The Various Species Of Energy Blockages In The Human Soul

1. Negative Karmic Mass and Energy Blockages
2. Blockage Protection
3. The Blockage Living Core
4. The Blockage Power Source which comes from outside.
5. The Blockage Programming
6. The Matrix Lie


Negative Karmic Mass is pure spiritual energy which has become TRAUMATISED by what we believe to be, “anything which should not be” When something should not be, it is because it is against the will of God. When we do something which is against the will of God then we feel Shame which usually creates Guilt.
Negative Karmic Mass is created by Traumatic happenings which we know should not be. So, Trauma and Stress on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels create Negative Karmic Mass.

Physical Trauma comes from accidents or deliberate torture.
Emotional Trauma comes from bad actions by people we trust or through fear of those bad actions.

Mental Trauma is like a joke whose purpose is to release this NKM in laughter or tears. Mental Trauma is where usually there is a disconnect, a paradox, two mutually cancelling statements like, “I Love You” and “I Love You Not”, the traditional statements whilst pulling the petals from daisies. A Koan like, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” or, “What was your face before you were born?” are similar and work in the same way.

The mind cannot compute these seemingly opposite statements which can only be understood in terms of wisdom and intuition, seeing the problem from a higher level with more information.

Mental trauma comes from the contemplation of “That which should not be” – in this case – through not understanding the test through a lack of wisdom, understanding, intuition and thus creating a problem, trauma, Negative karmic mass in the mind. The Negative Karmic Mass walls off the problem into a blockage sub – personality or “Inner child” and prevents its resolution or evolution by the higher parts of the mind, the chakras above the head, the parts of your super- computer which, “Know”

Negative Karmic Mass can only be created by moral people who know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, that which is better and that which is worse. That morality is created by a relative lack of blockages above the head allowing a clear connection to the higher chakras of the Soul and the Monad etc. As the blows of life rain down, so blockages are created which tend to reduce morality and in the creation of Negative Karmic Mass we lose the ability to change and evolve.

We can use Negative Karmic Mass as a power source independent of the energy of God. As we burn the NKM in the Center of the Earth by using the Ancient Taoist and Alchemical Formula in Latin, VITRIOL – VISITA INTERIORE TERRAE RECTIFICANDOINVENIES OCCULTEM LAPIDEM – Visit the Center of the earth, there you will find the hidden stone, the Philosophers Stone which Transmutes Base metal (Blockages) into pure Spiritual Gold.

We teach this process in Energy Enhancement Initiation Three, The Grounding of Negative Energy, in order to remove some energy blockages which are not powerful or have heavy protections. We use the Energy Enhancement Level 2 Seven Step Process to further enter Blockage protections, cut them off from their power source and put, resurrect, the living core in its proper place in the chakras above the head.

NKM is also used by Bad people who have many blockages above the head and in the Heart, which is the definition of a psychopath, and who are thus cut off from the energy of God and who have no empathy for others. These types of people can go on training courses to learn how to create and use NKM, how to create and program blockages etc.

These bad types of people like to create this Negative Karmic Mass in all people so they can take it and use it to power their beings independent of the energy of God. They can do this on an individual basis by all types of Trauma or on a countrywide basis by creating fear. They also like to create it so that they can use it to create Blockage Implants which they place in people to create and leach off Negative Karmic Mass and spiritual energy from their chakras from other people for these purposes of independent power.

“As above so below” says Hermes Trismegistus – if the energy of God is like sunlight which is infinite and free, the sun constantly showering energy on this planet, then NKM is like petroleum oil which needs to be thoroughly burnt to create energy. Incomplete burning creates pollution. The use of NKM to make people independent from God is like the scientific and political discussion as to where humanity should get its energy from. From monopoly controlled oil or from infinite free sunlight?


Blockages like the core of an atom have protections which are like electrons moving at the speed of light around the blockage core in up to an infinity of orbits called shells. In order to ground the Negative karmic mass in the core we need to penetrate this protection. Energy Enhancement has developed techniques to penetrate through to any core or any number of cores simultaneously in Multi-Cored Blockages thus releasing the blockage.


The human matrix exists as chakras which step down the energies of the source in discrete levels and functions, all parts of the multi – processor human super – computer model. Human beings and their chakras are composed of other species of existence called angels. These angels come in all levels of evolution from the parts of chakras to the Archangel who supervises the existence of planets and suns. Like cells who make up the organs of the human body and the human body itself, angels make up the parts of the human super-computer and in matrices make up higher and more highly evolved parts of existence.

Everything is created from communities and matrices of angels. As evolution proceeds, these communities become larger and more highly organised. Indeed, human beings are made up of angels and as we start to access more and more of our chakras above the head, so we develop in wisdom, grace and enlightenment.
When a human being dies, if he suffered a lot and does not know how to ground his negative karmic mass, then he will be heavy and may not have enough energy to go higher, to heaven, to the soul and thus his lower bodies may separate off and float around. This is an Entity. Everything needs a power source and usually they travel towards the greatest source of energy amongst their family and the people that they know. They parasitise their loved ones in order to exist either consciously or unconsciously like in a coma.

For example I had a little girl of four years brought to me by her grandfather. Her mother had died that year and since then she had been behaving strangely. So I felt something within her and asked silently, inside, “Who are you?” and the reply came back that this was her mother! So I said well, perhaps you should go to heaven because you have with you some negative energies and these were adversely affecting her little girl. “But my daughter needs me” – this came to me emphatically with a lot of emotion, so I mentioned that it was possible for her to go to heaven, get all of her pain taken away and then come back as her daughters guardian angel. “Can I do that?” and I said, “Yes!” so she went. And within five seconds she was back, all healed and ready to look after her daughter. Well, the little daughter was fine after that.

