In Russia, Igniting Kundalini Fire – Touched By Guru’s Grace


Sat Nam, Yogi Amandeep!  What is Tummo?

Yogi Amandeep

Tummomeans Kundalini Fire.  Kundalini heat burns your karma, burns your past story.  This internal heat, that you create in your own body, has the power to change your genes.  It is so powerful, it can change your genes from the past  21 generations and impact the genetic fiber of your descendants for 21 generations into the future.  With your intention, you can use this fire in your body for healing.  You can use this fire to inspire your service to uplift humanity.  This fire can make you so warm that if you sit outside while it is snowing, you will be sweating.  You can create and use this fire just with your intention.  This can cleanse the body of all impurities.  Be aware of this heat in the body; realize heat can be moved up the body, and you can awaken to new potentials of consciousness.


What is your story?  What is your connection to Yogi Bhajan?

Yogi Amandeep

I don’t really have my story. My story is Yogi Bhajan’s story.

I carry his Love.  He’s always with me in my every breath.  He talks to me.  I hear him as you are now hearing me.  The way you are listening to me now, that is how I listen to him.  I hear him now.  As I talk to you, he is talking to me.  My heartbeat is his heartbeat.  And it happened many years back.  He came to me the first time.  He came and opened up my chest, and opened up my heart.  This was a physical reality.  He opened up my chest.  The physical sensation was so powerful.  It was so strange.  I feared I was having a heart attack.  I feared I was dying.

But the moment passed, and I was okay.  From that moment, my world changed.  He just came; he opened my heart and entered.  I have felt him there ever since.  He has been talking to me and through me.  It’s very powerful.  I know that for many it is very hard to believe.  But Yogi Bhajan is a very powerful master; and I’m just doing his job.

If someone likes me, I say: Yogi Bhajan, I am yours.  And if someone doesn’t like me, I also say: Yogi Bhajan, I am yours.

I am just here to do my job.

The boss says ” do,” and I do.  The boss says, “don’t do,” and I  don’t do.

I am not a student of Yogi Bhajan.  I am a disciple of Yogi Bhajan.

If a student comes to get something then it is easy to be disappointed if that student does not get what he or she expects. This disappointment just means that the student came with his or her own ideas.  If someone comes with ideas, it means you haven’t really come yet.

In the Zen tradition, the process of a seeker being with a teacher is likened to the process of making tea.  We put leaves in a cup and pour water over them.  The leaves and water just show up together, and it is effortless; there is absorption and merging.  What was once just water and just leaves becomes tea.  Similarly, the seeker who is devoted and who has an open heart, he absorbs everything.  He understands that it is not the teacher who is giving or not giving enough; rather, it is the universe that gives.

© Yogi Amandeep Singh, All Rights Reserved

Successful Relationships Don’t Necessarily Last Forever

Successful Relationships Don’t Necessarily Last Forever

As a society, we tend to look at breakups and divorce as a failure. But a relationship ending doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful in some way. Sometimes a fling is ideal for both parties, sometimes a long marriage ending is the only chance for a new beginning, and every relationship teaches you something you didn’t know before.

There’s no doubt that ending a relationship is difficult, and often quite painful, but it can certainly be for the best — the best for you, and the best for others. As philosophy YouTube channel The School of Life puts it (video below), there’s this collective assumption that for love to be real or genuine, it must be eternal. “True love,” as they say, is endless, everlasting love. And any relationship ending before someone perishes is a failure and should be considered an emotional catastrophe, right? Wrong. There’s no pass or fail when it comes to love, only beginnings and endings. It’s like saying one failed at their career because they decided it was best to leave a particular job to see if there might be a better fit elsewhere.

We champion this concept of the life-long love story, making it the ultimate goal, but many of us rush to get there. We don’t grant ourselves the freedom to find out what truly makes us feel content — partially because we know compromise is essential, but also because we don’t actually know what we want out of a partner (or if we want one at all). Short relationships teach you that. You get together, you learn things, and it either continues because it’s right, or it comes to an end because it’s not. But every ending gives you knowledge that will help you find a better, stronger beginning in the future.

