Get Rich By Connecting To An Infinity of Chakras To Get Infinite Energy

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Pain Is The Problem, Energy Enhancement The Solution

 Ground All Negative Energies

Alchemical Vitriol

Visita Interiore Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultem Lapidem And The Earth Connection

 The Above Latin Vitriol Is A Guided Meditation To Connect With The Energy Of External Chakras  –

Translation..  Visit The Center Of The Earth. There You Will Find The Philosophers Stone – Which Transmutes Energy Blockages Into Pure Positive Spiritual Energy – This Is By Rectification

 Connect With The Fission Nuclear Power Of The Earths Center – Kundalini Chakra

Power Up By Connection With The External Chakras Of God

Initiation Four – Connect With The Energies Of The Universe

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Abund Yourself!! Connect With The Infinite Energy Of The External Chakras  Initiations Three And Four Of The Energy Enhancement Course – Available By Streaming Video – Email

Alchemy And Hermes Trismegistus

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 Energy Enhancement – The Greatest Spiritual Techniques To Remove Negative Karmic Mass And Energy Blockages

…if You Cannot Find An Alive Master, Go On Searching And Searching. There Are Always Alive Masters Somewhere Or Other; The Earth Is Never Empty Of Them. But Never Go To The Places Where Conventionally You Expect Them. There They Are Not. Jesus Was Not In The Synagogue. Buddha Was Not In Any Hindu Temple; He Was Born A Hindu, But He Was Not In Any Hindu Temple. Jesus Was A Jew, But He Was Not In The Synagogue. And So Has Been The Case Always. Don’t Go On Worshiping Ideas…

Find A Living Reality.

And The Moment You Find A Living Reality, Become Vulnerable, Become Open. And You Will Have The First Principle, Which Cannot Be Said, But You Can Get It.  – Osho

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Satchidanand Is A Serious Student Of Enlightenment Having Been Taught By Zen Master Hogen Of Japan And Swami Satchidananda Of Virginia – Yogiraj And Student Of Swami Sivananda Of Rishikesh



Siva Samhitã, Iii, 10-19: “Now I Shall Tell You How Easily To Attain Success In Yoga, By Knowing Which The Yogis Never Fail In The Practice Of Yoga. Only The Knowledge Imparted By A Competent Teacher Through His Lips Is Powerful And Useful; Otherwise It Becomes Fruitless, Weak And Very Painful.


On The Live Course With Satchidanand And Devi Dhyani

Learn How To Really Meditate!!

Learn How To Connect

With The Earth Mother, The Source Of All Kundalini Shakti, Of All Kundalini Energy, Whose Job Is To Remove All Energy Blockages!!

“Connect, Only Connect” – Goethe

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The Bhagavad Gita describes Arjuna as a battle between a community of good angels called the Pandavas and the community of bad angels, surrounded by congealed pain, called the Kauravas.

 “My name is Legion!”

Real Human beings are made up of a community of angels with the soul/Krishna in charge.

Thus; which angel are we speaking to?

Who is in charge?

The Amazing Thing Is, Our Experience Says That Negative Energy, Pain, Can Be Grounded!!

All Evil Comes From Pain: Disease, Anger And Fear – Fear Is The Mind Killer – All The World’s Problems Come From Congealed Pain

Vitriol Translation

Vitriol. – Visita Interiore Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultem Lapidem.

Translation – Visit The Earths Center – Kundalini Chakra!!

There You Will Find The Hidden Stone, The Philosophers Stone

Learn The Hidden Secret Of The Philosophers Stone With Energy Enhancement!!

Vitriol –

Has Been Removed From All Traditional Meditations – Thus “Traditional Forms Of Meditation Are Designed To Fail!!”

Read All The Techniques Taken Out Of Traditional Meditations And Put Back By Energy Enhancement!!

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 Which Can Transmute Base Metal

 – The Energy Blockages Of The Base Chakra –

Into The Pure Spiritual Gold

 – The Pure Golden Energy Of Enlightenment

Meditation, Shaktipat, Energy Circulation, The Kundalini Kriyas, The Five Elemental Paths Of The Chi Of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Grounding Of Negative Energies, V.i.t.r.i.o.l, The Art Card Of The Thoth Tarot, Access To Kundalini Energy, Strong Psychic Protection, Learn The Merkaba, Pyramid Protection, Power Tower Protection, Create The Antahkarana, Soul Fusion, Monadic Infusion, Logos Infusion!!!

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Learn The Hidden Secret Of The Philosophers Stone With Energy Enhancement!!

Connect With The Fission Nuclear Power Of The Earths Center – Kundalini Chakra

Power Up By Connection With The External Chakras Of God

Connect With The Energies Of The Universe

Connect With The Infinite Energy Of The External Chakras  Initiations Three And Four Of The Energy Enhancement Course – Available By Streaming Video – Email

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Power Up!!

Increase Your Connection With The Infinite Energy Of God!!

Become A Stream Enterer

Become Illumined


 The Amazing Thing Is, Our Experience Says That Negative Energy, Pain, Can Be Grounded!!

All Evil Comes From Pain: Disease, Anger And Fear – Fear Is The Mind Killer – All The World’s Problems Come From Congealed Pain

Start Now – Don’t Wait For Next Lifetime

Connect With The Infinite Energy Of The External Chakras  Initiations Three And Four Of The Energy Enhancement Course – Available By Streaming Video – Email

Power Up!!

Increase Your Connection With The Infinite Energy Of God!!

Become A Stream Enterer

Become Illumined


 The Amazing Thing Is, Our Experience Says That Negative Energy, Pain, Can Be Grounded!!

All Evil Comes From Pain: Disease, Anger And Fear – Fear Is The Mind Killer – All The World’s Problems Come From Congealed Pain

Start Now – Don’t Wait For Next Lifetime

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Squaring The Circle – Connecting To The Universal Energies – All Our Students Attest To These Energies

Only The Spine In Meditation Is Square To The Circle Of The Earth – Connecting You With Kundalini Shakti From The Earth Chakra

 Ground All Negative Energies

The Energy Enhancement Kundalini Key Contains Within It The Origin Of All Sacred Symbols – Ancient Egyptian Ankh, Hindu Shivalingam And Yoni, The Sufi Alhambra Fountain, The Christian Cross And Many More – See Below…

The Diagram Above Is A Legominism For Energy Enhancement Initiations To Put You In Touch With The Source Of Kundalini Energy To Accelerate Your Evolution –

The Center Of The Earth – Kundalini Chakra

Enlightenment Is Union With God

The Yale “Union” Kundalini Key

The Energy Enhancement Kundalini Key Connects From Kundalini Chakra In The Center Of The Earth – The Hole In The Key! –

The Kundalini Key In Hinduism

The Mace Of Hanuman Is The Kundalini Key

Enhance Your Energy – The Head Of The Mace Of Hanuman Represents The Earth – The Shaft Of The Mace Of Hanuman Represents The Antahkarana

Yet This Information Has Been Removed From Hinduism!!

Get It Back With Energy Enhancement!!

The Wailing Of Wisdom

In The Meyjnanapulampal, “The Wailing Of Wisdom”, Where Tamil Siddha Battiragiriyar Cries Out The Great Siddhar Adage: “Arivai Arival Arinthu”  -“To Know Knowledge By Knowledge Itself” In Verse Twenty-four.

“Forgetting Trivial Happiness,

Knowing Knowledge By Knowledge Itself,

When Shall I Cut Off This Cycle

Of Falling Into Wombs.”