As long as the angel is connected to the source of all existence – God, there is harmony. When the angel at the heart of the blockage has become blocked off from this connection by the Negative Karmic mass and by the protection then it becomes separated and subject to other negative and evil programming. It becomes a cancer on the spiritual level and given time will become a cancer or other disease on the physical level.

When the protections have been breeched and all of the Negative Karmic Mass grounded and burnt up then the angel core of the blockage has been healed, resurrected and connected with the source again. It then becomes free to become part of your psychic body to increase your complexity, function and ability to handle energy. To help in your evolution.
Blockages and Tapas

This removal and healing of blockages is the Raja Yoga “Tapas” or austerity as it is normally translated enjoined by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as part of a spiritual persons evolution. Tapas refers to the heat involved in burning up negative karmic mass. Raja Yoga involves the enlightenment processes of yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana samdhi and samyama which we teach in energy enhancement. Tapas is a part of “the five things to do” – yama and also is connected to “the five things not to do” – niyama, making up the yogic ten commandments. It also refers to other disciplines like yoga, meditation and fasting as part of the blockage busting process.

Blockages and Gurdjieffs Conscious suffering

Gurdjieffian “Conscious suffering” which Gurdjieff said was the only way of evolution is the same process in which Gurdjieff precribed taking upon yourself as many blockages as possible and in that way you will complete your psychic body to the level of ascended master very quickly. Gurdjieff described a process in which you deliberately went out of your way to take on problems, making your life as difficult as possible, receiving as many “shocks” as possible in order to evolve quickly. This is the same as the energy enhancement process where we acknowledge the necessity of removing our own blockages as part of our own enlightenment process, but also acknowledge that our evolution also involves our interaction with humanity. As we evolve we also have the possibility of removing the blockages in others, thus helping their evolution and also evolving our own psychic body. Gurdjieff says as you help other people, so you help yourself.

Blockages and Alice Baileys Resurrection

Then we come to the concept of “resurrection” given out in the Alice Bailey teachings in, “The Rays and the Initiations” as something which can take us into the realm of becoming an Ascended Master of the fifth Initiation.
Chakras are functions created by teams of angels working together in a group. As we increase the number and evolution of the angels working there, so we can evolve the chakra function and handle more energy.

Resurrection is the healing of the angels at the core of blockages and then the process of moving them up the Antahkarana, resurrecting them into place as members of your higher chakras as part of your angel team there thus increasing the size, function and ability to handle energy of your psychic body.
Energy Enhancement uses scientifically proven and conscious techniques to speed up Tapas, the evolution of the “Conscious suffering” is made quick and easy as we learn how to automatically transmute energy blockages and negative energies in the people around us and Resurrection of blockages to add functionality to all your chakras to create an Ascended Masters of yourself is just part of the job.
Healing of blockages is one way to find angel partners in your evolution. There are all evolutionary levels of angels inside blockages. By incorporating the healed angels we become greater more complex and more evolved.
As Above, So Below. All levels are analogous, as we purify our spiritual bodies of blockages and become more complex and evolved, so the earth evolves in a similar way by purging all of its Negative Karmic Mass and stuck blockages.


Angels and Enlightened human beings should be totally powered by the source which is infinite. The infinite source steps down its energy through chakras until it reaches our crown chakra. If we are cut off from the source by energy blockages then in order to live, we must parasitise other forms of life on this planet for our food. See the Strategies of the Vampire – in Energy Enhancement

Level 3
Traumatic blows of existence create inner children which are powered by split off parts of the soul chakra. They are created in this lifetime and in all of our previous lifetimes and pass on from body to body, until they are healed and dissolved by Energy Enhancement Meditation techniques.
Inner children are sub – personalities which exist in droves inside the normal human mind. They are talents, self – programmed points of view or simple childish emotion limited by their trauma and fear created Negative Karmic Mass.
For example if we are beaten or raped then a very sad or angry inner child may be formed. The inner child might lock off the memory of this through amnesia to protect the rest of the mind.

You may have been bereaved or been dumped in this lifetime and certainly so in many other lifetimes and the pain of this always comes through the violent breaking of connections from your chakras to the chakras of your family or marriage partners. Inner children will have been formed long ago from these constant blows and be in charge of your psychic connections. In order to Master your Relationships and be in charge of who you connect to, from which chakra and for which purpose you will need to heal these inner children and take control of these processes for yourself. This problem, located in the lower chakras is also is a prime area for sexual implants to create sexual addiction and adultery. By healing these types of blockages you will gain control over the talent and remove the addiction.

You may also have been immensely successful in previous lifetimes in business, money, property and have developed the talent to deal with these things. If the talent forms part of a blockage then you will be addicted to these things as well as having a talent with them and thus this will prevent your evolution into higher things. By healing these types of blockages you will gain control over the talent and remove the addiction.

Image result for matrix

If you try to work on one of these blockages to ground all the NKM surrounding this event then the inner child will try to prevent this because it is afraid of being integrated into the soul, afraid of the traumatic memory, and might even want to protect you from the memory. Thus when using meditation to integrate and heal It will try to distract you. It will create diversions outside. It will try to rubbish the meditative technique. And it is then you must prove who is in charge, “Focus Trinity”, use the rapid and effective energy enhancement technique of the Seven Step Process and move on to remove the inner child and integrate your mind.
We, ourselves, create blockages and it is we ourselves who must integrate them. We must create one, integrated soul – infused mind, – the soul because the higher chakras must always rule. Only when the lower rules – and the blockages always rule the lower – do we have all the warlike selfish problems of life for ourselves and for all others on the planet.