In fact, if you went over everyone you’ve ever been with in your head, you could probably think of at least one vital thing you realised while you were with each one of them. Maybe you learned that you need someone who’s more affectionate and pays closer attention to the little things. Perhaps you realised that you’re attracted to ambition as opposed to apathetic stability. Or maybe you simply came to terms with the fact that you’re a tidy person that can’t be with a slob.

If you can come away with one of those tiny epiphanies every time things don’t work out, that’s a success! It may not feel like it right away thanks to your emotions and social pressure, but it is, so don’t despair. Eventually, you may begin a relationship that doesn’t end — it happens all the time — but until then, it’s ok to simply learn things about yourself and what you want in a partner.


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Using Tantra to destroy everyday delusions – Kadampa Life


7 mins read + a video

Do you fancy being one of the first lucky people in this world to read The Mirror of Dharma?! It just came out at the weekend, and you can buy the epub here – and then spend the most incredible next few hours or months studying it. It gives all manner of magical advice directly from Je Tsongkhapa’s heart. I am really happy about this book ? (Please try not to die before downloading it.)

Now carrying on from this article on Tantra. And, by the way, this is the 400th article on Kadampa Life.

In The New Guide to Dakini Land, Geshe Kelsang says:

We don’t need to use self-deprecating language on ourselves, thinking, “I am trying to be Vajrayogini” — we can just be her! Or “This is too hard” — instead we think “I am already doing it!” Bliss and emptiness are actually not that complicated — it is our delusions and over-conceptualization that are complicated, weighing things down with elaboration.

Who are we anyway?!

As Geshe Kelsang says in The Oral Instructions of the Mahamudra:

joyNot surprisingly, due to beginningless familiarity with everything appearing as ordinary and impure, it is a stretch of our imagination at first to conceive of things as extraordinary and pure. But just because we haven’t experienced ourselves or our reality like this before doesn’t mean we cannot do it now. There is always a first time. We have been busy creating our suffering beginningless time; now we can start creating our happiness.

And we need to be convinced that this new experience is just as “real” as what we are currently experiencing.

Our current self is mere name, mere label, imputed by our ordinary imagination or conception on the basis of a hallucinatory meaty body and deluded mind. It cannot be found upon investigation. As Geshe Kelsang says:

Think about this … how can we NOT experience suffering if we think we are a meaty body and a deluded mind?! Our self-grasping ignorance has trapped us in the very sources of suffering, so the most we can ever hope for is temporary liberation from particular sufferings – which is never going to be good enough.

Finding the self

Trying to find the self or me I normally perceive is like trying to touch the water of a mirage.

If this real me existed, it must be findable in its parts or separate from its parts. We should be able to point to it without pointing at anything that is not it. But luckily we cannot find a me or I if we look for it with analytical wisdom. I am not the body, not the mind, and not the collection of the body and mind — yet take the body and mind away and I disappear. (Thank goodness.)

These four essential points are explained in detail in this recent article. And you might find this video helpful – a hair is not the macrofibrils, microfibrils, or protofibrils, for example, but take any of those parts away and there is no hair. Everything is unfindable.

So there is no self separate from a sense (or thought) of self – self is mere appearance to that sense of self. There is no self, or anything else for that matter, other than its mere name. You will never find your self outside the mind, existing objectively or from its own side, however hard you look. (This probably explains why no one else can see your self! And why they come up with their own crazy versions all the time ?) All there is is the emptiness of the self appearing as the self due to our mistaken minds.

Do what you like!

Thing is, if the self doesn’t exist from its own side but depends upon our thoughts, then why can’t we change our self by changing our thoughts? We can! In which case we can impute Me (or identify Me with) the pure body and mind of a Buddha, “I am a Buddha;” and this is just as “real”, or indeed more valid. This is because the body and mind of a Buddha, albeit still projections or appearances of mind like everything else, are non-dual with bliss and emptiness.

