A Fresh Upgrade To Internal Taoist Alchemy

As The Energy In The Center Of The Universe – The God Chakra – An Infinity Of Chakras Above The Head – Circulates In The Taoist Orbits Or Kundalini Kriyas Taught By Tamil Siddar Bhogar And Lao Tsu, – Tamil Siddar Bhogar Entering Into The Body Of Someone Who Became Lao Tsu – It Destroys The Toad Sub-personalities

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Shiva Nataraja Kundalini Kriyas Represents The Taoist Orbits Taking Energy From Heaven – The Energy In The Center Of The Universe – The God Chakra – An Infinity Of Chakras Above The Head – To Remove The Energy Blockage Demon Subpersonalities

Neidan, Or Internal Alchemy, Spiritual Alchemy (Simplified Chinese: 內丹术; Traditional Chinese: 內丹術; Pinyin: Nèi Dān Shù) Is A Concept In Taoist Chinese Alchemy. It Is A Series Of Physical, Mental, And Spiritual Disciplines Intended To Prolong The Life Of The Body And Create An Immortal Spiritual Body That Will Survive After Death.

In Neidan The Human Body Becomes A Cauldron In Which The Three Treasures Of Jing, Chi And Shen Are Cultivated For The Purpose Of Improving Physical, Emotional And Mental Health, And Ultimately Merging With The Tao, Or The Chakras Above The Head I.e. Becoming An Immortal.

The Authors Of Several Neidan Articles Refer To Their Teachings As The Way Of The Golden Elixir (Jindan Zhi Dao). The Majority Of Chinese Alchemical Sources Is Found In The Daozang (Taoist Canon), The Largest Collection Of Taoist Texts.

Closely Related To Taoism, It Is Believed That The Goal Of Neidan Is To Merge The Two Energies Of Yin And Yang And Return To The Primordial Unity Of The Tao.

Taoism Focuses On The Balance Of Yin And Yang In One’s Life (Hopfe And Woodward 167). Internal Alchemy Focuses On The Body And How You Are Able To Use The Three Treasures, Chi, Jing And Shen, To Bring This Balance To Your Life. These Are The Energy That Makes Up Life (Kohn 145-149). Each Individual Is Able To Practice Internal Alchemy On Their Own, The Religious Leaders Of Taoism Are There For Guidance (Smith 199-204).

Energy Circulation Supra Galactic Orbit

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Three Treasures (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Inner Alchemy Practice Can Be Generalized Into Three Phases. The Three Phases Are Known As The “Three Treasures”. The “Three Treasures” Of Human Life Are Vitality- Jing (Ching), Energy-chi (Ch’i), And Spirit-shen (Chen) (Kohn 145-149).
It Can Be Explained In The Zhonghe Ji ..
“Making One’s Essence Complete, One Can Preserve The Body. To Do So, First Keep The Body At Ease, And Make Sure There Are No Physical Poisons Or Desires. Thereby Energy Can Be Made Complete. Making One’s Energy Complete, One Can Nurture The Mind. To Do So, First Keep The Mind Pure – Free Of Lies, And Make Sure There Are No Unwanted Thoughts. Thereby Energy Can Be Made Complete. Making One’s Spirit Complete, One Can Project Into The Emptiness Of The Chakras Above The Head. To Do So, First Keep The Will Sincere, And Make Sure Body And Mind Are United. Thereby Spirit Can Be Returned To Emptiness. … To Attain Immortality, There Is Nothing Else But The Refinement Of These Three Treasures: Essence, Energy, Spirit.”

The “Three Treasures” Need To Work With One Another And Never Without Each Other. One Cannot Exist Without The Other One. These “Three Treasures” Are Important In The Longevity Techniques That Are Used To Achieve Immortality And Physical Manifestation Of The Dao (Ching 395).

Chi (Ch’i Or Qi)

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Chi Is The Vital Force That Operates The Body And Manifests In Everyone And Everything “The Natural Energy Of The Universe” (Carroll). The Home Of Chi Is Said To Be Centered Around The Liver Which Clears Poisons From The Body. Chi Is One Of The “Three Treasures”. Having Harmony Is One Of The Most Important Concepts Of Chi. Keeping A Proper Balance Of Yin And Yang – Crown And Base (Microcosmic Orbit) Heaven And Earth (Macrocosmic Orbit).

Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit Absorbing Energy From The Chakras Above The Head
Living From The Infinite Energy Provided By The Chakras Above The Head Becomes The Way To Avoid Being Vampirised – To Live All The Days Of Your Life In The Aura Of Goodness And Truth!!

