the people you, your ancestors, relatives, race, gender, orientation, social class, countrymen and co-religionists have harmed in this and other lifetimes.

Look into eyes of those you can picture, and let them stand for others that may think you or your congeners, by direct action or unanticipated consequences, caused them deliberately or inadvertently.

Ask each of them and the others they represent in turn to forgive you, your ancestors and kin for harming them in any way.

Imagine they forgive you.

Ask each of them to return any soul fragments of yours they hold as a result of your action or inaction or that of your kin.  Receive it.

Tell each that you forgive them and their kin for any harm they meted out purposely or otherwise to you and yours.  Imagine you let go of any soul fragments of theirs that you may, consciously or unconsciously taken on.  Feel any resentment toward them and their kin leave you as their soul fragments leave your auric field.

Imagine you hug each person before you and feel loving oneness with them and the people they represent.  Thank and bless them.

Wearing White and Kundalini Yoga


White turban. White pants. White shirt.

What is it with these Kundalini yogis and their white clothes?

Don’t their clothes get dirty easily? Why do the Kundalini yoga teachers wear all white all the time (when they are teaching classes at least)?

Wearing white in Kundalini Yoga is not just a way to make the Kundalini yogis stand out from the rest of the yogic world and beyond. White is worn for very particular reasons just like wearing a turban is.

The colours you wear and surround yourself with have an effect on the subconscious mind. It is usually very subtle but is definitely still there. In the Western New Age movement colour therapy has become a common and easy way to instigate changes in the subconscious mind, and decorators will talk about painting in warm or cold colours that have an effect on how we feel.

According to Yogi Bhajan, all pieces of clothing add an extra foot to an extra foot and a half onto the persons auric field. This is a powerful addition! And the colour of the clothing dictates what that extra foot of aura does for the person.

White creates a stronger auric field that protects the person. It does this for three reasons:

1. White differentiates something from something else. It is a colour often used in clothing to denote something special like when a bride gets married. We are subconsciously programmed to view white clothes as “special”. People who wear all white are often automatically viewed as different and that there is a reason they are wearing it.

2. White reflects the inner state of the person wearing it to the outer and vice versa. It helps remind the person wearing it to go inside and to be present – wearing white can be a challenge to keep clean you know! But it also creates a stronger reflection for the people who interact with a person wearing white.

By reflection I refer to the way that people perceive you often being a reflection of some part of themselves that is desiring attention good or bad.

3. White also aids in allowing our inner radiance to be fully shown. It amplifies your radiance and creates a forcefield of protection around your auric field. This by itself automatically asks others to step up and dealing with you on a higher level of consciousness because you are emitting more of your authentic self which is where your radiance comes from.

Wearing white is a technique that is used to help aid and fast track the evolutionary path of the Kundalini Yogi.

It is used to enhance the power of the teachings that come through the teachers, and to create a specific experience for students to allow them to receive those teachings.

When a student comes to class and their teacher is formally dressed in attire very different than every day life psychologically the student has entered a place that is “outside the norm” of life and the mindset changes from life to “sacred space and time”.

This subtle mind shift allows the student to fully accept the teachings that come through the teacher.

For the teacher it is a reminder of the sacredness of the work that they are there to do – to guide and allow the teachings to teach the student. Kundalini Yoga teachers guide students to open to the teachings of yoga.

 “A Teacher wears white cotton clothing while teaching. 
White clothing makes you as a teacher look divine and represent light.
 The colour white represents the seven colors. Cotton is the flower of
 the Earth.  It is good for your psyche, for your energy, and for your
 nervous system.  Your way of dressing should be saintly and make you 
glow with grace. You should look like a sage and a price or princess 
of peace and divinity.  A Teacher is a Ph.D.- Prince or Princess of 
High Divinity.”
– From the Master’s Touch, page 27, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi

Personal Experience

Wearing white shifts something. The day that I wore all white people all over the place, not just the yoga studio, told me that I was radiant. And I felt like I was beaming!

I also noticed that due to the fact that white is a challenge to keep clean I was much more conscious and present in my day to day interactions because I wanted to keep clean.

I am collecting white clothes right now. I have to build up at least enough of a wardrobe so that when I am teaching I am able to wear white.

Do you have any recommendations for white yoga pants that are not see through?

Further Words from Yogi Bhajan on Wearing White

Colour Therapy and White


Understanding of the Active/Passive Aspect of Kundalini Yoga Practice: By Pieter Schoonheim Samara

Understanding of the Active/Passive Aspect of Kundalini Yoga Practice: By Pieter Schoonheim Samara

It is often said that Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, comprises all systems of yoga. This is meant more in the sense that the result and benefits of other systems of yoga gradually and suddenly emerge into the experience of the Kundalini Yoga practitioner, such that one will notice the emergence of a deep intuition of posture and prana, and awaken to the experiences of shakti, laya, bhakti, and gyan (jnana), which emerge spontaneously into consciousness. While providing all the benefits of physical and mental health, fitness and fortitude, Kundalini Yoga is entirely different in approach, practice, technique, benefit and result than any other system of yoga. Kundalini Yoga is a Path towards direct experience of the non-dual all-pervasive and single Self.