Until we can heal these inner child blockages and integrate them back into the Soul – together with all their talents and psychic powers, we cannot become enlightened.


Blockages and implants are created for various purposes but all involve a link back to their creator who powers the blockage and holds it in place in the victim for lifetime after lifetime, until it can be removed by energy enhancement techniques.

Blockages and blocked human beings are powered by links to bad energies and people. Any attempt to de – power and heal a blockage must involve cutting off its links to its perverted power source and indeed healing all these sources too. Blockages exist at all levels of existence and the higher blockages power the lower blockages.

Without an infinite source of energy there is always a perceived energy shortage and thus much competition for energy therefore bad people feed on the energies of their own kind as well as their human energy food. Competition is a symptom of blockages. Indeed to survive, the bad people who are cut off from the source must be vampires, feeding off the energy of innocent human victims and their evil contemporaries, lifetime after lifetime.

By implanting blockages which they create into other people they can cut a person off from the source by putting blockages in above the head or into the heart chakra, thus creating an accomplice. They can put blockages between the base chakra and the center of the earth thus creating someone to feed off, a slave. They can also program the blockages to send the energy back to them, thus becoming an energy vampire.

They can program addiction and other types of control blockages.
The energy of one addicted is greater – like burning the candle at both ends – and easily taken. People burning the candle quickly usually die young but as well as energy received each day from God, the soul is given a supply of energy at birth, thus for a vampire to get more energy it is good that there are many short bright lives. Thus drugs, sex and gambling blockages are tools to concentrate energy back to the blockage implant creator.

Distraction Implant Control Blockages are very high level alter-Egos or Sub-personalities whose job is to distract the victim with the Normal Hollywood dreams of Power, Money, Car, House, Fame, Harem. They also do it through addiction to Food, Drugs, Sex. They also do it by perverting the power of Emotion creating fear, anger, sadness, slave and psychopath as part of their control. They also are behind and above the use of Ego-Strategies like the Poor-Me, Violator and Selfish Competitive Star. They do this by forming these stupid alter-ego distraction desires in people

We see these bad people who create implants with psychic vision connected by streams of energy to their victims. Some have thousands of connections like a telephone exchange connecting to thousands of implant blockages put into their human energy food. And these implant blockages exist in people lifetime after lifetime, until the techniques of energy enhancement can remove the implant. The whole world is in the state that it is, perverted, because of the creation of these brainwash implant blockages.

IMPLANT VAMPIRE BLOCKAGES are programmed blockages created by an evil person to implant into other people, usually to siphon energy back to the evil person – the Ultimate Energy Vampire.

Gurdjieff used to tell a parable to explain how the world is run by elite families controlled by a few bad people…. There was a magician who was also a shepherd. He had thousands of sheep to look after and he was a very miserly man so he didn’t want many servants and he didn’t want many watchmen. He did not want to pay anybody and he did not want his sheep to be lost or taken by the wolves. But it was very difficult for him to take care of all the sheep alone. He was very rich and he had many sheep.

So he played a trick on the sheep. He hypnotised them and implanted them with control blockages — he was a magician. He hypnotised them and told every sheep, ‘You are not a sheep. Don’t be afraid.’ To some he said, like in Animal Farm by George Orwell, ‘You are a lion.’ To some he said, ‘You are tigers.’ To some he even said, ‘You are men. Nobody is going to kill you. Don’t be afraid and don’t try to escape from here.’

The sheep started believing in his controls. Every day he would butcher a few sheep but the others would think, ‘We are not sheep. He is butchering only sheep. We are lions, we are tigers, we are wolves, we are French, we are Russians, we are Chinese, we are this and that…’ even that they were men. Some were even told that they were magicians — and they believed it. It was always some sheep which was to be butchered. They remained aloof, distant. They were not worried. And by and by they were all butchered.

‘This is the situation,’ Gurdjieff used to say.
Implant Blockages are removed in exactly the same way as all the other blockages, quite easily through the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Level 2.

Implant Blockages usually connect to the evil person or their accomplice worker or emmissary who in general are completely oblivious that they are working for someone else through Energy Connections from the Implant Blockage, although sometimes they are! These energy connections are from person to person or horizontal – the image is that of a circle with a horizontal line in the center thus the person only takes energy from others and is cut off from the higher self.
What I mean by that is that the normal personality is completely oblivious that one of the Control Implant Blockage ego parts or Sub-personalities is conscious of the connection and in fact is in charge of it. This is the connector sub-personality and it thinks that it is saving the normal personality by taking energy from others, allowing it to live longer and with more energy by becoming a sucker.
We work on Ego Sub-Personality Energy Blockages like the Connector Sub-Personality and Control Implant and Vampire Blockages in Energy Enhancement Level 3 and also with Attention Seeking Strategy Energy Blockages and Inner Children.

We work on these Energy Connections, as part of the Mastery of Relationships in Energy Enhancement Level 4.
Only by connecting with the energies of the universe as we Gain Energy in Energy Enhancement Level 1 can we drop the necessity of absorbing the energies of others.

In this way and Enlightened Person only gives 100% of his energy because he is connected to infinite sources of Eternal Energy from the Soul and other chakras above the head. The image is that of a circle with a vertical line in the center – symbolising the connection with the soul.

