Chi Energy: Meaning and Significance of Qi in Chinese Culture

According to Zhuangzi, a Chinese philosopher, Chi, or Qi, is one, and it is underneath heaven. When a person is born, he starts acquiring his Qi, which propels his life. When his Qi fades away, his life ceases, and he meets his death.

Energy is the ultimate parameter that facilitates life and the uncountable activities on earth. There are many dimensions of energy which are characterized in myriad ways. Some are tabled as positive, the rest are negative. All living beings are believed to harbor both these forms of energy within themselves. Hence, we are dependent on this energy flow, which is influenced by many intrinsic and extrinsic factors. In fact, the life of a substance is controlled by the life energy. The amount of this energy decides whether a substance is full of life, or devoid of it. Life energy, called Chi, is executed to perfection by the proper balance between the forces of Yin and Yang.

As known by many, Yin and Yang are the opposing forces, which in reality complement each other. The existence of either one is impossible in the absence of the other. These forces are believed to be lying in everything that is present on this earth. Thus, when these forces combine, they facilitate the perfect balance and working of the Chi. It is also believed to the core, that Qi is present, and also functions within the non-living too. Though the functionality does differ from the functionality of the living.

Ashe, Ka, Mana, Pneuma, Prana, Shakti, the Great Spirit, and the Holy Spirit, are some of the synonyms of Chi or Qi. Chi is diversified in many parts. The top three Chi are noted as the one that we are born with, called the ancestral Chi, the Chi that we absorb from the food and water that we intake is called the post natal Chi, and the last one forms a protective case over our body, known as the protective Chi. Let’s delve deeper into the concept and see how to use Chi energy.

Chi or Qi is the embodiment of life energy. This energy can be multifaceted, ranging from emotional, mystic, and spiritual realms. In Chinese philosophy, the most dominant feature associated with Qi is the air. In the context of martial arts, it denotes the internal energy within a human body. According to Taiji, also known as Tai Chi, a form of martial arts, it is the life energy. The flow of Chi within the human body ensures proper functioning of the body. This is attained through the air that is inhaled by the lungs, the energy obtained from food which is absorbed by the body, and is circulated throughout the body. This entire process of absorbing the much-needed Chi in the body was maneuvered with some exercises that focused on breathing, meditation, and also acrobatics. This in itself is an ancient practice in China, popularized as Qi Gong.

Many sinologists opine that Qi is the energy which underlines all matter. It is shaped in the forms of vapor and breath. It is indispensable and renders the functionality of all beings. It keeps the mind active, and lends agility and strength. It controls the mind and its thoughts and emotions. It synchronizes all bodily activities. Chi is the life energy that is responsible for life altogether. It is very much associated with martial arts, and also finds place in Chinese medicine. According to innately famous Chinese medicine, the human body is a comprehensive web of Chi, which flows through it, giving it life.

It flows through the body through fixed pathways, also called jingluo. When this flow of chi through the pathways is hindered, the body functions are inhibited by the accumulated toxins in the body, causing in maladies. Chi is manifested in martial arts, meditation, personal improvement through all round development, healing, and the spiritual uplift. Chi is used in several ways in the interest of the living beings. One of the ways is to manipulate it in order to cure people from ailments.

Perhaps, one of the best ways to master Chi is through Qi Gong, where there is an imaginary energy ball that is created, and then sent across to the ailing people. This energy ball is believed to direct and focus Chi energy, thus restoring the normal functioning of the person.

One of the best ways to experience Chi is through meditation. During meditation, the practitioner eventually attains a level where he can experience the subtle movements of the energy flow. He can feel the energy being directed to a particular part of the body. The person then concentrates on the flow of the energy completely on that area. He then envisions the energy flowing into some other part of his body. This mere vision actually directs and focuses the Chi into that other part. This whole process is termed as intention. Thus, intention helps to use Chi energy, by giving it a direction to move.

This intention alone is responsible for making the impossible, possible, well within the grasp of humans. By implementing concentration and intention, followed by focus, one can even displace objects without touching them. The most overwhelming powers of Chi is in its ability to influence desires. As said previously, energy is also transferred from the practitioner to other people by using the energy ball. This phenomenon is used to infuse positivity in a person who is bogged down by negativity.

One of the ways to harness Chi is by meditation, during which, the mind and the body unite, and there is a strong network of Chi created in the process. Thinking about positive things and banishing negative thoughts completely helps in enriching the Chi, and also helps in making the process of Chi formation hassle-free.

# The basic science behind Chi is the formation and transfer of energy. Our body has both positive and negative energies. By obtaining a neutrality of the two, we can have normal body functioning.

# This neutrality is achieved through activities of Qi Gong, Karate, other martial art forms, and acupuncture.

The concept of Chi is ancient, and it is advocated in many parts of the world under different names. Though there are people who question the viability of Chi, its importance in our everyday life can’t be ignored. It is now gaining popularity in most countries, owing to the multifarious benefits that it features. These benefits can be explored and experienced at different margins by practicing meditation on a regular basis.


A QiGong Master Demonstrating Chi Energy (Video) – Collective Evolution

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I’m in!

Superhuman abilities have been present and written about in human literature, spanning all cultures, since the beginning of time. There are several examples, from the Yoga Sutras all the way up to present day CIA experimentation. For example, one document referring to a study done on a man with “paranormal” abilities puts it quite blunt,


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“The experiment demonstrated Mr. Zhang Baosheng possesses paranormal abilities. He can make small objects penetrate obstacles.  After such penetrations, the microscopic structure and properties do not show and observable changes.” (full document)

Donald Lopez Jr, a professor of Buddhist and Tibetan Studies at the University of Michigan, describes the many abilities ascribed to Buddha:

“With this enlightenment, he was believed to possess all manner of supernormal powers, including full knowledge of each of his own past lives and those of other beings, the ability to know others’ thoughts, the ability to create doubles of himself, the ability to rise into the air and simultaneously shoot fire and water from his body. . . . Although he passed into nirvana at the age of eighty-one, he could have lived “for an aeon or until the end of the aeon” if only he had been asked to do so.” ()

These are from the STRAGATE files. Mr Baosheng has been the subject of testing from the Chinese government, as well as the CIA, who also published another document titled Research into paranormal ability to break through spatial barriers.” 

He’s not the only one, the documents listed here and below speak of dozens of people, including children. Here is another example from Russia.

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These facts were also outlined in a declassified US Air Force report on teleportation, which was made available through the Federation of American Scientists.

As far back as 1981, more than 100 centres to study children with purported exceptional abilities and mental capabilities were formed with the cooperation of more than 100 formally trained scholars.

The United States Air Force document showcased above, as well as some CIA documents, also refer to the fact that some children were able to teleport objects from one location to another, thus “breaking through spatial barriers.”

You can read more about that in detail, here.

Another experiment involved mental teleportation of bits of paper out of a sealed plastic film container. This was documented in a report published in 2010 by retired research chemist Dong Shen. What’s even more fascinating is that these methods were taught to others and the success rate was 40 percent.

“The results of the Chinese Teleportation experiments can simply be explained as a human consciousness phenomenon that somehow acts to move or rotate test specimens through a 4th spacial dimension, so that specimens are able to penetrate the solid walls/barriers of their containers without physically breaching them.”  – Eric Davis, Ph.D, FBIS (source)

Really, there are too many examples to list.

The document below speaks about a new branch in science, it’s underlined.

 “A New Branch of Science”

Nikola Tesla stressed the fact that, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” Understanding what he referred to as “non-physical phenomena” played a key role in his quest and rumoured success in building an electric generator which was attached to “the very wheel-work of nature.” Vedic philosophy greatly influenced him, you can read more about that and see the proof in detail here.

Today, there are hundreds of renowned scientists trying to bring more attention to this type of phenomena. It’s funny how this type of science, commonly referred to as non-material science, has been studied at the highest levels of global government for decades, yet it’s still shunned by the mainstream, despite some serious statistically significant results.

The remote viewing program in the United States, for example, had an 85 percent success rate.