This article is to provide some clarification and guidance as to how to practice Kundalini Yoga to realize the full physical, mental and spiritual benefit, while attempting to make it clear that, even though the various aspects of Kundalini Yoga may seem somewhat like the practices of other yogas, one should not make the mistake of teaching or practicing Kundalini Yoga, as one might have learned in another yoga discipline, because the dynamics of Kundalini Yoga are entirely different.

While other yogas often lose their direction – hatha becoming a “stretch and bolt,” martial arts – a sport, bhakti leading to fanaticism, jnana into intellectual mind-games, daily practice of Kundalini Yoga generates a relentless force field within the body mind and soul that turns one to experience their True Spiritual Self, as a magnet turns to true north.

Through the daily practice of Kundalini Yoga, there is a gradual strengthening of the nerve pathways and centers of the body towards the experience of an increasing electromagnetic voltage that corresponds to the influx of the awareness of the universal energies that support and sustain the body and mind, like the conversion in a house of a 110 voltage system, gradually to a 220 voltage system, then to a 440 voltage system, where, by analogy, the electric wiring, fuses and energy support systems are progressively strengthened throughout the body field. The results are systematic, holistic, expansive, balanced and complete, where Kundalini is experienced as an awakening of Awareness. This awareness brings about a total opening of the systems of the body. The governors, which are energy control centers in the Kandal, between the navel and fourth vertebra, the brain and the Heart, which restrict (like the surface of a bubble) the sudden influx of the ocean of energy that surrounds us, are able to gradually open the body’s energy channels to this ocean.

Voltage throughout the body increases to allow the infinite energy that supports, sustains, and pervades the universe in all dimensions to emerge as our normal awareness. As a result of this systematic strengthening of the body field, as energy increases, it diffuses throughout the system, so that even sudden bursts, which in other yoga practices may seem troubling, become no more that waves on the shore of an ever widening ocean to the practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. There is a shift in awareness from reflected consciousness (the moon of the mind) to direct consciousness (the sun in the Heart), from notional “i” to the True “I” that is seamless. The Guru becomes the inner divinity in one’s Heart, no longer the reflected images of the mind.

Kundalini in other yoga practices is something different, because the body and mind are not prepared and adequately balanced, except in a monastic situation, and then under the careful guidance of someone who has practiced that yogic system, who assists the practitioner in the long and arduous purification process unique to that specific practice. Otherwise, there may be sudden bursts of energy that become disconcerting to the practitioner who experiences them, who then has no one to go to for direction. Thus, yoga / mediation teachers often tell their students to disregard energy flows or to sublimate them, which in reality is like the lifeguard at a lakeside resort telling someone, who is swimming with some discomfort in the middle of a lake, to avoid the experience of water against their skin and wetness in the mouth.

In Kundalini Yoga practice there is acceptance and opening, not denial or rejection. As the higher centers open, the devotion one feels, the deep inner longing, are for the ever increasing experience of purity, lightness and Truth that begins to permeate them, versus images of devotion that often trap devotees into an imaged concept of God.

Shakti becomes Bhakti, and Bhakti becomes Gyan (Jnana), a realization of inner Wisdom and Self Knowledge that is beyond thought and conjecture, beyond endless intellectual discourse and argument, into which many other practices degenerate. The power of the discriminative mind emerges, a Force of Intelligence permeates and rivets the body and mind to the Spirit, and the pure mind inverts and reflects the True Self in the Heart. The ancient Sages and Yogis call this the Enlightenment of the Whole Body.

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is very practical. Innumerable sets of Kundalini Yoga exercises, kriyas, mantras and meditations, with their origins going back thousands of years, once hidden and imparted secretly are now provided openly, each with specific purposes that culminate in the systematic strengthening of the energy pathways, centers and governors, resulting in the simultaneous influx of the universal energy consciousness pervading us. But there are basics that need to be covered in order to realize the full power and benefit of a daily Kundalini Yoga practice, i.e., sadhana.

Invocation / Dedication:

Kundalini Yoga practice always begins with a dedication. Our life and being, our consciousness is based on one simple component. Awareness. This simple Awareness is a light that illumines everything. It is the subject-“I” to all objects. Its source is the substratum of waking, dreaming and deep sleep. It is the support for the physical, subtle and causal bodies. It is the consciousness behind the conscious mind, the subconscious and unconscious. It is a self-effulgent screen within which and upon which everything seen and unseen appears. While single and all-pervasive, it manifests in the Heart, the Harimandr, from there filling all the nerves of the body and a major nerve up to the brain with the sense or awareness of “I” – of identity. All that is required to awaken to the True Self is to hold onto this Awareness and just watch. In Kundalini Yoga we begin with a dedication to apply this Awareness to our entire practice and life. This is the Adi Mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev (Day) Namo: In the Name of the Creator, the Creative Force in the Universe. In the Name of That Inner Divinity that takes me from darkness to Light,… i.e., I dedicate my awareness.

