Ammolite – the 7-colored stone of success and Feng Shui

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The ammolite is a colored in the palette of the rainbow fossil of a sea creature existed more than 65 million years ago. There is an infinite combination of colors in its every square centimeter. As a whole, the red and green are more common than the blue and purple. There are also different shades – for example magenta, violet and gold, which are much rarer and more sought after.

The color of the ammolite depends on the angle of light and the perspective from which you look. Sometimes the change of colors is almost unnoticeable, sometimes – spectacular – for example when the red goes to green or green to blue. According to the philosophy of Feng Shui it has absorbed energy from the universe shortly after the creation of the world and the forces of the universe follow the ammolite from the periphery to the center. This centrifugal energy is emitted back through the rock, generating invisible supernatural spiral movements that carry to the holder of the ammolite health, prosperity and enlightenment.

From the distance of time, today it is hard to imagine what life was like on Earth millions of years ago – in the time when the fearsome monsters were masters of the land. But the fact is that nature has preserved historical evidence about that distant era. Science has established that the background of the ammolite dates back to 65 million years. It is curious that the ammolite is extracted from 1960 and acquired the status of a gemstone after the World Jewellery Confederation a quarter century ago, late as 1981. During the same year began its industrial extraction.

The scientific walk back in time established that 65 million years ago the global ocean sheltered unimaginable forms of life. One of these forms is the Ammonite – a creature with a spiral shell, similar to the squid. As they sink to the bottom of the sea, these shells fall within rich in minerals sediment, where over time, undergo a process of fossilization. The shells are not only preserved, but acquire colors in the delightful ranges of the rainbow.

Today the fossils of the ammonite can be found in many places, but only those on the territory of Alberta (Canada) have the qualities of precious stones, which makes the ammolite one of the rarest gems in the world.

Although it is extracted since 1960, the ammolite is shrouded in a relative obscurity until several years ago. In 1997 Edward Li, an expert in Feng Shui from Hong Kong, published a book in which he described the qualities of the ammolite. The book draws attention to the stone of everyone who shares the philosophy of Feng Shui. The ammolite became a sought-after commodity, and its sales worldwide increased.

The stone is very attractive, as it sparks in the colors of the rainbow. If you look carefully you can distinguish 7 different colors – ruby red, amber yellow, emerald green, jade green, sky blue, mauve and orange. Hence the followers of Feng Shui called the ammolite “the seven-colored stone of success”.

According to this philosophy, every color of the ammolite is loaded with a different symbolic meaning. The ruby red stimulates the growth and energy. The orange generates creativity and increases the libido, while the green improves the thought, makes us wiser and stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit. The yellow improves the health.

It is generally considered that the stone cleanses the body of accumulated toxins and balances the functions of the organism. When the stone is placed in the home, it contributes to peace, harmony and family happiness. In the office it helps for achieving better business results.

Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts for Your Bedroom

Feng Shui is an ancient artform that allows us to replicate nature’s balance in our homes through the design and lifestyle choices we make every day, opening our space and our lives to an abundance of prosperity and peace. A Feng Shui bedroom should be able to develop and maintain good energy that helps you recharge and get the rest you need throughout the day, and deflect negative energy from getting into your private sanctuary.

Here are a few easy-to-follow tips on what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to Feng Shui in your bedroom:

Get a Feng Shui-friendly Bed

When finding a bed that fits Feng Shui specifications, all you need to find is one with a solid headboard, a comfortable mattress with ample support, and a sturdy frame with enough elevation from the floor. It is highly recommended that the space under the bed is kept free to allow the good energy to flow. However, as space is a continuing issue with most residences, if you must utilize the space under your bed for storage, make sure that each compartment is organized. This way, your space is clutter-free inside and out.

Bed Placement

It’s best to place your bed as far away from the door as possible, while still keeping it at your vantage point. Directly aligning your bed with any doorway in your room, called the “coffin position”, lets the good energy flow out of the room too quickly, and is not good for Feng Shui. Also, make sure no sharp angles point at you while you sleep, whether it be from a sharp-ended side table or a chandelier hanging right above you, as sharp objects give off attacking energy or Sha Chi which disrupts your peace and can hinder you from sleeping well.

Placing your bed behind a strong supporting wall also protects your bed from negative energy and gives it more power to hold good energy. It gives you a strong sense of support, allowing you to let go and relax easier.

Two of Each

Having grounding and balanced energy coming form both sides of the bed is important for optimal Feng Shui. Get pairs of nightstands, the same table lamps, throw pillows, ottomans, you name it. From a Feng Shui perspective, pairs of items in the bedroom symbolize balance and equality, and promote warm, loving, and harmonious energy—yes, even if there’s only one person in the bedroom!

Don’t Place a Mirror Inside the Bedroom

Reflective surfaces in your bed room are thought to disturb your sleep, as they are considered to be activation cures. Activation cures promote Yang energy, the opposite of Yin energy that you would want to foster in the bedroom as it helps you achieve restfulness. Mirrors also tend to reflect energy all over the room, which you wouldn’t want to happen while you’re trying to get some good shut-eye. If you must have a mirror in your bedroom, make sure to cover it with a cloth when not in use, and definitely don’t position it in front of the bed.

Built for Rest

Yes, adults, put the phone down and get the meaningful rest you deserve. We’re all guilty of being tempted to get some extra work done at home while what we should really be doing is getting rest for the next day ahead. Ideally, televisions, work stations, and other gadgets should be kept out of the bedroom as they create an unhealthy magnetic field that keeps us from getting the rest we need.

It is also said that televisions in front of the bed could invite a third party into a marriage, so better be safe and keep it out of your bedroom completely. Do the right thing and put the gadgets away for awhile and spend quality time with your loved ones, even yourself. Live a little, relax.

Don’t Place Any Water Features Inside the Bedroom

For some, an aquarium in the bedroom may provide a source for relaxation. In the context of Feng Shui, however, having water features in this private space could potentially invite bad luck in relationship and finances. Fountains, vases with water inside, or even photos and paintings of oceans and rivers on the wall represent the element of water, which is used to kill fire. As the bedroom is associated with passion, having water inside the bedroom may bring about diminished warmth.

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Feng Shui says, this plant attracts money like magnet !!

Most of us have heard about the money plant, but there also exist a plant that is said to attract money like a magnet.

Though you need to work hard to earn money, still you may find a tight financial situation in life. There are many Vastu Shastra solutions for this problem, you may have received advice to keep money plant at home. It’s very common to find the plant in every home, but have you heard about “Crassula” plant.

It is also called the Money Tree. Let me tell you about it openly. As per Feng Shui, by just keeping the plant in the house, it starts attracting money in the house. It has mixed color leaves but not weak as other leaves, strong enough, not to get broken. 

Like Money plant, Crassula is also low maintenance plant. Can be watered in 2 to 3 alternate days. It is a shade loving the indoor plant and easily adjustable and kept in almost any part of the house.

Speaking about its properties, this plant attracts money towards our house with its positive energy. The plant should be kept at the entrance of the house.In a few days, the plant will start to show its impact. Peace in the home of every kind will remain intact.

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