A study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine, as seen in the US National Library of Medicine, demonstrated that a women with special abilities was and is able to accelerate the germination of specific seeds for the purposes of developing a more robust seed stock. (study)

A few years ago,   a list of points were co-authored by:  Dr. Gary Schwartz, professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at the University of Arizona, Mario Beauregard, PhD, from the University of Arizona, and Lisa Miller, PhD, from Columbia University. It was presented at an international summit on post-materialist science, spirituality, and society.

The Summary Report of the International Summit on Post-Materialist Science, Spirituality and Society can be downloaded here: International Summit on Post-Materialist Science: Summary Report (PDF).

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They’ve recently put out a groundbreaking documentary, called Expanding Reality.

You can purchase the filmhere

“Expanding Reality is about the emerging postmaterialist paradigm and the next great scientific revolution. Why is it important? Because this paradigm has far-reaching implications. For instance, it re-enchants the world and profoundly alters the vision we have of ourselves, giving us back our dignity and power as human beings. The postmaterialist paradigm also fosters positive values such as compassion, respect, care, love, and peace, because it makes us realize that the boundaries between self and others are permeable. In doing so, this paradigm promotes an awareness of the deep interconnection between ourselves and Nature at large. In that sense, the model of reality associated with the postmaterialist paradigm may help humanity to create a sustainable civilization and to blossom.” – Mario Beauregard, PhD, from the University of Arizona

QiGong Master Demonstrating Chi

QiGong is one aspect of this type of science. Today, we have quantum physics, which is hailed as the new science but this type of non material science seems to be the next step beyond quantum physics, as quantum physics seems to be one explanation for this type of phenomena. For example, entanglement has been used as a possible explanation for telepathy.  At the end of the day, when it comes to quantum physics as well as parapsychology, both involve human consciousness.

Related CE Article: Cancelled TED Talk – Physicist Contracted By The CIA Shares Everything He Knows About ESP

So, given the fact that we know there are real world examples, this is why we chose to post this video of a supposed demonstration, which has become quite popular on YouTube.

Who really knows if it’s real or not, but one thing is clear, the phenomenon is real.

The filmmaker emphasized what seems to be a very important point, those who have learned and possess these capabilities usually understand that they are forbidden to show them.

It’s unfortunate that, when we do come across such information and such people, they are always in the hands of a some sort of military or intelligence agency, or working for one.

Here is another example of people with such abilities from ancient lore as written by Swami Rama in Living with the Himalayan Masters:

“I had never before seen a man who could sit still without blinking his eyelids for eight to ten hours, but this adept was very unusual. He levitated two and a half feet during his meditations. We measured this with a string, which was later measured by a foot rule. I would like to make it clear, though, as I have already told you, that I don’t consider levitation to be a spiritual practice. It is an advanced practice of pranayama with application of bandeaus (locks). One who knows about the relationship between mass and weight understands that it is possible to levitate, but only after long practice. . .

He (also) had the power to transform matter into different forms, like changing a rock into a sugar cube. One after another the next morning he did many such things. He told me to touch the sand – and the grains of sand turned into almonds and cashews. I had heard of this science before and knew its basic principles, but I had hardly believed such stories. I did not explore this field, but I am fully acquainted with the governing laws of science.” ()

Others with these abilities, many of which are most likely spiritual practitioners, would never demonstrate their abilities in public. And if there are indeed Yogi’s today, like Buddha and many others who were said to possess such ‘supernatural’ powers, they’re probably spending much of their time in isolation and deep meditation.

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Introduction to Chi Energy Meditation Technique

Introduction to Chi Energy Meditation Techniques

MBV   November 30, 2016


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Quantum Energy and the Building Blocks of Nature

One of the most fascinating and mysterious revelations of science, and more recently quantum physics, is that everything in the universe is made up of energy. This energy is at the core of nature and the building blocks of all matter.

What we have been learning from work of Nobel physicists (among many other scientists around the world) such as Niels Bohr — Danish physicist who contributed significantly to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory — is that what we perceive as our physical material world, is not actually material.

If you looked close enough at an atom through a microscope, you would see a small vortex that looks like a tornado, with many energy spirals called quarks and photons. (Bohr’s atomic model)

If you observe even more closely, you would not see anything; atoms are made of invisible energy.

By the end of the nineteenth century, physicists started to explore the relationship between energy and the structure of matter. In doing so, some quantum theorists and certain physicists began to recognize that everything in the universe is made out of energy.

Based on these theories, this means that everything including our physical body can be broken down into different forms of energy; this universal vibration is the resonance of life.

Universal Life Force Energy

Ancient Indian texts depict the human body as an aura of pulsating energy. In Indian philosophy, the term prana is used to describe this life force.

In Chinese medicine, the purest form of natural energy is considered the essence of all life. This universal energy is known as ‘Chi,’ or ‘Qi’, which naturally flows through channels of the human body referred to as meridians. This subtle energy is what keep us alive.

According to ancient philosophies of Chinese medicine, if these pathways are blocked or unable to promote healthy flow from cell to cell, this is a form of dis-ease, often experienced asstress, fatigue, irritability, restlessness, hypertension, or insomnia. 

Proper energy flow will also help maintain the healthy function of your bodily systems.

When energy is able to flow freely through the body, you will experience:

  • vibrant energy
  • deep and rejuvinating sleep
  • positive emotions
  • optimism, deep healthy breathing
  • feelings of expanded consciousness and connection
  • mental clarity
  • balanced state of mind
  • creative thoughts and motivation.
  • Feelings of flow

Practices and techniques that help calm the mind and release tension is a great way to release blocks throughout the body, and raise your energy levels into a healthier state.

Here are a few chi energy meditation techniques


Yoga is a combination of physical movement and breathwork exercises meant to activate and balance the energy centers. These techniques can help improve core strength and stability throughout the body.


Since yoga often involves stretching, and finishes with a relaxation breathing session or meditation, one of the main benefits of yoga is that our natural energy is able to flow freely and redisperse throughout the entire body.

Qi Gong

Typically practiced outdoors, Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice that uses movement, intentional breathing, and focused awareness as a way to harness the body’s natural energy systems.

This is another great way to improve your body Qi levels by integrating meditation to develop a coordination between the energy of the mind and movement of the body. It can help you attain a calm state of mind that can help replenish your energy, and can even act as preventive medicine.

Those practicing Qi Gong report feeling amazing levels of energy on a daily basis, can become more productive, and are less susceptible to disease associated with immune function and high blood pressure.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a series of movement and stretching exercises based on ancient Chinese medicine practices. Each posture flows gracefully into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. This helps the body relax and your energy to flow smoothly across the body. The exercises are specifically aimed at helping stimulate the flow of chi energy.

The correct body posture and spinal alignment will help release any tension within the body as well as promote the proper functioning of the digestive system. These free flowing, intentional movements also help improve the overall flexibility of the body.

This is known to dramatically improve energy, mood, and overall state of mind in an extremely positive way.

Brainwave Entrainment

The meditation programs developed by iAwake Technologies are much more than just soothing sounds. Infused with specific frequency patterns and bio-feedback tones, these scientifically crafted audio programs provide one of the most effective ways to practice meditation.  

Audio Chi is an audio therapy program developed by iAwake that harnesses chi energy signatures in the form of sound waves. This is a unique brainwave entrainment algorithm in the range in which the body’s cells communicate to one another.

This meditation session uses random audio signals designed to break up abnormal cellular communication. Alpha brainwave patterns are related to the relaxation response, mental clarity, effortless focus and FLOW.

Aside from helping you experience a soothing meditation session, audio chi Can be used as an emotional release practice and natural energy booster.

The experience of Audio Chi energy meditation has been reported as very similar to that of acupuncture, as it gently but noticeably energizes the meridian system to significantly help loosen and release your energy.


A Digital Transmission of Life Force Energy
Audio Chi is an audio therapy experience based on biofield research in Taiwan. This technology is used to generate a strong feeling of Chi in just a few minutes (in experienced qigong practitioners). Similar to the energy field of a QiGong master, Audio Chi contains the energetic signature of Chi, recorded and amplified using software.