This means that throughout the practice the orientation is always to be aware, as follows:

Concerning the Awareness of postures and movements in Kundalini Yoga:

When there is a posture, movement or angle, it is also important that you s–t–r–e–t–c–h. For example, if you are instructed that the arms are to be held at 60o, you bring them to 60o (not 45o to 90o) and stretch the shoulders, arms, fingers, opening the armpits. Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of angles. The angle leads to a specific effect. By stretching, you will discover that the exercise becomes easier and achieves its full physiological intent. The same for raising legs, or arching. There needs to be an attention and awareness of a full and complete execution of a Kundalini Yoga exercise, not necessarily to do a posture or movement to perfection, as with some yogas, but to do ones best to perform the Kundalini Yoga exercise correctly (and never to over exertion or strain, which might hinder practice later). A little done right will enable you to do much more later. In time, progressively, you will find that what you can do now for 30 seconds or for a minute or 2, within a matter of weeks it will be easy to do these same exercises for 3 minutes, 5, 7, 11, 31 minutes. The stretching is the key to holding a position for a long time, because it vitalizes the entire life system in each area. Otherwise the body will feel like a dead-weight.

Also, in movements, begin slowly and feel the link of the awareness to the pranic radiance; then begin to add breath. Then, to effect the electric charging of the body, begin to gradually increase the power of the breath and the movement. The result will be that you will see a tremendous difference in the overall experience and realization of the benefit of each Kundalini Yoga exercise.

In Kundalini Yoga, awareness is the important factor to the practice. That’s why Yogi Bhajan emphasizes that “Kundalini yoga is the Yoga of Awareness.” He doesn’t say the yoga of postures, movements, angles, breath, bhandas, and so many other factors, but specifically “Awareness.” This is because our Awareness is the True Self, and through the practice of Awareness in a yoga that generates and deepens the experience of radiance, identity to the limited mind dissolves, and the substratum support Awareness emerges – the Infinite Being, and you abide as That.

Therefore, when we move into a posture and movement, we begin slowly, being aware of every part of the body, of the stretching of muscle and ligaments, of the relaxation of all parts of the body not involved in the exercise, so that the energy generated can flow directly to the areas under pressure, and then to relax inwardly those areas under pressure, so that these too will be able to fully absorb the energy flow being generated. The very directing of awareness to these areas will also greatly expand the growing sensation of radiance that flows from the muscles and organs, then deeper from the cells, then deeper from the atoms, and then even deeper, as ever expanding radiance is felt that you eventually realize to be the Radiance of the Self, the light of your consciousness.

Awareness in Breathing:

It is also very important that you learn to do the breathing properly. The basic breaths are long deep breathing (yogic breath), breath of fire and suspension of breath (holding the breath). But there are other breaths as well, such as kapalabati, canon breath and others that have specialized applications in conjunction with posture and movement that result in a unique effect that is exponentially greater and different than as practiced in other yogas.

Breath of Fire – whether one is sitting cross-legged with hands on the knees or arms extended in front of the chest, hands clenched or other angle, the main focus is on the rhythmic expansion and contraction of the diaphragm powered by the movement of the solar plexus and navel, so that the air is felt deep in the lungs, in the middle and through the chest area without using the muscles of the abdomen, chest or shoulders. This means that as you enter lightly into this breath, once you feel the light flow of the breath and the beginning of the emergence of a delicate pranic radiance, you begin to watch through the abdomen, the sides, the legs, the lower spine, the middle and upper arts of the back, the solar plexus and chest, the shoulders, neck and throat, the facial muscles, lips, jaw, eyes and forehead, relaxing each and every area. Then you refocus on the light rhythm of the diaphragm, relaxing its movement. The very application of this awareness to the diaphragm also gives it a greater voltage and energy, so that you’ll notice that the power and movement, combined with increasing radiance all through and around the body, deeper and deeper, becomes steadily stronger. In this way, you develop the Awareness to practice in a manner that allows the energy being generated to go to the actual areas under pressure from the posture or movement and not to be dissipated in other areas that might be under tension or stress only because awareness was not applied to relax and release these areas. Then the focusing of the energy flow to the areas under pressure will bring about the greatest benefit.

This same approach should be used in the beginning and active part of every Kundalini Yoga exercise, kriya, mantra and meditation.

Long Deep Breathing – in the Breath Awareness exercise, which is simply the practice of the yogic breath, there are three areas one becomes aware of: The inhalation together with the expansion of prana or feeling of radiance through the legs, lower middle upper part of the body, the chest/heart, neck head, up through the top of the head and expanding outward around the body field.

You inhale deeply down to the bottom of the lungs by allowing the lower part of the diaphragm to unwrap and expand downward and out against the abdomen. Then, pushing lightly down in the knees with the hands and pulling in with the hands against the knees, the spine will arch, chest come forwards, shoulders back, chin come in slightly and neck stretch upwards, slightly back at the axis and atlas. This is neck lock. Then “suspend the breath forward in the chest, and you will feel the gradual expansion of the energy flow, as described. With each breath more and more prana is stored in the heart, located it the 8th vertebra pranic center. After 5 to 10 seconds (initially holding 5 seconds and then gradually increasing to 10), slowly exhale, squeezing from the top of the lungs downwards until, as sensation of upwards contraction of an area just below the navel is felt. Then you will feel all the expanding energy, the prana, withdraw and flow down from the centers in the brain and higher centers, down into this area, which you just maintain in a contracted state without pulling upward as with root lock, for 5 or more seconds. In this way, the prana is expanded then together with the downward flowing apana, contracted. With every breath a greater and greater radiance will be felt throughout the body, all around and deeply into the cells and atoms of the body. Then inhale and hold the breath, come into neck lock, suspend the breath, meaning there is no downward pressure at the throat on the expanding pranic radiance. Then pull the root lock, which draws the accumulating polarity of energy in the Kandal below the navel up into the spine and experience a flow of energy radiating upwards and out, expanding in an ever widening field through the 10 Bodies – the chakras, throughout the aura, ark line and radiant body. This is a key breath (prana) awareness exercise, often used between Kundalini Yoga exercises.