When we do this we then become able to purify the Connector Personality so that the Soul can regain the psychic power of connection in order to give energy in the Healing of others or the giving of Kundalini Energy to help with the Enlightenment of Students – an Energy Enhancement Teacher and here the symbol is that of a circle with a cross in the center of it, the vertical line taking energy from the soul and the horizontal line giving 100% of its energy to others – the Meaning of the Christian Cross.

The upgrade of this symbol of course is that of the pure circle – here this symbolises the Ascended Master where we take energy vertically from the Soul and distribute it downwards to any pure person who needs it. The circle, like the columns of protection, an external antahkarana, of Energy Enhancement Initiation 6 of Level 1 has become extended into a vertical line containing theupwards flow of Energy and the downwards flow of Energy of Gurdjieff’s Reciprocal Maintenance and the Yin Yang Symbol, signifying the antahkarana of an ascended Master whose duty is to distribute the energy of God.

Because these angels at the center of blockages are cut off from connection with the source and the good instructions from the source, they no longer know what to do. They are perverted by the Negative Karmic Mass which surrounds them. Thus they are easily programmed with instructions from other sources which can be followed like a program for thousands of years. They can no longer evolve.

As above, so below. Human beings are in exactly the same problems as angels. As blockages cut them off from the source, so they lose their essential humanity and move into the direction of the dark side, they listen to the messages of the dark side through their blockages and their media interests and become programmed by it. They develop cynicism, lack of conscience, lack of empathy. Meaningless, purposeless, addicted lives without any significance. They can no longer evolve.
“After all that” is part of the first Sutra of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali written 5000 years ago. It seems that we need many immersions into the dark side before we understand that it always ends up in a bad way. We need these experiences and indeed are sent to this planet to receive them.

This planet is a factory for the production of enlightened beings. Bad experiences are part of the process which we have designed. The way of the world is to purify gold ore by heating it up to a thousand degrees, putting it on the anvil, and then beating the crap out of it.

Enlightened beings say a softer process is more effective and more desirable. Energy Enhancement is that softer and more effective process.
As Human beings and blockages lose their Negative Karmic Mass and as Humans lose their blockages so they get back on track on their soul path and on the path of their evolution. They become ascended masters.

We are in Brazil, Still!!
See the article below for Purushottamananda and his vision of how Amnesia is created. Remove the Matrix Amnesia Blockage!!
Love and Light,
Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani

Image result for matrix system

Energy Blockages Create the Matrix

Energy Blockages are like Computer Viruses and Energy Enhancement is the Anti Virus Program!!

The Real Oligarchic Elite have worked with meditation, the Antahkarana and the creation of Implant Energy Blockages for many thousands of years – more than 200,000 – before our false knowledge of recorded history, thus their knowledge of this science is profound as the knowledge of ordinary humanity of mind controlling blockages is non existent.

In today’s society we laud our knowledge and use of science yet the Library of Alexandria was burnt to the ground, the Vatican Library contains single copies of every book which has been burnt.

The real science which has been kept from every member of society is the science of Meditation. The Oligarchic Elite are Masters of the Dark Side of Meditation, their Life extension by metempsychosis, the creation of Mind Numbing Blockages to keep Humanity under control.
The Dark Science of Energy Blockages is the Real Govern Mente or Mind Control. The Oligarchic Mastery of Energy Blockages Create the “Matrix”, The, “Coronation Street” Lie we All Live in.

Energy Blockages are the World which has been pulled over our Eyes.
These Energy Blockage Implants can Suppress, Supplant and Replace Direct Experience by Amnesifying the Memories which support these Original Experiences. We Forget!! Energy Blockages cause us to forget. And the Implant Matrix Lie is Re-Inserted into the Mind by Energy Blockages and We just get Plugged back into the Power Plant.

Energy Enhancement Gives you the Red Pill, – It Removes the Blockage Factories which Re-Implant the Lies. Energy Enhancement Removes all the Blockage Lies. Break the Trance. Energy Enhancement Gives you the Truth!! And the Truth Shall set ye Free!!

Every member of humanity is routinely implanted in Past Lifetimes where after the Implant Blockages travel with us Lifetime after Lifetime.
We are also routinely Implanted at birth by Elite Doctors in every hospital. We are routinely Implanted in Schools by Elite Teachers. We are routinely Implanted in Universities by Elite Professors and Chaplains. We are routinely Implanted in Church by Elite Priests. We are routinely Implanted by Books, Television and Movies.

Important people – Oligarchic Managers – their workers, are more highly implanted and some in the highest, most important places, are completely taken over.

Energy Enhancement Student, Purushottamananda, – he has really good psychic vision, recently had an insight into how Amnesia of direct experience is achieved. Performing the seven step process on the information below will remove will remove these functions which control the mind.

The Routine Control Blockages are embedded in the Antahkarana with links to lower implants in the chakras of the body. They work in pairs and if only one blockage is removed, they will tend to automatically replace it from the other blockage in the pair… Thus the entire structure of implants as detailed below must be circled in white light and seven stepped, grounded and sent up.
More important people have backup implant control systems, and these have been seen also.

1. The Mind Head Centers and the Heart Chakra have been seen to have been Implanted with blockages and the opposite end of the blockage pair connected up into the Monad. The Blockage Pairs introduce False Emotions and False Ideas – False Thoughts – which replace memories of direct experience through a process of blurring the original memories to the point of amnesia of those direct experiences, consonant with the replacement of those memories with prepared created Matrix ideas and thoughts placed into the mind over the top of the direct experiences into the mind.