The Knowledge Of Transmigration From Body To Body And Becoming An Ascended Master – Living At A Higher Energy Level, Living At A Higher Plane Of Existence, Gaining The Ability To Live Out Of The Body, Of Which He Speaks Of Is Apprehended Only By Personal Experience.

This Is The Difference Between “Believing” And “Knowing”, Between That Which Is “Learned” And That Which Is Truly “Understood”.  Get This In..

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The Synthesis Of Religion

We Put Back What The Others Took Out!!

Decoding Modern Day Symbols Of Kundalini Kriyas – Unicorn, Holy Grail, Cornucopia and more….

The Real Energy Enhancement Alchemy!!

The Advanced Kundalini Kriyas Of Kriya Yoga And Contact With Kundalini Chakra In The Center Of The Earth Whose Nuclear Fires Can Burn Up Even The Deepest Karma!!

The Base Chakra, Contact With The Fiery Energy Of Kundalini Chakra Which Exists In The Center Of The Earth.
The Base Chakra Blockages Are Those Of Money So, By Using The Techniques Of Energy Enhancement To Remove The Blockages Of The Base Chakra, We Are Removing Blockages To Having Money, Abundance, A Cornucopia Of Wealth, Energy, Happiness And Life Energy!!

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Cornucopia – The Cup, The Chalice, The Sang Real, The Holy Grail, Horn Of Plenty – Symbol Of The Base Kundalini Chakra

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The Base Chakra Connects With The Earth.
Here!! Now!!
That’s Why You Are Suffering. That’s Why You Are Poor — Because You Have Forgotten How To Live On This Earth! Nobody Has Taught You How To Live On This Earth, How To Love This Earth. They Have All Taught You That This Earth Is Ugly, That It Is A Punishment That You Have Been Sent Here, That You Are Not Supposed To Enjoy. If You Enjoy, You Will Be Sent Again. You Are Supposed To Be Very Sad, Detached. You Have To Renounce All The Joys Of The Earth So Next Time You Don’t Have To Be Born, And Then You Will Enjoy Heavenly Pleasures.

Because These People Have Been Talking Too Much About The “Other World”, They Have Destroyed This World. I Teach You This Earth.

This Very Earth, The Paradise. This Very Body The Buddha – Osho
Cornucopia – Symbol Of The Base Chakraa
Cornucopia Is One Of The Horns Of Amaltheia, The Goat-nymph Who Nursed Zeus. She Gave It To Zeus Who Presented It To Adrasteia And Io, Two Other Nymphs: It Became The Horn Of Plenty (Latin: Cornus=horn, Copia=abundance), Which Is Always Filled With Whatever Food Or Drink Its Owner May Desire.
A Very Common Decoration Theme, Cornucopia Is Often Shown In A Very Standardized Way (See The Cornucopias In Porta Del Popolo In Rome).
An Exception Is The Long Cornucopia Held By The River Tiber In A Colossal Statue Now In Piazza Del Campidoglio In Rome…. Here It Is…

Cornucopia – Symbol Of The Base Chakra And Sex!!
“Around The Horn” Also Refers To The Powers Of Generation, Of Sex – Also The Traditional Powers Of Kundalini And The Base Chakra

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The Antahkarana Also Refers To The Unicorn – So, By Removing The Blockages Of Ajna Chakra The Psychic Powers Of The Third Eye And Of The Rainbow Bridge, A Horn Emanating From The Crown Chakra Leading To Wisdom, Psychic Vision And The Actualisation Of All Our Dreams, Our Soul Path Which We Teach In Energy Enhancement Initiation 4.

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The Holy Trinity And Myth Of The Virgin And The Unicorn

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The Holy Trinity And Myth Of The Virgin And The Unicorn – The Female Virgin, Earth, The Male Unicorn, Heaven, And The Spiral Horn, The Holy Spirit, The Antahkarana, Axis Mundi Represents The Holy Trinity, Father Son And Holy Spirit – Sat Chid Ananda The Union Of Heaven And Earth, Shiva And Shakti.

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– Just Ground It!!
Alchemical Vitriol
Ground All Negative Energies
Anchor The Planetary Grid
Create Your Foundation For Abundance


The New Christ Grid of Mother Gaia

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The grid systems on the planet that support human life are in process of being swapped out and replaced with a new Christ Grid System. This will be very apparent very soon. As the Grid System of Mother Earth is anchored by specially prepared initiates who practise the techniques of Alchemical VITRIOL, humanity will go through an intensified cleansing, adjustment and re-connection with the new planetary grid system.

All of humanity will adjust as they are able to re-stabilize their lives and their economies. With VITRIOL you will feel the “Waters of Spirit” being “turned back on” and you will once again feel support. As your ability to co-create your reality returns, your ability to provide for yourself returns as well. The financial challenges that you all have felt in recent years can actually be traced back to 1997 when the Dark Forces accelerated their interference with my grid systems. It has indeed been a “Dark Night of the Soul” fall of humanity, which will soon be put right.

Have faith, the love and support of Creator Source will be felt again in cooperation with me, Mother Earth and her group of VITRIOL adepts.

Electrical systems and weather systems will be restored and rebalanced as VITRIOL renews the grid systems. The Dark Forces within humanity will no longer have access to these systems so that they will no longer be allowed to tamper with the support systems. I love humanity and look forward to being home to the 13.13.13. Solar New Earth Reality. My whole system is being restored in the image of the Divine Plan. Humanity is being freed and VITRIOL in turn will free you as you are all connected to the Earth through this grid system.

VITRIOL and Anchoring the Grid System of Mother Earth

As the Grid System of Mother Earth is anchored by specially prepared initiates who practise the techniques of Alchemical VITRIOL, humanity will go through an intensified cleansing, adjustment and re-connection with the new planetary grid system. All of humanity will adjust as they are able to re-stabilize their lives and their economies.

The symptoms of people like you not being able to anchor your Base Chakras into the Planet by VITRIOL, in order to anchor the Planetary Grid, is that your energies have gradually lost “traction” in returning back to you the fruits of your labor.

Each of you questioned yourselves and your choices thinking that the services or products you were offering were too out there for others to grasp and therefore you abandoned your paths for other paths only to fail at the new endeavor. The security of your jobs was lost as wide spread unemployment became the norm, Many of you have seen your life savings and investments wiped out from recent Real Estate and Stock Market failures and other “bad luck” life circumstances have robbed you of your hard earned money and assets. You watch helplessly as your government is incompetent in responding to so many natural disasters, including the most recent Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. You pray and plead for answers as to why you are “being punished” by these adversities.

You see, it is not the specifics of what you are doing that failed, but your Vitriolic access to the underlying energetic support systems that supports material life on the Earth that failed. This grid system is also being manipulated by the Dark Forces as a way to control the financial flow of all humanity. Think of it as a water system that was being systematically shut down causing less and less water being available. This process has been going on for many years but is now being corrected by the technique of VITRIOL.

Many of you thought you were to blame for your inability to find a job, attract new clients or overcome legal and other challenges. Human effort will once again bear fruit as specially prepared Initiates start to anchor themselves and through themselves channel Cosmic Energies of the Universe with the help of Ascended Masters. Thus the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is being contained.

With VITRIOL once again you will put forth effort and be rewarded according to that effort. See the bigger picture other than your own life challenges and you will see how everyone has been affected in one way or another. See the underlying cause that is now being corrected. Watch as events and circumstances start to turn around in your favor as the Earth and her grid systems once again support humanity in the ways it was meant to be.