In the Breath Awareness Exercise, you also become aware that in the suspension of breath you will notice that the radiance felt in the chest extends all through the front of the body, a kind of an infilling electric sensation that entirely suspends the breath and the mind. With each breath, you will notice a sense of abiding singly as the seer, with less and less interest or focus on the energy increasing throughout the body. The emergence of a sense of being “empty, clear, self-illuminating, with no exertion of the mind’s power (attention).” (from faith Mind of the Third Zen Patriarch) Thus, suspension of breath in holding the breath produces an effect that is vastly different from the breath retention in other yogas.

By incorporating this in the way that Kundalini Yoga exercises are practiced, the body becomes acclimated to the experience of greater energy flows, the mind becomes more expansive, pure/satvic, inertia is relinquished, and your awareness grows in inward clarity and expansion and the emergence of a deeper knowledge of who and what you really are, less and less centered around the focusing of the sense of “I” identity, more and more simply abiding in the consciousness of radiant, expanding being and the inward emergence of your True Identity in the Infinite.

Awareness and Bhandas:

Learning the bhandas properly from the beginning is also important, i.e., mool bhand (root lock), uddyana bhand (diaphragm lock) and jalandara bhand (neck lock). Bhandas are meant to direct the easy flow of circulating energy during and after the completion of the active portion of a Kundalini Yoga exercise. Eventually an automatic electromagnetic locking effect will be felt, as the energy increases in the body. Practice makes this eventuality come sooner.


Each Kundalini Yoga exercise has a specific effect that can be felt in the radiance generated and longer term deepening of awareness. Kundalini Yoga exercises are usually put together in sets with a specific purpose or more powerful kriyas, which may also be part of a set.

In order to derive the full benefit of sets, kriyas, laya mantras and meditations, it is suggested that a few kundalini Yoga exercises and pranayamas be practiced in preparation, in order to activate the radiance throughout the body and charge and balance the channels, then the effect of the sets, kriyas and meditations will be immediate and much more powerful.

An example would be to start with the breath Awareness Exercise, lead by the teacher.

This might be followed by bringing the palms of the hands together, with thumbs against the sternum to begin the Invocation / Adi Mantra repeated 3 to 5 times, then inhale, hold the breath, pull the root lock and 30 seconds later, relax the breath. When you exhale you may feel a sensation of strong electricity moving through the spine and throughout the body. Just remain entirely passive and relaxed and the energy will flow outward.

Then sitting, spread the legs wide and bring the arms up to the sides, parallel to the ground pressing the shoulders back. In this exercise you slowly begin the lean forwards keeping the spine straight, leading with the heart and not the head, so the head remains slightly up. Then slowly start to stretch the arms forward, reaching and stretching the arms as far as possible. Feel the flow of radiance as you move.

Then slowly come into the starting position. Be aware of the stretching of the ligaments and muscles in the back and shoulders. With each slow forward and back motion, feel the radiance expanding throughout the body. You may notice a certain brightness in the source of the flow of attention between the heart and the brain. After 9 or 10 such stretches introduce a long deep breath as you come straight, hold a moment, then exhale as you stretch forwards. Again each slow motion will add pranic radiance. Then to increase the power and voltage much further, begin to move through this exercise with greater power in movement and breathing. You should begin to feel the radiance becoming electric. Then inhale and hold the breath, pull the root lock and let the energy fill the body, expand upwards and all around the body field. Exhale and lower the arms squeezing all the breath out until you feel the area below the navel contract upwards. Repeat in the same manner as Breath Awareness Exercise, several times, then inhale and hold again. Pull the root lock, feel the electricity flow through the legs, torso, back, arms and through the head, then relax for a minute, and come sitting cross-legged. The spine and back will be open and the Heart will be open from this exercise, and the whole body will radiate.

The next exercise is similar to the Breath Awareness Exercise in the intent to irradiate the body field. In this case one prepares for the practice of Kundalini Yoga exercises by bringing the arms forward, parallel to the ground, hands clasped in Venus Lock and doing the Breath of Fire. You begin lightly, then, as the prana begins to expand in the body, you will notice that the power of the breath, both in terms of volume of air pumped and speed, increases steadily throughout the exercise period. As you continue for up to 5 minutes, you will notice that all the muscles of the body are relaxed and that the powerful motion of the diaphragm itself becomes more and more effortless. A sense of clarity and electricity will begin to be felt expanding up from the legs and lower part of the body to the upper areas until you feel and expansion of this clarity and light filling the head and flowing out through the entire crown area, radiating around the body. Then inhale hold the breath, pull the locks, hold for 30 seconds or longer, then exhale squeezing all the breath out until the area below the navel contracts upwards. Keep the breath out in this way, without pulling the root lock, and all the energy will stabilize into this area and polarize. Then continue with the Breath Awareness Exercise, holding the breath in, then holding it out for 10 seconds after each inhalation and exhalation, while the cells of the body decontract, absorb the energy and begin to radiate.