Additional Resources:

Any Thoughts?


Certified Medical Reiki Master Aziza Doumani knows some people are uncertain about what her profession—her calling—is, not to mention what it can do for people.

There are people who hear the words “energy healer” and “life force” and are immediately skeptical. If you’re the sort who tunes out at the mention of “chi” or “qi”—both of which mean “life force” in Chinese—then you may feel the same way about Reiki. (“Ki” means “life force” in Japanese.) In India, it’s called “prana.” Many cultures practice the art (for it can’t be called a science) of energy healing. The United States has been slow to catch on.

Reiki for pain relief“I don’t get referrals from doctors,” says Doumani, an Ellicott City, Maryland, Reiki practitioner. “My clients contact me on their own—either seeking Reiki as a last resort, or, having experienced Reiki, jumping on it immediately when their pain journey is in its infancy.”

But already, Reiki is used in the operating rooms at Columbia University Medical Center, not just as an integrative therapy. “It’s part of a unique Certified Medical Reiki Master program of elite Reiki masters accompanying patients as part of the surgical team during their surgeries,” says Doumani. There are only a couple hundred Certified Medical Reiki Masters in the world (Doumani included). “We’re experiencing much expansion, and it all began in Columbia’s OR.”

Reiki is also utilized at the world-renowned R. Adams Shock Trauma Center in Maryland, as well as Johns Hopkins Hospitals, and abundantly in palliative care centers because of its noted success in pain care. Reiki is a viable therapy for pain.

But Doumani doesn’t need a seal of approval from MDs. It’s enough for her to see the lives of her clients—she does not call them “patients”—transformed as a result of her healing hands.

“It’s the client who often ends up telling their doctor about Reiki,” says Doumani. “Depending on the doc, it’s met favorably or with rolled eyes. Reiki is experiencing a surge in medical settings, but some doctors and institutions are still resistant.

How it works

Science can’t explain whyReiki is effective. But Doumani can walk you through how a typical session works. The client lies down fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner will position his or her hands on or just above the client’s body at different energy points and keep them in place for two to five minutes. This repeated action, Reiki practitioners say, charges energy fields with positive energy.

That’s it. It’s both as simple and mysterious as that.

Reiki for pain relief“Every experience is different,” Doumani says. “Some people report that they see colors during a Reiki session. Others describe a tingly feeling. Some people think they feel my hands on one part of their body, but my hands aren’t actually anywhere close to the area they felt. Some even describe visions.”

And, she adds, “Some people feel nothing at all,” though feeling nothing doesn’t signify that the Reiki isn’t working. It simply means that a person doesn’t feel anything during the active session time. In fact, often after those exact sessions, the client experiences a release/response later on.

Some people feel benefit from just one Reiki session, but others require ongoing treatment. “Don’t expect Reiki to necessarily cure you in one session, though clients seeking help with chronic pain have had remarkable and immediate results in pain relief that they haven’t known in years. In one session.” In addition, Reiki can help reduce reliance on pain medications.

Doumani is careful to say that Reiki is not a substitute for going to a physician. It should be used in conjunction with other treatments, conventional and/or alternative, a point that Doumani always reiterates to her clients. She even requires them to sign a form attesting that they are not using Reiki as a substitute for medical care.

Skeptics and believers

Doctors may dismiss a patient’s belief in Reiki’s effectiveness. “It’s just the placebo effect,” they’ll say. Doumani has a response: “People help heal themselves all the time through positive thought. If that’s the placebo effect, then so be it.”

Although people don’t understand how Reiki works, it does work for many. You don’t even have to believe in it for it work, Doumani says. When used in conjunction with other therapies, it can help treat a host of ills, from depression to menopause and from addiction to anxiety. Says Doumani, “The physiological responses/benefits that occur from Reiki include its effect on the alpha and theta states for relaxation (meditative); stress reduction, healing and mental changes; activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (our rest-and-restore system); lower heart rate, lower pulse rate and slower breathing; and an overall nudging toward homeostasis. Clients report they experience shifts toward a positive mental attitude and toward feeling happier, offering them hope and a positive outlook. These are hallmarks of Reiki that we know exist—they’re real, measurable, and the reason people seek Reiki for physical and mental issues.”

Those who believe in the mind/body connection may have an easier time accepting Reiki. “Not all physical symptoms have physical origins,” Doumani says. She talks about the emotions associated with our internal organs—the liver is associated with anger, the lungs with grief—and how often she has found those emotions manifested with physical ailments.

We even use figures of speech that reference the body when talking about what causes us pain. “My job makes me sick to my stomach” is something we’ve all heard, or even said, before. Doumani also says that stress—from a bad job or other factors—can cause irritable bowel syndrome.

Another Doumani insight: You might say “I can’t stand this anymore” and unwittingly mean it literally. Knee pain can be brought on by stress … and would make it harder to stand.

Getting legit

Reiki is showing up more and more today at oncology centers across the country, including the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Medicine in Philadelphia. The website tells patients: “Reiki has no contraindications; it is regarded as a completely safe and gentle practice. Reiki sessions are natural and holistic; there is no physical manipulation, nothing is ingested and nothing is applied to the skin.”

Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, New York, offers Reiki to its patients, too. It cites a list of conditions that Reiki may help, including relieving pain, reducing side effects from surgery and long-term illness and reducing stress and anxiety.

The Oncology Nursing Society’s (ONS) website lists three small-scale studies that examined Reiki’s efficacy. The results of one—“Biofield therapies and cancer-related symptoms: A review,” published in 2014 in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing—showed promise, but there wasn’t a large enough study to produce conclusive results. From the ONC website: “Studies using biofield therapies for relief of pain, anxiety, fatigue and depression generally showed benefit; however, the evidence is not strong due to the limitations of the studies included.”

The National Institutes of Health reports that Reiki “hasn’t been shown to have any harmful effects” but that “little high-quality research has been done” to demonstrate if and how Reiki is effective.

Helping the body heal itself

Reiki for pain reliefEven though Reiki is beginning to gain wider acceptance, Doumani is used to encountering skeptics and doesn’t mind trying to gently educate them about the noninvasive practice that, she says, helps “elicit the body’s innate healing process.” She also knows Reiki isn’t for everyone, and she’s OK with that.

Enough people have found relief through Reiki—which Doumani calls a “gentle, loving and compassionate practice”—that she doesn’t mind being patient with naysayers. She understands that many MDs need hard evidence that a treatment works.

But some things can’t necessarily be explained. Many in the medical community turned up their noses at acupuncture, another holistic practice that can treat pain and other ailments until patients started extolling its benefits. Now, acupuncture is mainstream.

Acupuncture has been around since about 100 BC. Having originated in Japan in the 1920s, Reiki is the new kid on the block. It may take some time before the establishment recognizes it as a legitimate approach to pain.

Meanwhile, Reiki practitioners are pushing for more scientific studies that will prove what they know: Reiki is a safe, healing practice that can reduce pain, stress and anxiety. Until then, they’ll keep educating the doubters.

And reducing their clients’ pain and anxiety.

Avoiding shams and scams

Reiki is largely unregulated in the United States, so clients need to be vigilant when seeking a Reiki practitioner.

If you can’t find a hospital nearby that offers Reiki as part of its integrative medicine program, you may have to do some research. Ask friends for referrals. “I encourage clients to ask questions of a practitioner they’re considering,” Aziza Doumani says. “I always provide references from other clients and from colleagues. I want people to know about my level of integrity.”

Doumani and others are trying to standardize Reiki so that the real practitioners are discernable from the frauds. “There are people who do a mix-up/mash-up of different stuff and call it Reiki,” she says. “Clients can usually tell intuitively if they’re meeting with someone who’s legitimate or not.”

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Reiki Helps Animals to Heal

Reiki teaches us that as long as our life force energy is flowing unimpeded throughout our bodies, we will be in good health. The health of humans and animals alike is dependent upon the free flow of life force energy. I have heard it said that pets sometimes respond to the emotional state of their human companion and take on the characteristics of that person, including any symptoms of ill health. Luckily with Reiki we can respond to human and animal needs to a supportive and benevolent end.