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A Fresh Upgrade To Internal Taoist Alchemy

As The Energy In The Center Of The Universe – The God Chakra – An Infinity Of Chakras Above The Head – Circulates In The Taoist Orbits Or Kundalini Kriyas Taught By Tamil Siddar Bhogar And Lao Tsu, – Tamil Siddar Bhogar Entering Into The Body Of Someone Who Became Lao Tsu – It Destroys The Toad Sub-personalities

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Shiva Nataraja Kundalini Kriyas Represents The Taoist Orbits Taking Energy From Heaven – The Energy In The Center Of The Universe – The God Chakra – An Infinity Of Chakras Above The Head – To Remove The Energy Blockage Demon Subpersonalities

Neidan, Or Internal Alchemy, Spiritual Alchemy (Simplified Chinese: 內丹术; Traditional Chinese: 內丹術; Pinyin: Nèi Dān Shù) Is A Concept In Taoist Chinese Alchemy. It Is A Series Of Physical, Mental, And Spiritual Disciplines Intended To Prolong The Life Of The Body And Create An Immortal Spiritual Body That Will Survive After Death.

In Neidan The Human Body Becomes A Cauldron In Which The Three Treasures Of Jing, Chi And Shen Are Cultivated For The Purpose Of Improving Physical, Emotional And Mental Health, And Ultimately Merging With The Tao, Or The Chakras Above The Head I.e. Becoming An Immortal.

The Authors Of Several Neidan Articles Refer To Their Teachings As The Way Of The Golden Elixir (Jindan Zhi Dao). The Majority Of Chinese Alchemical Sources Is Found In The Daozang (Taoist Canon), The Largest Collection Of Taoist Texts.

Closely Related To Taoism, It Is Believed That The Goal Of Neidan Is To Merge The Two Energies Of Yin And Yang And Return To The Primordial Unity Of The Tao.

Taoism Focuses On The Balance Of Yin And Yang In One’s Life (Hopfe And Woodward 167). Internal Alchemy Focuses On The Body And How You Are Able To Use The Three Treasures, Chi, Jing And Shen, To Bring This Balance To Your Life. These Are The Energy That Makes Up Life (Kohn 145-149). Each Individual Is Able To Practice Internal Alchemy On Their Own, The Religious Leaders Of Taoism Are There For Guidance (Smith 199-204).

Energy Circulation Supra Galactic Orbit

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Three Treasures (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Inner Alchemy Practice Can Be Generalized Into Three Phases. The Three Phases Are Known As The “Three Treasures”. The “Three Treasures” Of Human Life Are Vitality- Jing (Ching), Energy-chi (Ch’i), And Spirit-shen (Chen) (Kohn 145-149).
It Can Be Explained In The Zhonghe Ji ..
“Making One’s Essence Complete, One Can Preserve The Body. To Do So, First Keep The Body At Ease, And Make Sure There Are No Physical Poisons Or Desires. Thereby Energy Can Be Made Complete. Making One’s Energy Complete, One Can Nurture The Mind. To Do So, First Keep The Mind Pure – Free Of Lies, And Make Sure There Are No Unwanted Thoughts. Thereby Energy Can Be Made Complete. Making One’s Spirit Complete, One Can Project Into The Emptiness Of The Chakras Above The Head. To Do So, First Keep The Will Sincere, And Make Sure Body And Mind Are United. Thereby Spirit Can Be Returned To Emptiness. … To Attain Immortality, There Is Nothing Else But The Refinement Of These Three Treasures: Essence, Energy, Spirit.”

The “Three Treasures” Need To Work With One Another And Never Without Each Other. One Cannot Exist Without The Other One. These “Three Treasures” Are Important In The Longevity Techniques That Are Used To Achieve Immortality And Physical Manifestation Of The Dao (Ching 395).

Chi (Ch’i Or Qi)

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Chi Is The Vital Force That Operates The Body And Manifests In Everyone And Everything “The Natural Energy Of The Universe” (Carroll). The Home Of Chi Is Said To Be Centered Around The Liver Which Clears Poisons From The Body. Chi Is One Of The “Three Treasures”. Having Harmony Is One Of The Most Important Concepts Of Chi. Keeping A Proper Balance Of Yin And Yang – Crown And Base (Microcosmic Orbit) Heaven And Earth (Macrocosmic Orbit).

Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit Absorbing Energy From The Chakras Above The Head
Living From The Infinite Energy Provided By The Chakras Above The Head Becomes The Way To Avoid Being Vampirised – To Live All The Days Of Your Life In The Aura Of Goodness And Truth!!

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Living From An Infinity Of Chakras Above The Head
The Heart Sutra Of The Buddha Says, “All Sages And Saints Live From Prajna Paramita Immortally For Thousands Of Years”
Prajna Paramita Means The Highest Heart, The Central Spiritual Sun, The Antahkarana And Alchemical Vitriol Which Comprise The Holy Trinity – The Father The Son And The Holy Spirit.
With Energy Enhancement We Learn That The Supra Galactic Orbit Of Energy Enhancement Is The Guided Meditation Incorporating All These Elements Common To Every Religious And Meditational Tradition – The Energy Enhancement Synthesis Of Light – Sol
Here Below We Have The Energy Circulation, Taoist Orbit, Of Alchemical John Dee And The Sufi “Turning Of The Screw” – Taoist Orbit, Energy Circulation
The Guided Meditations Of Energy Enhancement Really Work Because The Map Is Correct, Because This Map Exists In Every Religion And Meditational Tradition, And “Because The Map Is Correct, Spiritual Experience Is Sure To Follow” – Satchidanand – Just See Our Students Reports!!
Because When You Channel The Energies Of God You Become A Giver 100% – There Is No Need To Steal Your Energy, Ever Again!! – Learn With Energy Enhancement Meditation
Become Immortal
Become Invincible!!
Never Be Vampirised Again!!

Trouble Comes From Poison.. Poison In The Air From Incinerators Of Polluting Factories. Poison In The Water From Aluminium Or Fluoride. Poison In The Food From Old Rancid Fats, Pesticides, And Genetically Manipulated Monsatan Gmo Frankenstein Food Which First Sterilises And Then Kills Rats After Three Months. Poison In Poisonous Drugs And Mercury And Cancer Virus Containing Immunisation Shots. Trouble Either On A Personal Or On A Larger Scale Is Evidence Of Energy Blockage Disharmony And May Lead To Illness Or Death.

Prevention Comes From Removing Poisons From The Air Through Air Conditioning And Activated Carbon Filters. Removing Poisonous Toxins From The Water Through Activated Carbon Filters. Avoiding Poisons In The Food By Using Energy Enhancement, Level One, Initiation Five, The Projection Of Energy, In Order To Test Your Foods For Poison In Advance. Removing Poisons From The Diet Through Vegetarian Organic And Fresh Food. Removing Energy Blockages Poisons Through The Seven Step Process Of Energy Enhancement Level Two.
Healing Practices Only Are Necessary After Poisoning. Healing Practises Include Energy Enhancement, Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping And Herbal Medicines Which Can Free Up The Chi Meridians Throughout The Body So That The Chi In The Body Can Flow Freely. By Keeping Chi In Balance And Flowing Throughout The Body Promotes Health And Energy Blockage Imbalance Can Lead To Sickness. This Doesn’t Only Apply To The Body But The Environment As Well, Being Nature Or Man-made.

Energy Enhancement Satchidanand Buddhafield

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One Of The Important Values That Taoism Stresses Is Jing, Or Vitality; One Of The “Three Treasures” Of Human Life (Kohn 145-149).

Normally, Using Only The Taoist Microcosmic Orbit Or The Energy Enhancement Level One, Initiation Two – Energy Circulation The Amount Of Jing We Have Is Determined By The Amount Of Jing Which Was In The Sperm Of Our Father And The Egg Of Our Mother. It Is Akin To Dna. One Can Never Normally Attain More Jing Than Was Apportioned At The Time Of Conception.