Next comes spinal flex – camel ride. Again, you begin slowly. Sitting with legs crossed, holding the shins with your hands, then pulling the hands inwards, the spine arches straight and the neck comes into alignment stretching upwards in an easy neck lock. You will feel a releasing of energy all through the spine and flowing up through the top of the head, a clear, yet blissful sensation. After a few moments completely slouch the back, pressing the back arched spine back, stretching the nerves, muscles and ligaments that start to release their energy. Slowly come into the straight position, pulling the spine straight, and feel the released energy radiate upwards through the spine. Continue this slow motion several more times, then bring in the breath, inhaling to fill the lungs as you come straight, exhaling back, continuing slowly, feeling the radiance increasing even greater. At a certain point you will begin to feel the sensation in the spine of a will to vibrate more quickly, which in turn increases the power of the voltage being generated. In classes the teacher usually leads the movement until the power and speed is felt, then students continue on their own. Then inhale and hold the breath. Pull the locks, pressing the shoulders back, chest forward, suspending the breath 30 seconds, or longer. Then exhale, again, as previously squeezing all the air out until the area below the navel contracts upwards bringing about a polarization of the flow of prana (radiance) throughout the body field. Again continue with the Breath Awareness Exercise, as above, than sit still and relax, and feel the circulation and expansion of the radiance throughout the body, inside and eventually outside.

The exercises that follow are to open the moon channel and sun channel (the ida and pingala nadis). There are many variations, but here are 2 that open these channels in opposite ways.

The first is to come kneeling on the knees. Then extend the right leg straight to the right side. Then raise the arms up by the sides until they are stretched up, arms hugging the ears, with palms pressed together. The pelvis is pressed slightly forwards to keep a straight tension throughout the spine. Then begin very powerful Long Deep Breathing, completely expanding then contracting the lungs with every breath for 10 to 15 breaths, stretching the arms upwards with each inhalation. Then inhale, hold the breath for 10 to 15 seconds, pull the root lock, stretch the arms up, press the pelvis slightly forward and stretch the spine upwards. Feel the radiance fill the body, then slowly exhale, bringing the hands down in front of the kneed, bring the right foot back next to the left foot and come sitting back on the heels. Bring the spine straight, stretching the neck upwards, shoulders back slightly, chest forwards and wait. You will begin to feel a releasing of an electric current all along the left side of the spine, the moon channel, up through the back of the left side of the neck, up over the left side of the top of the head, to the point between the eyebrows. Wait, notice the flow of the energy, then release your attention and remain passive (negative mind meditation). The energy will begin to increase and expand all through the left side of the body, flowing upwards through the top of the head and around the left side of the body field. Just wait, maybe a minute or 3. Then repeat the same exercise, kneeling and extending the left leg out, arms stretched up, and so on to affect the sun channel to the right side of the spine.

The second part of this ida pingala / moon sun channel cleansing is again to come up in the kneed, but this time, you press the pelvis forward as far as possible, arching the spine back, pressing the shoulders back, expanding the ribcage forward, then arching the neck and head all the way back. Feel the radiance. Then slowly extend the left arm up stretching the arm and the fingers upwards, as though to reach for a lightning bolt. Then twist slightly to the right to put the right hand on the right heal, then over the right foot. Press the pelvis forwards more, extend the left arm and fingers upwards even further and begin the Breath of Fire for a minute. Then inhale deeply, hold the breath, pull the root lock, press the pelvis forwards, reach up, arch the spine more, feel the expansion in the chest area. Feel the energy radiance beginning to increase forcefully throughout the body field. Then slowly exhale, come sitting on the heels, hands resting on the thighs, spine straight. You will begin to feel a powerful radiance through the moon cannel, then expanding to all the organs on the right side of the leg, torso, neck and head, with energy flowing powerfully upwards. Wait.

After 2 to 4 minutes, feeling the radiance increasing, then balancing, you can repeat the same exercise extending the right arm up and left hand back to the left heal, to affect the sun channel.

Now that the ida and pingala are charges and balanced, the exercise that follows is to open the central canal (the sushumna) and the Heart, simple but powerful. I this exercise, simply sit cross-legged. Bring the arms behind the back with the hands clasped in Venus lock. Bring the spine straight, arms stretched straight, press the shoulders back to bring the shoulder blades together, expanding the chest forward. Now inhale deeply, then lean forwards keeping the head slightly up, leading with the heart, while stretching your arms up from the back as high as possible. Hold for a few seconds, then exhale coming straight, again pressing the shoulders back. And continue slowly 10 to 15 times, then when you come up, after inhaling down, this time inhale deeper, using all your strength to press the shoulders back, clasped hands pressing into the lower spine, neck extending and stretching upwards, pull the root lock and hold for 10 to 30 seconds. Exhale completely, inhale immediately remaining with the spine straight, again pressing the shoulders back, while pulling the root lock and neck lock 10 seconds. Repeat one more time, then very slowly exhale and bring th hands slowly around from behind the back to the knees. Relax the breath. You will begin to feel a surge of e pillar of light all through the spine, upward flowing through the top of the head, opening the central canal of the spine (the sushumna) and the Heart. Wait for 1 to 3 minutes until the radiance extends throughout the body through the top of the head and all through the aura.