A very good friend of mine who practices Reiki was dismayed to learn about a year ago that her yellow Labrador-Retriever had a 2-inch tumor on his side. Her veterinarian suggested that she bring the dog back in about two months so that it could be determined whether the tumor was growing. He prescribed no other treatment. Since she incorporates Reiki into her daily life, it seemed only natural to treat her pet for his tumor. She gave him Reiki for about thirty minutes and thought nothing further of this until about a week later, when her husband was shocked to find that the tumor was completely gone!

Another very dramatic case occurred with a pet guinea pig of mine named Miranda. This little creature developed a milky film over one of her eyes. Naturally, I took her to the veterinarian. He explained that this was a cataract and while the situation could be handled in humans by simple surgery, it was impossible to operate on guinea pigs. He told me that there was about a 20% chance that the cataract would shrink a tiny bit around the edges, thus restoring a little bit of her eyesight. I was determined that all or most of her eyesight would come back.

I set up a treatment protocol to send Reiki distantly to Miranda. In addition, I gave her regular twice-weekly Reiki treatments for ten minutes at a time. For a small animal like a guinea pig, ten minutes is enough for a full treatment. I am happy to say that, 8 months later, the cataract has shrunk to only 1/8 of its original size. Even the small portion remaining is not nearly as opaque as it was in the beginning.

I also had a beautiful gray cat named Henley who I rescued from a very neglectful home. One day, he just walked away and disappeared. I did not see him again for two more days. When he came back, he was in a very bad state, looking extremely tired and thin. He would not eat the food that I set out for him. This continued for several more hours. Ordinarily he ate ravenously. It was obvious that he had picked up some sort of stomach ailment, possibly from some rotted food he had eaten.

I set him on the ground in the front yard in the warm sun (it was spring) and started to administer Reiki. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him begin purring. He lay perfectly still and continued to purr, obviously enjoying the Reiki treatment. I could feel a constant gurgling in his stomach. After about twenty minutes, the gurgling stopped but I continued to treat him for an additional ten minutes or so. If it can be said that a cat can look blissful, that is what I saw that day. At the end of the treatment he got up and went over to his food dish and started eating as if he was starving.

I believe that Reiki can be used to treat nearly any type of ailment experienced by people or animals. Every animal I have treated seems to love Reiki. It is truly a blessing that I am delighted to share with the animal friends who have so enriched my life.


Libra Dating A Qi Vampire

Ask Mystic: My Libra Brother Is Dating A Qi Vampire

I could use some astro advice, if you have any time to spare (ha). Really long story short- my Libra brother is dating a Qi Vamp. A professional Qi Vamp. She is a miserable human. I could write a novel on her crappiness, but I’ll boil it down to: She constantly picks pointless fights with my brother for personal power plays, covers her mouth every time she chews (seems small, but speaks to a larger issue) and worst of all, in their 2 years of being together I have never seen or heard her laugh. Not once. And there’s something in her that feels… sneaky.

In short: she sucks. Her birth date is shrouded in mystery – she is either a Cancer, Leo or Virgo.

My brother is never around anymore. He is quite frank about her emotional instability and his need to keep her balanced- which often means keeping her away from the family and her social anxiety triggers (side note: and ridiculous self deprecating pity-parties). He has expressed the belief that he can help her, and I think he feels (deep in his heart) that this relationship somehow counts as relationship community service. If he helps her during the day- he’s done a good deed. And that’s fine, but like, date someone nice, with a sense of humor and then volunteer in a soup kitchen instead. Right?

They were supposedly going to break up after Christmas (hello diplomatic, he has Moon in Libra as well as the Sun and Aquarius Rising) but here we are in July and nothing has changed. My mother has sent the family decree that I should talk to him. But every time we have talked in the past- he shuts down. Literally you can watch him power down. I want to help, not hurt. This isn’t about me sitting down to lunch and telling him how much I despise her. I just want my brother back. We all do.

What is the best way to help a Libra make a difficult decision re: partnerships? He knows that the relationship isn’t stable, he has expressed a desire to end it- but she seems to have massive control over all of it.

My brother and I are almost (literal) polar opposites. He is 29° Libra, I am 25° Aries. I’m worried that the talk will only drive him further away from the family and into whatever bizarre web she has spun. It’s a small family, and after my dad died a few years ago, we all became even more important to each other. We can’t lose him too.

Thank you so much for your constant awesomeness.

Okay, so i sympathize. Having someone you love seemingly in the grips of a lower-vibe love interest is uniquely stressful.  But a professional Qi Vampire?  This is actually kind of amusing, giving rise to the vision of a college for Qi Vamps on top of a mall in some strange suburb, issuing crap credentials on shitty stationery.  But she is not being paid for this.  OR IS SHE? In units of your brother’s soul and psyche, eroded away bit by bit as he deals with her warped cognitive structure?

So we need to dial this down. The first rule of in-laws and the people our friends/family hook up with is that we don’t care so long as the relationship appears legal, consensual and functional – that our family member or friends is happy with the deal, even if we think the person is beneath them or naff, whatever.   But you’re saying that this is beyond that – that your even keeled Libra brother is actually caught up in something that he knows is dysfunctional but he is apprehensive about breaking off.  That does suck.

One of the methods that certain varieties of people use is to convince the other person that the relationship is normal – that it’s their fault if anything is wrong, that the person would be responsible should anything bad happen to the Qi Vampire and that outside friends and family don’t understand the relationship because it’s special, karmic, doomed or whatever.  Once i knew someone who would not leave someone who routinely attacked them & did things like turning the shower to boiling when she was in it because he had said that he would “go back to drugs” if she did.

My feeling on this is that – as you have already wisely surmised – you don’t go in there and be super direct.  Librans – especially Solar/Lunar Libra – freak the fuq out with direct confrontation. You need to nuance this a bit. Uranus is heading up to oppose his Sun in Libra – this is the ultimate astrology (once in every 84 years only) for individuation and one’s personal coup against crap and oppression.  Jupiter – the Guru God and Grow To Be Great energy – is heading into Libra in September.

All you need to is open the channels of communication without mentioning her unless he does. Just have friendly talks or dinners/coffee/whatever about stuff. And yes think diplomatically.  Without saying a A Word, you’re building up your bond with him, just listening and being cool.  Another point of possible resonance? The way that therapists listen intently but don’t try to direct the thinking. For instance, if he brings her up and makes even a minor complaint, it would be tempting to dive in there with the full rant BUT you could just ask how that is for him?

But in general, just hang out with him more – no pressure, no relationship judgement, a hike here, a coffee there OR if he is away, start Skyping.

There are some sagacious folk on here so what does everyone else think?

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How To Heal: Go To The Gym, Make A Sandwich, & Meditate


“The wound is the place where the light enters you” – Rumi

Recently, when working with a client we were opening a very tender area that brought out a great deal of pain. Not hesitating, and also not fully understanding, my client walked forward into the pain. A broken relationship opened up the wound and now he stood before its doorway and had only to enter and hear its voice. As he began to walk forward the cries, tension and pull of pain unfolded and began to envelop him and he soon found himself pulling back out and standing on the precipice in quiet awe of the well of grief he held inside.

We reflected on the experience after and the awesome stretch of emotions that were held in what seemed to be the cavity of his chest. He also shared his hesitation in the face of such deep pain. I understand this hesitation, have walked it many times before, and what I have found is that healing is very much like going to the gym, making a sandwich and meditating on a mountaintop all at once!

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Going to the Gym

When people ask me if they can work with me in healing work, I am, of course, honored and humbled. The next question is usually, how often we should meet. Everyone’s healing journey is unique and within each of us is the teacher and healer of this journey. We often, however, initially need a guide who has traversed these grounds before and can walk us through the dark corners and help bring in the light. To do this, we must treat it like going to the gym.

