10 Things To Do To Cleanse Your Root Chakra

by Conscious Reminder

The world in the 21st century has become so increasingly tiring, that it is not uncommon for someone to feel like they have been crushed under the weight of a thousand bricks. This leads to anxiety, stress and other bodily illnesses, which harms the general growth of the individual.

It is very important that one realizes that it all leads to one’s chakras, and the need to cleanse them and keep them healthy. Only then, will the body be able to combat the anxieties that it has been put through. It isn’t an easy thing to do, but it is a fool-proof way.

What Are Chakras

Chakras are what constitute the energy body.  They are nothing but portals that connect our energy to the universe and signify our presence in the spiritual world. Chakras are associated with different bodily parts, and glands, and are based along the base of the spine, to the top of the head. They have a major role to play in one’s spiritual development and feature heavily in one’s connection to the universe.

What Is A Root Chakra

“The  ache  for  home  lives  in  all  of  us,  the  safe  place  where  we   can  go  as  we  are  and  not  be  questioned.”-  Maya Angelou

Also known as the Muladhara, the root chakra is located at the base of the spine, which is based on “survival”. It takes on itself the responsibility of maintaining the physical self by preserving it, and protecting it against all dangers. Its the main task is surviving, and that can only be possible, if one realizes the connection our body has with the earth, and the sense of security, and safety we derive from our grounding. It is related to the earth, and its colour is red.

Why Is There A Need For A Root Chakra Cleansing

One hardly ever knows, when their root chakra is imbalanced and in a bit of a bother. But, there is a way to differentiate between someone having an imbalanced chakra, and someone with a safe, and secure one.

A person with a safe and secure root chakra would be, in the deepest sense of the word “content”. It means, that they have everything under control. They are well-established and grounded under the notion that all is actually well, and they don’t have to go out of their way to worry about everything else that happens in their life. It signifies a bond of confidence in their abilities, to spend their life in a way they want to.

A person with a chakra imbalance would not be able to stop worrying about every single aspect of their life. Be it professional, personal, or spiritual. They need to constantly keep thinking about what would happen, or what could happen, and that leads them to a loss of security, and safety, for they are so anxious about everything, they have no clue, where salvation truly is.

Their chakras are completely blocked, and at times, it is associated with physical illnesses, and a weak constitution. This would be harmful to the individual, for the spiritual affects the physical, and if the spiritual isn’t well taken care of, the physical is inevitably damaged. This can also get polarly opposite, and a block in the first chakra might lead to an individual being a slave to habit, giving in to the monotony of life.

Here are some ways to clear one’s chakra

1. Take deep breaths

2. Take a walk through nature, without any shoes, or flip-flops. Enjoy nature as it feels beneath your skin.

3. Take recourse to dance.

4. Don’t eat junk food, and substitute it with healthy and clean eating. Eat vegetables and other products that not only satisfy your craving but also make you healthy.

5. Encourage your green thumb.

6. Create a system of cataloguing, where everything falls under a definite sector, and nothing goes unaccounted for. This would prevent last minute frantic searches for something that you kept somewhere else.

7. Wear red. Not garish, or dirty, but a nice shade of red.

8. “Repeat affirmations such as: “I am safe.” “I have a right to be here.” “I have a right to be me.” ” The universe is a good place.”  “Life is good.”  “Everything is going to work out just fine.”  “I belong.”  “I have all that I need.”  “The universe provides for me abundantly.” “All is well and I can let down my guard and rest.” ” I am.” (Nancy Hausauer)

9. Make sure that none of your belongings is out of place. If they are disorganized and distributed throughout the city, track them down, and bring them over to your place.

10. Smell matters. A healthy mind needs nice, pleasing fragrances that are not man-made, but natural. Surround yourself with such grassy smells, that would enhance your mood.

There should be a viable intention for you to work on your root chakra healing. This would make sure that you know what you want, and how you want it. That is the need of the day.

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WTF is a Chakra?! – It’s Her Journey

WTF is a Chakra?!

Chakras. Energy. Universal Life Force. WTF?

Here’s your simple guide to chakras and how understanding these golden nuggets can help you heal your life. Trust me, it will change everything.

Before we even touch on the chakras we need to get a basic understanding of Energy. Remember Grade 10 Science? Nah, me either. Well basically it tells us that the entire universe is energy. The chair you’re sitting on, the tree outside your window, the clip in your hair, the clouds, that annoying dog that keeps barking… And You.

Energy = life force = universal matter = prana (that’s yoga speak). Gazillions of neurons bouncing off each other. It’s teeny weeny and it’s everywhere. There is absolutely no escaping it.

Humans are made up of this universal life force and chakras are the energy centres (some say spiritual power centres) inside of us. Basically they regulate our energy. Picture little wheels (which is actually the Sanskrit translation of “chakra”) in different areas of your body. They spin and spin and distribute the energy. There are 100+ chakras in our bodies, but we are simple humans so we focus mainly on 7. We start at the base of our spine and work the way up to the top of our heads.

So the wheels turn in each of these 7 areas and distribute the energy throughout our bodies. Sometimes these wheels (the chakras) get blocked, spin too quickly or too slowly, or shut down completely. These have spiritual, emotional and physical impacts on us. When our chakras are balanced and the energy is free to move throughout our bodies we live a healthy and harmonious life. Rainbows and butterflies basically.

Don’t get too excited, no one can live on cloud 9 for long. Every day, several times a day, 1 or 7 of our chakras will become off balance. We carry too much crap for it to be any other way. The important thing is that we pay attention.

How Can Understanding Chakras Help Us Heal?

Anytime that we have a better understanding of what’s going on inside our bodies we have a greater chance of healing. Take a moment right now and focus your attention to your body. Close your eyes and feel the energy coursing through you. In which areas does the energy feel heavier? Blocked? Flowing freely? If the energy feels tight between your rib cage then you likely have some work to do with your Solar Plexus Chakra. Think about what’s been going on in your life. Is there something threatening your sense of belonging? Your personal identity? Have you been feeling less confident lately? Are you having issues digesting your meals?

Once you can understand chakras in general and then each chakra separately you can figure out exactly what needs to be addressed to bring yourself back to alignment and ultimately work towards healing. Working with your chakras can also be a preventative measure to avoid illness.

If you are curious, and just too darn lazy to try to figure it out yourself, have a practitioner do a Chakra Assessment and Balancing Technique for you.

I really enjoy getting a Reiki session, or doing it on myself to figure out where I’m off balance. When I first started understanding the chakras, I couldn’t get out of the house fast enough to join a course. I learned a Chakra Assessment and Balancing Technique and took Level 1 and 2 Reiki within one month. My body detoxed rather quickly and cleared old blockages so that the energy could move more freely.

But the real work is in addressing the core issues that are troubling us and throwing our chakras out of whack all the time. No matter how much we detox, if those core issues are still present we will always be dealing with stuck energy.

In my next few blogs ill go chakra by chakra and discuss what these issues are (spiritually, emotionally and physically) and how we can help to bring them back in to balance ✌️❤️

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