The final preparation exercise is to open up the higher centers from the Heart to the brain and the arc line. This is a very simple exercise. Sitting cross-legged, you reach your arms up 90 degrees, palms facing eachother. Then begin to stretch the shoulders and arms back, arching the spine, opening the chest cavity. Stretch. Stretch the nick upwards and drop the head back slightly, as though to look between the up stretched arms and hands. Begin a powerful Breath of Fire for 3 to 5 minutes, all the while focused on the arching of the spine, stretching the arms and shoulders up and back, expanding the chest. You will feel the radiance begin to flow upwards through the neck and the chakras and governors in the brain and through the top of the head, possibly feelings of bhakti and purity filling the mind. Then inhale, pull the root lock and hold for 30 seconds. Slowly exhale bringing the hands to the knees and wait. You will feel the radiance expanding throughout the body and flowing upwards. Just apply the awareness to the flow, without direct attention, and the radiant flow will deepen and increase.

Try this series, as an example of what some might call a “warm up.” But in Kundalini Yoga, what in other yogas and sports is called a warm up, is a preparation of the body and mind for deep meditation on the radiance to be developed through every set, kriya and meditation.

There are variations of these after the Breath Awareness Exercise, but you are now ready to experience the full benefit of a Kundalini Yoga set, kriya and meditation.

In Kundalini Yoga practice, while the importance of stretching may be taught, the breathing and locks are somewhat different from hatha yoga practices, so it’s important to understand how to do them so that the energy flows easily and correctly.

The Active and Passive Aspects of Each Kundalini Yoga Exercise:

Finally, it is vitally important to understand that each kundalini yoga exercise has an active part and a passive part. In other yogas this is not the case. Each posture is a complete exercise in itself, whatever the series might be or whether in a series (like a karate karta) or single posture to corps pose.

But in Kundalini Yoga the purpose of the practice is to develop radiance (laya) and depth (pratyahar), which is only felt in other yogas much further along in their practice.

In Kundalini Yoga you are maximizing and working directly with all the systems of the body simultaneously – circulatory, pulmonary, endocrine, nervous etc. Each posture and movement brings about a pressure in a specific area or system of the body. This pressure means that the blood will saturate in that area. As powerful Kundalini Yoga breathing techniques are combined with the postures and movements, these areas put under pressure will have the strong effect of the purified and energized blood flow into that area. Initially, this means that these areas, where the capillaries and cells open under the pressure of the exercise, discharge their impurities and toxins in return for the vitality of the purified energized blood flow. Moreover, these same areas begin to build a charge – a voltage.

Now, here is the important part to remember:

The body is like a car battery, only with many batteries working together. In a car battery, there is water, and there are chemicals. As the chemicals are increased the voltage of the battery also increases – 3 volts, 6 volts, 12 volts, 24 volts, are a standard we can buy at any K-Mart. The body is mostly water, with some chemicals, whose secretion is the basis for the maintaining of voltage generated in the body. (This is why it is said: You are as young as your glands.

In the practice of other yogas, there is a gradual process in which the tensions and blockages of the body are reduced and the mind begins to become still. The process accelerates with increase practice and especially fasting and internal purification, such as (in the west) colonics (versus Nauli Kriya for cleaning the large intestine).

Then, as the energies of the body are used less and less towards the incessant pressure of thinking and identity encoding, imaging, impression taking and so on, there is a build up of unused kinetic energy, that begins to fill through the body, so that the body begins to lose its inertia, becoming satvic pure, transparent, blissful, easing into the ever-present oneness of the yogi’s surrounding.

Awareness to movement and eventually prana, as in Kundalini Yoga practice, is a key to the expansion of this kinetic energy in other yoga practices, what in Buddhist meditation and martial arts is called “Mindfulness.” This is because that simple awareness through which we experience the inner and outer world is really the light of the Infinite Being. When the mind becomes pure and still, this light of awareness, through which we experience the inner and outer world, sinks into its source, and illumination flashes forth.

In Kundalini Yoga, the posture/movement (always practiced with still awareness) combined with powerful breath creates this purification in various areas of the body directly, and with it comes an electrical charge to these areas. To support this electrical charge, and this is the very important point to remember in your Kundalini Yoga practice, the glands secrete very specialized chemicals. The charge or voltage generated directly impacts the glandular system causing the glands to secrete so that this charge may be sustained and maintained. Chemical electric pathways open. Once the active part of the Kundalini Yoga exercise is completed, the passive part begins. The reaction of the glandular and nervous system to the vitality of the bloodstream impacting the specific areas of pressure brought about through the posture or movement takes some time to complete. The time period depends on the duration of the exercise and other dynamics of the body’s ability to circulate the secreted chemicals.

Therefore, you have an active aspect of each Kundalini Yoga exercise and a passive aspect, which must be experienced for the exercise to achieve its full benefit!

In the experience of the passive aspect of a Kundalini Yoga exercise, initially, there is the sensation of decontraction of the cells and muscles and ligaments in the area. Then comes the sensation of opening and radiance. Then the radiance begins to balance with all the other organs and cells of the body, strengthening the magnetic field of the whole body, bringing it into balance with the area affected in the exercise. And you begin to feel a previously impalpable sensation of “electric radiance” / “transparent electric” – which grows and expands (and brings about a deepening) through each progressing Kundalini Yoga exercise (and kriya) that make up a set, and then progressively building from set to set.

At the end of each set, usually before a meditation, we allow the body to go into a deep relaxation, yoga nidra, through which all the energies compacted in various areas of he body may finally release, merge, deepen, effecting an entire systemic new increased voltage plateau in the body, so that gradually you will become aware of the inner and outer radiance continuously.