If I want to develop my muscles, I cannot hope to do this by going to the gym once a month. It must instead become a consistent practice of 2 to 3 times a week on a regular basis to begin building my muscles, develop a routine and practice that I would most likely carry into my everyday walk of building up my physique. So too with the work of the spirit. We cannot hope to open our hearts to love by only attending to our hearts once a month. We must instead make it a consistent practice of going into those tender places where the heart hurts the most and begin opening it up. By walking into the pain every single week during a healing session, we begin to build and widen our tolerance for pain.

This stretching out of our capacity to endure pain also stretches out our capacity to love. Enduring pain does not mean holding your breath and waiting until its over, that only builds more walls, which may keep out the pain for a while, but it will also keep out love, tenderness, kindness, compassion and it will keep it from the one who needs it most of all, yourself.

Walking into pain and grief says, I believe in you; I trust you; I have faith in you and your capacity to heal and walk into the light.

By consistently facing and exploring those places within us that are tender, bringing up the wells of tears and opening up big fears about who we think we are; build our endurance to hold more space for these hard emotions. When we can hold space for hard emotions for ourselves, we can begin to hold space for others and all of their emotions without making it about us. Instead, we just love those who are in front of us with all of their raw emotion…we can bring in the light, as we did for our self during every healing session.

Just like working out at the gym at a consistent pace begins to develop our muscles creating strength, it also stretches our limbs and makes us more limber, and lifts our spirits with overall health. So too does healing over time…we cannot hope to sit in front of others and all of their baggage and love them if we cannot first learn to love the beautiful creation within us that is behind our own baggage. Each weekly healing session when we sit with our pain and fear even if just a little bit longer each time, builds our endurance for pain, increasing the depth of our capacity to love.

Making a Sandwich

I often refer to healing as making a sandwich. We go into our bodies by breathing into the pain and fear, but we must also create new mental mindsets and begin to understand the changes we are creating within us. Healing is not just about releasing emotion or trauma, it is also about understanding the world with a different mental frame.

During healing sessions, once the pain or fear has lifted a bit, my clients and I discuss what is the shift that is taking place. For example, when someone I love is commenting on my behavior in a negative way and telling me all the things that are wrong with me, it can be deeply hurtful and I might think what they’re saying is true. I often ask my clients to do two things:

One, check in – Take a moment to do an inventory of yourself. Is there truth to what they’re saying? Is there something I need to look at within myself? And if there is, then that is my focus, nothing else. No need to defend, argue, challenge, deflect. Just a humble acknowledgment that maybe there are some areas of growth I need to continue looking at.

And if they continue or I don’t see those faults they point out.

Two, turn the mirror – Sometimes, when others (including ourselves) point out faults in their loved ones, they are very often saying out loud what they think about themselves. We often see the world through the lens in which we see ourselves. If we take in what people say about us as truths it is as if there were a mirror being held in front of us and we’re looking at ourselves the way they see us – it can be very depressing! If we have checked in and know what they are saying is not our truth, then turn the mirror around. The reality is they may very well be talking about how they see themselves.

So what then should be our response? Compassion and boundaries. How painful it is to think negatively about oneself – I know, I’m guilty of having done this to myself as well! And how grateful I am for people who showed me a great deal of love and compassion when I was hard on myself, instead of anger and defensiveness. I am also grateful for when people responded with strong boundaries encased in love.

Depending on the situation if someone is railing on and on about how awful I am or what I have done wrong that is so deplorable my response might be, Hmm, got it. Talk to you later. And leave.

It is important to create mental frames that support your healing path: Someone’s dumping their garbage is really just that, their garbage they haven’t let go about themselves. My mind is a great storyteller and it often creates stories about what is happening in front of me that may not be true and usually places the world against me.

Our mind’s storytelling language can have phrases like: No one wants me. They probably don’t want to be my friend. He probably doesn’t care about me. Time to set up boundaries. I was not created to be someone’s garbage pail to deposit all their bad feelings on and it is up to me to be clear about when to stand up for justice and say no. Saying no to abusive behavior towards me or someone else is taking a stand for justice. Boundaries help me stay in my power base.

Meditating on a Mountain Top

Well, it doesn’t have to be a mountaintop. But meditation brings in the mystic and spiritual quality of healing. Healing is, after all, a power that is generated from the spirit and is not really of the material realm. Yes, healing has physical manifestations of feeling lighter, happier and healthier overall. But ultimately, healing is mystical in nature and comes from a force that both animates and destroys the universe; so you know it is a powerful energy! During the healing process when I work with clients and they have opened up a tender place, a wound, a traumatic memory. After all the hard emotions have spilled out and false beliefs have been aired, I ask them to bring in the noble self. This noble self is our highest nature, whatever this Divine Force is that animates the universe. It is the highest reflection of this Divine Force’s creation within us.

Recognizing and accessing this noble self within is essential in the healing process – how else do we know who we are becoming? More importantly, as we begin to recognize our own nobility, we begin to see the nobility in others. It becomes the eyes in which we see the world!

There are, I’m sure, many ways to access and recognize this noble soul and meditation is one of those ways. Meditation has often been hijacked by the West to mean sitting in lotus position with eyes closed in a temple or in some hilltop in Malibu. Meditation can be a walking prayer, a hum when you work, a way of seeing the world through spiritual eyes, a conscious effort to stay in gratitude, a willingness to recognize the sacred act of opening up places within us that scare us.

Meditation can be the consciousness of the energy that binds us to those we love and to those we don’t yet know we love. It is the recognition that there is a Divine Source that participates in all of life’s movements and is present in every effort to create more love, bring in more light and ultimately, is the balm of healing. When we bring these three essential practices into our healing work, we begin to walk with more wholeness and see the world in a wider embrace of love, which we actively participate in.

So when healing brings in pain, I go to the gym, make a sandwich and meditate. It is, after all, a lot of work to participate in the recreation of oneself!

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The New York Mirror


row-boat.jpgTheir foreign accents are audible every so often over the sound of their paddles slapping the water.  The tourists float back and forth in the rentable boats on one of the lakes in Central Park.  The water is shimmering today like a vibrating fractured mirror in the sunlight that has graced New York City.  I am listening to one of my ambient trance songs.  The thing I love the most about ambient electronic music is that it narrates life.  It seems to slow the movement of the life around you so it feels like everything you are seeing in the world is part of a poetic movie.  The flags seem to wave and people seem to walk and wind seems to blow through the blossoms in the trees in perfect harmony with the beat.  You can feel the divine orchestration.  It is as if you are looking at a moment in time but as if sentimentally in the universe’s own scrap book. 

The city has been inundated with conflict on this trip.  Everywhere I turned there was an argument going on between people…  Even a great many arguments being waged between various homeless people and the thin air.  The pressure in people is building.  The capacity to cover over pain with addictions is waning.  Suppression is no longer serving as a band-aid for the human race.  On one side this makes the world much more ripe for change.  On the other, it makes the world more volatile and unpredictable. 

0e45a81b9d852d819f2211797e1c41ae.jpgI have this poetic picture in my head from this trip that will forever represent New York for me.  I am on the sidewalk, which is blackened from foot traffic.  The street that it parallels is straight and it continues further than the eye can see.  It is held in place by buildings so tall on both sides that the sky is a thin strip overhead.  The street is littered with yellow taxi cabs aggressively trying to weave past every other car on the street.  High up on a high rise building, an American flag folds itself and opens itself as if in slow motion, a reminder of the ideals this country sprang from.  A perfect symbol of the proud capitalism so inherent to the American energy.  It now waves against a billboard featuring an extra terrestrial looking high fashion model…  An advertisement for a designer brand which hangs high above an endless array of high fashion designer shops.  People walk fast like ants in an ant farm on the sidewalk, crossing the streets even when the crossing signs are on red.  For the most part they seem dressed to give an impression of status.  Most of them are talking on cell phones as they walk.  Instead of looking ahead, they keep their eyes on the ground just in front of them.  New Yorkers always seem like they have something more important to do and somewhere more important to be.  On the left had side of the street, a single tree that is covered in white blossoms is enjoying the sunlight.  It is a pearl in a concrete metropolis.  No one seems to notice it.  It is out of place.  It is like its own little reality.  But it brings innocence to this place that has all but lost it.  On the right hand side of the street, an overweight man who is succumb to mental illness is walking in erratic patterns aggressively.  He goes one direction and then turns to go the opposite direction.  If anyone passes him, he stops to yell at them as if they had offended him in some way.  When they ignore him, he stops to bring his hands up to the sky and then down to the ground three times.  He repeats this routine like a fixed action pattern and does not tire of it.  He too, is in his own reality.  The smell of pizza and designer perfumes mixes to pleasantly assault the senses and all I can think is, this is so New York.

