Kundalini and Third Eye Transmutation Testimonies

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Prometheus Infusing Life Energy Into Zombified Man

“Wake Up!!”

Barely Feeling Negative Emotion Now…
Energy Enhancement Student January 29, 2016
It’s Good.

Only Pure White Light And Joy!

Golden Sparkles …faintly Glowing Out Of Me…

Most Of My Day Feels Like Automatic Action…

Blockages Still Coming Up Daily To Dissolve…

Hoping To Be Soul-infused In Not So Much Time…

I Really Have Made A Heck Lot Of Progress In Only 1.5 Years!!! It’s Like Doing Spring-clearning Of My Soul – Hundreds Of Lifetimes Worth In Only A Year Or 2.

Thanks – Energy Enhancement & The Kundalini!!!

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Student Report September 2013 –

Further Notes:

Also I Noticed As Soon As Satchidanand Emailed Me, I Got A Down-pouring Of Light From Above The Crown Which Kept Charging Me Up The Rest Of The Day – And My Cravings Died Out! Then I Realized The Cravings Were Ego-blockages And That I Did Not Want Them.

This Meditation 3 – The Energy Enhancement Course Level One, Initiation Three Streaming Video… Is Great! I’ve Done It Some More And It’s Incredibly Powerful. I Don’t Know Why It Isn’t More Well Known Or Taught By Any Other Meditation Course Except Energy Enhancement?

“Because Other Meditations Are Designed To Fail!!”

It’s Really Bringing Up Little Blockages Which Are Complaining While Being Pushed Down Into The Earth’s Core To Get Purified. The Hot Fire Energy Has Gotten Much Stronger In My Body While Doing The Practice, Mostly The Base Of The Spine Heats Up, But Also The Middle Of The Spine. There Are Lots Of Little Blockages Being Noticed. But I’m Pushing Them Out.

I Think This Is My New Favorite Meditation Practice! It’s Far More Powerful Than The Normal Orbit Practice.

Have Practiced It Some More – My Body Gets Very Hot During The Practice – Just Like The Video Says.

“Just Like It Says On The Tin!!”

“Drain The Last Dregs Of Your, “Vitriol””

My Mother Came Into The Room And Told Me She ‘couldn’t Be Near Me’ Because I Was Giving Off Too Much Heat – Like A Radiator! After This I Noticed That By Thinking About Certain Areas Of My Body I Could Send The Intense Heat To That Area!

So Now This Meditation Is Definitely The Most Powerful One I Have Got. Very Impressive. I Do An In Breath/out Breath Orbit And Then Hold For A Moment At The Earth-core. Then I Bring Up The Energy Again.

Aha! I Can See You’ve Used A Lot Of My Emails In The Text, I Don’t Know If I Should Feel Embarrassed Or Flattered.

I’ve Had Another Experience Today, Which Is Light Surrounding A Part Of My Selfish Ego, And My Ego Submitted. The Light Has Won For This Issue. It Is No Longer Possible To Tolerate Some Of My Selfish Behaviours.

Now I Feel Very Peaceful.

Illumination, Enlightenment..

The Total Mass Of Energy Blockages Is What Makes Up The Ego

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The Light Of The Soul Is The Silver Lining

“Do Not Look Upon My Finger, Instead Look Towards The Soul To Which It Points” – Buddha

The Death Of Socrates By David

Thanks! I Want To Update You. I Underwent A Profound Change In My Energy Last Night After My Main Ego Blockage Submitted.

However Today I Noticed With More Light In My System, That There Are More, Smaller Ego Blockages Which Are There And Which Talk To Me. I Look Forward To Resolving Them. I’ll Now Paste What I Wrote Last Night.

Now I Write Here What I Experienced Between My Last Comment And Reading Your Reply, Written Just Below:

I Had To Lay Down To Do Some Meditation Just Now, And I Felt Like There Were ‘two Me’s, The First Me Was This Little Black Smudge Of An Ego, The ‘i’, The Selfish Ego, Or The Part Which Basically Functions For It’s Own Agenda. This Guy Basically Pleasure-seeks And Avoids Pain/responsibility And Is Good At Justifying It’s Reasons And Making Excuses.

The Second ‘me’, Was This Overwhelmingly Peaceful, White Light. It Was So Powerful It Was Literally Drowning My Little Dark Ego. So My Ego Had This Light Just Drowning It From All Directions. Imagine A War Scene Where The Dark Side Is Just A Little Blob Of Dark And There Is Hundreds Or Thousands Of Times As Much Light Surrounding It From All Angles.

Then Also During This Process, I Had To See Through The ‘light’s Eyes To Take A Look At Me…and I Saw All These Faults. I Saw This Creeping Little Dark Ego Who Was So Unaware Of Everything, It Just Kept Making Excuses For It’s Actions ‘but’ This, And ‘but’ That. It Just Kept Wanting Pleasurable Things And To Run Away From Responsibility. I Had To Take A Long Good Look At This Guy, This Type Of Me.

So My Little Dark Ego, The ‘i’, Just …well, Just Gave Up. He Just Said ‘okay!! Okay…i Give Up! I Give Up! Surrender!’ So Then I Started To Feel Like I Was Going To Cry. All This Light Just Smothered Me, My Ego And Gave It A Lot Of Love And Peace. Then I Felt This Vortex Of White Light Form In My Heart – It Felt Quite Small, Maybe An Inch Or So Big.

Then I Felt All This Peaceful Energy Throughout My Whole Body – It Felt Like Cosmic/space/universe Energy. Something Like A Peaceful Energy From Space (As If I Had A Whole Entire Universe Inside My Chest And Body With The Heart At The Center). After That Happened, I Was Getting Light Flood My Body And I Just Felt Like Crying And Surrendering. I Suddenly Felt This Rush Of What Felt Like Crystalline White Light Flood Into My Body And Fill My Arms And Legs And Whole Body. So I Had A New ‘layer’ Of Energy Body Or Something Like This.

I Think It’s A Point Of No-return Now! I Can Only Surrender Now. What Seems To Be Filling My Body Is This Type Of Energy Which Is Peace And Light, It Only Seems To Want What’s Right For Everyone. I Hope It Remains. I Don’t Know How Much Of My Ego I Let Go Off…i Wish All Of It Will Go Now.

I Honestly Don’t Believe I Will Go Back To Being How I Used To, Because Too Much Of My Consciousness Or Awareness Feels Grounded Into ‘light’, So If I Can Keep Seeing From The Light’s Viewpoint, I Can Quickly Pick Out Faults Which I Might Otherwise Do.

Phew, What An Intense Evening. But I Feel So Peaceful! I Seem Quite Satisfied To Just Drown Myself In This Light.

I Want To Give An Update On This Today. I’m Pleased To Say That The Energy Of Soft Love And Peace Which Flooded My Body Last Night, Has Remained With Me Today. I Feel Like A Completely Different Person. There Has Been A Loss Of Desire, An Increase In Peace.

I Threw Out Some Supplements And Felt Like That Type Of Thing Has Now Become Redundant.

Today I Noticed That Small Ego Blockages Were In My Aura. They Are Much Weaker Than The One Which Submitted To The Light Last Night, They Are More Deeply Buried.

I Hope To Continue To Resolve And Integrate These Fragments Of Ego Blockage In Future.



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