The Alchemical Holy Trinity – Sulphur, Salt and Mercury – Immortality With The Elixir of Life

The Antahkarana Holy Trinity

Alchemists Work With Three Elements: Sulphur, Salt, And Mercury. These Three Comprise Another “Holy Trinity” Alchemical Sulphur Is Not The Same As Common Brimstone, And Neither Is Salt Common Sodium Chloride, Or Alchemical Mercury Quicksilver.

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As We Said Above, Alchemical Sulphur Represents The Fusion Sun, The Central Spiritual Son In The Center Of The Universe – “Our Father Who Art In Heaven”.

Alchemical Salt Is The “Salt Of The Earth” As Jesus Said In The Bible – It Is The Son Of The Holy Trinity Or If We Go Deeper It Is Shakti, Kundalini Shakti.

Alchemical Mercury Quicksilver Represents The God Mercury The Messenger, The White Dove, The Holy Spirit, Or Ananda, The Energy Which Flows Between The Two Polarities Of The Fusion Sun, Our Father Who Art In Heaven And The Fission Sun, The Black Sun, Tartaros, In The Center Of The Earth. This Energy Is The “Wine” Of The Sufis, It Is The Alchemical Elixir Of Immortality, It Is Kundalini Shakti Without Which Illumination Is Impossible.

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Squaring The Circle Of The Earth In Meditation Creates A Rush Of Kundalini Shakti From The Earths Center – With This Energy Flowing, Enlightenment Proceeds Apace – With Energy Enhancement!!

Common Themes In Alchemy Were The Creation Of The Elixir Of Life, Which Would Prolong Human Life Indefinitely, And The Creation Of Artificial Life, Positive Talents Or Energy Blockage Homunculi.

This Elixir Of Life Creation Of Energy Blockages Is The Hidden 250,000 Years Old Secret Science Which Allows The Matrix Mind Control Of All The World. As This Energy Blockage Conditioning Is Removed So Energy Enhancement Delivers The “Red Pill” Of The Matrix Movie. Do You Really Want To See How Far The Rabbit Hole Goes?

Both Of These Practices Survived Into The Victorian Era, And The Entire Rosicrucian Myth – Which Begins With The Concept Of Several Hundred Year Old Magi, Assumes The Existence Of The Immortality Producing Elixir Of Life.

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This Elixir Of Life Creation Of Energy Blockages Is The Hidden 250,000 Years Old Secret Science Which Allows The Secret Of Immortality To Be Delivered To You, With Energy Enhancement!!

The Nuclear Fission Generator Which Has Existed In The Center Of This Planet For Four Billions Of Years Is That Which Keeps This Planet Warm. This Planet Is Like An Egg With A Liquid Center And The Crust Of The Earth Is So Thin That It Is Like An Egg Shell. The Lump Of Uranium Which Exists At The Center Of This Earth Has Burned At 5000 Degrees Celsius. It Is Indeed The Black Sun!!

These Two Suns, The Fission Sun And The Fusion Sun Are The Major Two Spiritual Chakras Which Exist Outside The Body Along The Power Tower Antahkarana. As We Access These External Power Center Chakras, So We Become Illuminated By The Two Suns.. This Is The Alchemical Secret Of Vitriol Which We Learn In Energy Enhancement Level One. Further, This Is The Alchemical Secret Of The Supra Galactic Orbit Of Chinese Alchemical Taoism – “The Secret Of The Golden Flower”

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“As Above, So Below” Of The Alchemical Emerald Tablet Of Hermes Trismegistus Is The Alchemical Secret Of Energy Enhancement, As This Talks Of The Sun Above And The Black Sun Below And What Happens When We Use Our Energy Enhancement Guided Meditation To Connect With Them And To Connect Them Together Within Our Antahkarana Power Tower.

The Physical Power Centers, The Fission Sun In The Center Of The Earth And The Fusion Sun In The Center Of The Universe Are Also Spiritual Power Centers External To The Body But Connected To The Body By The Spiritual Power Tower, The Antahkarana. Once We Connect To These Power Centers Or Chakras External To The Body, Illumination Proceeds Apace!!


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