Most people have this blurring of thought. More evolved people. People who are more, “Lucky”, have more ability to resist the blurring of thought process, have more ability to remember. These are the people who do better at school, have higher IQs, get better jobs, become enlightened. Thus these are the people who are further targeted, implanted and controlled more.
2. Secondly and more profoundly, because the control is higher, the most important control mechanism follows.. The Heart Center and Mind Head Centers have been seen to have been Implanted by implant blockages to energy connections to Thought Factories, Memory Factories and Clone Factories:-
a). Thought Factories have a stock of Matrix Archetypes like:-
1. “Competition” is a Matrix Archetype. However, against it is Economics Nobel Prize Winner John Nash who proved mathematically that “Cooperation is superior to Competition” and who was given secret doses of LSD by the CIA to destroy his reputation which you can see in movie, “Beautiful Mind” with Russel Crowe. Still, on all Economics Courses at Universities, competitive Adam Smith, “Wealth of Nations”, and “Private Vices versus Public Virtues”; is taught for three years whereas John Nash is taught for one week.

2. “Existentialism” and “No God” means “No Morality” and “No Heart” leading to despair to anyone with a heart who believes it. Such thinking by Hitler and other American and English “Eugenicists” or Sir Julian Huxley’s, “Transhumanists” led to his, “Final Solution” where the Jewish, Gypsy, Political Opponent and Homosexual Problem was to be solved by “Slavery until Death”, “Genocide” and “Cyanide Gas” and “Incineration of the Bodies”. The opposite of course is The Heart of Goodness and Mercy which will follow me until the end of my days, and I shall dwell in the House of my Father for ever and ever.

3. The Theory of Evolution as posited by Charles Darwin, whose “The Survival of the Fittest” is very similar to “Competition” and this false doctrine has been used by bad people to prove that all Kings, Queens and Oligarchs are the best, the self-evident, “Fittest” of people, whose breeding products must be superior. These Oligarchic types do in fact always interbreed!! – Thus Queen Victoria’s inbred Bleeders and the Madness of King George – And the rest of us are “Junk DNA”, “Useless Eaters” who are less than the real human race of the Oligarchs. The Oligarchs are in fact another Human Species who have been bred without any Empathy (psychotic) or Conscience (psychopathic) unlike the rest of humanity who have mercy and conscience and who must therefore be removed or used like animals, – Polluted, Gelded, Interbred, used as Slaves within the Feudal System.

b). Clone Factories which Clone Matrix Idea Archetype Implants from the Thought Factories as above which are then given to the Memory Factory for Implantation over the top of Blurred and Amnesified Thoughts again created by the Memory Factory.

c). Memory Factories which Implant false Matrix Memories, False Matrix Thought Archetypes over the top of Direct Experiences which could prove that these Matrix Archetypes are False. Memory factories create Amnesia by blurring and removing the original direct experience. These are the blockage lies which take us away from the path of Illumination.

The proof of this is that when Energy Enhancement Students read the experiences which they themselves wrote, they cannot remember their own memories!! Instead their memories have been Amnesified by the memory factory and Matrix Archetypes have been implanted over the top of the original experience thoughts.

All these factories are controlled by a Portal above these three factories which exists at 35 times ten to the 16th – 35 with 16 zeros after it – Chakras above the head.

d). The Heart and mind head centers also have connections to Implant blockages below the base chakra at an equal distance – 35 times ten to the 16th – 35 with 16 zeros after it – Chakras below the base anchoring the entire structure in place.
3. All Chakras in the Antahkarana – the Seven Chakras of the Body, the infinity of Chakras above the Head, The infinity of Chakras beneath the Base Chakras via Kundalini Chakra in the Center of the Earth, contain Blockages which are lies. All Blockage lies must be removed for a person to become enlightened!!
The aim of the prepared matrix is to create despair in all people, thus helping the complete Control of the Human Spirit.

Just how hard this aim is to achieve is shown by the inability of the Blockages – for all their trying – to completely control humanity.
Just how hard this aim is to achieve is shown by the inability of the Blockages – for all their trying – to prevent Enlightenment. In every generation there are one or two Enlightened Masters who are candidates for the Immortality of Ascended Mastery.

Opposed to the Aim and Purpose of the Dark Side are all the Ascended Masters who live in the Antahkarana in the Chakras above the Head. The Dark Side, to them, is simply a Perfect Enemy designed to accelerate the evolution of Humanity. This Planet is only a Factory to produce Enlightened People!!
Complete Freedom from the Matrix, Kaivalya, Illumination, Enlightenment, only comes after all Blockages have been removed by the Energy Enhancement Process.

As well as the Occult Sciences of Immortality and Mind Control, over many thousands of years a physical programming has been evolved which supports the control of the Oligarchic Hierarchy.

Image result for mind control

Like Zeus from Mount Olympus our Lords and Masters look down upon their human energy cattle who must not be allowed to evolve and thus escape their control. Its Oligarchic Purpose is to vampirise the psychic energy of humanity – to maintain control of the Goose of every society and steal the golden eggs.. their psychic energy – in order to live forever.

An Oligarchy of families has controlled the World for Thousands of Years from Slave supported Babylon, to Phoenicia, to the Roman Empire, to Venecia – Venice, to Holland and then the Prince of Orange takeover of the British Empire through the accession of William of Orange to the British throne in 1689. Thereafter we have the British East India Company and its Opium Wars against China to enable its Drugs monopoly in selling Opium grown in India to be sold without problem in China.

Drugs and its Black Money support Usurious Banks in all these civilisations whose Empires were controlled by Usurious Interest and its associated Financial Warfare is that which maintains and increases the supremacy of the British Empire throughout the World.