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Living From An Infinity Of Chakras Above The Head
The Heart Sutra Of The Buddha Says, “All Sages And Saints Live From Prajna Paramita Immortally For Thousands Of Years”
Prajna Paramita Means The Highest Heart, The Central Spiritual Sun, The Antahkarana And Alchemical Vitriol Which Comprise The Holy Trinity – The Father The Son And The Holy Spirit.
With Energy Enhancement We Learn That The Supra Galactic Orbit Of Energy Enhancement Is The Guided Meditation Incorporating All These Elements Common To Every Religious And Meditational Tradition – The Energy Enhancement Synthesis Of Light – Sol
Here Below We Have The Energy Circulation, Taoist Orbit, Of Alchemical John Dee And The Sufi “Turning Of The Screw” – Taoist Orbit, Energy Circulation
The Guided Meditations Of Energy Enhancement Really Work Because The Map Is Correct, Because This Map Exists In Every Religion And Meditational Tradition, And “Because The Map Is Correct, Spiritual Experience Is Sure To Follow” – Satchidanand – Just See Our Students Reports!!
Because When You Channel The Energies Of God You Become A Giver 100% – There Is No Need To Steal Your Energy, Ever Again!! – Learn With Energy Enhancement Meditation
Become Immortal
Become Invincible!!
Never Be Vampirised Again!!

Trouble Comes From Poison.. Poison In The Air From Incinerators Of Polluting Factories. Poison In The Water From Aluminium Or Fluoride. Poison In The Food From Old Rancid Fats, Pesticides, And Genetically Manipulated Monsatan Gmo Frankenstein Food Which First Sterilises And Then Kills Rats After Three Months. Poison In Poisonous Drugs And Mercury And Cancer Virus Containing Immunisation Shots. Trouble Either On A Personal Or On A Larger Scale Is Evidence Of Energy Blockage Disharmony And May Lead To Illness Or Death.

Prevention Comes From Removing Poisons From The Air Through Air Conditioning And Activated Carbon Filters. Removing Poisonous Toxins From The Water Through Activated Carbon Filters. Avoiding Poisons In The Food By Using Energy Enhancement, Level One, Initiation Five, The Projection Of Energy, In Order To Test Your Foods For Poison In Advance. Removing Poisons From The Diet Through Vegetarian Organic And Fresh Food. Removing Energy Blockages Poisons Through The Seven Step Process Of Energy Enhancement Level Two.
Healing Practices Only Are Necessary After Poisoning. Healing Practises Include Energy Enhancement, Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping And Herbal Medicines Which Can Free Up The Chi Meridians Throughout The Body So That The Chi In The Body Can Flow Freely. By Keeping Chi In Balance And Flowing Throughout The Body Promotes Health And Energy Blockage Imbalance Can Lead To Sickness. This Doesn’t Only Apply To The Body But The Environment As Well, Being Nature Or Man-made.

Energy Enhancement Satchidanand Buddhafield

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One Of The Important Values That Taoism Stresses Is Jing, Or Vitality; One Of The “Three Treasures” Of Human Life (Kohn 145-149).

Normally, Using Only The Taoist Microcosmic Orbit Or The Energy Enhancement Level One, Initiation Two – Energy Circulation The Amount Of Jing We Have Is Determined By The Amount Of Jing Which Was In The Sperm Of Our Father And The Egg Of Our Mother. It Is Akin To Dna. One Can Never Normally Attain More Jing Than Was Apportioned At The Time Of Conception.

However More Energy Can Be Absorbed From Contact With Heaven.. Jing Can Be Increased From The Chakras Above The Head In Meditation Using The Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit Or The Supra – Galactic Orbit Of Energy Enhancement Level One, Initiation Four.

Taoist Sex Teaches Its Practitioners How To Retain And Enhance Energy.
However Their Black Arts Also Teach How To Absorb Energy From The Untaught Partner – Using Sexual Implant Blockages – Which Is A Form Of Vampirism. In Schools Teaching This Any Partner, Any Teacher, Any Student Can Be The Evil Person Implanting Sexual Implant Blockages. Vampirism Is Not Necessary For Those Who Connect With Infinite Energy From External Chakras Of The Universe In Meditation.

Probably China Was A Patriarchal Society Divided Into The Madonna And The Whore And Whores, Being A Lesser Form Of Life, Could Be Vampirised.
Thus Taoist Sex Teaches That Jing Is Lessened With Ejaculation In Men, And Menstruation In Women. Women, From The Age Of 35 And Upwards Have A High Risk Of Delivering Children With Downs’ Syndrome Because Of A Lack Of Jing In Their Eggs, Due To Depletion From All The Years Of Absorbtion From Sexual Partners In Vampiric Sex.