However More Energy Can Be Absorbed From Contact With Heaven.. Jing Can Be Increased From The Chakras Above The Head In Meditation Using The Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit Or The Supra – Galactic Orbit Of Energy Enhancement Level One, Initiation Four.

Taoist Sex Teaches Its Practitioners How To Retain And Enhance Energy.
However Their Black Arts Also Teach How To Absorb Energy From The Untaught Partner – Using Sexual Implant Blockages – Which Is A Form Of Vampirism. In Schools Teaching This Any Partner, Any Teacher, Any Student Can Be The Evil Person Implanting Sexual Implant Blockages. Vampirism Is Not Necessary For Those Who Connect With Infinite Energy From External Chakras Of The Universe In Meditation.

Probably China Was A Patriarchal Society Divided Into The Madonna And The Whore And Whores, Being A Lesser Form Of Life, Could Be Vampirised.
Thus Taoist Sex Teaches That Jing Is Lessened With Ejaculation In Men, And Menstruation In Women. Women, From The Age Of 35 And Upwards Have A High Risk Of Delivering Children With Downs’ Syndrome Because Of A Lack Of Jing In Their Eggs, Due To Depletion From All The Years Of Absorbtion From Sexual Partners In Vampiric Sex.


Image result for succubusImage result for energy vampires

For Women, Usually Prostitutes, Usually The Vampirised Partner, – Although In The Western Tradition This Is Reversed With The Lilith Demon The Darkside Partner Who Passes Sexual Blockage Implants To You As In Close Contact, You Make Love, – The Process Of Wasting Away Involves Following A Diet With Lighter, Bland Foods To Further Reduce The Energy And Encourage Even More Depletion – “And As The Physical Landscape Indicates Menses, That Energy Is Focused On And Harnessed At The Root Of The Phenomena, The Heart Center, Forming The Female “Pearl Of Dew” (Kohn 145-149), Instead Of Being Lost – And Is Again Focused On As Menses Draw To A Close. At That Point, A Clear Fluid Will Appear During Menstruation Instead Of Blood (Kohn 145-149). After The Women Has Stopped Depleting Red Blood Through Menstruation, It Is Known That She Has “Decapitated The Red Dragon.” (Kohn 145-149)

Image result for drain lifeforce
Lilith Is The Witch, The Succubus, Who Implants You With The Sexual Implant Which Vampirises Your Energy And Sends It Back To The Implanter Which Is Implanted From Close Contact With Bad People – Witches, During The Sexual Act To Make You Addicted To Sex With Implant Addiction Blockages From The Scarlet Woman Sexual Priestess Of Babalon With Red Hair Representing Sexual Magic And Seduction. Witches Are Sent By Warlocks To Seduce Luke Skywalkers And Other Paduans To The Dark Side By Promising Them Tantric Knowledge And Immortality. These Promises Are Always Broken By The Dark Emperor Leaders As The Emperor In The “Revenge Of The Sith” Broke His Promise To Annakin. Instead The Unwary Paduans Are Implanted And Enslaved For A Hundred Lifetimes. – By Sir John Collier 1895
More On The Succubus, Lilith, Here!

The Amount Of Jing We Have Determines The Length Of Our Life; Hence, The Shortened Life-expectancy Of People With Less Energy.
When Jing Levels Are Seriously Depleted, People Become Sick And Eventually Die.

The Microcosmic Orbit Or Energy Circulation Around The Body Can Simply Harmonise And Increase The Energy Within The Body.

To Absorb More Energy Or Jing We Need To Activate The Macrocosmic Orbit Of Energy Enhancement Level One Initiation Four.

Thus For The Microcosmic Orbit They Say Jing Can Never Be Increased, But It Can Be Strengthened, By Preserving Semen And By Eliminating Menstruation, Via Practicing “The Microcosmic Orbit,” A Tool Of Taoist Alchemy For The Purpose Of Obtaining Immortality.

For Men, A Common Misconception Of The Process Involves Becoming Aroused Almost To The Point Of Ejaculation, Then Mentally Concentrating And Physically Contracting Making The Energy Of The “Semen Flow Upwards” Instead, Along The Spine And Then Into The Head Area.

In Reality, The Arousal Itself Already Betrays The Root Of The Function; Namely Desire. Manual Or Outside Arousal Is Not To Be Confused With The Arising Of The Generative Force That Takes Place When The Generative Force Gets To The Point Of Fullness, Through Connection With The Chakras Above The Head And Below The Base – Chakras Outside The Body – In The Macrocosmic Orbit.

Without Attaining Very Significant Stillness Through Meditation Of The Macrocosmic Orbit , The Process Will Be Doomed To Failure, For The Energies Cannot Be Integrated In The Absence Of Utter And Complete Stillness. The Purified And Enhanced Energy From The Chakras Above And Below The Head Is Then Fed Into The Microcosmic Orbit – Which In Turn Further Purifies The Body – And Within This Juxtaposition Of Circulation, The Transmutations Of Jing-qi-shen Are Also Enhanced. Even Though “One May Not Increase The Level/amount Of Jing,” In Reality The Three Mutually Support And Harmonize One Another And Are Inseparable.

The Aura Of The Buddhafield “Thou Shalt Not Pass!!”

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Shen Or The Spirit (The Most Pure And Vital Energy) Involves The Mental Activities Of A Person Including Their Consciousness Which Is Increased By Contact With The Infinite Energies Of The Chakras Above The Head And Below The Base In The Macrocosmic Orbit.

Shen Can Also Be Said To Include The Nervous System. The Nerve System Consists Of The “Original Spirit” And Actions That Are Vital To Survival Such As Breathing As In Pranayama Or The Heart Beat. A Person’s Consciousness From The Chakras Above The Head Is The Spirit Of Knowing, Conscious Activities, And The Thinking Process Which Can Be Developed Through Learning. Internal Alchemists Need To Focus On The Original Spirit Of Shen (Nedidan: The Traditional Meditative Practice 14) Through Activation Using The Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit Sometimes Called The Energy Enhancement Supra Galactic Orbit..

Shen Implies A Person’s Mental Function And Consciousness Through Connection With The Chakras Above The Head Creating Vitality, Mental Health And Overall “Presence” – The Buddhafield.

Shen Is Known To Reside Mainly In The Heart, Which Is The Connecting Point Between The Chakras Above The Head And The Chakras Below The Base Or More Specifically, The Blood Which Relies On The Heart Which Circulates Shen Around The Body.

Healthy Shen Can Be Seen In A Person’s Physical Appearance Through The Eyes. The Left Eye Is Connected To The Alta Major Center At The Back F The Head And The Right Eye Is Connected To The Ajna Chakra Or Third Eye In The Forehead – Both Of These Chakras Are Connected With The Crown Chakra Forming The Triangle Of Chakras In The Head. This Triangle Of Chakras Is The Connection Point Of The Body With Shen, The Infinite Energy Of The Chakras Above The Head Whose Source Is Heaven, Or God. … If The Eyes Are Bright And Shining With Liveliness It Indicates A Healthy Shen. If One’s Shen Is Unhealthy – Cur Off By Blockages With The Energy Of The Chakras Above The Head, Their Eyes Will Appear Dull. The Jing And Chi Is Dependent On The Shen. (Shen: Traditional Chinese Medicine 1-4) If The Jing And The Chi Are Happy Then The Shen Will Be Content As Well.

Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Therefore Shen Can Be Thought Of As Either A Singular Concept Or A Plural Concept. When Viewed Singularly Shen Is Located In The Heart And Known As Heart Shen. When Viewed As A Plural Concept It Is Found In Five Of The Yin Organs; The Heart, The Kidneys, The Spleen, The Lungs And The Liver. The Singular Shen Supplies The Others And The Others Depend On It. If The Heart Shen Is Not Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Thus Not Functioning Properly, It Can Damage The Other Shen And Lead To Problems Such As Mental Illness And Psychopathy. (Chaqging Yang 6)

Image may contain: one or more people and night, text that says ' Discover Higher Chakras With Energy Enhancement Meditation'

Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Called Shen: The Emperor Of The Heart The Element Associated With The Heart Is Fire. The Heart Shen Involves The Quality Of Awareness One Has And Is Shown In The Responsiveness Of The Eyes. The Xin Or Mind Exists As Part Of The Heart. Often Viewed As A Corona To The Sun Of The Heart Or The Aura Of The Buddhafield.

Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Called Shen Which Supplies Zhi: The Kidney’s Will To Act Zhi Is One’s Will And Is Represented By The Element Of Water. Zhi Embodies One’s Effort And Perseverance To Succeed In Spiritual Practice. Through The Zhi One May Hope To Align Themselves With The “Will Of Heaven”, Or The Dao.

Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Called Shen Which Supplies Yi: Intellect Of The Spleen Earth Is The Element Of Yi. It Is Said To Assist In The Formation Of Intentions And When Not In Balance It Can Lead To Problems With The Spleen. When Healthy It Is Evident As A Spirit Permeated With Intelligence. Within The Spleen Also Exists The Xing Or “Map” Of The Body, Often This Concept Is Viewed As The Blueprint Of Our Existence.

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Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Called Shen Which Supplies Po: The Corporal Soul Of The Lungs Po Concerns Our Immediate Desires And Only Lasts As Long As One Lives. It Is The Polar Of Hun And Is Found In The Element Of Metal. There Are Traditionally 13 Po Spirits That Reside In The Lung.

Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Called Shen Which Supplies Hun: The Ethereal Soul Of The Liver Hun Is Represented By The Element Of Wood And Has The Ability To Survive Subtly After Death. It Involves Long Range Commitments And As One’s Spiritual Consciousness Develops The Po Becomes Support Of The Hun. (The Five Shen). There Are Seen To Be 3 Hun That Form At Conception, The Yin Hun, The Yang Hun And The Ren (Human) Hun.

When All Forms Of Shen Are Functioning Properly And The Shen Is In Harmony One Is Said To Have Achieved Shen Unity.
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Connecting With The Infinite Taoist Energy Of The Chakras Above The Head

Base Chakra Abundance Blockages Burnt Up With Alchemical Center Of The Earth


The Base Chakra, Contact with the fiery Energy of Kundalini Chakra which exists in the Center of the Earth.

The Base Chakra blockages are those of Money so, by using the Techniques of Energy Enhancement to remove the blockages of the Base Chakra, we are removing blockages to having Money, Abundance, a Cornucopia of Wealth, Energy, Happiness and Life Energy!!

Cornucopia – the Cup, the Chalice, The Sang Real, The Holy Grail, Horn of Plenty – SYMBOL of the Base Kundalini Chakra


That’s why you are suffering. That’s why you are poor — because you have forgotten how to live on this earth! Nobody has taught you how to live on this earth, how to love this earth. They have all taught you that this earth is ugly, that it is a punishment that you have been sent here, that you are not supposed to enjoy. If you enjoy, you will be sent again. You are supposed to be very sad, detached. You have to renounce all the joys of the earth so next time you don’t have to be born, and then you will enjoy heavenly pleasures.
Because these people have been talking too much about the “other world”, they have destroyed this world. I teach you this earth.
This very earth, the paradise. This very body the Buddha – OSHO
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Paradiso From Dante’s Comedy Describing Ascension Through The Higher Chakras

The Commedia was written by Dante – Freedom Fighter against Totalitarian Dictatorship – and consists of Inferno · Purgatorio · Paradiso.
It is interesting that The Matrix movie is an allegory of the Commedia – People living near the Earths center – inferno, people living in the Matrix – Purgatorio – the Machine City – Paradiso.

Paradiso (Italian for “Paradise” or “Heaven”) is the third and final part of Dante’s Divine Comedy, following the Inferno and the Purgatorio. It is an allegory telling of Dante’s journey through Heaven the Chakras above the Head, guided by Beatrice, who symbolises theology. As Beatrice rises through the chakras her energy becomes more and more intense!!

Universally admired and remembered by Societies all over the World, Dante and his Commedia and all his works stand for freedom and justice for those who hate tyranny.
The canto—a major division of an epic or long narrative poem—is the basic structure of The Divine Comedy. Canto is an Italian term, derived from the Latin “cantus” meaning song. Dante’s epic poem consists of 100 cantos grouped into three sections called canticles: Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. Each segment contains 33 cantos with an additional introductory canto at the beginning of Inferno.

In the poem, Paradise is depicted as a series of concentric Chakras above the Head surrounding the Earth representing some of the chakras above the head, consisting of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Fixed Stars, the Primum Mobile and finally, the Empyrean. It was written in the early 14th century.
Allegorically, the poem represents the passage of evolution of the soul’s ascent to God through an infinity of Chakras above the Head.

The Paradiso begins at the top of Mount Purgatory, at noon on the Wednesday after Easter. After ascending through the Chakra above the Head of fire believed to exist in the chakras above the head (Canto I), Beatrice guides Dante to ascend through the nine celestial Chakras above the Head of Heaven, at last to the Empyrean, to merge with God.
In the Commedia nine Chakras above the Head are concentric, as in the standard medieval geocentric model of cosmology,[1] which was derived from Ptolemy whose circles represented the chakras above the head in alignment with anyone on any part of the planet, not the real planets, chakras above the head!!
The Empyrean is non-material. As with his Purgatory, the structure of Dante’s Heaven is therefore of the form 9+1=10, with one of the ten regions different in nature from the other nine.

During the course of his journey, Dante meets and converses with several blessed souls. He is careful to say that these all actually live in bliss with God in the Empyrean:

“But all those souls grace the Empyrean;
and each of them has gentle life though some
sense the Eternal Spirit more, some less.”[2]
However, for Dante’s benefit (and the benefit of his readers), he is “as a sign”[3] shown various souls in planetary and stellar Chakras above the Head that have some appropriate connotation.
While the structures of the Inferno and Purgatorio were based around different classifications of sin, the structure of the Paradiso is based on the four cardinal virtues (Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Fortitude) and the three theological virtues (Faith, Hope, and Love).

Dante’s Chakras above the Head of Heaven

On visiting the Moon, Beatrice explains to Dante the reasons for its markings, Canto 2.
Dante’s nine Chakras above the Head of Heaven are the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Fixed Stars, and the Primum Mobile. These are associated by Dante with the nine levels of the angelic hierarchy. Dante also relies on traditional associations, such as the one between Venus and romantic love. The first three Chakras above the Head (which fall within the shadow of the Earth) are associated with deficient forms of Fortitude, Justice, and Temperance. The next four are associated with positive examples of Prudence, Fortitude, Justice, and Temperance; while Faith, Hope, and Love appear together in the eighth Chakra above the Head.