The Aim of Oligarchic Families is Control through Financial Warfare (Depressions) the Secret Warfare of the CIA and MI6 which sponsors and creates Terrorism and false Flag attacks like the Gulf of Tonkin – Vietnam, the Lusitania – WW1, the Reichstag Fire – Hitler, Pearl Harbour – WW2, the Two Towers – Iraq and Afghanistan, and Physical War which, “Bombs them Back into the Stone Age” and thus destroys all infrastructure which is the real “Richness” of Humanity. The Principle and Policy of Poverty is the main Oligarchic Control which has kept the World in Chains for Countless Millennia.

Slavery was abolished in 1833 in Britain but before that this trade of Slavery out and drugs in was the mainstay of all Oligarchic Empires.
Its tried and trusted Oligarchic principles are hidden by the BIG LIE.. They are designed to Grind Down all dissent – Non Illegitemi Carborundum..
The Principle of Poverty – leaves little time to oppose the Oligarchy. People burn Brightly to give their energy away, are corrupted and die quickly.

The Principle of Pollution – Fuctories and Incinerators are designed to pollute. Pollution puts the attention of humanity on failing health and the leeches who peddle their pharma nostrums. People die before their time of Cancer 40% and Heart disease 30% before attaining the age of Wisdom.

The Principle of Low Science – Only high science can increase the carrying capacity of the World from 500,000 in Giammaria Ortes Time to one Billion in the time of Malthus. Science, Irrigation, increase in wheat food density per acre now makes 6 Billions possible. Fusion Power and matter/Anti-Matter Generators can make a population density of an enlightened 200 Billions possible. Low Science can lead to the extinction of the human race.

The Principle of False Model Imaginary Casino Economics which predictions are Always False and subject to the constant corruption of Insider dealing. The Game is fixed. All Central Banks are privately owned. Depressions are caused by Financial Warfare. False Economics includes the Lie of Leverage whereby Sovereign Countries are routinely Destabilised by imaginary money from Hedge Funds and imaginary Credit Default Instruments.

The Principle of Taxes, Usury and Banking – In Medieval times anything above 5% per year interest was considered Usury. High Rates of Tax and Interest stops all progress.

The Principle of Perversion and Dumming Down of the Mind. The perversion of the Heart into personal self interest (Adam Smith – Private Vices and Public Virtue) is at the expense of cooperation (John Forbes Nash – Nobel Prize in the Economics of Cooperation) for the benefit of the Human Race.
The Principle of Eugenics, Genocide and Transhumanism.

Image result for mind control

Oligarchic Psychopathic Managers – Accomplices – are Politicians, Think Tanks, Secret Services, Generals, International CEOs, Bwanksters and Media Tycoon. They are programmed to see humanity as Junk DNA, Useless Eater, White Trash, Poor, Hispanic, and Black Degenerated Humanity as Hitler viewed the Gypsies and the Jews. In reality no different than their charges in the eyes of the elite, the lie told to the Oligarchic managers who work for the elite is that they have been offered Full Medical Life Extension through the principles of organ replacement, and Sir Julian Huxley’s transhumanism in order to create an MI6 Aldous Huxley Brave New World. Like many promised medical advances, these promises are lies, lies, lies.

These guys ought to remember that Hitler offered the Jewish Political Elite in charge of the Ghettos their escape if they helped send all of their fellow Jews to the Concentration Camps to be enslaved, gassed and incinerated. At the end of the process with which they complied, they were also sent to the Concentration Camps in the last car of the train.
The Real Oligarchic Elite work only for themselves and EVERYONE else is prey.


When viewing blockages psychically, often times we see that they have many parts, some thicker and more dense from having more Negative Karmic Mass, some having more layers or shells of protection. Groups or teams of blockages join together to perform their function. Any strategy to remove blockages must take these multi-cored blockages into account. Energy Enhancement techniques remove multi-cored blockages.


In the Sufi terminology, NAFS or Breaths or Energy Blockages represent the degrees of in the transmutation of the consciousness which we go through in the Levels of Energy Enhancement starting at the Second level.
First we deal with the lower types of NAFS or Sub-Personalities and later with more refined parts of the EGO. Although more refined, all NAFS are part of the Ego structure and all of them, one by one must be found and purified as their Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic Mass is transmuted and then the core of the blockage is integrated with the Soul Personality where it can finally be safely used as a purified function or purified talent or so called psychic power.

1. Nafs-i-ammara – the depraved or commanding Nafs
2. Nafs-i-lawwama – the accusing Nafs
3. Nafs-i-mulhama – the inspired Nafs
4. Nafs-i-mutmainna – the serene Nafs
5. Nafs-i-radiyya – the fulfilled Nafs
6. Nafs-i-mardiyya – The fulfilling Nafs
7. Nafs-i-safiyya – The purified and complete Nafs

The creation of the Sufi (from Sophia or Wisdom showing the Greek Platonic origins of Sufism) process of creating the “Golden Head” through the purification of the mind and integration into the Soul. Sun symbolises Soul, so as the shadows of the mind are purified to make them transparent and open, so the Soul Sun, the first chakra above the head, “Brighter than 10,000 Suns” illuminates the intellect and emotions in EnLightenment. The Aura of the Buddhafield becomes Golden, “The Secret of the Golden Flower”, the Chinese Alchemical Taoist Golden Elixir which confers immortal life.

