Kelly Ripa Shows Killer Yoga Moves During Rigorous Workout Session In Bahamas

Kelly Ripa is one fit lady and she proved why she looks the way she does in her latest Instagram post. The 47-year-old talk show host is currently in the Bahamas where Live! was filmed this week. Ripa is taking some down time, but is also fitting in a rigorous workout.

In the images seen below, Kelly is displaying some killer yoga moves with a group of her friends.

“Not since my honeymoon have I seen moves like these,” Kelly Ripa writes in part of the caption.

Kelly is the second one from the left. She’s flashing a big smile while having a fun but challenging yoga session with her pals. In her workout attire and donning aviator glasses, Ripa looks in her element as the turquoise water and blue skies complete the picture.

Kelly shared 10 images on Instagram of her workout on Saturday. Click through the images and see the killer yoga moves she does with handstands, downward dog, inversions, and other advanced poses. Kelly even has some of the other women posing on top of her. In one of the photos, Ripa is balancing on the legs of one of her friends and is in a flying position with another. It’s safe to say to the popular star is incredibly strong besides looking insanely fit. The ability to not only hold your own body up, but one or two others is a true testament to one’s level of fitness.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Kelly Ripa was taking in some sunshine on the beach after arriving in the Bahamas. She was seen in a tiny black bikini, which can be seen here.

Kelly’s her love affair with exercise started slowly. She began with walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes and gradually increasing the time. Eventually she started running and turned to more strenuous workouts that concentrate on various muscle groups. When it comes to eating, she admits to eating a pizza and fries once a week, but mainly sticks to an alkaline diet the rest of the time.

Kelly Ripa has also shared other photos from her working vacation in the Bahamas. She posted one image of her paddle boarding with Live! co-host, Ryan Seacrest and one of her with dad, Joe Ripa, on a boat.