Pure mind = pure identity

When talking about making mandala offerings in TheOral Instructions of the Mahamudra, Geshe Kelsang interestingly says:

I think this explanation of Pure Lands applies to self-generation as well.

Using clear appearance to overcome delusions

From a daily practical point of view, we can rely upon clear appearance to overcome specific delusions.

We impute ourselves as Vajrayogini mainly on the basis of the Truth Body (or Dharmakaya) of bliss and emptiness, ultimate bodhichitta; but many times in and out of meditation I find it immensely helpful to remember the features of Vajrayogini and her mandala as a way to overcome the delusions that come up in everyday life. These features are not other than the bliss and emptiness of the Truth Body, but they teach us what to abandon and what to practice.

For example, if I am suffering from ignorance, aversion, or attachment, remembering my curved knife immediately reminds me to cut these away; or I remember that I am stamping on the symbolic forms of Bhairawa and Kalarati. If I am suffering from spiritual inertia, I remember that I’m looking up to space, demonstrating my attainment of blissful Dakini Land. We need the joy of unconditional love to help others, and our body blazes with joy like the fire at the end of the aeon. If we are identifying ourself with Heruka, there are even more features to choose from – such as his nine moods. You can read all about the features and their meaning in The New Guide to Dakini Land and Essence of Vajrayana.

We can use pure appearances/perceptions both in and out of meditation to overcome the appearances/perceptions of imperfection and ordinariness of ourselves and others. This is a lot of fun, to be honest, and gives us so much power, confidence, and energy to help others as well.

This is because what we end up doing every day depends on who we think we are.

Dream of the Dharmakaya

These features are mere appearance not other than emptiness – they are bliss and emptiness appearing. Therefore, they are not fixed — but the mandala is the rainbow-like manifestation of the omniscient wisdom of Heruka and Vajrayogini, created and blessed by enlightened beings. Geshe Kelsang once called it the “dream of the Dharmakaya”.

The mandala and Deities are inspirational and powerful because they are the embodiment of every stage of the path and every quality of enlightenment. Just remembering them automatically purifies and empowers our mind. I think of it as like all the Sutra and Tantra realizations appearing in technicolor. 

Like every pure AND impure appearance — everything that exists in fact — Vajrayogini and her Pure Land are empty and dream-like; but it would be hard to come up with a better dream. We now have a dynamic, transcendental, pure, and blissful paradigm for relating to ourselves, our world, our enjoyments, our activities, and other people.

Over to you for comments. And Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments and commentary are coming up again soon, this Summer in England – perhaps I’ll see you there.

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Twin Flame Video: Amazing Facts About The Twin Flame Connection

WHY ALL THE UNIVERSE CONSPIRES TO BRING TWIN FLAMES TOGETHER And Other Amazing Facts… Did You Know in the Later Stages, New Shared Chakras Are “Unlocked”?

I’d like to take some time today to thank you for being part of Twin Flames 11:11! It’s been such a wonderful journey since I began almost 4 years ago – and I couldn’t have done it without you!

Today, I’ve got another video for you! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the others – do keep watching, commenting, subscribing so we can build a positive resource for Twins out there.

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What Other Twins Experience With My Free Kit

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So onto today’s post: it’s the next in my Twin Flame video series. I know many of you are on YouTube and have been asking me to put out videos – so this year I’m doing just that!

This new video is on 7 Amazing Facts About Twin Flames!

I’d love to hear from you, so please click, like, comment, share and subscribe to my
YouTube channel to be kept posted on new videos!

(And to watch the other videos in this series – on Twin Flame Recognition, The False Twin Flame Connection, 11:11 And More… click here)

And if you’re not able to watch right now, here’s a transcript of the video:

7 Amazing Facts About Twin Flames:

Why You’re Not Just A “Pair” You Are Already One, Sharing Dreams, Stepping Out Of The Wheel Of Karma, and more… Plus, Did You Know that in the Later Stages of Union New Shared Chakras Are “Unlocked”?

Because so much of the content out there on Twin Flames focuses on the hardship and negativity of the connection, it’s time to flip the coin on this and remind ourselves of the gift of being a Twin Flame!