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For Women, Usually Prostitutes, Usually The Vampirised Partner, – Although In The Western Tradition This Is Reversed With The Lilith Demon The Darkside Partner Who Passes Sexual Blockage Implants To You As In Close Contact, You Make Love, – The Process Of Wasting Away Involves Following A Diet With Lighter, Bland Foods To Further Reduce The Energy And Encourage Even More Depletion – “And As The Physical Landscape Indicates Menses, That Energy Is Focused On And Harnessed At The Root Of The Phenomena, The Heart Center, Forming The Female “Pearl Of Dew” (Kohn 145-149), Instead Of Being Lost – And Is Again Focused On As Menses Draw To A Close. At That Point, A Clear Fluid Will Appear During Menstruation Instead Of Blood (Kohn 145-149). After The Women Has Stopped Depleting Red Blood Through Menstruation, It Is Known That She Has “Decapitated The Red Dragon.” (Kohn 145-149)

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Lilith Is The Witch, The Succubus, Who Implants You With The Sexual Implant Which Vampirises Your Energy And Sends It Back To The Implanter Which Is Implanted From Close Contact With Bad People – Witches, During The Sexual Act To Make You Addicted To Sex With Implant Addiction Blockages From The Scarlet Woman Sexual Priestess Of Babalon With Red Hair Representing Sexual Magic And Seduction. Witches Are Sent By Warlocks To Seduce Luke Skywalkers And Other Paduans To The Dark Side By Promising Them Tantric Knowledge And Immortality. These Promises Are Always Broken By The Dark Emperor Leaders As The Emperor In The “Revenge Of The Sith” Broke His Promise To Annakin. Instead The Unwary Paduans Are Implanted And Enslaved For A Hundred Lifetimes. – By Sir John Collier 1895
More On The Succubus, Lilith, Here!

The Amount Of Jing We Have Determines The Length Of Our Life; Hence, The Shortened Life-expectancy Of People With Less Energy.
When Jing Levels Are Seriously Depleted, People Become Sick And Eventually Die.

The Microcosmic Orbit Or Energy Circulation Around The Body Can Simply Harmonise And Increase The Energy Within The Body.

To Absorb More Energy Or Jing We Need To Activate The Macrocosmic Orbit Of Energy Enhancement Level One Initiation Four.

Thus For The Microcosmic Orbit They Say Jing Can Never Be Increased, But It Can Be Strengthened, By Preserving Semen And By Eliminating Menstruation, Via Practicing “The Microcosmic Orbit,” A Tool Of Taoist Alchemy For The Purpose Of Obtaining Immortality.

For Men, A Common Misconception Of The Process Involves Becoming Aroused Almost To The Point Of Ejaculation, Then Mentally Concentrating And Physically Contracting Making The Energy Of The “Semen Flow Upwards” Instead, Along The Spine And Then Into The Head Area.

In Reality, The Arousal Itself Already Betrays The Root Of The Function; Namely Desire. Manual Or Outside Arousal Is Not To Be Confused With The Arising Of The Generative Force That Takes Place When The Generative Force Gets To The Point Of Fullness, Through Connection With The Chakras Above The Head And Below The Base – Chakras Outside The Body – In The Macrocosmic Orbit.

Without Attaining Very Significant Stillness Through Meditation Of The Macrocosmic Orbit , The Process Will Be Doomed To Failure, For The Energies Cannot Be Integrated In The Absence Of Utter And Complete Stillness. The Purified And Enhanced Energy From The Chakras Above And Below The Head Is Then Fed Into The Microcosmic Orbit – Which In Turn Further Purifies The Body – And Within This Juxtaposition Of Circulation, The Transmutations Of Jing-qi-shen Are Also Enhanced. Even Though “One May Not Increase The Level/amount Of Jing,” In Reality The Three Mutually Support And Harmonize One Another And Are Inseparable.

The Aura Of The Buddhafield “Thou Shalt Not Pass!!”

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Shen Or The Spirit (The Most Pure And Vital Energy) Involves The Mental Activities Of A Person Including Their Consciousness Which Is Increased By Contact With The Infinite Energies Of The Chakras Above The Head And Below The Base In The Macrocosmic Orbit.

