Forget Sleep Deprivation by the Regular Practice of Yoga Nidra

Are you in need of a good nap? Yoga Nidra might be your key to feeling refreshed and well-rested. There are a number of ways in which yogic sleep can turn out to be more effective in comparison to traditional sleep. So, what actually is Yoga Nidra?

The Yoga Nidra State

Yoga Nidra is an amalgamation of two specific terms and these include the actual state of nidra and the set of methods that comprise the practice.

  • The state of Yoga Nidra is that of complete bliss. It is the experience gained from this state that itself speaks volumes. Therefore, you need to try it yourself.
  • In order to get there, you will have to follow a set of Yoga Nidra instructions. These include mental focal points and breathing queues like all other ways of guided meditation. These are generally provided by trained and experienced yoga Nidra instructors and guides.
  • The state needs to be practiced while lying on one’s back in the Savasana. It is the surrounding for this state that proves to be highly advantageous over meditation. Lying down tends to be more comfortable than simply sitting.

Yoga Nidra benefits

The main thing about the Yoga Nidra is that it results in a moment where the practitioner feels complete bliss. The practitioner experiences a peaceful and relaxing sleep. There are different steps which carry the inner soul into deeper states of peacefulness and relaxation. The body feels light and reaches a point where one falls asleep with their awareness remaining intact. One of the best things about the yoga Nidra practice is that it brings the nervous system, the heart, and the brain into a state of complete coherence.

The Advantages of Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga Nidra is basically a guided practice that serves to be the ideal distraction for unlatching one’s attention from different things that an individual might have going into his or her brain at a given point of time.
  • Breathing techniques and the deep relaxation are procedures that help the human body in shutting off the production of cortisol which further helps in reducing stress.
  • Another one of the best “Yoga Nidra benefits” is that it helps in creating harmony and balance in the nervous system simply by silencing the human mind.
  • The nervous system and the brain thus sync up perfectly which further serves as the best medicine for the endocrine system.
  • It helps the system in sending off an individual to sleep while the other systems of the body are tuned up.

Yoga Nidra training will help you in becoming an instructor that the practitioners look up to when they are in need of sound and top quality sleep. The courses at Diya Yoga are designed keeping the broader understanding of yoga and its teaching in mind.

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