Deficiencies in the Chakras above the head are always caused by energy blockages of which we find many in every chakra. Only by using the seven step process of Energy Enhancement can we find the most efficient way to remove even the deepest and most recalcitrant blockages.
Dante’s First Chakra above the Head (The Moon: The Inconstant)

On visiting the Moon, Beatrice explains to Dante the reasons for the markings on its surface, describing a simple scientific experiment in optics. She also praises the experimental method in general (Canto II):
“Yet an experiment, were you to try it,
could free you from your cavil, and the source
of your arts’ course springs from experiment.”[4]
Dante and Beatrice speak to Piccarda and Constance (fresco by Philipp Veit), Canto 3.
The waxing and waning of the moon is associated with inconstancy.[5]
Consequently, the Chakra above the Head of the Moon is that of souls who abandoned their vows, and so were deficient in the virtue of fortitude (Canto II). Here Dante and Beatrice meet Piccarda, sister of Dante’s friend Forese Donati, who died shortly after being forcibly removed from her convent. They also meet Constance of Sicily, who (Dante believes) was forcibly removed from a convent to marry Henry VI (Canto III).[6] Beatrice discourses on the freedom of the will, the sacredness of vows, and the importance of not collaborating with force (Canto IV):

“for will, if it resists, is never spent,
but acts as nature acts when fire ascends,
though force a thousand times tries to compel.
So that, when will has yielded much or little,
it has abetted force as these souls did:
they could have fled back to their holy shelter.”[7]
Beatrice explains that a vow is a pact “drawn between a man / and God,”[8] in which a person freely offers up his free will because he is totally in alignment with God. Vows should therefore not be taken lightly, and should be kept once given – unless keeping the vow would be a greater evil, as with Jephthah’s and Agamemnon’s sacrifice of their daughters (Canto V).[9]

Dante’s Second Chakra above the Head (Mercury: The Ambitious)

Because of its proximity to the sun, the planet Mercury is often difficult to see. Allegorically, the planet represents those who did good out of a desire for fame, but who, being ambitious, were deficient in the virtue of justice. Their earthly glory pales into insignificance beside the glory of God, just as Mercury pales into insignificance beside the sun.[9] Here Dante meets the Emperor Justinian, who introduces himself with the words “Caesar I was and am Justinian,”[10] indicating that his personality remains, but that his earthly status no longer exists in Heaven[11] (Canto V).
This is the Heart Sutra of the Buddha which states, “All Sages and Saints for thousands of years have acted from Prajna Paramita – the highest Wisdom of the Chakras above the Head!!
Justinian recounts the history of the Roman Empire, mentioning, among others, the Totalitarian Dictators Julius Caesar and Cleopatra; and bemoans the present state of Italy, given the conflict between Guelphs and Ghibellines, and the involvement of the terrorist “yellow lilies” of France[11] (Canto VI):

“For some oppose the universal emblem
with yellow lilies; others claim that emblem
for party: it is hard to see who is worse.
Let Ghibellines pursue their undertakings
beneath another sign, for those who sever
this sign and justice are bad followers.”[12]
The spirit, addressing Dante here in the Sphere of Mercury, is Justinian, a sixth-century Byzantine emperor. Best known for codifying Roman law, Justinian dives into a canto-long discussion of the Old Republic of the Roman Empire–its history and the symbolism of the eagle. In his account, Justinian talks about a number of historical figures such as Hannibal, Augustus, Tiberius, Titus, and Charlemagne. Justinian concludes by remarking on the evil of those Totalitarian Dictators (the Guelphs) who wish to replace the eagle (the symbol of the Old Roman Repblic) with the lilies of France while the other Dictators the Ghibellines hope to claim the eagle as a symbol for their faction alone.

By association, Beatrice discourses on the Incarnation and the Crucifixion of Christ, which occurred during Roman times (Canto VII).
Dante’s Third Chakra above the Head (Venus: The Lovers)

The planet Venus (the Morning and Evening Star) is traditionally associated with the Goddess of Love, and so Dante makes this the planet of the lovers, who were deficient in the virtue of temperance through having been implanted, like all human beings, with the Sexual Addiction Blockage. That intemperance takes all your energy and makes it impossible to follow your Soul Path. The really intemperant follow the downward path of drugs, pain and sado-masochism, homosexuality (behind her) and paedophilia (Canto VIII):

“The world, when still in peril, thought that, wheeling,
in the third epicycle, Cyprian
the fair sent down her rays of frenzied love,
.. and gave the name of her
with whom I have begun this canto, to
the planet that is courted by the sun,
at times behind her and at times in front.”[13]
The florin, the “damned flower,” Canto 9.
Folquet de Marseilles bemoans the corruption of the Church, with the clergy receiving money from Satan (miniature by Giovanni di Paolo), Canto 9.
Dante meets Charles Martel of Anjou, who was known to him,[14] and who points out that a properly functioning society requires people of many different kinds.
Such differences are illustrated by Cunizza da Romano (lover of Sordello), who is here in Heaven, while her brother Ezzelino III da Romano is in Hell, among the violent of the seventh circle of the Chakras below the Base, or Muladhara Chakra.[15]
The troubadour Folquet de Marseilles speaks of the temptations of love, and points out that (as was believed at the time) the cone of the Earth’s shadow just touches the Chakra above the Head of Venus. He condemns the city of Florence (planted, he says, by Satan) for producing that “damned flower” (the florin) which is responsible for the corruption of the Church, and he criticises the clergy for their focus on money, rather than on Scripture and the writings of the Church Fathers.

In these days corruption has infiltrates every once great institution whereby even Presidents are the workers of the truly rich. What once was a millionaire has been inflated away – now to be rich you need a Trillion Dollars. Yet even they, like you, need to become Enlightened!!
9 (Canto IX):

“Your city, which was planted by that one
who was the first to turn against his Maker,
the one whose envy cost us many tears
produces and distributes the damned flower
that turns both sheep and lambs from the true course,
for of the shepherd it has made a wolf.
For this the Gospel and the great Church Fathers
are set aside and only the Decretals
are studied as their margins clearly show.
On these the pope and cardinals are intent.
Their thoughts are never bent on Nazareth,
where Gabriel’s open wings were reverent.”[16]

Beyond the shadow of the Earth, Dante deals with positive examples of Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Fortitude. Within the Sun, which is the Earth’s source of illumination, Dante meets the greatest examples of prudence: the souls of the wise, who help to illuminate the world intellectually[17] (Canto X). Initially, a circle of twelve bright lights dance around Dante and Beatrice. These are the souls of:[17]
As the poet and his guide enter the Sphere of the Sun, Dante’s consuming love for God surpasses his love for Beatrice. Suddenly, they find themselves encircled by a crown of dancing, glorious lights that sing a beautiful melody. A voice, that of St. Thomas Aquinas, calls out from the crown and identifies the spirits that surround the poet: Albert of Cologne, Gratian, Peter of Lombard, Isadore of Seville, Bede, and others.