In Kundalini Yoga, we usually diversify the sets practiced in order to bring about the opening of the cells, glands, organs, nerves and systems in every area of the body.

Typically, the passive part of a Kundalini Yoga exercise is as long as the active part, but what you are looking for is a sensation of the radiance circulating and rising through the body to the crown and beyond, which indicates the balancing of the electromagnetic field is complete.

Typically the Yoga Nidra is 10 to 15 minutes.

Purification of the subconscious:

The body is a mechanism that stores the impressions of who we think we are. (The body is like the hard drive for computer storage, versus the brain as the RAM/cache storage.) Because the impressions are stored in the body structure, we call it the subconscious. With Kundalini Yoga practice, the electric chemical balance of the voltage of the body increases to bring about a system wide vibratory frequency that is higher – more subtle – than the frequency of thought vibration, so that your sense of identity begins to become clearer and clearer, less linked to thought and sensation. No longer drawn to this or that reactive thought or imbedded compulsion, but open single clear awareness of the pervasiveness of consciousness throughout the body field (i.e., the ten bodies).

At the lower voltage level of the body, the mind’s focusing mechanism of attention needs to be used to see and know. It moves through the darkness (unawareness) of the body/mind field like a flashlight used to see on a dark night whose light grips each arising thought, sensation, impression in order to compare or merge with the sense of “I” inherent in the light. Sometimes more is seen. Like the waxing and waning of the moon cycles, the mind becomes brighter (feelings of love, compassion – satvic) and dimmer (feelings of hate, distrust, judgment – rajasic, tamasic).

Many people have no real sense or feeling of the energy radiance that pervades and sustains the body, i.e., their own life force, let alone that this force of Life is actually the Light and Life of the Infinite Being that denotes the single sense of “I” in the body. We focus to each part of the body and feel that part of the body.

But with Kundalini Yoga practice, in particular a daily morning sadhana, the overall voltage of the body begins to become the same as, even greater than, the voltage of the focusing mechanism of the mind……..

The result of this is that you begin to lose your experience of the need to focus, i.e., direct attention, as your awareness now simultaneously encompasses the whole body! You realize yourself to be the single seer of the whole body and the radiant field around, which you actually experience without focusing.

Kundalini Yoga practice includes the use of mantra and meditations.

Mantra in Kundalini Yoga is much different in effect and impact than with other yogas, because through the practice of what we might call the “Yoga of Light,” as described above, the “Yoga of Sound” is amplified. With the Yoga of Light, the whole body begins to resonate. When you add the Yoga of Sound, the sound amplifies throughout the body, and has the unique and special effect of integrating the energy that has been systematically stored from each Kundalini Yoga exercise. It’s like playing a regular guitar versus playing an electric guitar, where the reverberation increases with the amplitude of the voltage. But with Kundalini Yoga, the very use of the mantra also increases the amplitude of the voltage, so that you have a leveraged effect. Part of this is due to the effect of the sound causing a breakdown of subtle blockages of energy flow. Part has to do with the effect of releasing of energy stored in areas of the body from practicing Kundalini Yoga exercises. And, with the use of mantra, the glands also secrete to support and sustain the increasing voltage. You may practice a Kundalini Yoga set for an hour, and feel the radiance throughout your body and mind, and now you practice a mantra, and within 5 minutes the energy is so tremendously greater, and yet at the same time easy flowing and expanding, that there is no comparison.

While there are kriyas to benefit every part of the body and every aspect of the mind, and kriyas to activate the energy channels and control governors between the base of the spine and crown, there are also special kriyas and meditations to trigger the opening of the Spiritual Heart (not the anahata chakra) and the Pathway of the Self between the Spiritual Heart and the Crown. The Radiance felt here is both inward pulling and expansive, all absorbing and pushing out from within and between the atoms of the body. Time and space lose there meaning altogether. Stillness, radiance, pervasiveness, and all notions are relinquished.

Once you are able to “hear” the soundless pulsing of the “I as I,” the radiance takes on a different characteristic that inwardly reflects the Truth (Sat), giving the continuous sensation of Remembrance of your True Self single and pervasive and Abiding as That.

Kundalini Yoga meditations have a very specific purpose of opening the gate to the Infinite Spirit, which is to say, to subtly dissolve the remaining idea that the notional sense of “i” we feel as myself in the body is separate or different from the True “I” of which our notional “i” is only a reflection in the mind of the Temple of the True “I” in the Spiritual Heart.

As the mind becomes pure and satvic, there emerges a sense of a clear Force of Intelligence, that pervades the body field, but is felt initially in the area of the brain, wherein you feel the question arising, without a thought formation, of inquiry into where the sense of seeing arises. As the inner intensity increased, you feel a pulling force in your Heart (not the anahata chakra), initially like a magnet, and then like a graviton, transfixing the body and mind as one in Spirit, where inside and outside vanish, and “Everything is Whole” (YB)

Yogis call this force of intelligent awareness the budhi or discriminative faculty of the mind. The emergence of this discriminative faculty is because the mind is experienced to be radiant, clear, pervasive and still. Abiding in that stillness and pervasive field of radiance, which has no here or there focus, the experiencer Itself amplifies Its own Intelligence to ask “Who …? And suddenly something new happens, which we can call Yoga – Union. A Hearing, Recollection and Abiding. You hear and experience with a deep inner clarity that draws your sense of “i” powerfully inwards to a remembrance of who you are behind everything. Yogis call this experience Turya. You feel as though a sun is rising in the Heart, and with it that the moon of the mind is less and less needed to see and know, even though it may appear in the crystal blue sky. The notions of here and there become meaningless, and you abide in the recollection of your True Identity, the Ground of Being, as though coming out of an amnesia.