Not only can it be a wonderful reminder to shift our perspective, but focusing on the positives actually means our energy shifts to allow more of it in. This is how energy works. What we focus on, we get more of.

So allow this article to help you re-focus on the positive, amazing, miraculous aspects of the Twin Flame connection! This in itself will align you with more of the good.

And I would love to hear from you in the comment section below about your peak experiences with your Twin! What have been the most inspiring, happy, miraculous, mysterious experiences you’ve had together?

So often, we’re discouraged by “regular” people when it comes to the experiences we have with our Twin – so let’s show each other support and that “miracles” really do happen on this journey!

Please share in a clear, brief comment and help inspire other Twins!

So here are 7 Amazing Facts About The Twin Connection


When Twins meet, there’s a strange feeling in the pit of their being that this is something they’ve never experienced before…

The strange magnetic pull between them, maybe even physical heart palpitations. The surreal feeling that this is something completely out of the ordinary.

When Twin Souls meet and interact, our souls “click in” and our whole systems react to finding the “missing part” of our energy. For most Twins, there is nothing else like that feeling of “home” we get when we meet each other.

When Twin Flames meet, their hearts click into a feeling of “home” – the meeting of the only two beings in the universe who share the exact same frequency

Often, Twins live their lives feeling a bit subdued emotionally, like there’s something “missing” on a deep level they might not be able to put their finger on.

When you meet your Twin, this feeling is completely replaced by a sense of wholeness. There’s nothing quite like it. To feel the Unconditional Love of coming home to your mirror soul…

Most people on earth live whole lives without ever feeling that Unconditional Love of their heart connecting with another’s…

As a Twin Flame you get to experience this not just once, but to journey together toward this being ultimately your way of life. To get to live that love from the inside out. How amazing is that?

And if you’re not quite there yet it means you’re in the middle of the purge of negativity Twins go through – to smooth your experience and uplift into love download my free energy healing resources at


Nearly all Twin flames go through a rush of realization and excitement when they first begin to notice number sequences like 11:11 and 333 pop up wherever they go.

The feeling that something not of this world, or out of the ordinary is trying to communicate with them… The feeling that they are being guided.

The Twin Flame journey is full of significant symbols, messages, subtle indications that the physical reality is only a small part of existence.

The thrill of experiencing this for the first time, often after an early life of feeling that there was nothing “out there”, is incredible! For many Twins this is the first feeling ever of there being a deeper meaning to existence, and it can be a huge rush.

Seeing 11:11, 333, 777? The Twin Flame journey brings the knowing that there is an existence beyond physical reality!

Most people on earth live their lives feeling that the physical reality of everyday chores, bills, work, family is all there is.

Twin Flames get to live the adventure of this world and beyond. To live with the excitement of an unfolding journey into greater meaning and mystery.


Nearly all Twin Flames share significant experiences together in the form of dreams and sleep journeys. Many Twins actually dream the same dream, where both experience it the same way.

These dream experiences can be wonderful connections of emotions, physical love and joy, where the hassles of the daily physical world take a back seat and love becomes the focus once more.

Many Twins activate each others’ chakras and even heal each other in astral/dream experiences

Often, Twins wake up from these dreams with a feeling of being completely fulfilled and nourished by each other’s love.

Many Twins’ first encounter actually occurs in dreams, where their energies “activate” each other back to recognition through Unconditional Love heart to heart.

This often happens when Twins encounter each other remotely (like through the internet).

Some Twins carry on physical love relationships on the dream planes and in astral journeys for years – some without fully realizing or remembering it in the waking world.

Twins’ higher selves and guides use dreams to give indications, signs and information about blocks that need to be resolved, to trigger memories and move the journey forward.

When we go to sleep at night, the waking ego consciousness relaxes its control and the Twin Flames’ souls can come together peacefully in love no matter what’s going on in the outside world.

To remember more of these dreams and actively engage in lucid dreaming (where you are aware that you are dreaming, and can control your dreamscape) have a look at energy clearing.