Today is the last day of my East Coast Tour.  Two days ago was the last day of the mirror event that I held here.  The venue that we had for the event was my favorite venue I’ve spoken in yet.  It was a Universalist church; an absolutely gorgeous old church that looked like something airlifted here straight out of Europe.  A giant window was placed just above the stage lights making it so that sitting on the stage was like being bathed in celestial light.

exquisite.jpgMy Team and I had designed an event called the 5th Element Workshop.  We debuted the event in Munich last year.  But to be honest, the entire event felt off to me.  After toying with the event in every way I could and after trying to work through the blocks I had towards it, I ended up just calling the team together and doing an entire display process about it.  What came out of that group process is that the event was not MY event.  It did not reflect who I am as a teacher and what I am designed to do here on the planet.  The team fear that was behind the creation of the 5th element was that no one is going to want to attend a workshop based on shadow work because what people want to do is pay for something in order to feel good.  Awareness often feels the opposite of good.  But we decided to be brave and simply design a workshop that is a true reflection of who I am as a being.  I told the team that we have to stop trying to sell me as something that I’m not and never will be.  This is why events like “The Curveball” instead of something like “Manifest The Life of Your Dreams” are where my energy flourishes.  So we sat back down at the drawing table and we designed an event to be in perfect alignment with who I am as a being in terms of my universal purpose in this world.

I am a universal reflector.  As such, I am like a mirror of the universe within the mirror hologram that is our earth. This allows me to use myself as a mirror to show people what they do not yet see about themselves and what they do not yet see about the world they live in.  I am intended to use this design of mine to other people’s advantage. 

The world you live in is designed like a mirror hologram.  So, we designed a workshop where I will be teaching people how to use this mirror hologram to their highest advantage.  I will be teaching them how to use it to see the aspects of themselves and this universe that are hidden from their conscious mind; patterns that are keeping them stuck in discomfort and not allowing them to reach their potential.  I want people to learn how to use it to completely see themselves and to completely see the world they live in.  With this awareness and this level of awakening, people can learn to make life exactly what they want it to be. 

I wanted to have a workshop that is not ‘Spiritual Novocain’…  The opposite of spiritual bypassing.  So many of the self-help and spiritual workshops held around the world do not provide true healing.  Instead they provide a temporary high and temporary relief from the pain that people are in.  But then one day later or one week later, people are back to doing the exact same thing and living the exact same life.  I wanted a workshop where people could get the support that they need to go to the places within them that scare them, which is how lasting change can occur. 

After toying with the name for such a workshop, we decided to name it directly.  We named it as a tribute to both myself as a being and to directly convey what I wanted this workshop to be about.  We named it “The Mirror”.  This weekend’s event was our first Mirror Event.  And even though I am going to play with the structure of the event and all kinds of details to make it feel even more like an artistic expression of mine, it felt right.  It felt like a perfect fit.  I will be touring with this event around the world.         

8b0987c4a577b10006369b3aea76d32c.jpgThe overwhelming theme of this tour was futility in relationships.  Instead of the usual problem people have of not having the right tool to make a relationship work, the problem so many people seem to be facing is how to live with the fact that some relationships are not meant to work in the way that they are trying to make it work.  It is the moment that you realize that the incompatibility with a partner will make it impossible to create togetherness that doesn’t kill happiness in one of you or even both.  It is the moment that you realize your dad who left when you were small will never show up and be a father.  At these moments, we are frozen.  We are frozen because we cannot force two magnets that are faced the wrong way together.  We also cannot usurp their free will and flip them.  Because we can’t, it has massive implication.  It means we are facing loss.  It means we are facing the vacuum left behind by not being able to make something we want to happen, actually happen.  It means we are facing heartbreak and the multi layered process that heartbreak entails.

Heartbreak calls for a different life.  When you face futility, when something truly breaks, you cannot put it back together.  All you can do is begin completely new and from scratch.  You could say that heartbreak is that horrible dove’s cry sent as a message from the universe saying leave it there.  Stop trying.  “Intentionally change your life so it feels new.”  Change the road you take to work.  Eat different food.  Do something you’ve never done.  Move to that city.  Visit that county.  See those people.  You have to figure out all over again exactly what you want.  Nothing is worse than heartbreak.  When you are in it, what you cannot realize is that heartbreak is really the flip side of love.  Like all contrast, it is what calls you ever closer to love… Closer to the places where you can really find it.

Futility of relationships is not a stranger to my life.  I know it all too well.  I know the way the emotion of it breaks your bones.  I know the way it makes the minutes that pass feel like acid eating at the heart.  I know the way it makes eating and drinking and sleeping impossible.  I know the pain with no light at the end of the tunnel.  I know the desperation to find a way to put together what has broken or what never manifested in the first place; but to not ever find ‘the way’.  When I was feeling like that once, I wrote a blog.  And in that blog I said “I just want someone to love me so much that they would rather move the statue of liberty to my front yard than to lose me”.  Ironically, I can see the statue of liberty today.  And I can’t help but feel the poetry of it…  Her torch held high as a reminder to believe in the light at the end of the tunnel…  A reminder that the flip side of heartbreak, is love and that heartbreak is bringing you ever closer to it.   



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The Kookaburra


beautiful-gum-tree-in.jpgThe paper soft bark climbs in light tan colored camouflage patterns to the blue above.  The sky is tickled by the feather like leaves of the tree canopies.  Every so often, a wild flash of white sporadically passes from one canopy to the next; one of the wild yellow crested cockatoo that call these trees home.  There are black birds that never fail to make me laugh.  They sit on branches just overhead and emit a call that sounds nothing like a bird call but instead like a really fat cat that is complaining about an empty food dish.  I have nicknamed them Garfield birds after the cartoon character as a result.  The soil is moist underfoot.  I walk in the ancestral magic of this foreign land not as a trespasser, but as a guest.  Despite the welcome, I am not of the land enough to feel relaxed.  Every so often my presence startles one of the nearby wallabies and sends them hopping away.  The time gap between hops and the heaviness of them on the hollow of the ground sounds much more ominous than a sound that one would expect to originate from the adorable creatures that create it.  To someone like me, who belongs to the Rockies of the Western United States, the sound triggers trepidation.  We do not have any creatures that hop like that in the land that I am from, so instead it sounds like enormous single footsteps through the bush.  The only creature that kind of ‘footstep’ could originate from is a Big Foot or some other creature that we all secretly believe exists and fear encountering.   

 There is a grating intensity to Australia.  The land and the people share it.  There is nothing soft about it.  It hits me the second I land here.  It is the kind of energy you would expect to belong to a renegade, no rules kind of environment.   Alas, Australia is constricted by rules and regulations.  It feels more German in that people are preoccupied with keeping each other under control in terms of right and wrong, allowed and disallowed.  In general as a people, Australians are not conflict averse in the slightest.  It is difficult to stay out of trouble when you come from another place and are not up to speed on what the rules and regulations actually are… No one fears to angrily inform you on what they are.  In general, softness is the practice that the people of Australia need to implement the most.  