These Seven types of Nafs or Energy Blockages are formed so that you can see how they start as part of the ego, the separated split off parts of the mind as depraved or commanding or Accusing Nafs and then are evolved through the Energy Enhancement Seven step process by purifying the Trauma Formed Negative Karmic Mass through VITRIOL and then integrating the purified and complete Nafs into the Soul Chakra, on the path of Illumination.
Nafs are Energy Blockages which when purified of all trauma then become compliant fulfilled parts – the talents – of an integrated mind.
The Nafs pass through the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process which can be termed “Death and Rebirth”. The death or removal of the Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic Mass and the Recapitulation of the events and traumas which formed the Blockage and the Rebirth, the Transfiguration and Resurrection (Alice Bailey – The Rays and the Initiations) as the purified function or talent is absorbed or integrated with the Soul or Higher Chakras so that it can be safely used by the Soul infused Personality.

Image result for breaking free

As the Nafs become purified then we become open to the still small voice of the conscience – accusing and then serene and fulfilling etc as we find our Soul Path and the purified talents and functions become useful to the individual and society.

Most individuals are out of control. They believe themselves to be coherent personalities but with Energy Enhancement they start to see their multiple and changing personalities. “The man that swears to get up at four o’ clock in the morning is not the same personality who throws the alarm clock out of the window!” – GURDJIEFF

They use the energy enhancement seven step process on programmed, automatic and negative thoughts and thus start to understand that these negative thoughts are simply symptoms of the energy blockage sub-personalities. As these blockages are reduced, so the mind becomes capable of operating at a higher level.

As the task of reconstitution and Resurrection is completed, then enlightenment, the capacity for teaching and the capacity for intuitive understanding become normal.

There is a process of removing, eliminating, the energy blockage sub-personalities which exhibit Attention seeking behaviour, through the Energy Enhancement Process. This is the process of Integrating the mind under the aegis of the Soul, the Higher Self, and by purifying the Nafs, the Talents, The Sub-personalities, the Energy Blockages in Energy Enhancement Level 2 – Eliminate Energy Blockages, and Energy Enhancement Level 3 – Eliminate the Attention Seeking Sub-Personalities and Strategies of the Vampire

“I am now in the last week of the course and I feel like a totally different person. I have regained myself and have been given from nothing having no psychic vision at all at the start of the energy enhancement course, a clarity of psychic vision that is breathtaking.”

“As we practiced on each other we came very quickly to realise this. I could literally feel the energy moving inside each chakra as the other person worked within me from several meters away and when I worked on the other person I could see me projecting energy to them and could see where the blockages were within their chakras.

I could force the energy from my centres into their centres and clean their centre bringing the energy full circle back to me. You could tell the state of their chakras by the amount of energy returning to your own centre and this was achieved by mind power only.

Before I came here Satchi said he would teach me to do it in this way and I was sceptical about this claim. I could never envision me having psychic vision, but I have now, I can now do astonishingly powerful Reiki sessions on people without going any where near them and distance healing over any distance is a piece of cake, incredible stuff.”

“I am totally de-stressed and have expanded in every way. I feel stronger and fitter and much more mentally agile than I have ever felt in my life. The fog and confusion of life has gone and I feel that I have just received the inside information on everything. I am ready for anything and am wide awake. I am full of the most incredible energy imaginable and have Energy Enhancement Reiki that is so powerful it staggers me. I know a thing or two about Reiki and had a very strong Reiki connection before I got here, now I have a connection that is beyond description and I have yet to undergo the second initiation this week and then the masters. I have opted to take this as an extra and for anyone who is interested, I believe this is beyond anything you will ever experienced anywhere.”

Image result for breaking free

I am now equipped with life tools and healing tools that one only dreams of and there is nothing out there in the world that will ever faze me again. I am absolutely delighted that I decided to come here, because this experience has changed me, for the good of me and for all those that I will touch when I leave here. I am so excited and can’t wait to start exploring my new found talents”

Contact with and Purification of Chakras above the head and below the base – the Parallel Processors of Genius – alone shows the Height of your Evolution.

Align with Energy Enhancement.

Do Not be Satisfied with Less!!

Come on an Energy Enhancement Course to remove your Energy Blockages filled with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass, NOW!!

Spiritual Reflections On Agent Smith And The Matrix


And Then There Is Agent Smith Who Can Travel Down The Cords Of Connection, Travel Down The Energy Connections To Enter Into Anyone’s Body Who Is Plugged Into The Matrix – And Take Them Over!!

Not Just Implanting You With The Drug Addiction, The Alcohol Addiction, The Tobacco Addiction, The Sex Addiction, The Dog Priest Homosexuality Addiction, The Ritual Paedophile Addiction, The Television Addiction.
But Actually Entering Into The Body, Emotions And Mind And Taking Over Another Human Being Totally. Cardinals, Bankers, Politicians, Presidents, Chief Executive Officers Of Vast International Corporations Who All With Their Big Lie Green Credentials Are Saying That There Are Just Too Many People On This Planet — Just Like This…

Agent Smith: I’d Like To Share A Revelation That I’ve Had During My Time Here. It Came To Me When I Tried To Classify Your Species And I Realized That You’re Not Actually Mammals. Every Mammal On This Planet Instinctively Develops A Natural Equilibrium With The Surrounding Environment But You Humans Do Not. You Move To An Area And You Multiply And Multiply Until Every Natural Resource Is Consumed And The Only Way You Can Survive Is To Spread To Another Area. There Is Another Organism On This Planet That Follows The Same Pattern. Do You Know What It Is? A Virus. Human Beings Are A Disease, A Cancer Of This Planet. You’re A Plague And We Are The Cure.

If You Could Live Outside The Body Then You May Have A Similar View..