When we remove congestion and others’ energies, we become more attuned to our inner dreamscapes and intuitive abilities.

Dreams and astral experiences are a common way for the Twins’ higher selves and guides to give indications, signs and information about ongoing energy work, blocks that need to be resolved, to trigger memories and help the journey move forward.


There’s nothing quite like the kick of realizing for the first time that you are “talking” to someone else in your mind, or sharing information with another in a conscious way.

Often, this begins as small phrases popping up here and there. Strange words or images or songs you suddenly realize are floating around in your mind, and didn’t come from you…

As time goes on, many Twins open their telepathic communication so fully that they can converse even when they are physically apart. And excitingly, Telepathy has now been scientifically proven to exist!

Telepathy of words/images/emotion/meaning is one of the hallmarks of The True Twin Flame connection – because Twins are two aspects of the same original consciousness, they are always “tuned into each other’s channel”!

Telepathy is one of the hallmarks of the True Twin Flame Connection! But some Twins are congested and their channel needs to be opened with energy healing…

However, some Twins are so congested with energy and others’ attachments, that their channel isn’t open. If this is you, don’t worry.

It can be remedied with energy clearing methods – the clearer our channel, the more communication can come through. ??Go to to get free energy healing downloads and guided meditations for Twin Flames!

You could actually be so mentally busy that you’ve not noticed the telepathic communication going on, so try quieting your mind a few minutes each day to open up the space to receive again.


One of the most wonderful aspects of the Twin journey, although challenging at times, is the awakening from “the sleep” of earthly life. ??The majority of humanity live in a tightly boxed off space of repeating the same actions, thoughts and experiences over and over.

Most people live on the wheel of karma – stuck in repeated experiences, where “free will” is more an expression than a reality.

Twin Flame Awakening and Ascension can be challenging – to be removed emotionally and intellectually from everything you’ve ever known and opening you to your divinity. ??This is why it’s done gradually. Peeling back layer by layer, so that we can adjust as we go along and awaken to our deeper soul selves.

Common to Twin Flame awakening is that our eyes are opened to a larger reality. Ascension usually happens gradually – to avoid overwhelming the system. You’re never brought more than you can handle as a soul. No matter how hard it seems you’re capable!

On the Twin Flame Journey we learn that we are not just human beings, but souls experiencing physical life.

That we are not just the small “ego self” we’ve been shown as we grew up, but that we are unlimited consciousness that does not conform to titles, gender, age, residence or any other earthly category.

We are the universe expressing itself, and our bodies are made of the same material as stars (you can even read about the science behind this here).

Twin Flames are part of a small but growing group of fortunate human beings who get to “awaken” while alive on earth, to get to experience the larger existence here in the physical reality. This is such a rare thing!

Twin Flames are among a small but growing group of people who get to “awaken” to the soul’s divine nature while living in physical reality. This is such a rare thing!

To open up more to this, you’ll benefit from clearing any ancestral “reality grids” you’ve inherited and been anchored into… and connecting up to the higher consciousness grids of 5D – where unconditional love and unity of souls exists.

We do this and much more in the channeled Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening Session… Click here to discover more and download.


Often there is a subtle undercurrent in Twins’ lives before meeting each other – to always be on the lookout for someone you’re not sure who is.

To be searching for one who is like you. To seek your “missing heart” in others as you journey through life. Until you finally find that one person.

When Twin Flames meet and events and synchronicities increase to the degree that many begin to question whether they’re “going crazy” or are making things up – the subtle soul reality tells us something different…

Twin Flames Are Not Just “Pairs” or “Couples” – We Are Already One. Once You Begin To Look For Oneness Everything Starts To Shift…

This initial awakening period is a challenging push and pull between intuitive knowing and the logical mind… In this period, we begin to realize more and more that we are not just meeting and interacting with a person who is like us. We are actually interacting with ourselves, in some deep way.

This is the crux of the difficulty and the beauty of the Twin Soul connection – that we are not just “pairs” or “couples” but that we are already one. Once you begin to look for this oneness – everything begins to shift.