 4872330-3x2-340x227.jpgIronically my trip here this time started on that note.  It turns out that we didn’t procure the correct type of visa for this trip.  I’ve become big enough that like any celebrity, I will be made an example of if anything is not exactly as it should be.  As a result, I had the worst experience of my international career upon arrival.  After a 15 hour flight, I was separated from the rest of the team and I was taken to a white jail like room with a window looking out at a collection of officers all debating what to do with me and making phone calls and reviewing security tapes.  For hours, I was interrogated, cross-examined, threatened and then shamed for not knowing better in my position as a ‘leader of something that is so much bigger than myself’.  I ended up in tears.  I came so close to not being let into the country, sent back to the US and being banned for years from re-entering, it is actually mind blowing that someone made the final call to let me in.  It is so strange to experience the contrast that comes with fame.  On the one hand some people and some places give you special treatment and special welcome.  On the other hand, some people and places oppose you as if you are a monster.  Being treated like a criminal for hours upon arrival was a bad way to start the trip.  It was a genuinely traumatizing experience, not just for me but for the members of the team who traveled with me.  It was one of those defining moments where you have no option but to move up to a different level.  I can no longer travel to any part of the world without involvement from immigrations agents and special invitations.  I so hate this aspect of the society we have created.  After that experience, I completely get the fear that the Mexican immigrants in the United States live with every day.  It is a fear that no one should ever have to live with.  

hipsters.pngOur trip began in Melbourne with a synchronization workshop.  The Dominant negative vibration of Melbourne is: “I don’t fit in”.  The people of Melbourne share this feeling that they don’t fit in anywhere.  There is a resignation to the idea that ‘no one will ever really get me’.  When a person can’t fit in no matter what they do, they have no other option but to build an identity around their difference.  They become identified with what makes them different and embrace their ‘specialness’ in an almost condescending way.  But that is a coping mechanism to hide the pain of feeling like a unicorn in a world of horses.  Everyone really wants to belong.  Everyone wants to be understood.  

This vibration is the most interesting to watch in the overflowing hipster community in Melbourne.  From the outside, because the hipster community is so very large in Melbourne, it would seem that to be a hipster is to fit in there.  But people who are considered to be hipster, usually become hipster because they don’t fit in and are so different.  So it does not seem to matter that they have created a society in which they do fit in.  They seem to be the same and they seem to belong if you are looking upon them from the outside.  But on the inside, even when they prefer the same things, they don’t feel they fit in with each other.  It is a city full of ‘solo artists’ in life.

download (1).jpegThe dominant positive vibration of Melbourne is: Alternative.  Like so many cities, the dominant positive vibration of a place comes from the dominant negative vibration of the place.  The fact that no one feels they really fit in makes them less bound by tradition and less bound by social norm.  The people of the city have the energy of looking for other options.  Even when they follow rules and regulations they seem to find every loophole or way to conform to the rules but get away with what they want to get away with.  This is super healthy because it is a direct form of expansion.  The energy of alternative is the energy of forward movement even when energy meets with a roadblock.  

pittwater.jpgOther than surveying the city for an energy diagnosis, we could not do much sight seeing in Melbourne because the tour schedule was so tight.  We left the day after the workshop for Sydney.  The day we flew to Sydney was one of the best days I’ve had in years.  The flight from Melbourne to Sydney was exquisite.  The ocean was striking turquoise.  The clouds looked painted.  We drove an hour outside of Sydney, laughing almost the whole way, to an area of Pittwater Bay that is only accessible by boat.  We could not believe how beautiful this place was.  I made the team try Pavlova (my favorite dessert in the world, which is the national dessert of both new Zealand and Australia).  We took water taxis with all of our groceries, luggage and equipment into the bay to the ocean front youth hostel we rented for the Completion Process training.  The place was so beautiful that it was actually painful.  A wild paradise.  The entire community of Pittwater Bay was like its own world.  That night, we played jazz music and I cooked for the team.  We burnt a wood fire and cuddled on the couch to watch an episode of my favorite TV show right now, Chef’s Table. 

pittater.jpgThe training was awesome.  I loved it.  Between the magic of the place and the magic of the work of the Completion Process itself it just felt epic.  And the relationships developed there were super deep.  I love these trainings so much because the connection we all form with one another is similar to one you would form with a group of people you were stranded with on an island.  It creates a deep familiarity and a camaraderie that is only understood by other people who were there too.  I postponed leaving Pittwater Bay for as long as I possibly could before coming to downtown Sydney to visit my Australian Publisher and hosting the 3 day Mirror event.  

The place we stayed at in Sydney was like Fort Knox, the kind of apartment complex where if you didn’t have the key, you couldn’t get in the front door and then you couldn’t get up the elevator (which also required the key to match the specific floor the apartment was on) and then you couldn’t get into the apartment itself.  Dominant energies in cities don’t usually change.  Sydney is no exception.  Abrasion is still the dominant negative vibration of the city.  And Gregariousness is still the dominant positive vibration of the city.  I wrote a more in depth synopsis of this energy diagnosis of Sydney in the blog I wrote last time I was here.

download (2).jpegWe went to my favorite musical, The Book Of Mormon, one night for entertainment sake.  I saw it in London as well.  Just like the first time I saw it, I was the loudest person in the audience.  I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe.  When you grew up in the Mormon culture, the musical is leagues better than it is for the average viewer.  And it is already hysterical.  I also took a Sydney harbor cruise to see the sites with all the other Asian tourists and hear some history of the place.  Other than that, it was down to business.
The Mirror event was really good.  The attendees seemed to love it and on the last day I closed out the workshop with so much energy I was bouncing off the walls.  We have removed the meet and greet from my events for a long time now because my security team is the one who gets to decide in each city if it can be done based on the level of security threat.  This was the first event in a long time where they decided it was a go ahead.  So I got to hug and take pictures with the attendees again.  It was so needed.

33814014_1701546893228542_6603432923913781248_o.jpgWhen I touch someone, I get an even more intense download of energy and information from them.  To have the people standing in front of me who are suffering or who have suffered and for whom I have been a beacon of light in their darkest times awakens a part of my soul.  When I hold them in my arms, I can feel their need for me to exist as a guide, as someone who sees them and as a promise that something better exists. I can convey that thing they need from me with touch and by looking into their eyes.  I was one of them.  I am one of them.  And as such, I feel like I represent them in the world at large as a leader who is leading the movement into a better life and all the things we all so desperately need, especially emotionally.  It fills me full of a sense of mission that makes all opposition seem weak in comparison.  It is a mission worth dying for.  There is no life for me outside of this.  All else offers emptiness in comparison.
   I am ready to go home.  This trip has reminded me that I am living the exact life I want to live in terms of purpose.  It has strengthened my purpose.  It has allowed me to connect with even more incredible people than I already know.  It has allowed me to have contact with people whom I am connected to through my work, that I would never meet if I did not come to their area of the globe.  It has allowed me to touch the unique magic of the Australian bush.  In perfect irony, as I end this visit, a kookaburra is actually literally sitting in a gum tree, just like is described in the famous Australian ditty.  His fat, downy body and his large kingfisher shaped head is dappled by soft light.  He seems genuinely calm and happy, as if he has no concerns in the world.  It is one of the most stereotypical Australian sights you can see.  When the kookaburra sings, it sounds like laughter.  Between its chill demeanor and the way it seems to laugh through the world, all I can think is I hope that people one day, whether they are Australian or not, will learn to travel through the world like a kookaburra.   



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5 Gemstones To Help You Through The Day


Gemstones have always fascinated me. I’ve always felt drawn to the energy of particular stones at specific moments in my life and they have often been a source of comfort and inspiration. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but I’ve found that carrying gemstones in my pocket helps to bring some order to the chaos. Here are just five which seldom leave my side.

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Citrine: Shining Light when things Look Dark

I rarely leave my house without a citrine crystal bracelet on my left wrist. Often associated with warmth, citrine is also a source of clarity and creativity – handy for a writer and poet – as well as giving great comfort. Citrine lets you establish goals and, importantly, gives you the sense of clarity to reach those goals. And with its vibrant color, it can help you show you the way forward if you feel lost during the day. As a naturally effective cleansing stone, citrine also allows you to clear negative energy from the other stones you might have with you, ensuring that they are always working at their optimum potential.