Behold The New Truly Anti-human Species!!
Poison With Unnecessary Fuctory Outputs, Pesticides, Fluoride, And Frankenstein Food.
Dumb Down And Zombify With Television, Drugs, Fluoride And Vaccines.
Live Forever!!



Which Brings Me To The Necessity Of Using Energy Enhancement Level 4 Techniques To Attain Mastery Over Attachment, Mastery Of Why And Who You Connect To, – The Mastery Of Relationships.
As Everyone Who Has Not Been Through The Energy Enhancement Training Process Has These Implant Blockages With Attendant Energy Connections
As Everyone Who Has Not Been Through The Energy Enhancement Training Process Has Implant Blockages Built To Distract And Therefore Manage The Attention Of Their Clients….

As Everyone Who Has Been Through The Energy Enhancement Training Process Originally Had Food, Sexual And Drug Addiction Implants….
Everyone You Meet Is Connected To The Control….

Energy Enhancement Liberation From The Controls!!

One White Magician Only Is Required To Change This Planet Into A Sacred Planet, Or A Group Of Like Minded People, In Silence And In Secrecy
Heal The World, Become A Master, A Merlin, A Jedi Knight, A White Magician
“traditional Forms Of Meditation Are Designed To Fail!!”
Find All The Incredible Techniques Removed From Traditional Meditations – Designed To Fail – And Taught In Energy Enhancement
“we Put Back What The Others Took Out!!” – With The Mastery Of Relationships, Energy Connections, Energy Blockage Implants – “with Removing That Attachment Which Leads To Pain” – The Buddha!!

Meditation Energy Enhancement Apprentice Level 4 –
The Mastery Of Energy Connections
The Mastery Of Relationships

“traditional Forms Of Meditation Are Designed To Fail!!”
Find All The Incredible Techniques Removed From Traditional Meditations – Designed To Fail – And Taught In Energy Enhancement
“we Put Back What The Others Took Out!!”
The Kundalini Key
The Removal Of Energy Blockages
Alchemical Vitriol
The Chakras Above The Head
Yogananda, Master Of Kriya Yoga, The Circulation Of The Energies, And The Kundalini Kriyas

“with This Technique, Your Evolution Will Increase With Every Energy Revolution To Create A Revolution In Your Evolution” – Paramahamsa Yogananda

The Matrix Trilogy Teaching Us About Buddhist “Non-Attachment” – UNPLUG


Morpheus: The Matrix Is A System Neo. That System Is Our Enemy. But When You’re Inside, What Do You See? Businessmen, Lawyers, Teachers, Carpenters. The Very Minds Of The People We Are Trying To Save. But Until We Do, These People Are A Part Of That System, And That Makes Them Our Enemy… You Have To Understand That These People Are Not Ready To Be Unplugged, And Many Of Them Are So Inert, So Dependant On The System, That They Will Fight To Protect It.
If You Are Not One Of Us You Are One Of Them.

Yes, Knowledge Of Energy Connections Has Been Removed From Buddhism!! Buddhists Talk About Non Attachment But Knowledge Of Its True Meaning – The Removal Of Energy Connections – The Tubes In The Matrix And Implant Blockages – The Black Connections On The Outside Of The Body – Has Been Removed From Buddhism!!
“attachment Leads To Pain” – Buddha

Implant Blockages Are Represented By The Black Studs All Over The Body;
Energy Connections By The Tubes Connecting To The Implants


We Are Affected And Drained By Energy Blockages In The People Who Connect To Us – Learn How To Remove Energy Blockages At The Other End Of Your Energy Connections In Other People

The Mastery And Healing Of Relationships
For High Tantra, Gandalfs And Jedis.

Everyone You Meet Is Connected To The Control….

Energy Enhancement Liberation From The Controls!!

One White Magician Only Is Required To Change This Planet Into A Sacred Planet, Or A Group Of Like Minded People, In Silence And In Secrecy
Heal The World, Become A Master, A Merlin, A Jedi Knight, A White Magician
“traditional Forms Of Meditation Are Designed To Fail!!”
Find All The Incredible Techniques Removed From Traditional Meditations – Designed To Fail – And Taught In Energy Enhancement
“we Put Back What The Others Took Out!!” – With The Mastery Of Relationships, Energy Connections, Energy Blockage Implants – “with Removing That Attachment Which Leads To Pain” – The Buddha!!

MORPHEUS: Let me tell you why you are here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life. There’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?

NEO: The Matrix?

MORPHEUS: Do you want to know what it is?

Neo nods.

MORPHEUS: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

NEO: What truth?

MORPHEUS: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind.

MORPHEUS: You’ve been living in a dream world Neo.
MORPHEUS: What is the Matrix? Control
The Matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this…

Humanity is the Energy Source of the Dark Side

Morpheus: The Matrix is a system Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, what do you see? Businessmen, Lawyers, teachers, Carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy… You have to understand that these people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inert, so dependant on the system, that they will fight to protect it.
If you are not one of us you are one of them.

Neo: What are they?

Morpheus: Sentient programs, they can move in and out of any software still hardwired into their system. That means that anyone we haven’t unplugged is potentially an agent. Inside the Matrix they are everyone and they are no-one. We have survived by hiding and running from them but they are the gatekeepers. They are guarding all the doors and holding all the keys.

Implant Blockages are represented by the black studs all over the body;
Energy Connections by the tubes connecting to the implants

We can use some of the items from the Matrix Movie to describe the reality of Implant Energy Blockages which are the black plugs in Neo’s body and Energy Connections which are the tubes which enter into the Plug Implants.