Throughout the Twin Flame journey, our souls are constantly trying to show us this, and most Twins share significant similarities and early life experiences with each other. Mannerisms, preferences, feeling tendencies, family structures, interests, passions, dislikes and likes…

You are whole as yourself, and so is your Twin… but together you become a greater Whole. In your Twin Flame you are not just finding a “good fit” or a “partner for life” – you are meeting yourself mirrored.

These are not just signs that you have found a “good fit” but that you are meeting yourself mirrored. It can be an amazing and mind-blowing experience to realize this!

But for many Twins this aspect of the journey can also be understandably challenging as it goes against everything we’ve ever experienced.

If you are in a stage of finding this process difficult or “too much” – stretching you beyond your boundaries and stirring up turmoil in you,please try the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames at

When you clear your energy and funnel in new light, you’ll feel much more calm, settled and whole in yourself again.


When Twin Flames Reunite in the “Alchemical Union” or “Hieros Gamos”, their whole energetic systems are brought online with each other.

For myself and my Twin Soul this happened bit by bit, first in a ceremony where our Chakras were connected to each other with cords, then in increased reconnections of more of our systems, the unification of the Akashic Records of past/current lives and timelines and so forth.

Gradually more and more of our systems were integrated back together. After we reached Union I created the Vibrational Alignment Program to help other Twins do the same as well.

For some Twins Union happens on the soul planes without them being consciously aware of it – many are too mentally “busy” to be open to receiving information from their higher faculties on this.

Meditating and clearing congestion with energy tools is a great way to stay open to this kind of communication – you will be shown what’s happening, in some way.

To stay in touch with what’s happening on the non-physical planes of your journey, meditation is highly recommended. You’ll get signs and indications of what’s going on.

When Twins’ souls are “merging” we step deeper and deeper into Unification, and often Twins notice each others’ memories surfacing and an increase in sharing emotions and personality traits/mannerisms.

Unification opens up the channels more and more. On the soul planes we go from being “separately connected” to being “one whole”.

When the time comes that Twins are Reunited in Soul, this is a union of joy and love. In later stages of this Union process, not only the 7 main chakras are connected, but also the higher three chakras that extend up beyond the crown. Eventually, new collective chakras are activated and brought online.

Unlocking Higher Chakras Beyond The Crown – Unification Brings Twins From Being “Separately Connected” To Becoming “One Energetic Whole”.

The “new” unlocked Chakras are unified from the beginning – they are the first ones in the Twins’ system that are actually unified and shared to start with.

These are high vibratory, high dimensional Chakras that enable the Twin Flames to function more and more as a unit, bridging the gap between the earthly self and the higher self more and more…

This is ultimately how Twin souls unite to “bring about heaven on earth” – allowing high vibration energies to flow through both to their own joy and to assist all of existence into greater balance.

The Twin Flame Mission – “Bridging Heaven And Earth” With Unconditional Love… Creating A High Vibrational Gateway Through Their Hearts…

Integrating their high dimensional consciousness onto the earth planes more and more, allowing for an open flow of love and light.

Please always remember that you are on this journey because you are infinitely capable – you yourself know that you hold the key to returning to Unconditional Love and Union!

I hope you found this inspiring, and again, I would love to hear about your own experiences with the positives of the Twin Flame connection…

What have the most miraculous, mind-blowing moments been on your journey? Leave a comment with your positive “peak experiences” below!

Sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Did you know most Twin Flames’ struggles are based in energy blocks and negative karma? For a step-by-step, high vibrational method to harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames

“I have made such a progress in my journey just within the last months by consistently practicing the Vibrational Alignment Program. I feel like our telepathic connection has gotten stronger and clearer. My dreams are vivid and deep again as they were before and during our initial meeting four years ago, and even though we are apart I feel complete, content, and happy within myself as well as stronger than ever. “

– Detelina, Georgia, USA

Alternatively you can try my Free starter kit!

Click Below To Watch “22 Key Signs Of The True Twin Flame Connection”

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