Tiger’s Eye: Showing the Way Forward with Confidence

On my other wrist, I always have a tiger’s eye bracelet. Combined with the citrine bracelet opposite, tiger’s eye has always helped me when I’ve found my confidence slipping away – more often than I care to admit! As someone who lives with anxiety, tiger’s eye has time and again, helped me ground myself in the present when my mind is starting to race. In fact, the day I purchased the bracelet I have now was particularly challenging but I definitely felt a lot calmer once it was safely on my wrist. Tiger’s eye is also great for focus and willpower. So if you have an important meeting or a deadline looming, I’d recommend keeping this stone close by to help you stay on the path to success.

Amethyst: Keeping You Safe and Inspired

Modern life is stressful, there’s no doubt about that. With its beautiful purple hue and ability to calm negative thoughts, it’s easy to see why amethyst is such a popular gemstone worldwide. Being linked to the crown chakra, amethyst helps clear your mind of stress brought on by the demands of work. It also allows your intuition to flow freely, giving you the clarity and confidence to make potentially challenging decisions. I’ve also found amethyst to be a source of inspiration, keeping away doubt and bringing forward enthusiasm.

Lapis lazuli: Opening the Door to Creativity and Tranquility

With its deep blue color, lapis lazuli often conjures up thoughts of the ocean or water. Naturally, feelings of peace and relaxation come with that image; perfect for when you just need to calm your mind for a few minutes. Lapis lazuli also helps me personally rediscover my creative spark when it’s not exactly at its strongest. It lets the words flow like a river and articulate powerful emotions, while also offering guidance of a spiritual nature. Even if you don’t see yourself as a ‘creative’ person as such, lapis lazuli can still help you slow down during the rapid stream of pressures that modern living can bring.

Bloodstone: Repairing and Recovering from Major Events

Life isn’t always a smooth ride. Sometimes, events simply get on top of us and we need some recovery time. Bloodstone can be a comforting and powerful source of support for these periods. While it might not be the brightest gemstone out there, bloodstone has the ability to help you feel secure and confident in the face of change or emotional upheaval. And it can be especially helpful for the moments when life is too much to handle. Similarly, when you just need a bit of encouragement or motivation, reach out for the bloodstone and focus on the task at hand. You might just surprise yourself!

Choosing Your Own Gemstones for Daily Life

Everyone is different and so the gemstones you choose will be unique to the areas in your life that you need the most support with. Next time you pass your local spiritual shop, take some time around the gemstones and see which one(s), if any, call out to you. Let them guide you through the stresses of living in a turbulent world.

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9940636.jpgLike so much of the Western United States, Seattle is shrouded in white-gray wildfire smoke. The sunlight penetrates it like splinters.  It does not feel like the same shimmering city by the sea.  I visited one of my favorite restaurants in the world, which happens to be here, called Mai Thaiku.  It is a little Thai restaurant in what feels like a residential neighborhood.  A good friend dragged me there years ago.  He told me that the food there is so good that you actually can’t hold a conversation while eating it.  When I first tasted the food, I could not believe it.

mai pad.jpg

If food is a certain level of excellence, it makes me shed tears. True to form, my eyes started welling up with tears. The flavors are so all consuming and pleasurable that they suck you inside yourself. They paralyze you. You feel the food in all of your senses like you have come alive but at the same time; you cannot interact with the world. It never matters who I take to Mai Thaiku, they always have the same experience. Once the food gets to the table, as if everyone has taken a shamanic medicine instead of eaten food, a silence falls over everyone. As everyone eats, they close their eyes in ecstasy and breathe in as if trying to inhale the food at the same time as taste it.  If I learned that I was only going to live for a month, one of the things I would do is fly to Seattle to eat my two favorite dishes at the restaurant, Authentic Pad Thai and Red Coconut Curry.

37113-City-Sightseeing-Worldwide-01_preview.jpgI took a Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour around the city in order to get an energetic look at the people.  I usually love those kinds of tours because they usually consist of an overload of historical information and city facts that I love.  But the bus tours are no longer like that.  They are literally nothing more than an advertisement opportunity for local companies.  The drivers now shamelessly sell restaurant after restaurant, shop after shop and tourist attraction after tourist attraction as if directly reading a marketing blurb submitted for Television.  As a business owner myself, it makes perfect sense.  A part of me is thinking, “Well that was a genius idea”.  As a customer, part of me is thinking, “Did I just get on a city tour bus or sign up for an infomercial tour?  If you want to spend a day being driven from tourist site to tourist site and getting on and off at will, it is a great idea.  What it did allow me to do is to survey the city both on a physical and non physical level.

Several unusual things were taking place in Seattle this past weekend, including a huge hemp festival and to the opposite side of the social spectrum, a pro gun rally.  I was unfortunate enough to end up being stopped right in the middle of it…  Essentially a furious collection of the kind of ultra right wing Americans who scare the crap out of other Americans.  For someone who tends to swing more towards the left of American society, it was truly a strange feeling.  For a second you are feeling curious about what the buzz is all about and then after the shock of reading two or three posters settles in, you get that sinking feeling that you have just wandered into the wrong side of town.  It is what I would imagine it feels like to be an albino animal that suddenly realized it walked straight out onto the savanna.  I could feel my body freeze, hoping that at that moment (in the middle of an angry mob) I wouldn’t be recognized as someone from the ‘enemy camp’.

protestsign21.jpgThe dominant positive and negative vibrations of a city do not usually change.  They tend to be incredibly fixed patterns inherent in the people and the place itself.  The dominant positive vibration of the Seattle is still the same (discernment).  But the dominant negative vibration of Seattle (annoyed) is being overtaken by another frequency.  And not for the better I fear.  The exasperation and irritation that is so inherent to the collective is sinking into a shade of futility.  If a person is irritated, it means that they have expectations that are not being met.  The irritation is like a last stand for what someone wants to have happen.  But if that irritation leads to nothing more than just revved engines against a brick wall, at a certain point people give up.  But they give up with a real resentment for the way things are.  Since I was here last, it is a real feeling amongst the people of Seattle that what each individual is wanting is just never going to happen.  This feeling is like the first cobblestone on a road towards depression.  I am wondering if this trend is not just isolated specifically to Seattle, but might be an energetic epidemic that is rippling out across the human collective.  There is a real resentment developing for the way things are.

As the frequency of this universe is increasing and consciousness itself is expanding, what is occurring is an energetic cross roads between all opposites.  Darkness and light, conscious and unconscious, love and fear for example.  It is no longer an option at this crossroads to continue on in an un-integrated state.  It is no longer possible to bulldoze our own fear.  It is no longer an option to operate despite our unconsciousness.  This means that the polarization within us will stop us dead in our tracks.  We must face it directly and resolve the ‘split’ within us in order to be able to move forward at all.  For this reason, so many people are feeling more ‘prevented’ and ‘opposed’ than ever.  And because this universe is operated according to the law of mirroring, this internal resistance will reflect in the outside world.  Meaning we will meet with serious opposition outside as well and not be aware that it is a reflection of the internal opposition that exists.  Needless to say, if a person has no awareness of what is happening with this crossroads within the universe, it simply feels like one is stuck and as if forward movement (so as to create what you want) is impossible.  This feels really, really unfair.  It creates a sense of futility and disillusionment with life itself. 

the-sheaf-pleiadian-lightwork-model-teal-eye-print-store.jpgWhen we are trying to get what we want or when we are trying to heal, any force that opposes our healing or opposes us getting what we want is going to cause us incredible amounts of pain.  What we do when we feel this opposition either internally or externally is that we try to push through it.  We ignore it.  We do not deal with the resistance directly.  Because of this, we actually enhance the resistance because we are in fact resisting our resistance.  We are also wasting lots of energy this way and getting nowhere.  Just like a bad game of tug of war or when two people paddle in two different directions, we end up stuck or spinning in circles or having to put forth so much effort to try to get where we want to go or get what we want that we eventually give up.  If I had one message for the people of Seattle and more than that, one message for the human collective at this time it is: The time has come to directly face and resolve resistance; the internal opposition within you. 

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