Initially, this “hearing” (sunia, sravana) is felt like a pulsing of “I as I” – like the striking of a tuning fork that reverberates as a soundless sound, or like a self-effulgent pervasive screen upon which everything emerges into appearance, only the images on the screen are seen from their perspective of the undifferentiated whole, and the idea of separateness simply dissolves from the conscious field.

In Kundalini Yoga, the evolutionary/involutionary practice taken as a whole is called One Star Spirituality, the One Star being the Reality in the Heart that expands Light of Being outward while drawing the self inward to abide as one’s True Self. The True Guru within us is experienced as sound and light that subtly draws us inward to awaken to our whole Self.

While Kundalini Yoga is not a religion, with daily practice the words in the spiritual texts of all religions will be heard, and you will feel the force of your True Self awakening to the meaning within the sound of the words, like being called from a sound sleep.

All this to say that, if a daily sadhana is taken up and you practice the breathing and locks properly, and you practice each Kundalini Yoga exercise, kriya, mantra and meditation understanding that with every active part there is an equally important (more important) passive part, then fear, imbalance, and everything related will pass and you will experience your True Whole Self.

“Wait, be patient,relax, consolidate integrate, be You…” Yogi Bhajan

Just practice, practice the right way, and keep up, and “everything that is good will come to you.” (YB) Sat Nam

Pieter Schoonheim Samara with his daughter

Pieter has traveled a long and fascinating spiritual path, having close contact with and studying under Yogi Bhajan. He lives in Thailand with his family, where he teaches Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. You can find more of Pieter’s articles at the following link:


“The 3 Powerful Stages of Awakening Kundalini Energy”

As we awaken our kundalini energy we go through 3 important steps. And none of these steps can be disregarded… everyone must go through all them in order to fully awaken their kundalini energy. This may take one lifetime or millions of lifetimes… in general, most people take many lifetimes to awaken.

Stage One – At this Stage, We are Only Interested in Physical Needs — This is the stage of ego – This is the first step in the process of becoming awake. This includes most people who are only interested in food, water, a place to live and creature comforts. This is the basic reptilian brain functioning and thus we are not that different from animals that only want food and the comforts of the body. This is a primal stage where ego takes over and controls our every move. But many people move through this stage of life and progress to step two a higher stage of development. But many never do and thus they stay stuck in stage one forever.

“The 3 Powerful Stages of Awakening Kundalini Energy”

Stage Two – Emotional and Intellectual Needs Are Important at This Stage — At this point, our ego is still in control but we start to understand our emotional and intellectual needs and start to heal our mind and body. At this stage, we start to understand our feelings and thoughts. We start to heal old wounds and start looking at our mental processes… and start understanding that we are not the one doing the thinking. Our increase in vibrational energy slowly moves us away from ego… not completely yet… but we are working on it. And at this point, we are starting to awaken to the supreme self that resides within. We start to heal our old baggage and emotional wounds and start to become joyous and happy. This is a milestone in our process of becoming truly enlightened.

Stage Three –We Become a Truly Spiritual Being in this Stage —- At this stage, something changes and we let go of our ego and know that everything is connected. We understand that we are pure consciousness that goes on forever and that we are one with all that exists now, in the past, and in the future. We learn to ascend this bodily plane of existence and learn how to reach out beyond our body to help those in need of healing. These are true “Ascended Masters” and there are very few who attain this stage of development. Most people stay in stages one and two… but a few do make it to this last stage of spiritual development. These masters understand everything and see the interconnection of all that exists. They are humble, loving, kind, giving, caring, compassionate, they love God and know that they are part of pure God reality, and thus they help those who are suffering. At this point they can transcend their body and are one with the cosmos… thus all the laws of nature and science don’t apply to them… they are spiritual beings… self-realized beings.

Where are you in your process of awakening your kundalini energy?

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

Feel Free to Share – This information is meant to get you started so you can do more research on your own… dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

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Lacking In Energy? Try This Kundalini Yoga Energy Boosting Exercise with Russell Brand


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Even in the yoga world, some people consider Kundalini yoga a bit strange. While many styles of hatha yoga can simply be used for a great work out, Kundalini yoga is different. So while celebrities are human beings just like everyone, the extensive list of Hollywood and entertainment business A-listers who have found Kundalini yoga beneficial goes a long way towards bringing Kundalini yoga into the mainstream. Just ask Madonna, Courtney Love, David Duchovny, and Rosanna Arquette – all of them have taken Kundalini yoga classes with Gurmukh. Actresses Jennifer Aniston and Melanie Griffith, and musicians Sting and Melissa Etheridge have done Kundalini yoga. Andie McDowell credits her youthful appearance to yoga, rather than the botox so many in Hollywood have used.  Oprah loves the divine music of Kundalini yogi Snatam Kaur and chants with her regularly.

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