Thomas Aquinas
Albertus Magnus
Peter Lombard
King Solomon
Dionysius the Areopagite, confused here with Pseudo-Dionysius
Isidore of Seville
Richard of Saint Victor
Sigier of Brabant

Dante opens this Canto by musing on the senseless acts of mortals who pursue wealth and power. St. Thomas addresses Dante and declares that to ensure the union between the Church and Christ, Providence appointed two pious leaders. The first leader, St. Francis of Assisi, gave up his wealth to devote himself to poverty and attracted disciples who also accepted poverty in their hearts and in their behavior. St. Francis preached Christianity in Egypt and received the stigmata before he died. The second leader was St. Dominic who instructed his followers in humility and service to God. Many of Dominic’s followers, however, became greedy and now few people in the Dominican order remain faithful to St. Dominic’s guidance.
This list includes philosophers, theologians and a king, and has representatives from across Europe. Thomas Aquinas recounts the life of St. Francis of Assisi, and his love for “Lady Poverty” (Canto XI):

“Between Topino’s stream and that which flows
down from the hill the blessed Ubaldo chose,
from a high peak there hangs a fertile slope;
from there Perugia (Home of St Francis) feels both heat and cold
at Porta Sole, while behind it sorrow
Nocera and Gualdo under their hard yoke.
From this hillside, where it abates its rise,
a sun was born into the world, much like
this sun when it is climbing from the Ganges.
Therefore let him who names this site not say
Ascesi, which would be to say too little,
but Orient, if he would name it rightly.”[18]
Twelve new bright lights appear, one of which is St. Bonaventure, a Franciscan, who recounts the life of St. Dominic, founder of the order to which Aquinas belonged. The two orders were not always friendly on earth, and having members of one order praising the founder of the other shows the love present in Heaven[19] (Canto XII). The twenty-four bright lights revolve around Dante and Beatrice, singing of the Trinity, and Aquinas explains the surprising presence of King Solomon, who is placed here for kingly, rather than philosophical or mathematical wisdom (Cantos XIII and XIV):
“My words did not prevent your seeing clearly
that it was as a king that he had asked
for wisdom that would serve his royal task
and not to know the number of the angels
on high or, if combined with a problem,
necessity ever can produce what is necessary,”[20]

The Assembly of the Bogatyrs (Yuri Arsenyuk, 1989)
“Just WHAT is a Bogatyr?” you ask. Thank you for asking. A Bogatyr was a Russian epic hero, much like the medieval knight errant. Each bogatyr tended to be known for a certain character trait, Alyosha Popovich for his wits, Dobrynya Nikitich for his courage, and Ilya Muromets for his physical and spiritual power and integrity, and for his dedication to the protection of his homeland and people. Svyatagor passed his strength on to Ilya Muromets and Schemamonk Aleksandr Peresvyet died bravely on the Kulikovo Field in 1380 fighting the Tatar Horde. Many legends grew up around these famous warriors, but, they were not literary constructs, they were real men, of real heroic stature.
They stood for Russia, and their spirit is not dead today.

The planet Mars is traditionally associated with the God of War, and so Dante makes this planet the home of the warriors of the Faith, who gave their lives for God, thereby displaying the virtue of fortitude.[21] The millions of sparks of light that are the souls of these warriors form a Greek cross on the planet Mars, and Dante compares this cross to the Milky Way as an infinite number of heroes (Canto XIV):

“As, graced with lesser and with larger lights
between the poles of the world, the Galaxy
gleams so that even sages are perplexed;
so, constellated in the depth of Mars,
those rays described the venerable sign
a circle’s quadrants form where they are joined.”[22]
Dante is a hero who never stopped fighting against Satan. Dante meets his ancestor Cacciaguida, who served in the Second Crusade.[24] Cacciaguida praises the twelfth-century Republic of Florence, and bemoans the way in which the city has declined since those days (Cantos XV and XVI). The setting of the Divine Comedy in the year 1300, before Dante’s exile, has allowed characters in the poem to “foretell” bad things for Dante.[25] In response to a question from Dante, Cacciaguida speaks the truth bluntly. Dante will be exiled (Canto XVII):
“You shall leave everything you love most dearly:
this is the arrow that the bow of exile
shoots first. You are to know the bitter taste
of others’ bread, how salt it is, and know
how hard a path it is for one who goes
descending and ascending others’ stairs.”[26]
However, Cacciaguida also charges Dante to write and tell the world all that he has seen of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven in the World.[25] Finally, Dante sees some other warriors of the Faith, such as Joshua, Judas Maccabeus, Charlemagne, Roland, and Godfrey of Bouillon (Canto XVIII).

An imperial eagle. The souls forming the final “M” of “TERRAM” transform themselves into this shape, Canto 18.
The planet Jupiter is traditionally associated with the king of the gods, so Dante makes this planet the home of the rulers who displayed justice – courts which act fairly are essential to stopping fascism and totalitarianism.[27] The souls here spell out the Latin for “Love justice, ye that judge the earth”, after which the final “M” of that sentence is transformed into the shape of a giant imperial eagle[27] (Canto XVIII):

and noun that first appeared in that depiction;
QUI IUDICATIS TERRAM followed after.
Then, having formed the M of the fifth word,
those spirits kept their order; Jupiter’s
silver, at that point, seemed embossed with gold.”[28]
Present in this Chakra above the Head are David, Hezekiah, Trajan (converted to Christianity according to a medieval legend), Constantine, William II of Sicily, and (to Dante’s amazement) Ripheus the Trojan, a pagan saved by the mercy of God.[29] The souls forming the imperial eagle speak with one voice, and tell of God’s justice[30] (Cantos XIX and XX).

Here, Dante sees the Virgin Mary and other saints (Canto XXIII). St. Peter tests Dante on faith, asking what it is, and whether Dante has it. In response to Dante’s reply, St. Peter asks Dante how he knows that the Bible is true, and (in an argument attributed to Augustine[36]) Dante cites the miracle of the Church’s growth from such humble beginnings – “By their fruits ye shall know them” –

Jesus (Canto XXIV):

“Say, who assures you that those works were real?
came the reply. The very thing that needs
proof no thing else attests these works to you.
I said: If without miracles the world
was turned to Christianity, that is
so great a miracle that, all the rest
are not its hundredth part: for you were poor
and hungry when you found the field and sowed
the good plant once a vine and now a thorn.”[37]
St. James, who questions Dante on hope, Canto 25.
“There is no child of the Church Militant
who has more hope than he has, as is written
within the Sun whose rays reach all our ranks:

thus it is granted him to come from Egypt
into Jerusalem that he have vision
of it, before his term of warring ends.”[39]
Finally, St. John questions Dante on love. In his reply, Dante refers back to the concept of “twisted love” discussed in the Purgatorio[40] (Canto XXVI):
“Thus I began again: My charity
results from all those things whose bite can bring
the heart to turn to God; the world’s existence
and mine, the death that He sustained that I
might live, and that which is the hope of all
believers, as it is my hope, together
with living knowledge I have spoken of
these drew me from the sea of twisted love
and set me on the shore of the right love.
The leaves enleaving all the garden of
the Everlasting Gardener, I love
according to the good He gave to them.”[41]
St. James asks, “What is hope?”
In response, Dante states, “Hope is a sure expectation of future glory, which divine grace produces, and preceding merit.
From many stars of the chakras above the head this light comes to me, but he first instilled it into my heart who was the supreme singer of the Supreme Leader” (the psalms of David).

St. Peter then denounces Pope Boniface VIII in very strong terms, and says that, in his eyes, the Papal See stands empty (Canto XXVII).
Dante’s Ninth Chakra above the Head (The Primum Mobile: The Angels)

The Primum Mobile (“first moved” Chakra above the Head) is the last Chakra above the Head of the physical universe. It is moved directly by God, and its motion causes all the Chakras above the Head it encloses to move[42] (Canto XXVII):
“This heaven has no other where than this:
the mind of God, in which are kindled both
the love that turns it and the force it rains.
As in a circle, light and love enclose it,
as it surrounds the rest and that enclosing,
only He who encloses understands.
No other heaven measures this Chakra above the Head’s motion,
but it serves as the measure for the rest,
even as half and fifth determine ten;”[43]
Obviously the hierarchical levels of the astral plane are represented by the evolutionary levels of angel who exist on each level represented by images arising in the unconscious mind during meditation. Each type of angel represents the hierarchical evolution of Energy Blockages which have had all their Negative Karmic Mass transmuted by the Seven Step Process which distribute the energies of God through the laser of the Brow Chakra and connects vertically with the highest level of God.