Shen Can Also Be Said To Include The Nervous System. The Nerve System Consists Of The “Original Spirit” And Actions That Are Vital To Survival Such As Breathing As In Pranayama Or The Heart Beat. A Person’s Consciousness From The Chakras Above The Head Is The Spirit Of Knowing, Conscious Activities, And The Thinking Process Which Can Be Developed Through Learning. Internal Alchemists Need To Focus On The Original Spirit Of Shen (Nedidan: The Traditional Meditative Practice 14) Through Activation Using The Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit Sometimes Called The Energy Enhancement Supra Galactic Orbit..

Shen Implies A Person’s Mental Function And Consciousness Through Connection With The Chakras Above The Head Creating Vitality, Mental Health And Overall “Presence” – The Buddhafield.

Shen Is Known To Reside Mainly In The Heart, Which Is The Connecting Point Between The Chakras Above The Head And The Chakras Below The Base Or More Specifically, The Blood Which Relies On The Heart Which Circulates Shen Around The Body.

Healthy Shen Can Be Seen In A Person’s Physical Appearance Through The Eyes. The Left Eye Is Connected To The Alta Major Center At The Back F The Head And The Right Eye Is Connected To The Ajna Chakra Or Third Eye In The Forehead – Both Of These Chakras Are Connected With The Crown Chakra Forming The Triangle Of Chakras In The Head. This Triangle Of Chakras Is The Connection Point Of The Body With Shen, The Infinite Energy Of The Chakras Above The Head Whose Source Is Heaven, Or God. … If The Eyes Are Bright And Shining With Liveliness It Indicates A Healthy Shen. If One’s Shen Is Unhealthy – Cur Off By Blockages With The Energy Of The Chakras Above The Head, Their Eyes Will Appear Dull. The Jing And Chi Is Dependent On The Shen. (Shen: Traditional Chinese Medicine 1-4) If The Jing And The Chi Are Happy Then The Shen Will Be Content As Well.

Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Therefore Shen Can Be Thought Of As Either A Singular Concept Or A Plural Concept. When Viewed Singularly Shen Is Located In The Heart And Known As Heart Shen. When Viewed As A Plural Concept It Is Found In Five Of The Yin Organs; The Heart, The Kidneys, The Spleen, The Lungs And The Liver. The Singular Shen Supplies The Others And The Others Depend On It. If The Heart Shen Is Not Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Thus Not Functioning Properly, It Can Damage The Other Shen And Lead To Problems Such As Mental Illness And Psychopathy. (Chaqging Yang 6)

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Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Called Shen: The Emperor Of The Heart The Element Associated With The Heart Is Fire. The Heart Shen Involves The Quality Of Awareness One Has And Is Shown In The Responsiveness Of The Eyes. The Xin Or Mind Exists As Part Of The Heart. Often Viewed As A Corona To The Sun Of The Heart Or The Aura Of The Buddhafield.

Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Called Shen Which Supplies Zhi: The Kidney’s Will To Act Zhi Is One’s Will And Is Represented By The Element Of Water. Zhi Embodies One’s Effort And Perseverance To Succeed In Spiritual Practice. Through The Zhi One May Hope To Align Themselves With The “Will Of Heaven”, Or The Dao.

Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Called Shen Which Supplies Yi: Intellect Of The Spleen Earth Is The Element Of Yi. It Is Said To Assist In The Formation Of Intentions And When Not In Balance It Can Lead To Problems With The Spleen. When Healthy It Is Evident As A Spirit Permeated With Intelligence. Within The Spleen Also Exists The Xing Or “Map” Of The Body, Often This Concept Is Viewed As The Blueprint Of Our Existence.

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Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Called Shen Which Supplies Po: The Corporal Soul Of The Lungs Po Concerns Our Immediate Desires And Only Lasts As Long As One Lives. It Is The Polar Of Hun And Is Found In The Element Of Metal. There Are Traditionally 13 Po Spirits That Reside In The Lung.

Connecting With The Chakras Above The Head Connects With And Brings Into The Body An Infinite Free Energy Called Shen Which Supplies Hun: The Ethereal Soul Of The Liver Hun Is Represented By The Element Of Wood And Has The Ability To Survive Subtly After Death. It Involves Long Range Commitments And As One’s Spiritual Consciousness Develops The Po Becomes Support Of The Hun. (The Five Shen). There Are Seen To Be 3 Hun That Form At Conception, The Yin Hun, The Yang Hun And The Ren (Human) Hun.

When All Forms Of Shen Are Functioning Properly And The Shen Is In Harmony One Is Said To Have Achieved Shen Unity.
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Connecting With The Infinite Taoist Energy Of The Chakras Above The Head