Dante Commedia – Gustav Dore – Looking into the bottom of the column of the Antahkarana
Dante and Beatrice see God as a point of light at the top of the antahkarana surrounded by angels (illustration by Gustave Doré), Canto 28.
The Primum Mobile is the abode of angels, and here Dante sees God as an intensely bright point of light at the top of the antahkarana surrounded by nine rings of angels (Canto XXVIII). Beatrice explains the creation of the universe, and the role of the angels, ending with a forceful criticism of the people of the day who lie and talk about that which is unimportant (Canto XXIX):

Beatrice criticises people of the day, suggesting that a sinister “bird” (a winged demon) nests in the preacher’s cowl
“Christ did not say to his first company:
‘Go, and preach idle stories to the world;
but he gave them the teaching that is truth,
and truth alone was sounded when they spoke;
and thus, to battle to enkindle faith,
the Gospels served them as both shield and lance.
But now men go to preach with jests and jeers,
and just as long as they can raise a laugh,
the cowl puffs up, and nothing more is asked.
But such a bird nests in that cowl, that if
the people saw it, they would recognize
as lies the pardons in which they confide.”[44]

Dante’s “The Empyrean”
As Beatrice’s beauty increases, she and Dante ascend to the next level of Heaven, the Empyrean. Beatrice tells Dante that he will see angels and saints in their human form, as they will appear at Resurrection. Momentarily blinded, Dante regains his sight to see a river of light flowing past him. Beatrice prompts Dante to drink from the river. As he touches the light, the river turns into a sea and the sparks of the river transform into the shape of a giant rose. A thousand tiers form the petals of the rose and a great light shines from the center. Beatrice points to the few empty seats in the rose petals, one of which has been reserved for Emperor Henry VII. Beatrice explains that Henry will attempt to free Italy. The pope, Clement V, will stop Henry but find his punishment in Hell alongside Boniface VIII.
From the Primum Mobile, Dante ascends to a region beyond physical existence, the Empyrean, which is the abode of God. Beatrice, representing theology,[45] as she rises through the exponetially increasing energies of the chakras above the head is here transformed to be more beautiful than ever before – beauty is energy!!, and Dante becomes enveloped in light, rendering him fit to see God[45] (Canto XXX):

“Like sudden lightning scattering the spirits
of sight so that the eye is then too weak
to act on other things it would perceive,
such was the living light encircling me,
leaving me so enveloped by its veil
of radiance that I could see no thing.
The Love that calms this heaven always welcomes
into Itself with such a salutation,
to make the candle ready for its flame.”[46]
Dante sees an enormous rose, symbolising divine love,[45] the petals of which are the enthroned souls of the faithful (both those of the Old Testament and those of the New). All the souls he has met in Heaven, including Beatrice, have their home in this rose.[45] Angels fly around the rose like bees, distributing peace and love. Beatrice now returns to her place in the rose, signifying that Dante has passed beyond intellectual theology in directly contemplating God,[47] and St. Bernard, as a mystical contemplative, now guides Dante further (Canto XXXI).


St. Bernard further explains predestination, and prays to the Virgin Mary on Dante’s behalf. Finally, Dante comes face-to-face with God Himself (Cantos XXXII and XXXIII). God appears as three equally large circles occupying the same space, representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit[48]:

“but through my sight, which as I gazed grew stronger,
that sole appearance, even as I altered,
seemed to be changing. In the deep and bright
essence of that exalted Light, three circles
appeared to me; they had three different colors,
but all of them were of the same dimension;
one circle seemed reflected by the second,
as rainbow is by rainbow, and the third
seemed fire breathed equally by those two circles.”[49]
Within these circles Dante can discern the human form of Christ. The Divine Comedy ends with Dante trying to understand how the circles fit together, and how the humanity of Christ relates to the divinity of the Son but, as Dante puts it, “that was not a flight for my wings.”[50] In a flash of understanding, which he cannot express, Dante does finally see this, and his soul becomes aligned with God’s love:[48]
“But already my desire and my will
were being turned like a wheel, all at one speed,
by the Love which moves the sun and the other stars.”[51]
The real drama of the Dante’s Paradiso is literally cosmic: It develops out of the tension between a perfect heaven above and a very imperfect world here below. After more than 10 years in exile, Dante was an expert on human imperfection. And even though he’d seen one after another of his political hopes crushed under the totalitarian steel toe of history, he never gave up on the ideal of earthly justice even though eventually he was assassinated by his enemies; the Slave Trading and Bankster Venetians in the marshes around Venice.
In the Monarchia, written around the same time as the Paradiso, he argued that “the world is ordered in the best possible way when justice is at its most potent.”
This is why, despite all their professed camaraderie and contentment, the souls of the blessed can’t stop talking about what’s happening on earth. The folly of the living brings them repeatedly to rage, as when St. Peter says of Pope Boniface VIII: “He … has made my – Saint Peters Cathedral – tomb a sewer of blood and filth.” Dante himself is not shy about joining in the general indignation. Looking down from the eighth Chakra above the Head of heaven, he sees only “the little patch of earth that makes us so fierce.”
The most famous example of the drama forged from the contrast between heaven and earth occurs in the heaven of the sun. There Dante meets St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Bonaventure, the two great medieval theologians, both of whom belonged to mendicant religious orders. The friars take turns narrating the hagiographies of the orders’ founders, but with a twist: Thomas (a Dominican) tells the story of St. Francis, and Bonaventure (a Franciscan) tells the story of St. Dominic.
After praising St. Francis, Thomas goes on to denounce his own order, complaining that the number of living Dominicans who have stayed true to their founder “are so few/ that a tiny piece of cloth can furnish all their cowls.” (Bonaventure delivers a similar denunciation of the Franciscans.) Thomas and Bonaventure are each liberal in their praise, but to understand just how extraordinary their double gesture is, we have to consider it against the backdrop of life on earth, where the two orders were often in competition.

In a sense, the cosmic drama of the Paradiso inverts the dramatic irony that’s so attractive in the Inferno. Dante’s hell flatters us: It allows us to stand in judgment, to delight in the friction between what we know and what the damned don’t—to see things, in other words, from the perspective of God. Paradiso, however, puts us back in our place. Though the poet labors mightily to “show the merest shadow/ of the blessèd kingdom stamped within my mind,” he never lets us forget that it is only a shadow. Once we follow him to heaven, it’s we who lack the inside information, we who stand on the wrong end of the irony.
Previously we judged the bastards in hell; now heaven judges us.

The idea of a heaven that stands in such uneasy tension with earth is what gives the Paradiso its dramatic power, but it is also what makes Paradiso so alien to our sensibilities. As Adam Kirsch argued several years ago, contemporary writers like Alice Sebold and Mitch Albom treat heaven as essentially therapeutic, “a chance to get our inner lives right at last.” The way these writers see heaven echoes the way they think about literature: Sebold says that “part of my work is motivated by wanting to give us all permission to feel what we feel and not judge ourselves so harshly for it.” For the same reasons that he looked to heaven for justice rather than therapy, Dante rejected this comforting view of literature.

Dante wanted his poem to save your soul, not to salve it. He wanted you not to be satisfied with where you are. He wanted you to continue to improve, evolve, gain all the good qualities.

He wanted you to become Platos Golden Soul, to ascend through the chakras above the head and remove all energy blockages because anything less is not good enough.
To be able to merge with God in the Infinity of Chakras above the head called The Empyrian.
He says it is necessary for you not to stop!!
To continue to want become Enlightened!!

If you are not enlightened, you are sick!!

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